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Encyclopedia of Dreams

If you dream of being locked tight and on display in an old fashioned goal such as was once used you will find yourself hindered on every turn as you try to reach your own goal (aim) in life.

If you are released and pardoned you will find your business enjoys much prosperity after a bad start.... Encyclopedia of Dreams

New American Dream Dictionary

1. Regrets over misdeeds or secrets are beginning to work their way to the surface.

2. Possible embarrassment is in the off­ing for questionable business affairs.

3. Good times, good for­tune are in the offing (to be pardoned). ... New American Dream Dictionary

Ten Thousand Dream Interpretation

Pictures appearing before you in dreams, prognosticate deception and the ill will of contemporaries.

To make a picture, denotes that you will engage in some unremunerative enterprise.

To destroy pictures, means that you will be pardoned for using strenuous means to establish your rights.

To buy them, foretells worthless speculation.

To dream of seeing your likeness in a living tree, appearing and disappearing, denotes that you will be prosperous and seemingly contented, but there will be disappointments in reaching out for companionship and reciprocal understanding of ideas and plans.

To dream of being surrounded with the best efforts of the old and modern masters, denotes that you will have insatiable longings and desires for higher attainments, compared to which present success will seem poverty-stricken and miserable. See Painting and Photographs. ... Ten Thousand Dream Interpretation

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