Pulpit, Dream Interpretation

A religious symbol of preaching or teaching; see “sermon”

Symbol: The pulpit is a preacher s special place.

Vision: Seeing a pulpit or standing in one: you will appear in public and give a speech, or people are attacking you and you have to defend yourself. Standing in a pulpit also means that you want to influence and instruct others.

Depth Psychology: You are either prone to be a know-it-all who, with your “teachings,” gains power over others, or you are suffering because of a person with these character traits. Your motto should be: “Everybody is entitled to his own opinions—no matter how wrong they are.” Follow that advice or face lots of conflict.

(See Minbar)

Like all omens connected with the interior of a Church, this is not a favourable sign.

1. Good social standing, good character.

2. Guilt-related dif­ficulties.

3. A sense of moral superiority, self-righteousness.

Dreams of a pulpit denote you desire to express yourself and your spiritual convictions. Perhaps this dream is giving you the message to follow your higher calling. See Priest.

To dream of a pulpit, denotes sorrow and vexation.

To dream that you are in a pulpit, foretells sickness, and unsatisfactory results in business or trades of any character.

Unfavorable news may be expected Erora a dream of a pulpit, either occupied or unoccupied.

Pulpit | Dream Interpretation

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Islamic Dream - Cafer-i Sadik

is upon 5 sides: authority, judge & imam, speaker & rank. And he (as) said a person from the people of Dhimmi / Protection (i.e. non-muslims under muslim protection) going on the platform is an indicator of a ruler’s reign who is corrupt in religion, [ruling] in that place.... Islamic Dream - Cafer-i Sadik

Little Giant Encyclopedia

In dreams these terms take on different meanings. As a pulpit in church the symbol might point to increased problems and hypocrisy. It is either your bad conscience that is speaking to you or a suggestion that you are following moral standards too rigidly.

As an airplane cockpit, and as a politician in government, these images also stand for leadership. Among others, they represent personal skills. Often there is a hint to guide yourself more forcefully toward your goals.... Little Giant Encyclopedia

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