Raccoon, Dream Interpretation

Raccoon will do whatever is necessary, go anywhere. do anything, in order to gather its resources. Raccoon can teach you how to become resourceful in taking care of the needs of your family or community. It may come to coax you out of complacency and into action to accomplish a task. Raccoon’s message is “Be resourceful.” As it has dark bands around the eyes, it may mention to see with your own two eyes the opportunities around you.

A rascally individual, one prone to foolish behavior

A person of like characteristics, i.E. Unenlightened, undomesticated, racketeering

To dream of a raccoon denotes falsehood. There are friends in your life that are that are being dishonest. They have joined together to cause you harm.

The raccoon has stood for deception, mischief, and thievery down through the ages because of his mask and his nocturnal ways.

To dream of a raccoon warns you to be on your guard and the dream should be studied carefully in context with the rest of your symbols.

To dream you see a raccoon in your dream shows that people are presenting false faces to you in your everyday life.

To be chased by a raccoon shows that a person you thought a friend has turned on you and now works behind your back for your downfall.

To see a raccoon in your dream suggests that someone you trust is not acting in your best interests. Be careful of trusting in false friends.

1. Appearances may be deceptive; who or what seems at­tractive may be harmful.

2. New adventures or skills prove prof­itable (raccoon fur).

3. A feeling that thievery is afoot.

Dreams of a raccoon symbolize that you are feeling like the protector of the underdog. Perhaps you’ve been providing for those less fortunate than you and wearing a mask to protect your identity while you are doing random acts of kindness and senseless acts of beauty. Your dream is telling you that your benevolence will come full circle for you.

To dream of a raccoon, denotes you are being deceived by the friendly appearance of enemies.

To dream of a raccoon is a sign of rain (Gypsy). The Ainos pray to the skulls of these animals during drought to bring on rain; to increase the storm they don gloves and caps of raccoon skin and dance (Frazer).

(see Animals)

Getting into things that you’re not supposed to. Raccoons are notorious and rather adept thieves.

A curious demeanor, eager for exploration. These are common traits of the raccoon.

The raccoon’s mask represents privacy*, ambiguity, or secrecy of some type. What’s being hidden and from whom?

Raccoon | Dream Interpretation

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