Being a squatter

Becoming dust

Being resurected on tge cross

Braces and school shootings

Bats crawling up my back

Big head lice

Being in the parliment

Big toe nail falls off clean day time

Big toe nail fell off clean

Being hit by a train


Boxes of apples

Buying red onions

Black heads sitting atop a small yard with green grass

Burnt roti

Branding someone

Broken laptop



Be carry by a ma

Break leg


Blocked bridge

Bird falling

Burning a white shirt

Black snake with fork tongue

Beetel leaf dream

Black hearse

Burning charcoal

Blue shirt white stripes

Birth certificate


Being led to hell

Being able to catch up on ship on board

Being able to catch up on sailing ship

Bloody water in dream means

Beheading an eel

Blinking lamps in a house

Bag 0f coal

Buying shoes in dream

Blue swimsuit

Blue and white mask

Being poked awake by someone

Broken wardrope

Breast surgery

Bus conductor

Bing held

Big insect inside leg

Buttons undone, wrinkled suit

Biting lip

Barefoot in urine

Building bricks

Bart bird

Backless dress

Bursting blister

Blue rat

Black bird chased away

Band shirt in dream

Black squid on land attacking people

Bug eggs under the skin

Baby with gold eyes


Black chickpeas

Beating up a brother with fist on the eyes

Beating up a brother

Breaking a statue

Beating a mad woman in a dream

Buying mealie meal bag

Being asked by widow to clean her husband grave

Buying sachet pure water in the dearm

Bloody teeth

Burying someone a handkerchief

Buying a medicine for a child with liver imbalance

Being choked by a needle

Buying milk from milkman

Baked chicken leg

Butterfly-shaped christmas lights

Blond or yellow highlights to hair

Bridal shower

Boyfriend hiding money

Brother’s girlfriend

Buying maggie in a dream


Burgundy and brown plaid eyeglasses

Bieng chased by a goat

Being bridemaifs

Bird on the ground needed water then turn into a woman

Buzzing noise

Baby’s bloody hand print

Buying sugercane in my dream and sharing it to give those whom are with me there in the dream


Black man

Black credit card

Being beaten by a teacher in the dream

Breathing under water

Being in a dark parking lot

Being threatened

Brimstone and noise

Burning while getting a holly communion


Buying a sachet water in my dream



Biting your nails off

Bloody sanitary napkins

Bent knife

Bent pizza cutter


Beautiful blue ocean with whitecaps

Bicycling on a path by the ocean

Buying a soap

Boutique shop

Black nazarene

Blue shirt gift

Birth stone


Being given your birthstone

Breathing fire like a dragon


Broken ribs

Black lion

Being a ballerina

Baby cardinal

Bit off finger

Bit off thumb

Bloodied cloth

Being introduced to a german shepperd in dream

Broken pencil

Broken snowglobe

Being covered from behind by a red blanket

Baby winks at me

Boys town

Buying house in dreams

Buying egg

Buying granding stone in the dream


Black lentils

Been swindle by someone

Bitter cola

Buying raisin


Being installed as a king

Bombing buildings

Brushing ur teeth in dream with chewing stick means

Burning coal

Being upside down



Being chased of car

Blue robes walking towards me


Biting own nail

Blue full moon

Building a church foundation


Black insect

Begin asked to vacate a premises means....?

Blue male lion walking with frmale lion with blue paw prints on her face

Biting someone’s nose

Bobcat in house

Being summoned to court as a witness

Being pulled off the bed

Being pulled and rotated

Bloodshot red eye

Broken heal



Being caught in a tornado

Burning own slippers

Being caught having sex

Blind son

Black geese attacking me

Black dot on a hand

Bag of coal in a dream

Black cat on top of my haed

Broken crystal ashtray


Buying meat in a butchery

Buying meat in a butcher

Buying cocoyam in dream meaning

Bitten my cheek by spiritual guru

Buying cow and cow meat in a dream

Buying a live cow and some cow meat in the dream meaning

Bugs coming out of your vagina

Buying shoes for someone

Blind baby


Being floated out of room, not wanting to go

Being chase by a man with a knife

Back traction

Broken nib

Being painted

Baby dress knitted

Blue corvet

Bull kills a ram

Black pick-up truck on a bridge

Black pick-up truck


Being a witch and coming into your room

Buying salted dried fish

Building stones

Beauty supply

Bunch of cooking utensils same kind given

Bunch of cooking utensils same kind given .

Brown wallet

Brown color

Bad repairs

Bubbles under paint of wall

Boat in a bottle

Bottled ship

Breast feeding my son

Bottle guard in dream meaning

Birds falling from sly

Birds faling from aly

Big fish in the sky

Buying of palm kernel in a dream

Buying oranges in the market

Buying of palm cakan in a dream

Breaking palm kernel in dream means what

Buying of palm-kernel

Breaking melon seed in the dream

Buying food flask in the dream

Birthday gift wrist watch

Being attacked by a man with a knife

Building a grave shrine


Bugs on plate

Buying lunch

Brass candelabra

Buried a scorpion


Burning cushion


Box of eggs

Ballerina on pointe

Biting cats

Burning sto. nino

Blood tear

Bruises on kids back

Buying a new green skirt

Baby girl

Brown rosary

Big sea waves



Boyfriend licking my vigina

Breasts full of milk

Blaue ink

Broken door locks

Burning grabe

Baby goat in dream



Black crab deam

Being double crossed

Bloody semen

Blue moon drawing

Bunch of snakes

Breast feeding babies

Broken wrist watch

Buying palm fruit in dream

Breast feeding having problem

Buying of coco yam in dream

Burng moon

Breast feeding a baby in a dream

Bright big dipper

Being undermined

Being underminded

Being at a fashion show

Being anointed with oil

Buying canned sardines

Bad relationship

Bad romance

Black wolves

Buying locust beans in dream

Buying a puppy

Bull lucky number

Buying a call card

Black cardamom

Bombs bombing mountains

Blue bouncy ball

Broken wrist dream

Becoming prostitue

Blue underwear on the floor






Becoming female

Big gold car

Being shot

Beaten by my pastor in my dream



Blacklarge coins on floor

Burnt smells

Bringing trash into a house

Black birds trying to bite

Bugs on a dog

Blue ribbon

Backhoe in mud

Black jeep

Black stuff on top of bear feet

Breast milk streaming from breasts

Blood on sanitary towel in toilet

Baking pie

Black dolls

Being lost and confused

Baby racoon

Box small

Broken top of coffee pot

Burning used pads

Breaking string of beads

Black chana

Bicycle on the beach

Baby dropping

Baby feces

Being a detective and

Being a undercover detective



Bird turning into woman

Bible verse

Belgian tiger

Beaten and raped

Bitter kola


Bright pink carpet

Black cat

Being chased by a bull

Black feather

Biten by rhinos

Blowing a gold trumpet and dancing

Bite nose

Boyfriends sister

Bloody fish

Baboon going towards someone

Big waves ferry

Balik icinden cikan yilan

Boxes and opening a box


Bowel movement all on my clothes on the floor ahd coment

Black pearl in dream

Bathtub with shit

Brown birds

Black and white film

Breast feeding a snake

Burning garbage dream meaning

Building a city

Being with so.done harvesting cocoyam.

Bleeding on foot

Body in casket moving

Body in basket moving

Breaking a window

Breaking glas

Buying red palm oil

Becoming a merman

Becoming a mermen

Bag of nuts

Broke telephone

Buying slipper

Burning on face

Being rushed

Being pinned aginst wall by car

Beining pinned against a wall by car, passenger is unable to help

Buying recharge cards from a lady

Black fence suronding someone

Black fence surounding someone thats dead in a dream

Blue jeans dream meaing


Blue chalk

Bitter gourd

Bitter melon

Black fish cooked

Blood in underwear

Blowing on forehead

Being on a swing with others

Buying cassava in dream means

Backhoe crashed into house

Burned down


Burning trash

Being harassed in a dream

Black gloves

Buying locus beans in the dream

Being controlled

Buko juice spilled out

Badger meat

Being handed a baby

Big spoon

Buying property

Bible transformed into a cuckoo clock

Birthing a baby

Beating mother in dreams meaning

Brown envelop in dream

Being chased by my dad

Baby girl reaching

Blue blouse

Building being knocked down

Buyind new orange slipper and wearing it in dream

Buying orange slipper in dream and wearing it

Bald spots on my head

Brown car

Black circle

Big white bumps in mouth

Bering teased

Bathing dead person in dream

Bad marriage

Blood foot

Baby pigeon

Being kicked out at school

Breaking and eating kernel seed in the dream

Blasphemy in a dream

Black dead body

Breast touching by a brother

Bathing on the river

Bed pillow

Back in college

Being crowned


Black pepper

Brown belt around the neck


Being smiled at


Butter knife

Being bombed by planes


Buying sugarcane

Boyfriends together in dream

Bronze engagement ring

Brick wall inside house

Burning a gown

Big santapise

Bicycle lost

Big digger

Black snakes dancing and playing with each other

Being in a party

Boyfriend catches girlfriend lying

Being on a porch

Being shot in a dream



Boat with numerous people capsized

Bloody knees

Beast driving me in my car and no control

Bracelet being stolen


Being given airtime recharge card in dream meaning

Boy friend is a pedophile

Blow drying

Being hugged from behind

Baking cashew with water and salt

Baking cashew

Baby girl dream

Bed mattress on fire

Black swimsuit with red trim

Breastmilk is water

Being late and rushed

Bomb rat

Boiling bones

Baptismal font

Being tied down

Bee in eye


Birthday balloons

Buttered bread

Brocken lunchbox

Breasts exposed in public

Boyfriend car accident

Bag inside a bag

Big snake coming at me while i sleep mean

Breadfruit dream

Buying a farm

Buying sarchet water in the dream

Being held back

Baby with six fingers

Black moon

Baby lemur bite on the neck dream

Beautiful vases

Beat up on a train

Buying a bag of charcoal and looking for a car to take it home for me but was not getting a car

Buying used cloth


Burning gabbages

Barefoot on gravel

Being raped while partner made watch

Blue vehicle

Biting a person hand

Bite by a whale

Brother arrested

Barking frogs

Bright floral top

Bloodied right hand and arm


Bee flying in to mouth


Buried in cement


Baby wild boar

Bring restricted

Baby who is happy

Baby with a cyst

Body guard

Blue light dream

Being an albino in dream

Broken engagement ring in a dream what numbers

Blood clot in hand

Bracelet that was puttin on his leg as anklet

Black warm

Bed buf

Brown envelopes

Brown envelops

Being given a pile of of old trousers

Boat on the water

Blood on toilet paper

Boy scout

Blackhead removal

Breast less lady in dream meaning


Biblically dream meaning of oatmeal

Bone corset

Big truck

Burning wooden leg

Black crucifix

Burning dead willow tree


Babies bleeding

Blonde woman white horse


Blood in water

Blue flag hanging in a house

Bottom of feet

Black salt dream

Backing your boyfriend in the dream what does it mean?

