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A ravine in a dream represents a dark place where you hide your deepest emotions.

To be trapped in a ravine in a dream indicates that you are overwhelmed by your emotions and feel cut off from your friends. It might be time to reach out and overcome loneliness. It may help to discuss your secret feelings with others.

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Vision: Looking at a ravine: careless actions on your part can harm other people. Falling into a ravine: your careless actions could cause a disaster—be satisfied with what you have rather than risk an uncertain future. Seeing someone in the ravine: a good friend is in need of help.

Depth Psychology: A deep ravine always is a warning about taking the wrong path or being careless—both will cause problems. See Abyss.

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If you dreamed of a green, peaceful ravine, you must expect to work hard for what you want. Otherwise, a ravine in your dream suggests that you are under tension due to emotional conflict. You might need some extra help coping - seek the advice of a friend or a counselor.

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Islamic Dream Interpretation

(Valley) Seeing a ravine or a valley with a dry watercourse in a dream means going on a tiering trip, taking a longjourney, or it could represent an intractable person. Seeing a wadi in a dream denotes good deeds, or making offerings to please God Almighty. Awadi in a dream also represents its dwellers, a tribe from that region, or its plantations. Ifone sees the wadi blossoming with fruit trees, fragrant flowers, a running water course, or if one hears nice words during such a dream, it means that he will rise in station, or mingle with people in power, or receive an appointment in the government, and for a righteous person, it means that miraculous events and blessings will be shown at his hands by God’s leave. Seeing a wadi in a dream also means rain, and that the ravine will be filled with rainwater.

A wadi in a dream also could represent a prison because of the steep mountains surrounding it and the difficulty in crossing it. Seeing oneself in a wadi floating in the air until one reaches a desired altitude in a dream means working for a powerful person.

A wadi in a dream also represents a warrior, a bandit, a highway robber or a lion.

If a wadi obstructs one’sjourney in a dream, it may represent a robbery, heavy rain, or having to face a dangerous person. Ifone is not travelling, then it means distress, adversity, harm, imprisonment, fear, or illness. Crossing a wadi in the wintertime in a dream means escaping from danger. Digging a wadi in a dream means the death of a family member. Falling into a steep wadi in a dream and feeling no pain or incurring no harm from it in a dream means that one will receive a gift from someone in authority or from his superior. Inhabiting a valley with no vegetation in a dream means performing one’s pilgrimage to Mecca.

To wander aimlessly in a wadi in a dream means writing a poem. (Also see Flying)... Islamic Dream Interpretation

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