Pantomime, Dream Interpretation

When one can play the part but cannot truthfully say the words

See clown and theatre

1. A sense that a “charade” is afoot, deceptions are close by.

2. A need or desire to explore alternative means of commu­nication, understanding; the usual method is lacking.

1- For many people the pantomime is a happy childhood memory, and often appears in dreams as a reminder of happier times. It can also suggest the more spontaneous, humorous side of our nature.

2- Because the images associated with pantomime arc often exaggerated and larger than life, the pantomime can be used in dreams as a setting to draw our attention to something of which we need to be aware.

3- Most images connected with the theatre suggest the idea of life being a play. In the case of pantomime it is a very surreal image.

To dream of seeing pantomimes, denotes that your friends will deceive you.

If you participate in them, you will have cause of offense. Affairs will not prove satisfactory.

A dream denoting living among deceitful persons (Gypsy).

(see Acting, Costumes, Masks, Theater)

A sense that your voice isn’t being heard, or that the message you’re presenting isn’t being received as intended.

Going through the motions without properly expressing yourself to those around you.

Pantomime | Dream Interpretation

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pantomime, dream interpretation

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