Penny, Dream Interpretation

symbolic of giving out of poverty, Mk. 12:42

A very small price, not a penny; associated with work because of the color

(Cent; Money) For a pregnant woman, pennies in a dream represent a son, or a sign of gratitude, prayers and remembrance of God, or they could mean assaulting someone, or beating him.

If one receives pennies in a stack in a dream, it means that someone will place a trust with him. Pennies in a dream also mean talking.

If they look new, the conversation will be meaningful. Pennies in a dream also mean solving someone’s problem, or performing one’s prayers. Counting pennies in a dream means valuing one’s deeds. Nickels, dimes, quarters, halves, or other coins or tokens in a dream represent worldly gains and prosperity.lfpennies are tied to one’s wrist in a dream, they represent his livelihood. Owing money in a dream means that one will be summoned to testify in a court of justice.

If his pennies are old, chipped, or broken in the dream, they denote a faltering faith. Losing a penny in a dream means wasting time and money, or wasting one’s words, or advisingan ignorant person who will not heed his advice.

If one’s pennies carry the picture of a person in a dream, it means that both the carrier and the one who mints these pennies are innovators. Broken pennies in half in a dream represent an enmity that cannot be healed. Receiving money in a dream is better than giving it.

If one’s actual liquid asset turns into pennies in a dream, it means insolvency or bankruptcy. Ifone’s little money grow in a dream, it means prosperity. (Also see Cent; Money)

To see pennies in your dream symbolizes luck, especially if they are shiny. Do not underestimate your talents and abilities. Dreams of pennies occasionally represent a fear of being poor.

1. A measure of success of money or business endeavors.

2. Financial loss.

3. Idle contemplation, musings (as in “a penny for your thoughts”).

4. A cheap individual, a tightwad.

Counting pennies augurs economical worries for the dreamer.

To lose pennies, admonition to be economical.

To find pennies, a wish for a more lucrative business. See Money.

Dreams of a penny symbolize good luck, and that blessings from unknown sources are coming to you like pennies from heaven. Alternatively, a penny can represent a lack mentality. Consider the feeling tone of this dream to discern its meaning for you.

To dream of pennies, denotes unsatisfactory pursuits. Business will suffer, and lovers and friends will complain of the smallness of affection.

To lose them, signifies small deference and failures.

To find them, denotes that prospects will advance to your improvement.

To count pennies, foretells that you will be business-like and economical.

Penny | Dream Interpretation

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