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Unable to find gate

House in new town


Holding my child who is ing

Throw away

When a dog es on someone

Good grades in dreams

Being a prostitute

Being a prostitute

Dream of wanted to prostitude


Grinding melon to big engine

Grinding melon with big engine


Grinding melon in dream

Man with a red and blue coat on stilts

Baby and a big house


Black wall blocking my way out

In a car racing thru traffic

Babby daddy s invitataion card

My babby daddys wedding invites

Dream about turmeric on feet

Meat preservation

Having lice

Popsicle sticks

White bed cover


Mother was in blood

Biting hand


Airline pilot flying to laos

Cursed by transgender

Stabbed with a bayonet

Dead grandfather attacks me

Flying objects meaning

White fox

Head transplant

Birthing quadruplets

Red gloves

Sleigh bells

Dream meaning bleeding

Husband went abroad

Raw goat meat

Dream of cutting your hair

Green water on a lake

Love note

Laptop bag



Moon walking

Ruby red hair

Dream of being a matron in a dream


Harvest fruits

Sword in cloud

Well ripened fruits

Harvest ripe fruits


Yellow dog



My mother comb my hair

Heavy crates

Causasian woman

Asian grocery storw

Guru giving food in dream

Dead by injection


Making up a person

Seeing decesed friend in house with my hand cut

Two walking alligators

Smoked fish dream meaning



Seahorse dying

Dream that some one giving me flask

Sworn feet

Seeing someone tilling hips


Meaning of tilling hips in a dream

Finding red arrow

Not wanted.evicted

Rejecting bitter colla in dream

Falling into lake

Spirogyra in my dream

Rollercoaster project

Building a homemade rollercoaster

Hit by a bus

Accident run over by a love one

Getting hit by a bus by a love one

Tore clothes

Soap opera

Dream of seeing 4 moons in the sky

Seeing 4 moons

Joining the army

Steps broken

Gathering with the person who has p ed away


Meaning of three kegged pot in a dream


Karuppasamy seen in our dream so what happens in future the explanations in tamil

Planting 20 snake plants


Planting 20 snake plants inside

Karuppasamy seen in our dream so what happens in future

American indian


Handed a book

My deceased mother and father that is still alive

Saw mother and grandma grave open

Donkey teeth

Dreaming of deceased mother and donkey teeth

Dreaming of deceased mother and she is angry with me

Seeing percenta

Father give money school buying store money fake

Summer dress

Sacrifice yourself to the lord

Dreaming of grizzly bears and brown bear

Meaning of dream seeing green colour velvet

Sacrifing your self to the lord

Sacrice yourself to the lord


Dream that a dead relative give you milk

Cleaning window


Car stuck in a ditch in the middle of the night

Dream of pounding fufu with a lady

Body wash

Parents quarreling

Mother and father arguing


Leaking g wster


Shared bathroom with two toilets

Shared bathrrom with two toilets

Move to run down apartment

Deep cut



In my dream i was with and old crush, we kissed and she explained that she was using lots of drugs


Poor circulation

Kissing my old crush

Seeing fallen cement

Old crush, kissing

Counting money up to 22,000

Dreaming about a few pennies


Mosquito net was the toilet



Running to rescue

Shaker ceiling falling cement

Underground hallways


Dreamed i was in church and the pastor handed me a vial of anointing oil

Smoldering fire in bed room

Someone on stairs debris from earthquake


Dancing with a black bear

Asking tamarind from us

Men was in his dreams a women has bin naked and imam biting her she did haram


Smack kiss with your ex husband means

Bracelet made with peppermint clover and grass sealed with blood

Letter of credit

Custard apple in a dream

Wearing grey, ivory and black been happy with acne on your face

Receiving quran in dream

Meaning of kola nut in dream


Pink caterpillars

Seeing fufu in the dream

Husband kiss another woman

Someone touching my breast

What does it mean to buy tiger nut in the dream


Moringa tree dream meaning

Daughter takes period

Wearing see through blouse no bra

Enjoy getting tied up naked and whipped

Naked in a cage

Car accident in a dream meaning

Going to the cage in the cellar

Shaving off my eyebrow

Black tissues

You break clay pot in dream


Gold nosepin

Face covered with pimples

Harvesting coffee in the dream meams

A blue coloured semi precious or precious stone

Removing intruder from house

Bad woman


Calotropis flower in dream

Hot dog food truck

Red bindi

To dream of ripe pawpaw

Intercourse with my husband

Big picture of mother of perpetual help

Lalie ann d. ramos

What mean to dream drink milk

Gathering of tamarind


Almost rape but a man saves you

Man in black bracking wood glass table

Going to be late

Dream of a traditional healer


Turtle swimming

Car sumersault

Eating rice and chicken a dream means

Eating rice and chicken i n a dream mea


Dreaming abuot a tree fallin on the house

Missing a cruise

Ostrich chasing



Betel leaf n money

Wooden pillars

Toenail falling of


The meaning of eating palm kernel in the dream

Home cracking

Taxi accident

Child being licked

Donation of clothes

Licked by ox

How firm a foundation

Dream about fetching tap wster

Tamarind leafs

Church window

Stained glass window

Churma in dreams

Person passed away vis


Stove s up

Flight blast

Exhusband and his mistress

Rib cage

Fire accident

Red and green bangles

Phone adapter


Dreamt i was sleeping in my bed and someone grabbed me the hips bringing me to them

Dead person body parts

Butter and curd in dream meaning

Dreaming of butter and curd meaning

Bitter leaf

Slammed by peers

Saligramam in dream

Car robbery

Eat in dream

Gulab jamoon

Coriander leaves.