Being touched on back

Black head tie

Boy friend touching my palm

Black pig raw meat

Blonde healthy hair

Bow and arrow

Biblical meaning of meeting between breadfruit

Blood clots from vagina

Bedspread stain

Buying white cloths

Buying fufu

Bare feet

Black crow dead

Business meeting sucsess

Business meeting

Being killed by ex

Burning money in the dream

Bag after bag in a dream meaning

Being on a plane and drinking and smoking

Bones of rat

Bear mother

Bitter kola in dreams

Being searched


Broken glasses in my garbage bin in kitchen pull out

Being given a gold plate in a dream what does it entail

Butt naked woman


Bird burnt

Buying fruot

Birds falling from the sky

Blood on house

Brown sheep dream

Box floating in water

Buying second hand clothes, shoes and hand bags


Bungee cord coming unhooked in mid air

Boss mistreatment

Blowing candle out to hide

Blowing a spirit into me urine

Being given an opal ring

Black lace pillow

Blonde man


Bald guy

Bonsai plant


Blood in white panties

Building difficult to navigate

Broken basin

Blue semens

Blue semen in a dream

Being served jackfruit by someone


Baby niece walking toward me

Bedroom outside the house

Being attacked by a gang

Bunch of grapes in the sky

Big grapes in the sky

Buying a charcoal

Burning tomb

Black cow legs

Black background

Baby crawling


Blue nose whale

Bottle nose whale swimming towards us

Blue smoke

Blouse with no buttons

Black lips

Buildings and lots

Black puppy, green clovers

Being branded

Black puppy green clover

Black puppy green cloves


Bunch of green bananas in dream meaning

Breaking borrowed item

Bad family

Big suit

Baby smiling

Buck and a saddled horse

Bit by a tick

Brakes not working

Blind boy

Bedroom window glass shattered


Breadfruit tree

Baby left behind

Banging sound

Broken clamp

Breaking the spoon

Beach white

Being kissed on neck

Brushing teeth with chewing-stick



Borrowing from the dead


Bot scouts


Blood in underwear of other man

Brothers penis

Bleeding knees of someone/father

Being called names

Being called

Bring trapped

Bitten cricket

Buying leather

Broken charger

Bruise arms


Black cattle


Bieng fingered in front of mom in dream

Bra dream interpretation

Been naked in church


Being given a yellow sweater

Being a town crier in the dream

Buying clothes for someone else



Being in england

Broken high heel shoe

Buying white used clothes

Buying dead peoples cloth


Brown horse open cart

Ben shapiro

Being chased by animal

Big black bug with a hard shell

Black panthor

Bearded baby

Beard baby

Blue short sleeve button up shirt

Baby rabbit inside a turkey



Big sized custurd apple


Broken bow and arrow


Big fry fish


Bit by snake

Blue uniform army

Babies crawling

Buying smoked fish

Brushing teeth with lot of white toothpaste

Bitter kola meaning

Breakthrough dream

Bid dream

Bride vail

Bad guys chasing me

Biscuit crumbs

Big rock cliffs

Bloody sanitary pads

Brown billical cord

Brown unbillical cord dream

Being in someone’s apartment when they aren’t there

Bowling spare and get last pin

Blue paper plate

Being pregnant and dream of holding a baby girl

Being moved

Back door took off

Black men trying to rob me

Bleeding tatoo

Buying back your old clothes taken from you

Buying back your old clothes take

Bird transform into witch

Bao ming


Buying site

Be a messanger between a king and community

Being god

Being robbed of money

Black panther cub

Being called cupcake

Bugs on cat

Buying kolanuts

Black statue in chains

Body horror

Broken earphones

Been winded up because of a love interest


Black adder snake

Buying periwinkle in the dream


Being an anime character

Brown shoes given to you

Black tree sap

Burning shower

Breast leaking milk

Body parts missing

Being sucked by your husband in adream mean

Boat dock

Bone popping

Big sparkle

Bride pregnant on her wedding day

Bugs coming outside the vigina

Buying kolanuts in dream

Big clean sink

Broken piano keys

Beta fish

Big toe nail falls off

Baby vulture

Beautiful instrumentals

Black hand in dream

Bitter groud seed


Brown paper towels

Bench weights

Burning food on the plate


Brother is crying.

Being skipped in a line

Buying deeth person jewellery

Bitting a person on the right shoulder

Bindi in dream

Being attacked by yellow scorpion

Breaking palm kernels

Being demoted at work in a dream

Black motorbike

Being stabbed in the kidney

Business partners

Business associates

Bump on head

Black demon


Breaking and eating palm kernel in a dream meaning

Breaking palm kernelin the dream meaning

Blue shirt with moth holes

Blood clot dream

Boxes floating on water

Being in a parallel universe and realizing it

Boyfriend kissing someone else, me kissing someone else, us breaking up, crying on church roof

Beaver bite

Being a mayor of a city

Birth to baby girl

Bloody eye

Barbi dill

Boils in the head

Being chased by a train

Bloody snow footprints iǹ the snow


Black peas

Being in military service

Black soot

Blood stained money

Bllod moon

Buying kolanut in dream

Broken record

Bad taste

Breaking and eating palm kernel with my brothers in the bush

Black whale


Blood clots

Baby lion bitting

Black toga

Bitten by a dog

Buying collard greens

Battle ships attack from the air


Battle ax swing from the ceiling

Breast less woman


Black knit

Breaking earthenware

Back and yellow butterfly

Being put in an asylum

Burglar bars

Black hand coming from soil


Buying a bus ticket

Brick house falling down

Black sari

Buying kalonut

Being ordeined

Burning top of head

Being in a desert with someone

Bitter guard

Beautiful stone made house dream meaning

Blue flowery curtains

Breaking and eating palm kanel

Broken honey bottle

Buying chocolates

Black heels

Baboon poop in a dream means

Baby puppies

Blue boots

Back of person

Brown horse

Beautiful vagina secretion and got erotic

Biggest swimming around you trying to bite

Brother in law kissed me in my dream

Broken crystal ball


Bunch of green neem leaf

Beautiful fairies

Basket of cowries

Burning bysh

Bruised heel

Bleeding heel

Basketball marble

Boyfriend turning to a girl

Baby crawling means

Big colourful floppy hat

Bloody napkins in dream means

Being shamed by someone

Breaking up with boyfriend cause he cheated

Being exterminated

Being flattered

Black puppies

Boilling water

Buying lipstick


Buying kola nut in a dream

Bird bringing piece of log to me

Breaking of mumps

Buying sindoor

Black dot in body

Bed covers

Blue latex gloves in dream


Be offered to give bribe or money

Black t-shirt

Bubble gum getting stuck in my teeth

Bush burning killing animals

Brass fittings

Being friend to royals

Brown door

Blurry dream

Big banners

Bleeding on the head due to removal of a scare

Buffalo in tach i dreamed

Black garment

Broken tasbeeh rosesary

Being without clothes on

Babysitting twins

Bloody infected spot on thigh

Boyfriend is dead

Beating to wife

Blue saree

Been leaves

Breaking of clay pot

Burning money plants

Being kissed by a dead person

Beating a pastor a a dream

Beautiful silk rose

Bare chest man

Being carried by crush

Blue mosquito net


Being hung

Betel leaf in puja in dream meaning

Buying chips

Being in the group of pregnant ladies

Buying sweets while pregnant


Broken honey bottle and money coming out of it

Buying and selling crayfish in dream

Bird of prey

Being kicked out of my home and my son ripped out my arms because of my step daughter

Bird becomes gypsy

Blackbird gypsy

Black teeth and gums

Black gums

Blue mans t shirt

Blue t shirt

Breaking acrylic nails


Brushing goldfish teeth

Brushing goldfish ftteth

Baking cupcakes

Being groomed with a pedicure


Betaal leave meaning

Birch tree

Baby carry cot

Baby carry vot

Buying yam in the dream

Broken wed ring

Brown water dream

Brown out

Borrowing stapler

Biting my own tongue

Blow job 3 girls

Been handed glass of sour milk

Broken cup

Bad touch by deceased relative


Bird cardinal

Being carried in a coffin

Blood of animal

Bathing someone else

Being pulled out of muddy water by boat

Best friend injured

Bird excrete


Bloody handprint

Buying recharge card in dream

Buying sweet in dream

Big living

Buying sweet shop business

Breast falls off

Bite of snake

Bulls and bears climbing rock cliff

Balding tires

Bum bag

Belly bag

Belt bag

Belt bah

Being attacked by cat

Best friend getting married

Bridesmaid of a bestfriend

Black spiders

Black spiders big and small

Baby buggy

Babby buggy

Blood clot meaning

Bucket of paint

Bad marks in exam result

Braided hair

Bevel leaves

Blood stain on carpet and a bottle of liquor and cloths on the floor

Back sores

Backed shemail


Baby praying mantises hatching every where

Burning palm trees

Bird reincarnation

Bathing a dead son

Being kissed on forehead


Burned match sticks

Black leg and hands in dream

Black horse statue

Being in jail and laughing with inmates

Badly broken left hand palm

Ball number

Bath coat

Body earth mud

Black gram

Bleeding chest

Bundle full of money

Black coal dream

Bird of paradise

Being yelled at in a dream

Brake fails

Bell bottom pants

Bubbling brook

Bitter coala in dream meaning

Bitter kola in dream meaning

Black hairpins

Bird pooping on me

Blanket and water

Being chased by bad guys

Being chased and shot at

Burlap wreath

Brown liostick dream

Big black suv

Buffalo giving milk in dream

Brothers and sisters crying

Bathing with honey

Burnt grave

Building in ruin

Boiling chickens jumping out of the pot

Being swalow by snake and later be safy

Being swalowed by snake and come out salfly.

Bad milk

Birds falling from sky

Baby dropped

Body exploding

Busty women

Bathroom lockers

Beans growing

Blindness for someone else

Blindness of sow

Being constantly put down mentally

Buying new doormat in the dream

Brass fireplace ornaments

Biblical meaning of packing cassava peel

Baby footprints

Burned down house

Blood on yellow shorts

Burning graveyard

Bread fruit

Burnt meat

Being naked in the dream

Burgedy lipstick

Blood in pantys

Body builders with big ear

Being dark and gloomy

Buying of old no zinc

Blue face

Baby of different race

Bedroom guest

Bedroom rented

Black shoes underwater

Being attack by a spirit in the wind at night

Biting someones finger off

Being in between train tracks

Black and white

Bear and cubs


Blue and silver truck

Bengalgram in dream

Been burgled

Booking taxi

Best friend dating cousins

Bicycle journey

Being summon to court.dream mean what?

Book cover

Breaking in by stealth

Blood stained white panties

Bear paw

Becoming an archbishop


Being tricked by strangers

Bare foot

Blackheads in the ear

Blue lizard in dream

Being a prostitute

Being a prostitute

Baby and a big house

Black wall blocking my way out

Babby daddy s invitataion card

Biting hand

Birthing quadruplets


Building a homemade rollercoaster

Bald patch

Bad haircut dream

Body wash


Black flame

Broken cricket bat

Baby warthogs

Burning hut

Bad woman

Blue truck

Big men

Bugs coming out of my vagina

Brakes dont work

Bamboo plant

Baby breath

Buying fresh garden egg in the dream

Being tricked in the dream

Black lentil

Buying cracker

Blackhead coming ov face

Blackhead coming out ov face

Being murdered in my dream

Baby bjorn

Baby backpack

Butter on my hair

Bitter leaf

Being chased by a monster

Big picture of mother of perpetual help

Buying okro in dream

Burning green bush

Bathing dead person

Black tissues

Black cow urinating in the dream

Boil on someone elses face

Bitter kola in the dream.dream

Baby being born with beard

Bitch women in dream

Batch si.en in dream

Betel leaf n money


Baby with diarriah


Butter and curd in dream meaning

Broken eyeglasses frame

Blue salt and pepper shakers

Broken spear

Big butty

Booked out

Becoming joyful mother

Buffalo is giving milk indream

Breaking an apricot open

Being grabbed from behind


Black bear eating childeren

Bloody water with animal in it

Being in a different country

Bowie kmife

Bunny biting


Broken skin

Buying oarfish in a market



Boil at the back of the neck

Blood stains on pant

Buffalo dropping dung in dream

Broken house

Being chased by a python

Black sperm means

Breathing water

Been on atm queue

Breast coming off

Big wave coming at me

Bay leaf plucking from tree

Black tape on face

Bad odor husban in my dreams

Bare arm

Bite one nose

Broken crystal dream

Body pay

Boy wearing dress

Blood in urine

Blood urinea

Buying maggi tube in dream

Black light bulb at bottom

Being part of fabric

Brought out somebody from a pit

Being apointend as a preacher on dream

Buy kolanut in my dream


Burned cow

Burning cow dreamaa

Burning empty cans in a dream

Baby powder

Blade and blood

Black and gold smoke

Buying expensive water

Blue clothes on a woman

Be spit on

Being chased by a madman in a dream

Barbaque pig tails

Being on top of a bridge

Bug in ear


Buying sachet water in the market

Being robbed and sedated by robber



Being happy for someone

Blessed by old woman after helping her

Boyfriend shopping furniture for house

Buying biscuit in the dream

Balled up sox on the floor

Boyfriend watching porn

Beat son

Bass guitar

Balled up sox at the door on the floor

Black fashion office sandles

Baby skunks

Bodily harm

Bread with sesames

Bald patch on top of head


Bee queen

Baking pan

Buying a clock in my dream meaning what?

