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To dream that the father or god has given you a fat cow

Corn shocks

Being cautioned about someone



Wood stuck in the teeth

Dead corn shocks


Margaret hamilton

Brown fields

Excavating a homesite


Dream about dead relatives

Dream about the dead

Loard krishna statue

Color turquiose

People coming in home

Crowd gathering

Shoes sneakers

Clock inside shoe

Dead people wearing my shoe

Beach house

Unable to focus

Unable to finish task

Krishna in dream

I dream that i eat squid and it stick to my toung and it raw sticky

Riding in a boat in rough seas with dolphins in the water

Vats of liquid silver

Brown ceramic bowl


Searching for silver jewelry

9 airplanes flying overhead

Quran gift in dream

Dries lake

Someone washing your feet in the dream

I having a dream about moses smile to me from haven


Spinning hula hoop

I having a dream about moses

Roman warrior with a mask


Big fat fish

Hot dog

Graduation white gown what does that mean

Preparing a homesite

Baby scorpion in my room

Dig a basement

Repeat of chewing gum that gets stuck in the mouth

Baby car set

Fixing a broken wedding ring

Grilling food

Carrying someone on your back

Vixin carrying a cub

Groin cut

Seeing my sisters in billboard

Me and my sister are in the billboard in my dreams

Loosing eyebrow hair

Cutting white roses

Damaged emerald


Late father tying a pink ribbon for me


Alphabet a


Dream of bed spinning

Deer attacking

Deers attacking

Deer atttacking

Red oil poured on the floor

To bite someone

Listening to music through airpods


Eating roasted yam with stove dream meaning







Dream of plantain in a green bucket

Hand coming from sky pointing at me

Sick mom traveling to jerusalem

Gable wall collapsed

Cream coloured snake


Someone crying

Plucking amla fruits from trre

Ing in toilet

Dresser floating

Destination sidewalk


Rocky nature

Husband flirting

A lot of puppies eating

Dream of a past accountant paying me less money

Dead person pointing calendar

The beyond

Mycheal myers trying to get a boy and i try my best to save boy

Burning soap

Basket ball goals

Taken care of

I keep dreaming about my ex who is dead

Hooks in penis

Church steeple blown off

Licking maggie


Flying in the sky in a parachute with my dog

Parachuting with



Parachuting with my dog

Snakes statue

In a parachute floating with my dod

Swallowing honey

Dreaming of my dead father penis means

Rotten meat meaning in the dream

Calling son

Snakes dropping honey from its mouth

Riding roller coaster

Taking a vacuum down a wet staircase

Taking a vacuum to someone


I gave rosary to my ex boyfriend

Fish swimming in sky

Lamb sucking human breast

Lion and bear fight dream


Lion vs bear fight

Saw running water with fish in its

Three babies


Sharpening of knife

A guy holding a rose in front of me

Dreaming of black beads

Jackfruit provide me

Devil kiss

In my dream i called a seahorse from a clear ocean what does that mean

Dream of buying a bunch of mouringa

U haul in my dreamlottery numbers

Dream about being disqualified

Beads popped

To dream of piles of garbage lined in rows

Cashew fruits arranged on a table

Car flood

Deceased father dressed in green and white military costume at my cousins military themed wedding

Dead daat green and white military theme wedding

English premier


Custerd apple

The world is brain washed




Chocking on cat litter drean

Dirt on carpet

Dream about a girl

To hold a blood stained pad

Photo of loved one

Shaking a pastor in a dream

Military theme wedding in green and white

Photo cay

Dog sucking human breast


Meaning of white envelop

Picking lime in the dream

Lost helmet

Red frozen meat

Missing football helmet

Giant truck

Jumping cliff


Turquoise shoes

Toe nail fell off

Angels flying in the sky

Boat mooring

Being grabbed in bed

Lost turquoise shoes

List turquoise shoes

Putting my feet in a dead person slippers

Buying tiger nuts in a dream

Sleeping on the road


Husband suck breast in the dream

Boyfriend doesn’t like me

Beat up

Butt inplant

Palm wine in a calabash to be given to a mallam man what?

Palm wine in a calabash to be given to a mallam man what?

Forgot my birthday


Gree bell peppers

Dreaming married to a rich man

I dreamt i forgot it was my birthday until late in the day

Water pipe leaking


People misbehaving


Red blankets

High school friends

Making a wedding cake