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(Also see Circumcision)

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Islamic Dream Interpretation

Circumcision in a dream means purification, cleanliness, discarding impurity, celebrations or happy reunions. Ifone sees himself being circumcised in a dream, it means that he did something good which God Almighty has accepted, and by its virtue, God Almighty has forgiven him his sins, or it may mean that he will undergo an operation to open his veins or to bleed them.

If a young virgin girl sees herself being circumcised in a dream, it means either marriage, or encountering her first experience with her monthly period. CirDICTIONARY OF DREAMS 83 cumcision in a dream also means undergoing an operation of removing one’s testicles, undergoing a prostate operation, or it may mean clearing one’s name from slander and accusations, or it may mean separation between husband, wife and children, or children leaving their parent’s home, If one discovers that he is circumcised in a dream, it means that he will become an apostate and forsake his religion for monetary gains.... Islamic Dream Interpretation

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