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Boils and dry patches on the skin on the body

To dresm of a white fluffy cloud

Swallow a cap or lid

Skin shedding and losing pigment

Receiving blue and black wrist watch

Yellow aura

Hair tongue

Having formthe first time with an old friend while i am married

Medical foldets

Hearing z azam following by a view of the stars


Dream of mom having stroke

Blue shoes

At a bus stop to see boyfriend couldn

Picking breadfruit

Wearing nysc uniform in the dream

Oil well

Fire oil well

Two headed turtle

Deceased person eating toilet paper

Getting shot in neck by carjacker

Animal skull horns

Bull skull

Buck deer

My pastor called me a pastor in my dream

Bad grades

Bugs corpses

Body immovable

Black roses

Disheveled with shoulder injury

My boss advising me to cover my naked body

A lover sleeping in a separate bed

Prayed for

Dream about burgler breaking in and rape

Rosewater coming out of mouth


Monster at sea

Monstrous fish

Grey long hair in a pony

Kissing my neighbor

Muti ne ender


Being held back from graduation

Break talisman and give them

Carport dream meanings

Front of a house falling diwn


Repairing a house facard


Dog tearing your underpants

Saving baby animals

Glowing eyes in my dream

Selling a friend a house

first floor of a 2 flat building

Spraying poison gas


Gathering with the person who has p ed away

Kepegi dream

Someone in a coffin

A friend having cancer

Seeing a bride with white dress

Dream of an old boyfriend

Eyes gl es

Many frozen fishes in packets

Rubbing oil into both eyes

Spilling milk

Person is by your side

Ayat ul kursi recetation in dream

Marrying prince


Digging out money from the ground

Commercial tricycle

Airplanes crashing


Hurse over a house

Father having sex with you

Hair tie

Blk sandals

Spouse asking for a divorce

Fufu in dream

Love seat

Feeding ancestors


Ring was too small and did not fit

Radha and krishna breakup

Shot in neck


Groom gets shot on day of wedding

Being beaten by a teacher in your dream

Dead grandmother gave me locket

Dead person swearing

Deer eating rabbit

Murder re persons

Dark woods

Harm mother

Inflict harm

Hurt mother

Dream of bloody stone coming out of vagina

Military orders

Planning on burying body

Aztec symbol

Buying crayfish

Dreaming of plantain stem means?


