Postage Stamps, Dream Interpretation

It is a sign of remunerative activities to dream of collecting postage stamps as a hobby.

Postage Stamps | Dream Interpretation

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Ten Thousand Dream Interpretation

To dream of postage stamps, denotes system and remuneration in business.

If you try to use cancelled stamps, you will fall into disrepute.

To receive stamps, signifies a rapid rise to distinction.

To see torn stamps, denotes that there are obstacles in your way.... Ten Thousand Dream Interpretation

New American Dream Dictionary

1. Validated, important communications, usually from one part of self or level of consciousness to the next.

2. External guidance, often of a spiritual nature. ... New American Dream Dictionary

Ariadne's Book of Dream

A postage stamp put on a letter may point to the cost or value of the message sent or received in a dream. It may represent the payment of dues.... Ariadne's Book of Dream

The Complete Dream Book

It is a sign of remunerative activities to dream of collecting postage stamps as a hobby.... The Complete Dream Book

Dream Dictionary Unlimited

İndication that something needs to be mailed... Dream Dictionary Unlimited

New American Dream Dictionary

1. One needs to communicate with someone.

2. If a roll or book of stamps, many people need to be contacted about something. ... New American Dream Dictionary

The Complete Dream Book

It is good luck to dream of collecting postage stamps as a hobby.... The Complete Dream Book

Mystic Dream Book

Association with someone in a high official position will cause you some worry but much gain.... Mystic Dream Book
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