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Male virgin

Evil family members

Evil granny

Standing in knee deep dirty water

My sister cut my hair

To dream of someone cleaning your feet

Bone coming out my finger

Unknown man cold kitchen

An ex girlfriend

Silhouette tree

Quarts crystals

Keeping someone out of a dead grandparents home

Keeping someone out of a dead relatives home

Keeping a villian out of a dead relatives home

Keeping a villian out of a deceased relatives home

Locking a villian out of a deceased relatives home

Locking a bad guy out of a deceased relatives home

Someone trying to murder me

Malnourished child

Man in black clothing

Angels wearing black

Newborn baby

Pecking chicken


Walking on a beach, sand turns to rocks, and i fall off a cliff


No accomplishment


Fish guts


Sexual dream about step brother

What does getting flogged in the dream means?

Someone else’s house

Giving birth to a triplet

Santi nino with broken neck



Being overpowered

Alligator changing colors

Losing an earring

Fragment of glass pitcher struck in my body

Bent fingertips

Fragment of broken pitcher scattered and some struck in my body

Fragment of broken pitcher scattered and struck in my body and goes to your body

Remove glasses

Fragment of broken pitcher scattered and goes to your body

Bleeding eyes

Black veil on a person you know

What dose it mesn to dream of red soil

Broken pieces of glass in your body

Plucking of money plant leaves in dream meaning

Toilet overflowing

Gym school

Worm in cow dung

Scuba diving in the nude

What does it mean to apply face powder in a dream

Money falling into gutter

To dream of offering food to trans gender

Seeing dust on your partner in the dream

Getting married to a dead woman

Glue on finger

White underwear wearing in a dream

Log rolling

Dreamt that my husband was putting on cologne


Toy furniture

Abandonment wife

Lost in old office building. never got proper elevator.

Large bathroom

Walking on parking lot almost got hit.

Confused in a parking garage. asked a man for help or direction. not sure if car was positioned right.

Gas vapours escaping

Vomiting rocks

Walking up icy bridge

Bouyancy in water

Dreamed of my deceased daughter needing schedule for groceries and a man in the dream had to explain that to me.

White shawl




Tarotkort card

To see a son holding two corns

Mongolia symbols

Car prank




Snatching my mobile phone

Mobile phone snatching

Open grave

Bugs and bees and sticks under the skin

Bugs under the skin

A bug under the skin

Parachuting off a building

Parachuting of a building

Waking up to a strong smell of cologne

To put fish in pan

Dreamt of smelling cologne

Dream of partner cheating

Bathing a dead person

To cut a corn


Tiles clawed off bathroom wall

Holy mark


Brakes won’t work

Being chased by an old naked women

Sold big house and ended up renting in a rooming house



Numbers projected in sky

I was fat

Clock tower

The mark


Dreaming about a singer how i really love


Left slipper tore

Man and woman lying in bed with mosquito net

Friend being raped




Strangers bathing in a river

Other people bathing in a tiver

Dog menstruating

I was speaking hebrew to jewish man speaking to me in english

2 black masks


Stove burners on

Having breast cancer

What does it means to see copwebs in your dream

Filthy apartment

Job relocation

Gyn bleeding

Wet sand


Rescuing dachshund

Ripping off rotten bigtoe nail

Wet sand in dreams what does it mean

Clearing out closets

Home unprotected

Cleaning out closets

Giving away all unused clothes

Guts in ocean


Meat in ocean

Bloody used sanitary napkins

Sweeping in the church


Mattress burning

Goudkleurige schoen

Girlfriend stabs you in the back

Playing with madman


I saw a madman


What does it mean rotten, toenail, falls in the dream?

Walking on iron rods

Fighting with a madman

Siva in dream


Man looking in window

Clothing of red and gold

Stealing a boyfriend

Louis xxv1

Court of louis xxv1

Unable to find place to have sex

An upset man showed me drawings behind his daughters wallpaper

I saw school

Monkey pooping

Black suv in a dream

Dreaming of mouth on fire

Fire from lamp

Godlier soiling himself

Working overtime

Seeing a kid with soiled clothing

I dreamt my admire trying to jealous me by being with one girl whom he said he dont like

Parking charcoal


Son in prison

Vietnam prison

Quagmire dream

Alien fetus staring into my eyes

Bibles in bookshelf

Serving kerocin in dream meaning


Dog eating a snake

Dog eating a snack

Gauvava flower in dream



Bouncy castle


Receiving a key holder


A man seen a long white hair in his head

Trying to get away

Dream of eating chapati