Broken front door


Being symathic to an elephant

Burning cattle

Brain styrofoam

Bed cover

Bank cheque i rejected

Being trapped under heavy equipment but no broken bones

Being trapped under heavy equipment no broken bones

Body waiste

Being told to keep quiet about the secret societies

Being on a farmhouse

Birth of a baby


Bitten by green snake on right hand

Blank canvas

Broken calculator

Black lioness

Budgie escaping from a cage

Burning meat

Being slapped by enemy in dream

Bagpipe canter

Bullfrog meaning

Being in scotland

Be dull

Black bird trying to kill a peacock

But in ear

Bald, covered in foam like substance and frantic

Broken cellphone


Being sued

Black hat on bed


Bear jumping from a tree

Bears jumping from a tree

Bundle of sticks

Big dark empty house


Beastlity with a dog

Bringing coffe

Bringing coffee

Broken braces

Being hit by my teacher

Boss is dead

Breaking palm kernel in the dream

Buying better kola

Buy sweet

Being given lime

Breadfruit in the dream means

Black suffocating cloud descending over light

Black frisbee with a star

Barbed whip

Brown envelop dream meanings

Black alpaca

Breaking a teapot

Broken scissors

Boba fettbobaboba

Beached whales

Bitter cola in the dream


Being in s kraal with many kids

Black jamun


Bugs in teeth

Black golf ball

Bitten by bugs

Bird pwt

Barn owl

Boyfriend height

Brocken matches not lit


Back door and emergency exit

Bloody hands

Business opportunity through a strange couple

Being cornered

Backhoe and trees


Broken egg

Bloody worms

Bounty hunter

Beautiful man with a perfect but scarred bare back had a dirty diaper from some woman and i had to throw it away but the feces spilled out and got on me and had to wash it off

Beautiful man with toned body had scars on his bare back

Bring me know portuguese side language

Bent lamp post

Bear outside

Black toilet roll

Baby laughter

Being rejected and left for ex

Black balloon with evil face

Broken car window

Broken statues

Buying condom

Bathig in river with fear

Buying and eating crayfish in the dream

Bottle gourd vegetable

Black cobra


Buying litchis

Buying shoes for my ex

Bit by a venemous snake

Bitten. y

Burlap sack over head

Boop in your pant



Being in many houses

Being in many different homes

Being in different houses

Boyfriend doing drugs

Brass band

Burning glowing charcoal

Boyfrirnd dissapear in mall

Buying green cardamom

Baby bib

Being left

Bread in river

Boiled cassava

Been tree and eucalyptus tree

Black broken native pot

Biting of nails

Being healing

Black thread tied in my leg or hand during my marriage rituals

Brother being arrested

Buying a lot of paraffin

Betraying someones trust

Black vomitus

Buying items

Being worshiped by people

Black ribbon pulled out of my throat

Bean bun

Buying coolerbags

Broken road too much

Boyfriend stepping on untied shoelaces


Broken earbuds

Being hunted through windows

Black ghost

Breaking and eating palm kennel

Braaied dog meat

Breaking and eating palm

Bear tracks

Being late

Black and purple clouds sinking on me

Blood cancer

Bead ring

Brother killed sister

Burning feet

Being told to read surah rehman

Buying and eating fresh cassava means?

Butternut dream meaning

Buying fabric with a friend

Buying dry crayfish for people

Broken grave stone

Beatel leaves

Black mold on a religious book

Being tiny in a oversized house

Bad grade dream interpretation

Bruises on legs

Bengal tiger attack

Building a telephone

Biblical dream of insest

Burned office

Blue cloths

Blue checkered

Being eleviated in the air

Boyfriend jumped out window

Being shot and dying

Boyfriend leaving me

Being threat

Breasts leaking milk

Baby pictures

Bright white explosion

Boyfriend killed

Boyfriend murdered

Blank price tag

Brown colour face

Buying sewing machine port

Buying sewing machine at port

Buying a sewing machine at the port

British man

Blacked cloaked figure

Blank cheque

Broken cell phone in the dream what dose it mean

Buring a cloth in dream

Being shackled

Barring people that are already dead


Black helicoptors attacking

Bathing a dead father

Being a car

Betel leaf garland

Breaking and eating palm inner lake nut

Broken dishwasher


Balloon pop

Blue flying objects that drop gas

Blood uterus

Blood clots mucus

Boat store


Bearing pomelos


Bill clinton

Bowl of blood

Burning curtains

Blue shoes with sparkle

Burning plastic

Bloody semen dream meanings

Bright red color

Being in school

Being a teacher in my dreams

Being trampled

Bag jewellery

Being chased and killed


Blessings by hermaphrodite with broom

Broken empty bèr bottles

Being in a bad relationship

Baby in sand

Bird flying out of cage

Boat on fire at the shore


Broken clothes

Beach house

Being shot at

Breaking perfume bottles

Being ignored

Being hugged

Black onyx

Blue lady bug

Blue and red lady bug on foot

Baby feeling dizzy laying hia head down

Baby bleeding profusly

Baby and blood

Bed or side of bunk bed dream

Black crack in sky

Buying babies

Be a young lady harvesting cocoyam

Brest milk

Breastfeeding a puppy

Being inside a horror game

Black rat being caught and killed with knife by an old older man i know

Burial of man i knew

Blood draws

Black blankets

Buying a granding stone

Blue wallet

Big fish falling

Brain operation

Bitten by dogs

Black smoke in dream

Buying fried bean cake in the dream

Beautiful hair clip gift

Branches of trees

Buried under snow

Being summoned to court with my girlfriend

Bridge building

Being a dragon

Brother pranking me

B embrasing husband in dreamssmell in dreams

Bad smell in dreams

Bird swallow

Breast touching

Baby in moses basket

Boyfriend and another woman

Bird poop in mouth

Bathtub dirty footprints


Biting a person

Being squessed

Burial of a king


Buying dried fish in a market

Blue mouse

Blood clot from vagina


Blue jay biting finger

Barbara ann kirkland

Bike riding

Black pepper grounded fine

Betta fish swimming in milk

Betta fish in milk

Burnt hands

Broken cicle

Business partners laughing


Buying cassava floor in the dream

Birth stillborn

Bright white lights hundreds of snakes

Birth still borne

Being given tiger nut in the dream

Being a mermaid with feet

Buying palm oil in a new container

Bird ecscape the cage


Burried by dead bodies

Burning clothes in dream


Being attacked by a wrench

Being stabbed by my wife

Blazing sun

Blue sky above the sky

Black head poping

Being slapped in the face

Busy at work

Black fabric

Beard woman


Bloody feet

Black statue

Being offered meth by exhusband

Blood in your eye

Body flesh existing

Bag of cement

Baby guinea pigs

Baby guinea pogs

Black void

Black lake with grease

Being a bridesmaid and loosing the bridesmaid dress

Buttons fall off the front of shirt

Bowl of chicken soup

Being chased by anubis

Being with other men sexually

Brightly colored stones in desert

Black cat on red horse


Bird with flat wings

Bus of girls

Black puma

Breaking up in dream

Buying land

Buying house

Burning sage running in the dark


Being given a new phone for a present

Body snatching

Being chased by a stingray

Buried raw meat

Being the chosen one

Burning cow dream

Been beating by soldiers in and robed in the mood

Black teapot

Black reapot

Buying palm fruits from market in dream

Broken arm of a son

Beautiful ocean

Bruises on granddaughter chest

Blue label engine oil

Back of the leg

Back sliding dream


Broken bangal

Broken arm

Burning alive

Broken ganesha idol

Being kidnaped

Boyfriend ex


Being drowned by someone who has no idea they are drowning you

Burnng girl dieing

Boy nude

Boy genatals

Broken glass pitcher

Big black bird in the house

Baboon bite me on the hand

Birthday candle

Boyfriend cuddling

Black lip

Bought new car

Broken cracked walls

Buying palm oil


Beating dog in the dream

Back turned

Burning moon

Brake up

Bumping into a love interest

Betel leaf saw in dream

Bussiness card

Broken musical instrument

Broken string of guitar

Being offered police job

Buying roasted cocoa yam in the dream

Breaking a clay pot meaning

Breaking a clay pot

Breaking a coat pot

Broken ankle

Bestfriend stabbing me

Beads wrist right

Breaking the chopstick


Broken frames

Black labrador puppy

Blood on my brief

Breaking and eating palm kernel in a dream

Beam of light coming out of mouth

Buying and eating of dates fruit


Bet in billiard

Being a king

Breaking an empty plate

Breaking plate

Burning of public surkaway


Bro kiss sis

Buying lychee in dreams

Beating a your child


Being healed by a healer

Boa snake chasing me

Black umberalla

Body hair shaving

Black mouning car

Broken charm bracelet

Blood clit

Bite by dog

Bunk bead

Bone exposed

Black pen given by a family member

Building slide with concrete

Bouncy castle inmy yard dream meaning

Babe died in a dream

Black acrylic

Beautiful girl

Breaking of palm kermal

Blowing no a whistle loud

Being shouted at close to my face

Being amongst sheep in a field

Being left alone somewhere

Baby waste spilling all over the floor

Broken heels

Bridal bangles

Bed on fire

Bitten by a bat

Bull shit

Brown horse being ridden

Brown horse ridden by a native american

Boot stolen

Broken staircase

Brown rice meaning

Being cain in a dream

Burning bed

Buying an air mattress

Buttons coming undone

Black leather wallet

Boob sucked

Black cow fight with elephant

Blood on back part of underwear

Black cow fight

Being hanged upside down

Body lotion

Baring my breasts in public

Butterflies trapped in spiderweb

Butterf;ies trapped in spider web

Baring my chest to the public

Boat on the sea

Buried old cloth in the dream and move naked to look for another means what

Being in a banana plantation

Bomb explosion and escaping

Bleeding breast

Breastfeeding a man

Breastfeeding your boyfriend

Broken snail shell

Black tounge

Black sugar cane in dream

Black liquid coming out of mout

Being shot by someone you know


Billion dollars

Bottle gourd buying

Buying soap and bleach


Blowing a large trumpet in dream


Buying butter

Bus accident

Blowing fire from the mouth

Blow fire from mouth

Buying kola nut in my dreaming

Black spider with one all seeying eye

Black stage curtains

Blue line down uterus

Blue line down belly female

Boiling pepper in the dream

Black dirt on body

Bugs in my hair

Being thwarted in an attempt to achieve something

Being called by a king

Being really drunk

Black gram in dream

Blue red flashing lights

Bird bringing piece of log

Being given a mosquito net

Being stood up in your dream

Being burned in a fire

Buying sachet water in dream

Big harvesting machines

Bug in head

Black umbrella and raining

Bloody sperm


Being in a moving crystal ball

Being chased by a psycho

Big cassava

Black butterfly with blue spots

Black butterfly with blue in my dream

Blank faces

Birth parents

Being adopted

Buying new bed mat

Big solar eclipse in the sky


Black pots

Blood stained bandage

Burping o. me



Black tornado

Beautiful man with black hair

Been at the office

Birds attacking mom

Being somewhere new

Being friends with the cast of seinfeld and being rejected by them

Burning electrical outlet

Breaking and eating palm kernel in dream meaning

Baby crow drinking water

Broken drum sticks

Blue snake and 5 swords

Burning heart coal

Burning heart on coal

Being shot in stomach by your mother

Being pursued by pervert


Baby crabs

Bab crabs

Baby hermit crabs

Blackheads flying

Becoming a deacon


Books falling

Bookshelves falling

Ball dance in a dream

Buying of bitter kola in the dreaming

Buying and eating bitter kola in the dream

Buying and beating bitter kola

Backwards letters

Boyfreung paying dowry

Big ship sailing on dry land

Boxes under a house

Buying pork



Black shit

Being chased in a car

Being spun around in a tree

Backwards underwear dream

Building a new house and celebrating house warming ceremony

Black spirit jumping into your body

Black spirit juming into your body


Big boat in small c

Being dragged

Blood worms

Black faces on seats

Blood stained toilet paper

Body and spirit

Biting ur tongue

Biting ur tongue and cheeks

Breasts sucked by an invisible person

Black velvet attire

Blowing a shofar

Black leopard

Blue bush

Bit sexly on the boob

Buying delicious pastries

Boat burning


Broken mirror on the floor

Buying crystal

Blood stained pads


Broken mangalsutra

Black stone

Baby grasscutter in the dream meaning


Boiling cooking pot of money

Breaking teeth

Being followed by a shadow figure

Being a guest

Burning potatoes on the stive

Broken slippers

Buying cocoyam in my dream

Being lead

Being chased by a figure

Black figure which fades like smoke

Bent back

Broken coffee maker

Brother drowning

Bathing with oregano

Blue fish in an earthen jar with water

Being naked in a dream mean

Black beads in dream

Bidding from my boy friend

Buying shoes for my boyfriend

Burning boat at the dock

Black arrows

Breaking sound barrier

Been a bride

Broken cookies

Blimp crashing and fire

Blimp crashing and blowing up

Buying notebooks

Breaking and eating plam nut fruit in the dream

Broken powerlines

Breast sucking in dream

Bodily functions

Breaking and eating of palm kernel

Buying a lot of sweets

Being sung to

Being embrassed

Birds inside my house

Being prophesied

Broken headphone

Black thread on wrist

Bees surrounding



Being young

Being slap in the face by anunty in dream

Blowning white curtains

Bars of copper

Broken windows

Black maljui beads

Bathing a dead person

Bright plaid shirt

Bloody wedding dress

Bleeding through wedding dress

Blowing a conchshell

Broken crsyons

Business man lucky numbers

Business man

Basketball court

Becoming prime minister in dream

Bottle gourd dream

Beverly hills

Balancing additional loaded wheelbarrow

Biblical dreaming of a broken steerling as am driving

Broken steerling of a car


Black coal steam

Baby dying after thrown from car

Being fooled

Blue light

Broken lamp

Bell peppers

Barak obama

Bitter kola dream

Being pursued with matchete

Blue police light

Buying presents

Budgie wanting a cuddle

Being questioned

Breaking into vending machine and stealing food being greedy and getting caught

Bottle gourd

Beating students in dream.

