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One is creating problems in one’s life.

Overspending | Dream Interpretation

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My Dream Interpretation

To dream that you receive a letter means that a new opportunity or challenge will soon come into your life. Letters in dreams can also be a way that your mind sends you messages from your subconscious. Other meanings of dreams about letters: If you dreamed of receiving good news in a letter, your prospects are very bright indeed.

If you receiving a letter that contained anything of a disappointing or upsetting nature, it foretells an approaching struggle. Receiving unimportant or routine letters signify financial difficulties due to overspending.

If your dream concerned destroying an unopened letter, it signals a need to make amends for a past injustice.

To dream of reading a letter addressed to someone else predicts a money loss.

A dream of mailing a letter predicts unexpected good news. Chain letter dreams indicate an unusual new experience in your future.

To dream of looking a letter delivered by messenger (instead of by mail) indicates petty disagreements. Letters written in brightly colored ink signify family and relationship arguments.

To dream of hiding a letter or finding a hidden letter is a warning against an unfaithful friend or lover. See “Love Letter” for more meanings.... My Dream Interpretation

Gypsy Dream Dictionary

To dream of the pope indicates extravagance.

If you dream that you are the pope, then you have been overspending foolishly.... Gypsy Dream Dictionary

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