Rainforest, Dream Interpretation

To dream that you are in a rainforest symbolizes your prevailing emotions of being let down or ‘cut down.’ On the other hand, the dream could be a symbol of your real worries about the environment.

To dream of being in a rainforest signifies that you are connecting with your inner self, and learning to relax your mind and trust your instincts in order to solve problems in your waking life.

If the main feature of the dream was the green of the trees, the dream promises a release from worry. Lush, healthy green foliage can also symbolize improving (or continuing) pleasant experiences in love and friendships.

If you saw and heard rain falling in the forest while you were in it, this symbolizes forgiveness and grace.

Rainforest | Dream Interpretation

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My Dream Interpretation

Dreams that feature forests signify exploring the unconscious mind for clues to waking problems.

A forest dream can also be your mind’s way of helping you to achieve calm after a stressful day. Also see “Rainforest.”... My Dream Interpretation

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