Cashew but gift

Large brown dog

Chocolate lab

Brown lab dog

You biting someone

Dream recieving envelope

An animal popped out of nowhere in my face

Sister had stroke

Tree flood

A animal jumped at me and i woke up

Dreaming of virginia bleeding

Flood tree

Water baloon

Packing clothes and green

Falling in a septic tank

Lots of green pumpkin

green pumpkin

Bow and arrow

Hear someone speaking of bitter cola


Winey the pooh

Full mouth

A huge yellow butterfly

Green water

Swimming in green water

Hugging a dead love one

Wear chooda

What does eating aloe vera in a dream mean

Some one holding a broom in my dream

Removing a splinter from my foot

Breaking a kittens neck

Dead mama walking in the dark

Deceased mama walking in the dark

A baby girl with a long penis

About a cameron

Leading prayers

Molded bread

A girl wearing red chura

Dream of seeingbreadfruit

Buying cassava

Cutting paper

Cutting with sissors

2 pairs of glasses

Receiving old cloths

Drowning with car

2 pairs of eye glasses

Loaded truck

Field with a water spray

To dream of olive oil poured on a pregnancy

Wet vagina

Vagina fluids


Cut slippers means

Table falling on you

New friend

Unattractive gift received in dreams

Exchanging clothes


Receiving a decay unpleasant gift means

Decay gift means

Rusted wedding ring means

Saw powwder


I saw myself giving lecture to people in my dream

Picking up cashew nut seed unroasted from the ground

Heart shape dream meaning

Being in trance


Climbing on a rope

Seeing a giant two headed cow

Bad dreams why

Frightening dreams

Sexual dream with spoons

Jamun fruit in pregnancy

Reflection not your own

Looking at yourself as a goblin

Goblin reflection

Goblin reglevtion

Reflection is goblin

Self as goblin

Seeing yourself as a goblin

Sering yourself as a goblin

Old lady with dogs


Writing someone a cheque

Seeing a shia alum in dream


Snake on the nake

Cow without legs

Seeing tamrind tree with full of tamrinds

Cook goat meat

Bears eating people

Dream interpretation

Dreaming visited by the bishop

Pulling black human hairball from my mouth

Picking neem new flowers in dream

White ship

Being picked by a clear water spout tornado

Lockets on a car

White ship sailing

Smothered by a giant eagle

Seeing a rabit hole in the dream

Interracial marriage

Meaning of rabit hole



Flying away from a serial killer

Sex with someone

Eating porridge

Unlocked doors

Someone playing my boobs

Can not find a bathroom

Dream of erosion water

Grinding corn

Dead mother giving me a silver coin

Woman hunchback

A woman with hunchback

ing in toilet

Can move leg to walk up steps

Hairbrushes not belonging to me

Meaning of brown envelope in dream

Mustard leaf

Chased by giants

Spy mission

Cracked house

House crack

Swoolen body

Blood clot moving upward my body

Killer clown

Father pulling a pipe out of a shopping bag

Crippled teen doughter

Nipple hai


Mehandi come in dream wt happened

Holes in chrome pipe

My lover in love with my sister

Twine sister

My lover falling in love with my sister

Cheap electronics


Tumbleweed in deserted town

Molested by house maid

Somebody false pregnancy

Dream of picking mopane worms from the ground

Dreaming of picking mopane worms from the tree

Dream of husband getting his head crushed

Dream of touching a girl vagina

Eating crisp in a dream


Jalabi sweet dreams

Boy with two heads

Roasting plam fruits

Rotating plam fruits

Su k ı

Black bra

Black bra in a ziplock bag

Blood and death

Seeing your self as landlord

You are the landlord

Lady godiva


Driving off cliff on motorcycle

Husband sucks wife breast

Cardiopulmonary resuscitation



Eating cookef penises


Frozen fishes

Skinny lions

Swallowing a cork from a wine bottle

Agent orange

Seeing someone sweating

Stuck on top of ladder

baby white snake coming out my vagina

Police looking for you

A man shoe

Mental women

Wife stop by your house

Hanging clothes catching fire

Throwing someone else shoes out


Women crazy

Wardrobe handles broken


Cooking human in a big cooking pot


I was swearing with my auntie that i am not the one

Chanting and there was paper in a clay pot


Calm down

Taking a bath in clear rosemary water

I was chanting money before i look why i chant was paper in the pot

I was swearing

Mouse and water


For sale

Bedroom ceiling collapsing and killing wife but not me

A ceiling killing your lover

Holding sugarcane

Hispanic lover

Being crushed by bedroom ceiling collapsing

Bedroom falling in and killing wife

Eating meat with bone

Bull with purple sparkling eyes

Preforming excorsime on a flying white talking sheet

Talking flying white sheet

Sex my sister inlaw

Duck attacked me

Itchy eye dream

Dreaming a dead person waving at you


Threatening to comit suicide

Dreamt i married a rich man

Att r-un-voleur-en-reve

Water leaking from ceiling grid

Trying to get disability

Pelted with mishrooms

Dark smoke

Raining mushrooms

Seeing ex husband new girl friens

Climbing palm tree

Someone else eating clay

Professional ironing board

I shaked my new lawyers hand


Seeing my mom stuck in a gate

Stab foot

Explostion cooker

Nose ring

I was being chase by a man

Urine cup

Ride in hot air balloon

Riding a big fish

Plucking colanut

Pink shoes

Ride at the big fish in ocean

Riding in big fish at the middle of ocean

bloody nose

Inspect bag

Boss in odd attire

Pack to leave

Got fired

Fight with coworker

Losing a job


Computer tablet

St ochosi

Street cat

Dead rat underneath skin

Dead rat under my own skin

Having sex with an old lady

Waiting on a cheque

Throwing up pots

Dirty underwear


Pile of underwear


Being pranked


Sanity pad in a dream

Rice peas

Food stamps

Frog sitting on cobweb

Lost items

Tamarind see in a dream

her spirit as a dog

Puppy trying to suck my breast

Preist push u away

Seeing people waving

Dreams of someone twin

Dreams of some twins

Dream of the nabours twins

The person was holding a puppy while the mastiff was chasing someone


Packing up and leaving

A snake wrapped around my arm but then took a strike at me to bite me

Suspicious behavior

Locker combo

Husband touching my nipple


Bag with holes full of rusty nails

Bag full of rut

Suspicious man


Donkey penis





The maize



Driving and hitting people

Eggs lots of egg

Food by dung hill

Olive seed

Falling diamond from sky

Planting an olive seed


Tapping cane

Someone wearing a bikin




2 piece



Golden earing

Protecting a child during a tornado feeling objects and glass hitting me

Jumping over a fance

Other people being chased

Voting fraud

Gold chalice

Night jasmine flower


Plentycblood in myv underwear

Lady doing my pedicure

Died flies in my hair

Riding an elephant through a desert

Coocoo clock with a snake living in it

Dirty dishes

with a white soldier

Swimming poil


Giving greeting card

Dream about having vitiligo

Eating banger

Sweeping floor

Wave tunnel

F dream seeing ava

Dream seeing ava

Home on fire

Laotian dream

Dreaming of being demoted at work

are foot on clean smooth floor

Foreign coins

Keeping camphor in my house at the dream

marriage proposal

Bleeding palm

Someone bleeding palm

Left testicle injured

Buying meat

Jason vorhees

Dreaming of being a witch

Being a celestial in dream

White cement

White cemen

White cemented

Traveling with dead person means

Lion i dream


Pulled teeth


White smoke fire

Whit smoke fire

Pressure cooker blast


Transgender blessings dream

Planting trees

Swimming in liguid gold

Birth of an animal


Hand piecing

Broken index finger

Lost something

Left something at work

Settlement phone call

Card and gold pen

Meeting a prince

Slippers melted

Throw away dirty poy and pan

Dream my wife fart


Shaving puvic hair

Plucking bitter leaves

Ting and yang

Wearing red churra in dream

Otter climbing

To dream of cooking on charcoal

White xchalk

Empty saddle on a horse

I saw my state governor in dreams

Sugar pot with eyelashes

Drinking bar

Buying akara


Wiry hair

Rewarding with green and red cloth in a dream

Wearing glitter lip gloss

Dreamed that i saw the kkk walking around my neighborhood

Fufu dream meaning