Beating students in dream

Broken tea pot


Blood on underwear


Being hit by a shovel


Beer cellers liverpool

Book getting wet

Bird flock

Bear chase

Broken ashtray

Bolt cutters


Bitter kola in the dream


Burning cross

Buying two maggi cube in the dream

Black dress hanging

Burying someone

Broken chain bracelet

Bars of soap

Buying bra


Being squeezed in rib cage

Beating with skipping rope

Boat lost on a lake

Being lost in water

Black shoe laces

Barefoot dancing

Broken statue

Bloody sanitary napkin

Bulging eyes

Broken milk

Black vibrations

Buying breadfruit in the dresm

Bathing snatched

Black horse and two other people falling out of hot air ballon

Bad neighborhood

Broken tooth chaotic home

Being ate by wolfs

Building blocks

Block making


Bird shit mouth

Baby puppy

Broken pot filled with water

Big black wolves

Black singlet



Black hankercheefes

Bathing in a pool full of flowers in a shrine

Bear and dog dream

Bulging purple eyes

Black mulch

Black ocean in front of you

Blood underwear


Big farm

Book on life insurance

Big boat


Branded hands

Bread rolls

Biting fingernails

Being with a mad man

Bathroom every where finding melting gold


Black pen meaning


Broken bottles

Backing out of skydiving

Black beans

Boob being groped on the school bus

Big number

Blue green

Brother crying in sisters dream

Bluegreen eyeglasses

Butt pain

Brushing teeth in a dream

Buying greens in the dream

Burnt eggs

Blowing bubbles with gum

Being separated from friends

Breaking into houses


Burning smoke

Broken comb

Broken comb tooth

Battle on the field

Breaking nails

Baren dreams meaning

Broken into two piece each pair of lether slipper in dream

Bird bath

Baby christening

Bitter goud

Buying dried crayfish

Buying raisens


Black hands

Bricks being throw at you by love ones

Boss giving phone number

Breadfruit tree dream means


Black beads

Break of beads

Big fish i the shores i went and catch them

Bitter kola meaning in dream

Been slapped

Burlap bag full of money

Baby of goat

Bishop dying


Beetal leaves

Broke undefeated record

Bottle of olive oil


Baby holding a can opener in my dream


Black flower

Black leather

Broken grounds and hills

Balloon hot air

Buying a man milk

Big snake

Being chased by warthog

Book keeping

Buring bush

Banyan tree dream mening


Bird long beak

Buy rice

Blue meaning

Blue room

Break a leg

Boiling water to prepare food in the dream

Broken hearing aid

Being a child

Boarding a train

Black shoe polish and shoe brush

Breastfeeding a cat

Birthday cake

Boolin egg

Burning underwear

Biting nails



Baby’s face is green

Being clean cut and shaved face

Bag of food

Bitter kolla

Black lip stick

Bloody face

Buying pista


Broken windows in car

Brown blood from fingure


Being in a fabric shop

Black cake

Blood tonge

Blood tong

Buying snacks for friend

Being in market

Burning wallet interpretation

Being chased by a koala bear

Baby feeding

Bitter kola tree


Bung arrow

Being at an amusment park

Buck dear


Broke piano



Blessed marriage

Bare foot on muddy

Brushing teeth with a charcoal

Bi cycle


Blow a kiss

Black nickers

Being at the back trying to escape

Bruises on your back

Boarding a plane

Being pregnant and seeing a smoked fish

Being l

Being thrown overboard


Broken ink pen on the floor

Being in a bar

Being kissed by person i know

Being crushed by a train

Bleeding after ual active

Big well

Back to an old home and being locked out

Building house and cant continue

Baby girls

Brother being stabbed

Boyfriend kissing you

Black plastic bag

Black lace underwear

Baby pin

Buying sweet candys


Buying onion

Black umbrella

Burning tombstone

Bread with bugs

Brown handkerchiefs

Boss permed my hair

Bird refusing to leave cage dream

Boy polishing my shoe

Bar of charcoal

Bruise on back

Bleeding from scalp

Boyfriend i dont even know

Body rash

Babies fingers

Beige shoes

Being in a gold car

Birth of twins

Beaten by dead

Begging for help

Blue necktie

Bleeding nose and mouth

Baby girl with blue eyes

Bag meaning

Burning amber and frankincense on a mountain top

Boil potatoes

Breaking kernel

Buying stock fish in the market

Blue drapes

Blue drapes on trees

Book case

Boo case

Baby elephant abused by others

Brainwashed friends

Burning woods

Big lush grass

Blush make up

Blush on

Being given a calabash

Bus driver and talk to me rough but right


Bad breath

Black bird flying and land on my shoulder

Black bird flies and land on my shoulder

Black cat turn into black panther


Black rainbow made of smoke

Black shadows following

Being given a necklace and earrings i. a dream

Bedroom changed

Being sneakly french kissed by man

Baking soad

Becoming a minister

Best ng shot by a gun

Bike fined

Bucket filled with water

Being chased by people

Blinded my light

Broken railing

Boat tilted sinking on left side

Butternut dream meaning



Black nazarene dream

Broken windshield wipers

Boy was giving azan

Boy was calling for prayer

Boy was giving adhan

Buying bitter kola in the dream

Burning bay leaves

Black angel watching you sleep


Bird of dream

Become a king

Being in hell

Body cut into pieces

Buffalo giving birth


Big fruits

Baby warthog

Broken altar

Bags of tapioca

Beaten by my father


Baby born


Baby goat dead

Black with white poka dots

Both my deceased mother and youngest brother came to visit me in a dream. it was full of aromas and conversation and mom was cooking..what does that mean?

Bags of charcoal


Buried in sawdust

Bath sponge

Being told that you are surrounded by stars

Being told that i’m surrounded by stars

Blowing a flute

Biblical meaning ofthatched roof

Biblicalmeaning ofthatched roof

Black sun

Burning engine

Being thrown overboard and whale throwing me back


Been given four maggi in the dream

Big eyes

Blind brother

Bitter leaf plucking


Burning of dead



Buying sorrel

Boil on leg

Black beads strung together

Beaten by samp

Being dressed by someone else

Brother in law

Big toe nails

Broken wardrobe

Black nazarene face

Bag snatcher

Bleeding hearts

Black range rover with a black man and driver

Being sucked breast in a dream

Black hooded cloak

Big tree falling dream

Bream meaning about cutting okror

Bloody sanitary pad

Black mud dream islamic

Being brought food

Being depressed

Being told by a person you love that they have found a wasps nest

Bleeding head

Body bruise

Bird drinking water from a glass

Black blanket


Buying clothes for jesus

Being rich

Back pain

Black widows

Body rockstar


Banging head on wall

Blond man

Baby bats on sleeve


Boards wood


Bugs swarming in teeth




Broken wall

Big green shamrocks

Black cow fighting

Brother in hospital

Breaking eating table


Blades in mouth


Buying clothes


Being with a governor in dream means what

Big white tooth

Buy a land in a dream

Buttercup flowers

Black satyr

Black balloons

Black cow fighting in your dream to come in to the house


Backward desk

Being attacked by viking women

Bathing the deceased

Being kidnapped by shaitan

Being desired

Blood on my daughters panty

Bay leaf in a dream

Bible study

Buying archer

Burying the dead

Books fallen apart

Being grab by someone in your dream

Broken tennis racket

Broken water pipes

Being raped by satan

Being spyed on from a hole

Breadfruit trees

Blankets dteam meaning

Blankets dteam

Being catched

Being pursued

Baby moving in stomach

Being handed something you can’t reach

By yourself

By yourself in a field

Big open field by yourself

Beating a car with slipper

Baby peed

Been given kola nuts

Boarding an aeroplane

Boarding a plan

Bitten by spiders


Blue/green stream

Body hair man

Body hair

Being stood up by relative

Blacked out window

Boiling tea in a pot in a fire

Black umbrella means

Blood urine

Broken machine for sewing

Broken sewing machines

Beating car with slipper


Bag of trinkets

Bad children

Burning bay leaf


Beehives stolen


Big shark


Baby animals

Bugs coming out my body

Broken laptop in my dream

Black legged pot in a dream

Becoming a shepherd

Being in the upper room

Betel leaf in dreams

Buring blue incense

Being seduced by someone i barely know i at school

Bridge over river


Bitter gourds

Big with seashell and eating what’s inside

Boils and dry patches on the skin on the body

Blue shoes

Bull skull

Buck deer

Bad grades

Bugs corpses

Body immovable

Black roses

Being held back from graduation

Break talisman and give them

Blk sandals

Being beaten by a teacher in your dream

Buying crayfish

Brown lab dog

Breaking a kittens neck

Buying cassava


Being in trance


Bad dreams why

Bears eating people

Blood clot moving upward my body

Boy with two heads

Black bra

Black bra in a ziplock bag

Blood and death

Blowjob my dad

Bedroom ceiling collapsing and killing wife but not me

Being crushed by bedroom ceiling collapsing

Bedroom falling in and killing wife

Bull with purple sparkling eyes

Boss in odd attire

Being pranked

Bag with holes full of rusty nails

Bag full of rut






Broken high heel

Bleeding palm

Buying meat

Being a celestial in dream

Birth of an animal

Broken index finger

Buying akara

Black magic dream

Baby gold sparkling eyes

Buying sachet water in a dream??

Bought sachet water in a dream?

Bleeding from ears


Burn pot on stove



Baby left on my doorstep

Brush teeth. cannot rinse out mouth

Blind in right eye

Buried animal

Black and blue bird

Being in trouble dream

Borrow money

Buying beads to wear

Blood in the underwear of my husband

Bed bugs in hair

Biting inner cheek

Blue envelope

Bald ex girlfriend

Broken almira

Broken furniture

Bleeding gums

Bought 8 suitcases

Being nudged

Being fisted by a floating hand


Boyfriend blow job in car

Bier carrying on shoulders

Bird flying into room

Breast milk

Broken road in front of me trying to get across on the steel framework

Buying crawn fish in dream

Bathroom with unlimited bucket of water supply

Body operation

Betal leaves

Black and white polka dots on white blouse

Buying roofing sheet

Bindie and maang tika in dream

Black hole in ceiling

Breathing helium



Blood in poop

Blood in undergarments

Buying raw camel meat

Being offered a box but not taking it

Being offered a box but not taking item

Being offered a box

Bright face

Big hair

Black leather shoes

Being locked in a secondhand

Being locked in a warehouse

Being left by a friend in your favorite place

Baboon pinching me

Black crayons

Brothers dad

Bumping into someone by the head





Baby clothes

Butterfly stuck in nose

Boss in military clothes

Bottle of cold water

Burning graves

Baptism in dream

Black urad daal

Buying a full bag if sachet water

Brothers wife

Black tiger running away

Black snake coming out of hole

Biblical meaning of dreaming of a man crying

Biblical meaning of having to sleep on a bed outside

Biblical meaning of holding a new born baby in a dream

Building a mosque

Brushing my teeth with stick

Burial place

Boyfriend and his friend

Blood clots in your dreams

Broken bowl in a dream

Broken bowl in a dreaming

Black pear

Brokin bowl dreaming

Brookin bowl dreaming

Bowl cracking

Belly big



Broken suitcase


Black rose in d dream

Blankets getting thrown


Burrial ground

Baby in carriage

Banana peeling

Buying a saree

Bodybuilding competition

Bindi on forehead

Breaking and eating palm karnel in dream

Being bit by 2 snakes

Being congratulated

Blue goose with teeth attacking you

Blood on a pad

Broking house

Blending skin

Bitter ground leaves

Black mud boots

Building crane falling in a dream

Building crane falling

Being sexually touched in a dream

Breaking boil eggs

Bleeding stool

Baby safety seat

Baby car seat

Boy in the kitchen with red eyes

Bricks collapsing

Bitter kola in the dream means what



Big dog chasing but then he catches me we start having sex and he came in me?

