Pocketknife, Dream Interpretation

Vision: A closed pocketknife: you are a discreet and unassuming person.

An open pocketknife: you are seething with anger, aggression, and rage—and out for revenge, something you are not yet able to acknowledge. See Knife.

Pocketknife | Dream Interpretation

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Dreamers Dictionary

Symbol: The knife is an instrument of sacrifice and also of execution. See Court, Death. Revenge.

Vision: Looking at a large knife: an unpleasant situation is ahead—a situation to which you have contributed. Seemg a sharp knife: a difficult decision or separation. Looking at a knife and fork: expect a friendly invitation. In a woman’s dream, the knife is either a phallic symbol or represents hidden aggression. What did you do with the knife? Did someone threaten you with the knife? See Cutting, Pocketknife.

Depth Psychology: The knife is a symbol of primitive but dangerous eruptions of violence.

Are you finding yourself on the edge? Who is attacking you with “cutting words”? See Dagger, Weapon.... Dreamers Dictionary

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