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Jumping out of an airplane with a parachute may comment on a risk you have taken recendy that ended in a soft landing. It may represent the desire to do something dare- devilish. It may also suggest that you are “up in the air” about an important decision.

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Bailing out of a troubled situation and being humbled at the same time, a choice of consequences

Parachuting | Dream Interpretation

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1- Dreaming of a parachute suggests that, whatever is happening to us in real life, we have protection that will sec us through. It may also indicate that we are able to face our anxieties and still succeed at least in part.

2- Parachuting as a sport has become very popular, and such a sense of freedom and adventure can easily become apparent in dreams.

3- There is intellectual freedom in the image of parachuting. We have the abilitv to rise above the mundane.... Ten Thousand Dream Dictionary

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