Big dog chasing me in anger but then he catches me we start having sex and he came in me?

Balloon man

Birth to dinosaur

Birth dinosaur

Beach suit naked women

Blowing gold from your nose

Buyung meat

Buttermilk spils on a lady

Bathroom blood red

Being stressed and trying to delete some text messages

Being stressed

Buying salted dried fish in your fteam

Blue dog birth g me

Blue dog attacking


Bleeding middle finger

Big crops

Black and red spider

Broken thumb

Bad entity

Buried in an avalance

Buried in an avalanche

Black mold on walls

Bedsheet corner

Burn a dry tree


Buy a boat

Buying a boat and car

Book of ezra

Baying cashwes

Belly dancing during a wedding in church

Bindi shopping with mom

Bedroom door open

Bedroom door open

Beheading a goat

Being able to taste

Breaking wooden spoon

Blank gun

Blurred vision


Bodily waste

Butter knife as a gift from employer

Burrowing in sand

Black soil in n floor dream meaning

Broken plastic bag

Buying mopane worms

Burn underwear in dream

Breast feeding

Blood clot on a broom ,what does it means

Being followed by a mad girl

Black kumkum

Brown colt running thru front door

Broken big wooden spoon

Big tumbleweeds

Broken baby jesus


Boyfriend and his sister and brother

Boyfriend and his siblings


Ballet shoes

Being mummified


Being suspended from school

Broken shoe

Babies in cradle and indian womaen sleeping on the floor

Blue bell

Ble bell

Being woken by sound of my name

Blue ribbon in dream

Bleeding gum

Being kissed by a stranger twice and being called sleeping beauty

Bursting through flames to see heaven and my dad reached out to me

Being pregnant by my husband and wanting to be with someone else

Boris johnson

Bleeding wounded palm in dream

Beach at night

Bird transform into human

Buying sucking mango



Bengal tiger

Being killed by clown

Being eaten by a clown

Bear face man


Bouncy house

Bleeding puppy

Being chase

Baby jesus statue

Big boat in small

Breaking clay pots in dream

Burning of root crops

Books crumbling

Blie pencil coliour meaning

Burning mulberry tree

Bad exam grades

Being crushed

Bruised hand

Ber fruit eat in dream meaning

Breaking mangalasutra


Buying a car

Black people

Being chased by dog

Being chased by an angry badger


Being touched vagina

Bloody breast

Broken cell phone dream

Breaking and eating palm karnel in the dream

Buying and eating chinese chin in the dream meaning

Burn my own underwear in dream

Bitter taste in tongue

Burn baby

Broke make up

Broken condom

Buying crafish

Banayan tree


Birthday dinner


Being in the woods

Being given expensive multicolored dress

Being in water

Blowing black mucus out

Black toilet paper

Boy texting

Bridal shower host

Blowjob dream

Being stabbed in the kidneys

Boss has a stroke

Blowing gold trumpet and dancing

Bitten penis

Bible verses

Buying big red gloing potatoes

Breaking head

Being shoot in the chest

Buying sugar

Being interrupted

Being give money

Being in prison

Bird and a cat

Being drenched with water gushing out every where

Body blocking street

Biting ones tongue

Boss and

Bitten by tokoloshe

Being chasef by a threatening chinese woman

Bitten by tokoloahe

Breaking a leg

Big green caterpillar

Bitten by squirrel

Baby goat saw in dream


Beating someone up

Blood on back of hand

Black fat pig in water

Braking palm kernel in the dream

Being cursed by a transgender means

Being shorter

Burning coals dream meanings

Buying lime in the dream

Borrowing my money from me

Being a pilot flying a helicopter

Broken jaw

Black liquid coming out of mouth

Butter dissaper

Beating the devil

Beetle in dog’s food

Burned food



Breastplate dragon

Black and purple

Black and purple figure saying i’m your lord

Black figure saying i’m your lord

Become an atress

Black and white circles

Black iridescent bird with curly feathwrs



Bugs and water

Blood in sanitary napkin

Buying soap in a dream

Bitten by a monkey

Bathing naked on a day light

Black eyes and crosses

Being chased in the mosque

Big and sharply pencil


Being with ex in dream


Bough a smoked fish in my dream

Bodyguards in black uniform holding guns

Bodyguards in black uniform and gins

Bodyguards in black uniforms and guns

Bell rings

Baby chimpanzee

Buying toiletries

Being a watchman

Being w

Blue cars

Blue gum tree

Brother law and sister having coitos



Blood dream

Being in a car with a coworker

Being ed

Being witness for a murder

Baphomet and weeping willows

Being in a mortuary

Bird masked man trying to kill me and family

Blood coming out of daughters ear

Big brown butterfly

Baby taken

Big book

Broken jack in the box

Bags coming out your arm

Bone marrow

Being in grandparents house

Building my own house

Bi ual


Being a theif

Bridge over the sea

Buffalo eyes rubbing against you

Black muscular boy with cymbell

Buying and driving a corvette

Being trapped in an attic

Boss and sex

Butchers knife

Balck tie

Bright white suit

Bitter lea

Busses of tourist

Bust bulb

Burned wallet

Basket of pine cones

Being a jedi

Being in witness protection

Black dogs dream interpretation

Black dressed men

Burgundy and blue


Breast milk flowing

Broken murti in dream

Boat ticket


Burnt leg of shoes

Businesi card

Black bumble bees

Black painting

Burning candle on tomb

Baphomet taking my son

Baphomet controlling my child

Bus fares


Burr sticker

Building a kraal

Baby bathi

Brown open envelope

Buying sheep for qurbani

Big pearl

Being shunned dream


Breastmilk peaking

Bake bread

Big fish falling from the sky

Black crested bird swallows small coloured bird

Black devil

Being shot by blanks


Being haunted by evil spirits

Blue faces

Broken eyeglasses

Beetle bite

Being chased by bears

Buy clothes

Boyfriends ex being pregnant


Bronze coins

Buying a used sewing machines

Black worms in breakfast food

Blue lions

Bitter kola nut

Being intimate with other man

Being intimate with other mab

Boy sitting on a gate

Bad smell

Blond hair

Boils at butocks

Broken grill door

Being popular dream

Barge stealing

Broken pencil in exam

Blue semen

Big lips

Beat thief


Big robot

Buying banana

Black bean

Bath full to the brim

Buying new dress

Being chosen by a person with royal power

Beautiful young girls

Buying hair clip

Baby born with down syndrome

Boyfriend dies

Bleeding ear


Buy street food

Black forehead



Burning of garbage

Bite a brother

Being last

Bitten by a scorpion

Bitter leaf

Burnt skin


Blow job

Broken hourglass

Broken hourglasd

Bed in the bathroom

Body part detached

Bar tending



Burn rice


Been spit on


Baking . powder

Boyfriend dream

Broken jesus statue

Beautiful seaport view

Boy friend dream

Blood on towel

Big rainbow eyes blood red hair big smile


Beautyful girl


Baby sitter


Black hair cut off

Breasts surrounded by pimples

Broken coffee pot

Brushing your teeth in a dream

Belonging to deceased father

Bomb blasting

Blind woman

Building plastering

Break through

Buying maggi in the dream

Being a twin

Bird eating mouse


Bowl with holes in

Being invisible


Blue moon with people in it

Barren land

Bindi in dream means

Being licked by a horse

Basket of shoe

Boiling water for cassava ball

Blue poppy

Breaking melon egusi seeds in the dream

Breaking melon seeds in dream

Breaking and eating palm kaneil

Breastfeeding twins

Black hand dream

Broken window during a storm

Being chased by robbers

Baby goat drea

Bought a car for my nieces then found myself in a bad situation where i could not afford to make payments


Back of head

Brown snake

Biting unknown sibling

Big houses

Baby in a basket

Boyfriend sisters

Burning bushes

Bottle wine

Big snakes in a pool

Broken diamond

Being crucified

Baby choking on a peppermint

Being a stripper

Black hair growing on palm of hand

Black channa

Blood in panty

Buffalo dung

Bathing in public

Breast feeding baby girl with lots of milk flowing down

Baby fell out of sky

Black mustard seed

Buying goat meat dream meanings

Breaking drumstick leaves

Baby gray sock

Bought caravan to repair to live in travel


Brother in law in bathroom

Bad gragea

Brown envelope addressed to stranger


Being pampered

Being pamperef

Building a clock

Bedside table

Broken globe

Big box

Brown hat mean

Being a hobo in dream

Boyfriend holding ring saying he will have marry you

Boyfriend holding a ring



Bit by uncle’s poodle

Bo staff

Building house in graveyard

Blood gibing birth

Biter leaf

Burning neem tree

Baseball ball


Boyfriend and girlfriend hold/looking at a ring

Broken belt buckle

Belt buckel

Being licked


Bag of tortilla

Brothers fighting

Been chase by a dog

Bow tie in a dream means

Black cat at door frame

Being in miami

Brown lipstick

Big noew

Being threatened with a knife

Bunch of hair ties on your arm

Biting a persons finger off

Biting someone’s finger off

Buying furniture


Buying used clothing

Baby covered in blood

Blood on baby


Busting seam clothes

Bitten by puppy

Beautiful boy

Burns on whole body

Body burns

Burnt person

Buying ankara bean balls in dream


Bottle gourd tree dream

Black hand in dream means what?

