Placenta, Dream Interpretation

Dependence; being depended upon; how one gains nourishment from another.

1. The source of life; sustenance and air, essential for growth.

2. Once necessary attributes are no longer needed, usu­ally regarding personal growth.

Dreams of a placenta represent that you are nurturing your innocence and are being taken care of from the inside out. This dream could also represent you feelings of dependence upon someone or something in a way that infantalizes you. Your subconscious mind might be giving you the message to take what you want and leave the rest behind.

1- The placenta is a source of nourishment for the babv in the womb. In dreams, this becomes a symbol of how one gains nourishment from one’s surroundings. It also suggests ways in which the dreamer may be dependent on other people. When we undertake a new project, we have to be aware that we ourselves may not have the resources to care for ourselves properly We require nourishment from an outside source, but one to which we feel connected.

2- Personal dependency varies with each individual. Just as the relationship between mother and baby is unique and protected by the function of the placenta, so in dreams the placenta can highlight the uniqueness of such a relationship. One of the biggest traumas to be gone through is separation from mother and the placenta acts as a buffer in this process. Dreaming of a placenta indicates our need for such a buffer at times of violent separation.

3- Spiritually, as human beings we are dependent on Mother Earth or the Great Mother (See Introduction). Until we are capable of properly appreciating that dependency, we have no choice but to recognise that reliance symbolised by the placenta.

Placenta In The Dream | Dream Interpretation

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placenta, dream interpretation

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