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Exposed beams



Dreaming of your husband drinking too much beer

Red potato

Dreams book by dennis clark

What does it mean if someone is trying to pick something from a dustbin in the dream kept in a nice

Dreaming your close friend being bald

Mean little elfs

Being a squatter

Little mean elf men

Seeing a woman dancing with her ex lover

The other woman dancing

Wearing a ponytail

Becoming dust

I ate a pinecone

Ate a pinecone

Emerald green book


Red road

Digging cassava with knife

Teacher telling u failed in exam

Eating well roasted meat in a dream

Purple lipstick on a woman

Human excrement everywhere

Strange destructive weapons falling from the sky

Dreaming that you are under attack

Dream of telling my brother having a stroke

Meeting prime minister

Dreamed of telling my brother having a steoke


Wearing a thick and red lipstick

Movie production



Eating simsim in a dream

John paul jackson


Gummi bear

Gummy bear

Cheating spouse

More watch

Too many watches

Someone trying to take away white towel from me in a dream

Dancing tango

Miniture horse

What does it mean when you dream about your husband mistreating you

Black eyes

Green vase


What is meaning of see two different rambo in my dream

Wet sand dream meaning


Woke by dad calling my name

What does it mean when you dream about your husband mistreating yo

Opening a resturant for crabs

Tamarind seed

Womens blessing

Dirty white robe


Sharks in a pool

Dream meaning of cooking oil

Paying depr dream meaning

Pure water dream meaning

Plucking bitter leaf in the dream

Son exam

Holding pestle

Cassava in the dream meaning

Catching parrot

Being resurected on tge cross

To see cassava in a dream meaning

Metamorphosis from woman to man

Sel roti eating in pregnancy

Braces and school shootings

Rice mill

Purple lipstick

Search …black cars

What does it mean to have a white powder on your face in a dream

Heap making

Wonderful sexual intercourse with an unknown beautiful woman

Can’t move legs


Long white worms on vagina

Seeing a dog licking your face

Walking over a saw mill


Bats crawling up my back

Big head lice

24 virgin

Dying in a war


Being in the parliment


Removing thorn from my finger

Dreaming of my wife having with enemy

Dreaming of a garden which is full.of flowrs some are purple and some are aloe vera plants and others are pumkings

Daughters boyfriend

Son in law injured

Dreaming sto ñino

Gold circular eye glasses

Lord krishna statue with radha

A lot of poop in toilet flushed it but some remained flushed again and gone.

Dead person giving food for eating

Lord krishna statue wish radha

Picking ripe jackfruit in a tree


Eating pineapple

Changing faces into ugly

Golden talking alligator

My husband and mother having together



Caucasian kids

House warming ceremony

White kids chasing me



Shadows walking away


Big toe nail falls off clean day time



Someone spit on my mouth in my dream

Warts feet


Big toe nail fell off clean

Seeing a bride in black with another partner

Ejaculating by another woman

Being hit by a train




Pea in islamic dream

Empty room


Means to dream of kolanut

Received cardamoms in the dream

What does it mean to see yourself brushing your knees in the dream?

Seeing guinea fowl in a dream

Nose falls off

I got stabbed in the neck

Taking pap in the dream

Opened locker

Bitter cola

Dreamed i caught my man having sex with another woman

Energy drinks

Water in streets

Puppy lick

Yin and yang meditation balls

Dream of white smoke in a room

Ruined cemetery


With mehram

Guest of honour

Empty school room shoes on chairs

Pheasant attacked by cat

Dream of girl in red dress fallen off a mountain

Standing or walking on long roads



Cotton ginnery

What does it mean when a deceased loved one is sitting on a bench


Moved far away

Me and huband moved to this beautiful place far away from everyone what does it mean


Meaning of swallowing sugar cane chaff


Police trouble


Seath of child

Plucking chillies

Plucking fruit

Unfaithful mum

Unknown person in dream

Gold thread

Mum with another man



Gifting a broom

Dreaming about a flock of cattle



Wooden shavings

Wooden shhavings

In the midst of flooding water

In the midst of flooding

In the midst of looding

President trump

The president

Tree shavings

Wood shaving

Boxes of apples

Seeing mountains and happy feeling

Meaning of eating plam kernel in dreams

Naked butt

Someone else doing laundry

Dream of quintuplets

Cloudy eye of another