Being in love with someone

Babies covers in ditt

Black hair

Back wounds on a man

Beautiful women


Bad hygiene

Blood falling from the sky

Blood rain

Broken wooden spoons

Being pinned down

Break up


Being stung by bees in a dream

Bathing a person


Buying straightener

Blood stains

Broken tasheeh

Baby in a washing machine

Broken toenail

Blood knots

Bathtub overflowing

Blood filled eyes

Being told by a friend that your crush loves you

Being chased by a baddie in a dream

Baby rhino

Box of 7 items

Buying old clith

Bite tongue

Breaking a candle

Bad etiquette

Bookcase falls over


Bubble on breast

Bid dream meaning

Breast seen by a childless women

Baby face before birth

Blue fearhers

Beinh someone important

Black beetle coming out of nose dream

Breaking and eating palm kernel in the dream | dream interpretation

Baby krishna on swing

Bruising on face

Black giftwrap

Black gift

Bathing with sand

Buttonhole dream

Blood on wedding dress


Being pepper sprayed

Burned hand

Burned palm

Blood clots in under wear dream

Blood on underwear old woman

Being asked to go with a dying person

Being taunted

Baying flour

Bitter kola dream meaning

Broken perfume bottle of husband and wife by a servant


Bitten by a slug

Big penis


Bite head off in your dream

Being licked by an ox

Being the last person

Bind man




Big toenail

Breaking and eating palm nuts


Bus driver

Broken prayer beads

Bat stools

Beared man

Brushing teeth with charcoal

Being left by yourself

Boycotted imaam

Broken shoelaces

Breastfeeding your baby

Breastfeeding your baby nephew


Broken glass pieces

Baptism dreams

Blameof cheating

Bangles breaking

Being blamed

Bottom lip missing after kissing mirror

Blessing poem

Balck scorpio

Blue rabbit

Brother becomes blind

Buying a watch

Buying gifts dresses dream meaning

Bouncy castle dream

Black eye glass

Bright rocking horse


Being pulled in by the wimd while driving

Being pulled in by the wimd

Being touched inappropriately


Baking bread

Broken wrist

Babdy boy

Being dragged by feet

Burial ground with old grandparents

Burial ground with old relatives and grand parents

Breakthrough dreams

Black dry pmpls on nippl sides

Blowing out candle

Black lion and white tabard

Bulls eye

Brother stung

Boiling water

Bad food


Bread and raisins

Brittle eyeglasses breaking

Bridge colap

Beating someone

Black pig

Blue waters

Being told to run

Battery ram

Black hamster



Beige color

Being a makoti

Beard if black growths like nuts

Baby rats

Baby mice in my salon


Black woman

Black ciw

Being hissed at and attacked by heyena

Black scales being peeled off from face and neck

Box cutters

Broken sculpture

Bowl movement

Being naked

Bleeding nail

Blue ghostbusters

Buying a suit

Being chased by a black bear

Burning grave

Bug in vagina

Black file with name on and agree

Black dpts

Blue box

Broken left wrist

Blow jobbing someone

Black eye peas

Blood mansion

Being left by moving truck

Burning phone


Blowing kisses dream interpretation

Being asked to get kerosene dream interpretation

Burning my clothes meaning

Burning clothes meaning

Being asked to get kerosene

Blowing kisses


Brown clear

Being suffocated by an invisible being

Baby ear pierced without me

Burning orchid

Bitten by aslug

Bears attacks

Being airborne

Boat sinking

Breast cancer

Blockage in nose

Boar in woods

Building owner

Breaking glass ceiling

Baby stroller

Burning stove


Blank report card

Baby cribs

Boyfriend on probation

Broom new

Boyfriend giving speech

Being fired

Break the pot meaning


Biblical meaning of picking out weeds

Building rope

Burnt boiled eggs

Burnt boiled

Beef suet

Bank book

Bougainvillea flower

Blood clot of sister

Being picked by a clear water spout tornado

Baby with 2 heads


Buddhist monk

Broken refrigerator door

B aby

Bird sitting on my head


Been told to remove bra

Bike tire blown out

Buying a blue car

Buying a buying a car blue car


Baby turtle

Buying milk

Box of matches, money


Blue socks

Buying crayfish in the dream means what

Buying cryfish in dream

Ball dream meaning

Bought sugar canes in a dream

Bag of flour with holes

Banyan tree

Buying crayfish in bulk in dream

Beating foxes

Black sheep meaning



Bag full of letters

Breadfruit falling on the floor

Boy playing with fire



Big moving truck stuff visable

Big open over loaded moving truck

Big moving truck over loaded

Black trash bag

Being pushed off a bridge

Building a temple

Burned feet

Blood tears on wedding

Bowl of rice

Blue sea shell

Breaking a rock

Backsliding into bad habits

Broken cell screen

Black lamb on a barbeque

Big fat yellow snake

Black dog sucking my breast mikl

Black dog sucking my breast milk

Boxing ring

Back to life


Bride price

Bear zoomorphs

Bear turns into a man


Black nipple


Being giving maggi in the dream

Being a mayan indian and watching them kill people

Boy drowning

Burning plastic smell

Blue cloth belt

Blurry vision

Burning sanitary pad

Bitten by a crocodile

Big toe nail fungus

Buying new garments


Bitten by a snake

Black cross neckless


Bright same pattern dresses

Bush meat

Baby eagles

Boat journey

Brown onyx

Being photographed with someone dead

Banging my head on glass



Being overcome by a jinn

Bee in ear

Bee stuck in ear

Baby in a cardboard box

Broken zipper

Bride dream

Black looking pot handkea breaking

Black umbrella mean

Black cloth

Being beaten in a dream

Burned alive

Buying raw turmeric for rs 40

Bed spining

Bing pregnant

Blowing and licking vigina

Being called selfish


Bees at a rodeo

Break car door


Blind in one eye that are blue

Boyfriend paying lobola


Bear paw print

Broken styrofoam

Buying shoes for someone in a dream

Big white diesel with two trailers crashing into my home

Black cat climbing high christmas tree

Breaking palm kernal in the dream

Baby boy with cold feet

Burning sage


Broken house falls on partner

Bruises on back

Brand new toe

Being in a bitch

Breaking glass crockery in anget

Being attacked by a woman with gold teeth

Breaking of palm nuts in the dream

Being pregnant in a dream

Bleeding and broken jaw

Boss in dream

Black carp fish

Brushing somoeone else teeth

Back if husband

Brother kidnaps daughter

Black spray paint

Blood and blood clots on your panties, deep red

Blood and blood clots on your anties, deep red


Buying woolen baby shoes

Broke window

Broken window

Broken glasses

Boyfriend’s sister

Blue glowing eyes

Baby with blue glowing eyes



Beautiful women sister in-law

Big booty mega

Basket of fruit

Body part coming off

Buy compact dics

Broken infinity bracelet

Baboon attack

Buying bitter cola in the dream


Broken bracelet


Broken flower pot

Broken septic tank what does it mean



Blood vessels

Broken fingers

Beautiful garden



Being beaten up

Being hurt by people

Barbecue ribs

Being attacked

Blood on my back

Being a brat


Being in love

Black dresser

Blind conductor

Blowing a whistle in your dream

Brother pushing you and sister in a wheel barrow with a feeling of calm

Bird escape from it cage

Being given a budgie by a dead parent

Burning mattress

Black perfume bottle with chain

Being naked in bed with husband and another woman

Being pulled up

Bookshelf falling

Broken laptop that was fits in the dream

Black nail

Being tricked by others

Building on fire

Black spot

Black mouth

Being fooled to change shoes

Blow dry

Being on a river

Broken ganesh idol in dream

Being annointed with black grey ashy substance

Being annointed with black grey ash

Being promoted

Big poop

Blood clots coming out from my vagina

Bowling ball

Bus full of hijab


Bathing in milk and honey

Blood clot in leg bursting

Being told to stack firewood

Being chased by chucks

Baby long curly hair

Best dream meaning site

Baby deer and mother deer

Bed wetting

Black belt meaning

Byuing tequila

Ballerina shoe


Broken handle

Broom and coal

Becoming donkey

Black cow urinating

Broken pitchen

Brown contact lens

Being chased

Black cat dream

Boyfriend in car

Being called a goat

Boiling ghee

Bug in bed





Breaking boxes

Burlap dress

Baby has down syndrome

Big clitorius like a bird

Big clitorius

Black coffee

Black time stone

Broken candles

Being stood up to in dream

Being stood in dream

Been in peru

Boyfriend’s mother

Boyfriends mother

Building a house for brother inlaw

Box of match sticks

Bad news

Blood in panties

Being sucked by a whirlpoorl

Buying a night dress

Baby blue bug


Black tongue


Being smart in a dream


Burn someone with cigarettes


Buying a sewing machine

Blue bulldog

Braiding hair


Bindi on a woman’s forehead

Baby birds in the nest

Buy some grits

Backing of a baby



Baby boy dreams

Being grab

Bright green discharge dream

Being neighbors with someone know

Black coin dream meaning and security kick it

Burn on leg


Being given charms by old person

Breaking a pot to remove something inside

Bus conductor guide to dreams


Breaking palm kernel eating and giving it to someone is it a bad thing?

Beating my mother in the dream

Being mad in a dream

Being in your childhood environment

Birds, flying, flock

Blood shot eye



Bread crumbles

Bag of fake money

Bag of monopoly money

Being murdered

Black eyed_pea



Bread crumbs

Black escalade

Black cadillac escalade

Black wolf


Broken idols

Ball gown

Broken tasbee in dream means


Boot amp


Buying sprite drink in a dream represents

Buying sprite drink in a dream means what

Big rose quartz


Baby koala

Blue baby snake in grass

Black magic ladies

Being chased with a machet

Being in labor

Bear owner

Broken hair clip

Beautiful long golden hair

Bottle gourd giant

Black forked tongue

Burning the right foot without pain

Buying puff puff

Beeing with royalty

Boils on fathers face

Big breast


Brother taking inheritance

Bridge of love

Buying a glass table

Black shark


Bread fruit dream

Bad odor

Baby sister

Brown color cow attacking me


Being given a small box by my dead husband

Broken washing line


Buying kola nut

Blood stain

Beetal leaf in dream

Blood spotting

Brain stroke

Baren womb

Bathing in a muddy water with people


Being sick in a swing park


Boyfriend dating sister

Broken crystal

Being chained in a dream in a mental hospital

Being chained in a mental hospital and sweating and changing hair color

Being in a barbershop

Burned by fire

Being dtuck

Being assaulted in dreams

Bo tree

Broken cruifix


Baby happy

Business partner stealing behind back in a car

Banana peel


Brown dogs

Broken broom stick

Being inside a house with a chief

Being with the chieg

Boss unread email

Baby come outs ur waist

Bleeding heart

Bleeding ♡

Breaking of a tooth

Braces falling off

Baby born with tail dream

Being stalked by pastor

Black ants in shower

Betel in dream

Bumblebees hidden under a bush in a yard


Brazil nuts

Big mole on my cheek

Burn clothes


Box of bloody pads

Bedroom roommate

Being behind closed door

Broken escalator

Bew orleans

Broken tasbih

Bedbugs on my lower body

Bundle of money i put in my pennies

Branch of money i put in my panties

Broken headphones

Broken dining table

Bell breaks

Being stoodup

Bug coming out of vagina

Black heads

Being fined for not wearing seat belt


Buy new tumblers

Bruce willis naked

Bleeding nipples

Bugs in the flour

Baby krishna

Bad driver

Buffalos’ damaging my car

Brown rosary dream or using ine?

