Planting, Dream Interpretation

Planting seeds may comment on the planting of ideas or wishes for further cultivation and for future harvest. It may represent new beginnings.

Symbolic of instigating something good or bad depending upon what is being planted.

If you dream of planting and sowing fruit or vegetable seeds it symbolizes God’s blessing, Ps. 107:37-38

Sowing spiritual seed, i.E. Words and deeds of service with the expectation of a harvests; see “reaping”

Seeing an arable land or planting it in a dream means finding work, or doing someone a favor with ulterior motives, or performing a duty from which one hopes to receive benefits at a later time. Planting in a dream also means that one’s wife will become pregnant.

If one sees himself planting in other than a fertile ground in a dream, it means that he engages in sodomy. (Also see Crop; Seeds)

I Was Planting | Dream Interpretation

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Islamic Dream Interpretation

(Seedling; Tree) Planting a tree in a dream means receiving honors or befriending a noble person, depending on the value, quality and substance of such a tree. Planting a seedling that does not grow in a dream means growing pains, depression and sufferings.

A tree that grows in the dream represents one’s dealing with others. In this sense, it could either grow or die.

The branches of a tree represent one’s brethren and children. (Also see Tree)... Islamic Dream Interpretation

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(see Earth, Garden)... The Language of Dreams
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