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Symbol: Unlike Freud, who insisted that the rapier is a phallic symbol, we believe today that the rapier stands for “separation,” for cutting something. See Scissors.

Vision: Dreaming about a rapier may have a sexual connotation, but the image can also stand for an immediate separation (or fear of separation). Being attacked by a rapier stands for a drastic event. Fighting with a rapier: success in the struggle to combat evil gossip, if you can keep present emotions under control.

Depth Psychology: The dream image of a rapier means you will soon be required to make an emotional decision.

The rapier might also be a symbol of aggressive sexuality. Woman may see such a dream as a sign of danger, since women generally have an aversion to violent sex.

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Vision: If you are fencing (with a rapier), it means a quarrel with friends and losing them.

Depth Psychology: Fencing might be a sign of wanting revenge, to get even.

For now try to stay away from fights and quarrels! See Dagger, Rapier.... Dreamers Dictionary

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Symbol: The lance—one of the oldest weapons of man—is also a phallic symbol.

Vision: Seeing a lance means a fight—instigated by others—is about to break out.

If you are handling a lance: because of your actions, you will be the one to start a fight. See Dagger, Rapier.

Depth Psychology: As a phallic symbol, the lance also refers to sexual appetites. See Weapon.... Dreamers Dictionary

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