Beating son

Betel leaf in dream

Buying new gloves

Black text

Black print

Been given a bowl of rice

Being a missionary

Being saved from prostitution


Being executed

Baseball champion

Bunny man kills me

Bunny man

Being chased but chasing someone

Being covered by tiny spiders while paralyzed

Best friend and i being chased by a floating demon thing

Blood pressure rising

Baby turkey

Ball gag

Blood on walls

Breaking ornaments

Bleeding big wound in palm

Being saved by god

Buying lock

Broken glasswindows

Body being healed

Buying imperial margarine

Breast that have sore or ulcer

Broken retainer

Broken jewellery chain

Broken clay pot in a dream

Burning of gods clothes

Banyan tree in dream

Broken window glass

Baby aquarium coral



Bruised face

Bathing deceased mom

Broken door hinge

Bunking class

Ballet dancing

Balloon yeloow

Boat captain

Big white worm

Big wo

Blank signed check


Baby shell with multible inside

Black panther

Bears eating children


Blue vein

Being scolded






Being decieved

Black box blocking written in drwam

Baby shoe


Burnt face of wife

Baby dogs

Beating lizard

Black shoe

Black rubber tyres dream

Blue tongue

Baby spiders

Body buried under my stairs

Being a girl

Burning bush


Black and white bag


Being sex slaved by a possessed doll


Being in starbucks coffee shop

Being proposed

Begging old woman for some pepper she is grinding


Black bird trying to help

Baby crow

Braces falling out

Bein d

Bald ex husband in my dream

Blue tarp

Black skin

Big tortilla

Baby with candy

Been blind in pray hal

Brushing your teeth in the dream

Been tree flower

Buying sugar cane

Black smoke

Baby boy sucking my breast

Broken condom inside my body

Broken condom left in my vagaina

Beloved deceased father cheating with a younger woman and disowning me

Being hijacked by people with knives

Brother throwing millipede at me

Blue birds

Bloody pads

Beautiful woman

Box on grass

Bitter kola mean

Breaking and eating of palm fruits in the dream

Breastfeeding in the dream

Box cutter

Blue paper animal

Barefoot with cuts bleeding on your foot

Bear foot with blood

Baby boy birth

Broken head of shiva idol

Big caradamom


Broken crokrey


Bent over a curb before sitting on it

Bent over then sitting on curb

Basket of rotten eggs

Backet of cracked rotten eggs

Blue shoes dream meaning

Babbeling atal kursi in a panic situation

Breasts enlarged

Brunette portal

Bad hair

Broken tea ckettle


Bleeding vigina

Bugs coming out of my teeth and gums

Be bug

Bus. ticket

Brass jug

Brass vase

Bitten by lots of red snakes

Blood in a door frame

Black tread

Blind iguana

Black and white spots body

Black and white face

Being an imam

Body slam

Bad trip

Broken neck

Blood bleeding

Big giants destroy world

Big giants who destroy the world

Black calf

Buying milk dream meaning

Bare breast and jumping into the sea

Being spat on

Being fingered by a girl

Bird talking

Bird shit in mouth

Broken fence

Brick church

Broken idol of krishna

Bad at basketball

Black small spiders in webs

Buying china plates

Broken acrylic nail

Blood sanitary towels

Biblical meaning of declaration in a dream

Best bidues


Broken screen

Being given food

Bank notes

Big table with no legs

Bra not fitting

Baby goat

Baby crawling up walls

Buying periwinkles in dream meaning

Buying biscuits in dream

Blood sperm

Bird escaping

Broken floor tiles

Bed near in slope



Bent wrist

Black cat swirling

Being chased by an angry cow

Being chased with a hammer


Bald spot on head female

Baby foal

Being saved

Bronze coin turning into a serpent

Blood money in my clothes

Bloom money tree

Brother of boyfriend

Black glove

Blow in ear dream

Bloody sea

Blood sea

Buckets of money

Being in school yet not being able to find classrooms

Being in school yet not be able to find classrooms

Butter and pure honey

Bat wings dream

Blood oath in dream


Black widow spider

Baby drooling


Broken kitchen window

Bruised wrists

Blood in toilet paper

Being chosen

Barometric tank

Breathing oxygen tube bathtub

Breathing tube bathtub

Breaking of palm kernel in the dream

Being fortified in the dream

Black cow water

Babys mucus nose

Broken car key

Biblical meaning of plantain chips

Becoming a proxy meaning

Burning grave in dreams

Boils on son

Breaking of palm kanel

Bright red stallion


Beaten back

Black monkey

Bees in ear

Black underwear

Battle field

Being stabbed by ex wife


Being accuses of being pregnant and you are refusing

Being accuses of being pregnant

Breaking and eating palm kernel

Biblical dream meaning of ashes

Black cloud over me as i sleep

Boots being rain wet

Black garbage bag

Blindfolded and naked

Boys peeping toms

Beetle vagina

Bleetle vagina

Beatles vagina

Big black open umbrella

Black stockings

Breadfruit and tree full of big a small breadfruit

Black licence plate

Black lisecnd plate

Betel leaf and murukkan kolambi

Blue baby



Bird watching

Black box with red dot

Burning book

Burning a book

Bookcase falling

Bookcase falling on me being saved before being crushed

Bulls head

Burn carpet

Blessings by kinnar

Being chased by chicken

Bagging cocoa yam

Blue shoes in daydream

Boottle gouard

Being destitute

Barbecue chicken in ziplock


Black widow spider chasing you

Bitten on nose


Broken phone

Being in squatter area

Breast falling off

Building motorcycle

Being luck

Being shot by a tranquilizer

Bumping into me

Break your nose

Between teeth

Bumps on a friend’s head

Blow food out nose

Being stung

Broken tas

Broken gas

Black briefcase

Being hit with a baseball bat on your knees

Breaking and entering someone’s home

Baby with down syndrome

Brushing teeth with chewing stick in the dream means what

Breastfeeding triplets

Being crippled waist down

Buying of roasted yam in the dream

Boot camp

Bull skull and horns

Burning white maggots

Baby chicks crossing a street

Black pupils

Blacks t-shirt

Boarding house allocation of spaces


Bibical interpretation of a fire alarm sounding off in a dream

Buying periwinko in dream

Bride price by sister husband

Burgler takes son

Big truck offloading a palm fruit in my home

Black face and body

Black face sister in law

Buying jello for your mom

Brown discharge


Bride price by sister hus

Bus tyre riding on a person ,i am near to bus

Big lice in other person head meaning

Black stone meaning in dream

Bath soap

Black range rover

Baby fell

Been shot

Building swaying

Butternut dream

Black fin

Being killed in a rubberduck

Beautiful colors

Beating exlover with a leather belt

Betel leaf buying

Building meaning in lottery number

Boy kissing my vigina


Being given attencion

Buying a dirty goose

Being bulllied

Blonde dreads

Baby fall from roof

Buying raw cassava in a dream

Black and white guinea pig

Burnt sage


Being overdressed

Birthday bag

Blood in a bathroom

Butterlfly on a screen


Black widow

Being waiting on with a machete by sumone

Broken copper pot in temple

Being pushed but landed on my feet

Big furry black coat


Burned out lightbulb


Black in sky

Black light

Bell green papper

Buying locust beans

Buying popcorn in my dream

Building house in a dream

Breaking of the idol of a goddess

Being amongst lot of people

Briefcase full of money

Being rejected for marriage

Black dog

Black and white clown

Buying sanitary pads

Blind lady

Boiled vegetables

Buying saaris

Beating a thieve

Black left hand

Black hand

Bleeding bindi

Buying shoes for wife

Buying gold coloured shoes

Broken cell phone

Bitter guord

Burning of coals over your head

Broken piano keys while playing

Black powered meaning

Being watched by your child while having anal sex

Bitter kola seeing it in a dream means what?

Biting a person with no affect

Beta leaves coming in dreams

Boa constrictor striking me in my bed

Broken rib



Back in time

Broken down wall

Beetal leaf

Beetal leaf banana

Bitter kola in dream means what


Blonde hair on body

Broken sunglasses

Bugs on vagina

Baby animals in evergreen

Been recommended for a contract

Blind person

Broken statue falling

Blue sapphire

Blue mask

Buying for a dead

Being with a mad girl

Black serpent tongue

Bridge crossing

Before i started dating my boyfriend i dreamt that he wanted to rape me but i still believed he would never do that to me

Barber chir

Beautiful gypsy women

Breast milk spraying from breast

Black man eating cigarettes

Bank loan

Becoming extinct

Burning bush in my dream

Breat milk

Brest milk pump

Bleeding feet

Baby walker

Black head band

Broken jewellery

Black door knob

Baby laughing

Being skinned

Breaking a spiders web

Blazing dream

Bleeding green

Bitter kola dreams

Bad sect

Bitter gourd vegetable

Bitter gourd farming

Being inside an institution

Black and white bird

Building a house with 1 side falling down

Building a house with 1 side falling apart




Bed are stolen?

Building lighting up that was once dark

Bed and mattress stolen

Boa constrictor

Black ribbon

Black bow

Braces on teeth dream

Black book with invisible writing

Black lady in blue dress

Burnt pot

Broken bus

Breakthrough a chain link fence


Black pages

Book with the black pages

Buying puff puff and fish roll

Been tree

Boyfriend set on fire

Boil on lip

Blowing trumpet with nose

Blind ape

Bricks falling out of the exterior wall of my house

Bathomet killing people i know

Bathroom walls

Building a new house

Babies fighting each other

Bus driver saying 2hrs wait

Boiling fish

Bone key

Blood in mouth lose a teeth

Black chickpeas of dead person

Brown leather shoes


Bird skull

Burst tires

Black lipstick

Being a shadow

Butterfly plant

Bleeding neck

Bear digging hole

Baby crib moses

Baby black mountain lion

Bedroom ceiling

Blue carpet

Biting fingernails in a dream

Being lose

Brides maid

Biting nose

Being on top of a mountain

Black magicians

Betel leaves in dream

Being touched


Box falls

Barangay chairman

Baby with tail



Bosses son touching my breasts secretly

Broken a mirror

Bright fish

Brushing teeth chocolate

Butane gas


Biting own tongue

Biten by a monkey

Braking egg

Braking turtle egg



Black urad dal

Black rose growing from hip

Being beaten by father inlaw using a belt

Black scorpion killing red spider on my head

Buying hairoil in a dream for my brother according to holy bible

Buying hairoil in a dream for my brother

Baby bird chirping

Bow ties figures

Bow ties lotto numbers

Bow ties lotto figures

Being unable to speak

Building nazi machines

Brotherhood society

Bottle gourd dream meaning

Buying cement in a dream

Brushing my teeth in church


Buried clothes in dream

Burnt woods

Being observed while masturbating

Baby urine

Big toad

Bug flying near my ear

Baby shower

Blood with a little bit of green

Breaking and eating canel in the dream meas

Being part of the kingdom of god not in this life but the next

Brown suit

Boiler on

Bitting our pet dog

Being pushed off bridge

Batting with ghee


Being offered meth by your ex boyfriend

Bright light to the right

Bee cut on arm

Baby talking to you

Bat in house

Ballpoint pen

Bitten by large snake


Burn leg

Burn skins

Blank check poofing into flames

Being whippep in dream


Beating by parent

Being sold

Big horses running

Braai meat on fire

Big spider on web in bushes

Breaking pipes of water

Boy crying

Blood stein

Boy 3yrs old in my dream

Bench seat with rainbow on it

Black olives


Been attracted to everybody

Boy on a tuxedo


Burning of building

Banana leaf

Black cows

Being sodomised

Broken acrylic nails

Burnt egg

Bird sounds

Bitter drink

Black ballons

Being accused

Baboons attacking me

Burgaled home

Broken into home

Blood stain on clothes

Board thevplane with children

Buying. surgacane in dream

Bing someone else

Breaking salah

Breaking salh

Blaçk spots on hands

Black abaya dream meaning

Black mist

Baby no shoes


Blue tread and needle and white cloth

Being homeless

Being homelss

Bite from a snake

Blue river water

Being attacked by rats

Buying grinding stone


Being smothered with a pillow

Body insecurity


Being bit on the leg by an orange and black snake

Bed sheet

Buying colourful clothes

Being fed from a spoon

Blue ocean

Boyfriend getting wisdom teeth pulled


Black flags planted in a yeard

Brown horse interpretation

Bedrooms beds





Banana milkshake

Being held against will

Being shown what is in your soul

Burning tree

Black bears

Black feathers

Black feather in my hand

Being kissed by a man

Breast feeding to a child

Back pain dream interpretation

Banging head against brick wall

Broke electronics

Broken game

Boyfriend using my surname as his own

Blood in a dream

Bugs crawling out of the mouth

Baby with jet black hair

Bidet toilet

Buying and eating baked beans cake

Black snooker ball

Bear getting honey from a hive

Burning roti

Been refuse by outcast


Body sore dream

Big clean toothbrush

Box from dead husband


Burst from swelling in dream

Baby in sonogram picture

Boyfriend holding new sheets

Brown cow

Bruises on sons hands

Black females

Brown bags

Boyfriends sister wedding

Black limo

Being ridiculed

Birth goat

Buying a sanitary pad in a dream

Blue colored moon

Baby with white hair

Baby with white hair crying

Blue yellow bird

Battle leaf

Boxes of shoes

Buried clothes and shoes


Brushing teeth and gums bleeding

Buying jackfruit in dream

Buying jackfruit

Bétle leaves

Bar pounding on chest


Being kissed on the forehead

Between two walls

Baby dinorsaur

Being told good news

Burning the cops of dead person

Bird drinking water near me in dream

Bungee jumping

Bee pollen

Biten by a mad woman

Biten by a mad woman in dream

Bulb of celery in a pot

Brother in law fighting with someone


Blind man

Blue and white plate

Breaking up with someone

Broken dark glasses

Being chased by black animal

Birch bark


Black snake in dream during pregnancy

Bladder infection

Being eaten alive

Banana leaf dream

Bag of spices

Buying frozen oxytail meat

Being judge by alot of people

Build fence

Bread falling out my hands

Backyard sinking

Brown sand dollar

Being carried on someones back

Being carried o. someones back

Big path

Banana plant

Breaking a long jump world record

Black cane being broken in two

Boyfriend sister

Brother crying in dream

Brother laughing in the entrance of a cementery

Belly rumbling

Bruise on boobs

Big fish falling sky

Black peoples

Breast implants failing

Bow tie

Bare ass

Baby born with tail

Birds nesting

Bitter gourd plant in my dream meaning

Blood clot

Birthday gift

Blown out tire

Bugs coming out of vagina

Burning bushes that never burn

Broken glass

Breaker glasses

Bloody sheep on a moon

Being given drift wood

Break in

Buying radishes

Broken pay phone

Black nazarene saw without head

Blue hore

Bus missing

Bus missing dream

Being chase by a mad woman

Bodys under water

Bright eyes

Broken drumstick

Being a genie

Being a geine

Being genie

Being genie in a dream aladdin

Bird on fire

Bathing public in a dream

Borrowed truck got accident in dream

Borrowed trick got accident in dream

Borrowed trick got accident in dteam

Books in my body

Big forefead


Black face dog

Biblical meaning of breadfruit in a dream

Buy a bag of ground coffee


Balck snake

Black and white paper towels

Baby flushed

Book title


Broken steering wheel


Bellbottom pants

Breadfruit seed with the back

Broke bowl full of water

Broke a bowl full of water while being bullied by father

Blue roses

Bisexual enters in home


Being asked out on a date

Baby girl cracked feet

Being chased by a dog

Buying and sell green beans

Buying goods

Bleeding blood nipple

Business transactions

Being strangled in a dream

Bouncy ball

Black cedar

Bitter koala

Banana peelings

Bar stool

Brown hairy snake

Being male

Brothers their families

Broken guitar string

Bhagavathi kolam

Beads ring?

Bears ring?

