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Little Giant Encyclopedia

See Cloister. Even though the abbey or cloister has no real meaning in today’s world, in a dream it points to the fact that the person is looking for something.

The Latin word monasterium points to “mon aster”—your own star, your own self (that Jung compares to God). Peace, spiritualization, meditation, and quietness lead you to self, but so does discipline. You have discovered your path and must follow it.... Little Giant Encyclopedia

Little Giant Encyclopedia

(Dome, as in “House of God”):

Holy place, self-contemplation, quietness in times of unrest, as in Chapel and Church, only stronger because of its size and more intense. Nostalgic, remembering old times. Structuring one’s own life, great works, correlating many different strengths, fulfilling one’s calling.

Security and a place of quiet. It often suggests the need to take time out for contemplation.

Folklore: Viewing a cathedral from the outside is positive; from the inside, negative.... Little Giant Encyclopedia

Little Giant Encyclopedia

Security that originates from a particular place in the world that you have either searched for or found. This image is often related to Parents, and is similar to Parents’ House. However, with increasing maturity, one usually dissolves the link to homeland and parents. Longing for quietness and a feeling of belonging.

Folklore: Prosperity.... Little Giant Encyclopedia

Islamic Dream Interpretation

(Brotherhood; Health; Kneelingin prayers; Movement; Partnership; Prayers; Servants) One’s knee in a dream represents his efforts, toiling, purpose and share in earning his livelihood. Ifthe skin covering the kneecap appears healthy and flawless in the dream, it means that one’s livelihood will become easier to manage, and his financial standing will become stronger. However, if the skin of one’s kneecap is detached or hangs loosely in the dream, it denotes coming hardships.

If the skin looks rough and swelling in a dream, it means that his hard earned money will be lost in a bad investment, and subsequently his earnings will be scarce and hard to get. Knees in a dream also represent the condition of one’s health, movements, freedom and level of professionalism. Healthy knees in a dream also represent travels or business activities.

If a sick person experiences knees pain in a dream, it may mean that he is nearing his 244 death. As for a traveller knees in a dream represent his travelling vehicle. They also connote giving and receiving, quietness, one’s residence, savings, expenditures, or immobility. Abroken kneecap in a dream means separation between friends, or damage to one’s vehicle.... Islamic Dream Interpretation

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