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Ariadne's Book of Dream | Ariadne Green

Dreaming about reading a receipt may comment on worrying about expenditures. It may suggest that you may have received a costly lesson.

A receipt may also represent proof.

Dream Dictionary Unlimited | Margaret Hamilton

Needing proof of purchase is for a reason; research details for clarity

Dreamers Dictionary | Garuda

Vision: Being handed a receipt: it is urgent that you take care of an important matter—take this dream to heart and be careful in all financial matters. You are being accused of something and now must pay for your mistake. Making out a receipt: there will be a considerable strain on your wallet. See Bill.

Depth Psychology: Dreaming of paving a bill and being handed a receipt: debt relief is in sight.

The dream is also a warning about thoughtless decisions for which you will “pay” later.

My Dream Interpretation | myjellybean

To see a receipt in your dream indicates that you are accepting some aspect of yourself. It is a reflection of your openness and genuineness. When analyzing your dream, consider what the receipt is for. This dream is also a general good omen of better times ahead.

Mystic Dream Book | Internet Archive - Anonymous

A thrilling time ahead; be on guard with all but the most trusted friends.

Strangest Dream Explanations | Dream Explanations - Anonymous

Dreams of a receipt denote monitoring and keeping track of where you spend your energy. You are taking into account what has been expressed, received, and what remains in the balance. Perhaps you are dealing with issues of -worth and financial concerns. See Money.

A Receipt | Dream Interpretation

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Gypsy Dream Dictionary

An old Gypsy belief says that “Should a girl wish to dream of her future husband, it is necessary for her to obtain an apple from a widow on Saint Andrews Eve. She must not give thanks for receipt of the apple, and should eat half of it before midnight, and the other half after midnight. Her future lover will then be revealed whilst she is asleep.” See also Fruits.... Gypsy Dream Dictionary

The Complete Dream Book

To dream of malting a bequest, either of money or articles of value, predicts that you will be surprised by the receipt of money that is totally unexpected.... The Complete Dream Book

Tryskelion Dream Interpretation

Buy a house, and a short but pleasant love is on its way. Sell a house, and you will soon be released from some current responsibility.

If you get a receipt for your purchases in your dream, better times are waiting for you around the corner. Go to a sale in your dream, and you’ll soon see a valuable gift.

If you see yourself on a spending spree, however, it’s a warning that you should be very careful with your money.... Tryskelion Dream Interpretation

The Complete Dream Book

Where this quality is indicated in any form except where cieaning is done for hire, it is an omen of an improvement in existing conditions.

Cleaning house portends a welcome visitor.

Cleaning or polishing silverware or jewelry augurs the receipt of money.

To dream of bathing is a sign that you will have the respect of all with whom you come in contact.

To dream of washing your own undergarments indicates that you will preserve your self-respect through all situations.... The Complete Dream Book

The Complete Dream Book

It predicts the receipt of a sum of money to dream that you have a stiff neck.... The Complete Dream Book

The Complete Dream Book

Being stung by nettles in a dream augurs the receipt of news that you can use with profit.... The Complete Dream Book

Dream Symbols and Analysis

The dream of walking through nettles without being stung represents opulence. On the other hand, to dream of being stung while walking through nettles indicates dissatisfaction and misery for you and the people around you.

A young woman’s dream about walking through nettles predicts the the receipt of a number of marriage proposals from different men.... Dream Symbols and Analysis

The Complete Dream Book

To dream of these useful vegetables denotes a mixture of good and ill luck.

If you are eating them, you. will receive some money, recover some lost or stolen thing, or discover some hidden treasure; your sweetheart will be faithful, but of a cross temper. It also denotes attacks from thieves and a failure of crops.

If you are gathering onions, it betokens the receipt of some unexpected news of a joyful kind, the recovery of some sick person of your family» or a speedy removal from your present situation.... The Complete Dream Book

The Complete Dream Book

You are likely to lose money if you dream of witnessing a prize fight If you dream of taking part in one, whether or not you win, you may look forward lo the receipt of money.... The Complete Dream Book

The Complete Dream Book

Being in a saddle foretells your rise to a position of authority in business.

To saddle a horse is an augury of the receipt of money that you had given up as hopeless.... The Complete Dream Book

Strangest Dream Explanations

See Receipt.... Strangest Dream Explanations

Dreamers Dictionary

Vision: Watching someone else write: do not sign a contract— you would only regret it later.

If you do the writing: don’t take an oral agreement seriously—insist that it be done in writing.

Depth Psychology: Writing is often the best way to bring clarity to your thoughts, emotions, and ideas. Are you confused about something at present? Do you want to see something in “black and white”? What are you writing about? What are odiers writing? See Bill, Leaf, Paper, Receipt.... Dreamers Dictionary

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