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To dream of seeing yourself as overly pale may indicate a situation or relationship that is leaving you feeling emotionally drained. Alternatively, it could be a physical reminder to make sure you are getting enough iron in your diet. When another person is looking too pale, it may be that an aspect of yourself isn’t being expressed adequately.

Dreams of a pale color symbolize that a commitment has lost its passion, is washed out, or that there are luke warm feelings about a particular relationship or project.

If you are carrying a pale, then see Bucket.

Pale | Dream Interpretation

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Mystic Dream Book

To see anyone Impaled upon railings is a warning of threatened injury to yourself. Be careful.... Mystic Dream Book

My Dream Interpretation

To dream of seeing a person or body parts impaled, or if you dream that you are being impaled, suggests a forceful or passionate release of your repressed emotions. Now you can be more direct with others about your feelings. Also consider which part of the body is being impaled and what that body part symbolizes.... My Dream Interpretation

Christian Dream Symbols

Symbolic of death, Rev. 6:8... Christian Dream Symbols

Islamic Dream Interpretation

(Yellow) Paleness of one’s face in a dream means a sickness. Ifone sees his face bright yellow in a dream, it means that he will be among the exalted and blessed people in the hereafter. However, paleness of the face in a dream also may be interpreted as humiliation,jealousy, or hypocrisy. Paleness of the face in a dream also could mean devotion, standing up in prayers at night, observing night vigils, being in love, piety, contemplation, or being afraid of something.

If one sees his face white and his body yellow in a dream, it means that what he shows outwardly is better than what he hides. On the other hand, if one’s face is yellow and pale and his body is white in the dream, then it means that his heart is better than what others can perceive from his outer look. Ifboth his face and body look pale and emaciated in a dream, it means an illness. Paleness of the face alone in a dream also means sadness or sorrow. Wearing a yellow garment in a dream means an illness, unless if it is made from silk.

If one sees himself in a dream wearing a yellowish silk-brocaded cloak, it means religious fakery, or committing improprieties under the name of one’s religion. (Also see Yellow)... Islamic Dream Interpretation

Little Giant Encyclopedia

Fear, illness, or being blase.... Little Giant Encyclopedia

New American Dream Dictionary

1. To be filled with colorful human attributes and aspects; emotions, intellect, instinct and the senses (note the colors spread on the palette).

2. Coping skills.

3. A need to paint or “color” emotional events. ... New American Dream Dictionary

Dreamers Dictionary

Vision: Looking at a palette with many colors: nurture your creative talents. What creative talents do you have that are clamoring for attention?

Depth Psychology: See Painting and the chapter on Colors in Dreams.”... Dreamers Dictionary

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