Kissing vagina by male


An empty cup in a dream

Taking an empty cup from an ex in my dream?

Empty cup was giving to me by an ex

Broken crystal dream

My husband with his mistresses

Trowing unwanted fish

Deceased mother hugging you with tears of joy

Dead freinds telling you to stay in pourgotry


House move

Dead asking for a drink

Cutting human body dreams meaning

Su k ı

Black lentil

Dreaming with unkwown dead people along a road

Crossing firewood in a dream

Friends dig grave n cover with black cloth i see

Some friends dig grave n cover with black clothe

Crying out for god in dream


Empty grave cover with black cloth

Roof linking

Jobless husband

Patchy lawn

Patchy lean

Radish seening

Lemon mint drink


Face shav


Broken cricket bat

Picking up coins

Little gun

Hairy feet

Pounding on door

Pouding on door

I dream my enemy lick my pusy then i spit in her face

Fish man



Pink baby blanket

Strand of white hair

Baby warthogs

Instant messenger

I married my niece

Deformed white kitten

Deformed white kiten

Lying in bed next to my ex husband with his new girlfriend

Victim of theft


Mouth full




Tobacco filled mouth

Dog runs away

Clothes on floor

Family members dying

Two horses

Abandoned place


Clothes on ground

Familar place

P ing urine

Leopard killed family

Weeping angel

Weeping angles

Family killed by leopard

I was holding a golden statue of an eagle


Colored horse

Falling off a bridge with boss

Burning hut

What does it mean to be kidnapped

Flea on a boyfriend


Hummingbirds green

Green hummingbirds

Empty gun holster

Long squared chin

Blue truck

Jagged rocks

Dark figure chasing me

Big men

Cleaned fish


Bugs coming out of my vagina

Uprooting mushrooms and giving it to my sister

Uprooting mushrooms and giving it my sister

Stalled head

Someone leaving

A nightmare taking place at ur faimly home

Dreaming of grinding maize at a corn mill

Man shaving

Coin bank

Window valance

A dead person cooking for you

Cloudy gloomy waether

Paying fare in a taxi

Young black girl with no arms

Paying a taxi

Demon dogs

Spiders crawling all over people

Quarts crystal

Mattress being cleaned

Voodoo doll dream

No mattress

Aztec lion

Dirt in the mouth

Eating two holy communion in the dream

Ing in toilet

Rebuilding a town


Eunuch dancing in dreams

Marriage interracial dream meaning

Dirty dress

Musard seed fell

Slamming doors

Children getting stuck in a freezer

Kiss on head


Strappy sandal

Empty ballroom

Speaking to a pastor

To dream acrylic nails falling off

Giving someone ladle

Giving ladle to someone


Watching myself fall into a black hole

Brakes dont work

Driving and cant stop

Fight fairies

New tablecloth

Old tablecloth made of 2 clothes

Chinese bamboo plant

Handle bar

Bamboo plant

Seeing a house burglar

Seeing a house being robbed

Helpfull trolls

Baby breath

I dreamt padre pio spoke to me and i kissed his left hand

I drea.t


Buying fresh garden egg in the dream

Color pink and

Rusted wedding ring

I dreamt i mdt padrdpio in rotondo and he spome to me a d i kissed his left hand

I drea.t i

Black and white

Pink and white

Pink and white underwear on the floor

Father burning up in a fire

Man holding me

Man holding a drink

A person dies

Niece being naked and having hair on her chest and back

Greek people

Selling of food in dream

On ramp construction

On ramp construction

Sewing drawer

Retainer soaking in cleaner

Fart with bad smell



A medieval building

Dream of hole in my chest

Climax in dream meaning

Dream my coworker fell in mud

Being tricked in the dream

What is the meaning when your coworker fall in mu

Wife sister

First in the class

To see my dog in the freezer but still alive


Dream about giving someone kolanut in ur sleep

Flying serpents

Www.catfish dream meaning



Corocodile raw meat

Ringworm covering my face

Dreaming of having quradplets

Your baby eating guava in dream

Sucking penis

Dream about someone trying to commondear your vehicle for their own use



Young disobidient boy falls

Young inobedient boy falls

Someone giving coriander seeds

Buying cracker

Someone giving dhania seeds

Dreamed that my husband was masturbating

Went somewhere without pants

Capture castle


Blackhead coming ov face

Blackhead coming out ov face

White turkey

Being murdered in my dream

Baby bjorn

Baby backpack


House renovation

Seeing ripe prickly pear

Butter on my hair


Dripping paint


Plucking kolanut in a dream means what


In foreigh nation with huge swing

Huge swing

Four breast


Dream of mustard

Stopping a gay wedding

Stop wedding

Rejected love

A bright light shining on you in a midst of multitude

A bright light shining on you in a midst of multitude

Buying okro in dream


Eating amla in dream

Seeing different types of egg

Selling cooked rice in dream

Climb up stairs to heaven

Seeing a friendly niece

Dream of eating palm fruit

Dream of eating palm fruit


3 collecting 3 gallons of palm oil

Dream about turmeric applied to feet

On ramp under construction

Husband leaves me

Eating eba with okro soup in a dream