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See Scythe.

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New American Dream Dictionary

1. Fear of death.

2. Embodiment of parts of personal­ity that the dreamer keeps hidden from him/herself.

3. The end of something. ... New American Dream Dictionary

Christian Dream Symbols

Symbolic of death.

To see the Grim Reaper can be indicative of a demonic stalker in your life or the life of someone else in the dream... Christian Dream Symbols

My Dream Interpretation

To dream of the Grim Reaper, represents aspects of your personality that are negative or repressed. It can also symbolize the end of something, like a relationship or moving away.... My Dream Interpretation

Ten Thousand Dream Interpretation

To dream of seeing reapers busy at work at their task, denotes prosperity and contentment.

If they appear to be going through dried stubble, there will be a lack of good crops, and business will consequently fall off.

To see idle ones, denotes that some discouraging event will come in the midst of prosperity.

To see a broken reaping machine, signifies loss of employment, or disappointment in trades. See Mowing. ... Ten Thousand Dream Interpretation

The Complete Dream Book

Financial improvement is predicted by a dream of reapers, either hand or machinery, at work in a field.... The Complete Dream Book

The Fabric of Dream

Prosperity according to what ye shall have sown (Artemidorus). ... The Fabric of Dream

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