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Little Giant Encyclopedia | Klaus Vollmar

See Car / Driving. Coming to rest, becoming rigid, standing in one place. But also having found a goal and purpose.

The Complete Dream Book | Gillian Holloway

Parking an automobile with ease indicates a solution of diiiiculties in love and business.

If in a dream one finds difficulties in parking a car, the portent is of a message from a long distance that will hamper an existing or future love affair.

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Dream Symbols and Analysis

A parking attendant in a dream represents someone who is always waiting. It may be time to take the reigns and listen to yourself rather than always serving others.... Dream Symbols and Analysis

Strangest Dream Explanations

Dreams of a parking attendant symbolize that you leaving your physical and emotional well-being in the hands of someone you barely know and abdicating responsibility to someone other than you.

The I-Ching calls “the keeper of keys” (the valet) a design of a person that has possessions in great measure.... Strangest Dream Explanations

My Dream Interpretation

To dream that you are in parking lot suggests you need to slow down and take some time to relax.

If you dream about not being able find a parking space, you are having trouble finding your place in life. You are still searching for your talent or the special niche where you belong.... My Dream Interpretation

Ariadne's Book of Dream

Mentioning the lack of movement in your life, a parking lot may represent your inability to get going toward your goals. Not being able to locate your vehicle in a parking lot in a dream may comment that you have lost connection with your physical body, pointing to the need to get out of your head and into your body. This may be because you have parked too close to the issues of others and lost touch with yourself.... Ariadne's Book of Dream

Dream Symbols and Analysis

To dream of a parking lot represents the need to slow down and take some time to unwind from your chores and responsibilities. Dreaming of difficulty in locating a parking space implies your inability to find your place. You may still be exploring and discovering your skills or a niche where you are likely to excel. On the other hand, it may suggest business and lack of time to accomplish important tasks.... Dream Symbols and Analysis

Encyclopedia of Dreams

If you dream of a parking lot you must use all the aspects of your dream to determine its meaning, as the lot by itself, has little significance in and of itself.

A dark and scary lot where you fear being mugged is usually a warning type dream and it could actually be a true dream, in as much as it may be telling you to stay away from dark parking lots or take extra care when one must be used.... Encyclopedia of Dreams

Strangest Dream Explanations

Dreams of a parking lot symbolize that you are taking a break, stopping in your tracks and checking out. Your dream may be showing you that you’ve been too sedentary, that you may have given up your drive, and that it is time for you to get back into gear and take a chance again.... Strangest Dream Explanations

The Bedside Dream Dictionary

These are interesting symbols and many people have requested adding them to the dictionary. Traveling is very common theme for our dreams. Traveling in a car is the most common form of this type of dream. Traveling in a vehicle generally can represent our journey through life, or a portion of it.

If you find yourself in a garage or a parking lot, two different inferences can be made. Consider the dream’s content and mood in it as well as your current dilemma or situation in life.

The parked car could represent a period of inactivity and indecision.

The dream could be pointing out that you have been idle for a period of time and that it may be good time to “get a move on.” The more positive interpretation of this dream might be that the parked car is symbolic of a reflective period or mood. You may be in “park” for a while so that you can rest, relax, and regroup while thinking things over.... The Bedside Dream Dictionary

My Dream Interpretation

To see a parking meter in your dream suggests that your leisurely and carefree days are soon coming to an end. You need to decide on a goal and what you want to do with your life before your time runs out. This is especially true if you see more than one meter. Alternatively, a parking meter can mean that you need to adjust your attitude if you don’t want to risk of offending others.... My Dream Interpretation

Dream Symbols and Analysis

To be lost in a parking structure in a dream implies that you are struggling to make progress toward a goal. You may feel that you are going around in circles and the situation never changes.

To be searching for your car in a parking structure in a dream indicates that you may reach your goal or a setback of reaching your goal which depends on the outcome of your search.... Dream Symbols and Analysis

My Dream Interpretation

To dream that you are getting a parking ticket, suggests that you are experiencing some confusion about what you want to do with your life. You may feel that you are being judged and criticized for the path you want to take.... My Dream Interpretation

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