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The poppy signifies unconsciousness and awakening through your dreams.

Sleep and sweet oblivion.

Vision: Looking at red poppies in bloom: you are feeling passionately about a certain person, but it could be unwise, because the love affair is going to end in sorrow. Seeing a large field of poppies in bloom means you love sexual experimentation; but beware—things can easily go wrong. Eating poppy seeds: you overestimate yourself and your abilities.

(Herb) Eating it in a dream means receiving a comfortable income. Seeing the lights of its showy flowers in a dream means flags and banners. (Also see Flag)

1. Use caution around superstitious matters; a need to be more self-confident.

2. A need or desire for more relaxing activ­ities.

3. Rising passions, a pleasurable release.

Dreams of poppies represent eternal love and transformation.

If you dream of a tall poppy, then this is also a symbol of being confidant and secure enough to be your most authentic, natural, and fully expressed self. See Goddess Demeter.

also see Flowers

1- flic poppy can appear in dreams as either a symbol of sacrilice - the remembrance poppy or as one of idleness and oblivion - the opium poppy.

2- On a psychological level both significances can be united. We need to ‘remember to forget.’ By learning to forget past difficulties we give ourselves the opportunity to move on with clarity.

3- The poppy symbolises forgetful- ness. In spiritual terms the soul must forget all it knows in order to reincarnate and rediscover its own awareness.

The Great Mother as the Goddess was, and is, responsible for that forgetting hence the poppy signifies the Great Mother.

A dream denoting illness to the sleeper or tidings of illness to loved ones (Gypsy). An interpretation evidently derived from the use of the poppy in the manufacture of opium, rather than from the symbolism of the blossoms.

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