Blood in foot

Blind in dream

Bindi in dream mean



Brushing your teeth

Blood water

Being pursue by a white bear

Being pursue by a bear

Born daughter


Boyfriends sister trying to be nice

Bathing using abansain in the grass

Bathing in the spear grass


Being catcalled and followed by a man

Birds escaping a cage

Bath bombs

Burning a core stove in dream means

Bank robbery amd shooting

Bank roberry and shootings

Blurry eyed

Being on yacht with family ignoring you

Being initiated into a commune

Buying a grave

Buying a honey cake

Being cursed to never finding my happy thought to be able to fly

Being cursed to never be happy

Beast hear my breathing

Blue horde dying

Bleeding from right hand

Blood in the stool

Bitten by wolf

Black liquid from hands

Blue pencil penis

Broken retied shoelace

Blacks holes on gums


Bird in cage

Being transgender

Blood from head

Beluga whale


Blazing fire in coal pot and me quenching it

Buying gold

Baby with two faces

Burnt plastic

Baby dying

Baby falling

Boat that i needed to control

Bald hair



Buying salt shakers


Blessing someone in a dream

Butting bull

Being pick pocketed

Bungee jump

Bun hairstyle

Breaking calabash with water

Baking cake hair

Baby in a shoe box

Broken aggs

Black fog

Baking cakes


Being female

Being the opersit sex

Being barefoot

Being man

Brief case loss

Bouled eggs

Brown dog with horns

Baby with two heads

Blue car blocking my way

Buying periwinkles

Buying periwinkles in my dream

Being sucked in a dream

Betel le

Birth mark on chest

Black and white roach

Black horse bleeding

Blast furnace

Building crane

Building windows breaking as i walk

Breakin palm kernel in the dream

Black gem stone

Braces fitted teeth falling off

Being attacked by two cheetahs

Baking soda cream in hair at big party

Bubbles popping

Bath bubbles popping

Bugs coming from my vagina

Birth of child after loss of baby

Bath soap while shower

Bat in water

Blessed sacrament

Broken iron sheets meaning

Boyfriend dying from stroke


Boils dream



Breaking someone else’s arm

Burnt trees

Bought kolanut in my dream

Being attacked by a mad women

Black tissue paper

Brushing teeth christian meaning dream meanings

Boy pouring sauces

Bed gets fire in the edge

Black laudry

Baby in dream

Black splotches

Black coins dream


Broken laptoy

Buying green beans for selling

Boyfriends little sister

Boyfriends baby sister

Buy new sponge

Being groped

Buying crayfish in the dream

Babys janaza

Bengal tiger cooked

Blinking star

Blinking stars


Breast feeding new born baby


Buying crayfish in a dream

Baby clothes in toilet

Blood sausage

Black dog with third eye

Baby ape

Baby monkey

Black magic rituals orgys

Broken flower pots

Broken rosary

Being choked by marula

Breast wound

Breast cut open

Been traced

Being unable to read the kalima

Breadfruit dreams

Breadfruit dresm


Black beeds

Best friend cheerleader

Boardroom in a dream


Breast touching by brother


Building bird nest with a group of unknown people

Black face

Bitter melon reaping

Broken chooda

Blue moon

Buying bitter leaf in the market

Buying bitter leaf

Being given a pot by a friend

Being given a cooking pot

Blue spray paint dream

Black angels

Baby goat dream

Boyfriend sailing ship

Being on a tour bus

Black ear wax


Being late for a flight


Broken red and green bangles

Box of white chalk

Bowl of water


Busy guy

Bunny running to you

Being chased by someone who wants to kill me

Bane in dream

Battle with horses

Big yellow lemons

Beef jerky


Baby boy getting out of my vagina

Buried in snow

Being dressed in green at a wedding

Burned tree

Burning napkin

Black ink pen

Being forced out of ones house

Brown spots on tummy


Being in the wrong class at school

Being gripped

Black phlegm

Back door open

Back sooo open

Blue saucer

Blue plate

Blocked esrs

Bring chased by a prophet from church

Big squid

Beautiful sea

Baby almost drowning in bathtub


Brother death

Brother shot in head

Blood in cup



Being escort

Button on a coat


Burning rosemary

Birthing twins

Bruised legs


Brother crying in my dream


Being pastor


Brother hurting father


Burning scalp

Blocked gutter

Baby cucumber

Bedroom stranger

Bow ties

Baby sick

Boyfriend with buck teeth

Baby cat

Boyfriends sister is angry

Back door


Bird cage destroyed in dream

Being chased by a bee

Bruised stomach


Being hit hard in the back between the shoulders


Burning house and you are inside

Brown leather jacket

Being the only girl around guys


Been rejected by someone you love in your dream

Buying black belt

Birds dead and birds flying

Betel leaf recieving in dreams meaning

Betel leaf recieving

Being driven

Being driven in a van

Beatel leafes

Beatel leafe

Bear cub

Baby biting through items


Black graps

Black grapse

Bomb in the dream

Blurry vision, people not listening to me.

Black whales

Being called by my dead daughter

Bookcase falling on me

Buying meat in the dream

Bumble bee

Being driven to a white building

Being sent to restart the human race

Broken toe nails in your dream meaning

Building 2 stories high

Blood coming form nowhere

Black ho

Big hairy rat

Black hairy animal

Buying a bra

Boiled eggs

Boat surfing

Believe in god anymore

Being shot at and stabbed

Buffalo hits someone

Breaking fast with guests

Bull slaughter

Being given money by a black man

Black heals

Bird out of water

Bird spit in your mouth

Building top floor collapsing



Bird spitting on you

Birds trapped in my home

Busy dreams

Brown sugar

Black range

Bloodstain in panties

Buried alive

Being rasta

Back adjustment



Baby down from window

Breaking the leg

Black annaconda trying to chase my sister for eating

Baby boy being born

Becoming robot to avoid pain

Breast lump

Button falling off clothes

Broken waist belt

Breaking in the house

Being pushed in a shopping cart

Broken clay pot

Being chased by man

Black rooms

Baking food

Beetroot dream

Black rose in islam


Blood face

Being stalked

Breaking calabash spilling traditional beer

Burning food

Being threaded

Beating a pastor

Blue flag

Burst pipes

Being figured in dream


Bottle feed

Being chased to kill

Being taking by rain

Being outside in rain

Brushing tooth

Broken ferris wheel


Burned field


Becoming the antichrist

Baking cake

Baby sandals

Betel leaves in dreams

Buying fuel in dream

Beautiful and happy mad woman in a dream


Boarding an aeroplane with others flying very high and then fly low and suddenly finding myself outside the plane looking it running on the road

Blood transfusion

Baby dear

Buying and selling of mopane worms

Baby troller

Blue mark on whole face

Black bird flying at you

Blind llama

Blues singer

Bussiness of gold in world

Back of neck

Become famous

Being eaten

Being chased hiding with friend

Butt sex


Being a surrogate mother successfully

Break nose



Beef mixed into potato salad

Black spots on head in a dream

Broken nose ring


Bird carg

Baby calf

Buying drum stick

Black soap

Brick walls

Being fingered by a man

Buying cocoyam

Being possessed

Bluebird face and human body


Blood being drawn from you.

Blue jay

Bomb thrown into room i am in and it explodes

Baby bitten the snake and i step to the snake

Baby bitten by the snake and i steo to the snake

Brother died

Black onyx signet ring given

Bestfriend went missing

Burnt back of a dead person

Bed frame

Bent nails

Birds poo

Black and white garment

Black and white cloth

Beat my head

Beloved one

Buing new white underpants

Baby culf

Boarding school

Blue bull

Broken ceramics dishes and plastic dishes

Broken clay pot in dream

Being in a pond

Brother in law law kissing me

Brother law kissing me

Burning a witchcraft doll

Black cock

Bedroom furniture

Bra outside clothing

Burning leg

Burying a brother in the dream

Burying a person

Buried a person

Breast pumping

Broken pit dream meaning

Being sacrifice



Black dressed man

Bike accident

Bridge collapsing while am on it



Brother sick

Book of mormon

Bird sitting on head

Bb rifle

Boyfriend folding my laundry

Baby falls from bed

Black cap



Buying a car in the dark

Blimp crash

Broken coffee pot with fire

Building durawall

Black horse gypsy

Blinded by the sun

Brushing ur teeth in the dream

Bulldog protecting its young ones

Brown spots in body

Being in a polygamy being 3rd wife

Bundles of betel leaves in dream


Black horse black jaguar

Bodiless head

Barbeque sauce


Being told a secret about a friend

Best firend

Birth of a foal means

Bitter gourd plug i saw last night dream meaning

Breakdown hospital

Babe spider white

Biro in the dream

Bonemarrow prophetic

Brushing teeth and it sighs afterwards

Brushing teeth

Bonemarrow prophetic meaning

Bonemarrow prophetic dream meaning



Being discriminated

Blue apple hair do

Baby foot print

Being in a town with greenery

Black out

Buying bitter leaf in dream means

Body parts scattered on a road

Bones stuck on teeth


Bite on breast

Being attacked by poison gas


Bottom lip splitting

Being lost on a bus

Buying truck from divorced couple

Birds with broken wing

Became minister


Brainwashed in shops

Black chickpeas in dreem

Beautiful dreadlocks in dream

Buying periwinkle

Bowel movement

Bangs hair cut

Bleeding nose

Bag of clams

Body switching


Brain surgery

Blow dryer

Buying a golden watch

Bracelet broken in half

Bracelete broke in v

Bracelet broken

Broken bracelete

Broken silver jewellery

Black nail lacquer

Black nailpolish

Buy soil


Bear polar

Budgie dead than alive

Beinf rushed and late

Black snake crawling in body

Being attacked by snakes

Burning tree and smelling smoke

Being pushed infront of a car

Bleeding from the gum

Bleeding from the gum while laughing

Bleeding from one tooth while laughing

Blood coming from the front toth


Black velvet

Bulluck cart and bulluck in dream

Black persons

Being fingered

Black veil

Blind black woman

Black ink

Blue garment

Big green emareald

Being kicked out of the house by someone

Black and blue marks

Being given money to my son

Boyfriend and girlfriend dancing in a rock

Be chase by mad woman in the dream

Box of matches in dream

Broken bracelet falls off his hand

Buy and drink a soft

Breast feeding baby in dream interpretation

Brocken laptop

Black closed umbrella dream meaning

Baby boy circucision

Being taller than normal

Blue marble

Birds eye veiw

Blasting pressure cooker

Broken glasses in oven

Boyfriend in strip club

Black bonnet

Buying porridge from someone


Bkack limousines

Brick wall collapsed

Buying baby clothes

Braces falling off my teeth

Blue jamun fruit

Being stranded by a car

Blisters on the face

Boomerang dream

Betel leaves and betel nuts


Breast grope

Broken bucket in the dream

Being carried on back by your husband

Black male cow

Being in a truck

Bhagat geeta

Borrow a broom

Blessed by someone


Broken pen

Blowjob in dream

Being in a hotel room with a coworker

Blind woman calling your daughters name


Broken heart

Black bird and small girl eating flesh

Being paralized

Black upside down house

Bruised hand holding mine

Burning holes in skin

Burning skin

Buying ackee

Buying dates frut

Breaking and eating palm kernel in dream


Bought a stuffed winnie the pooh for $6

Bought discount toilet paper

Buying yam in dream

Blessing from hijda in my dream

Blue cloth weaving

Baby looking happy then babies eyes go evil and then the babies eyes disappear out of the socket

Babies eyes gone evil

Brother marries sist

Brother marries sister

Burnt tongue

Baby rattle


Bump on body

Bump above left ankle

Being rejected

Building shaking

Being told his my husband

Butchered hogs

Betrayed by friends and family



Boyfriend sister not liking you

Birds cats money

Being in a jungle gym with a co worker

Blue sock

Blue rolls royce

Being given clothes

Button falling off a blouse sleeve

Breaking green bangles deliberately

Birth year

Bougainvillea dream

Brussel sprouts

Blue eyes man

Blue eyes


Brother crying


Breaking glass bangles


Buying and chewing sugarcane

Bridal trail

Black widow demon

Blue emu

Beatings from teacher in dreams signify

Buying cocoyam in a dream

Break the window

Buying 5lb of conch means

Buying goat meat from the market

Brother dying gun shoting

Breaking furniture

Bathing under the rain


Baby swing

Bad feeling

Blue chillies

Bite in dream

Breast bitten

Bite on beast stain

Building demolising

Bears getting in house

Bears getting in my house

Bears in house

Bird landing of window

Bird footprint

Body injury

Bat boomerang

Bobcat avatar


Boyfriend likes another girl

Bathing a new born baby boy

Being tied up


Bitten by monkey


By milk

Baby walking

Black spots on body

Being cut in half by elevator

Being given fat healthy cows

Bath towel

Beach towel

Broken cellphones

Broken mobile phone

Being chased hippo from river dream meanings

Breastfeeding falling out of bra

Buying goat head in dream


Bull entering the house

Black socks

Blemish on tight

Black spider

Blue frog


Big black spider with face

Burning fire


Bugs coming out vagina

Black cow doing urine

Burnt handkerchief

Blue vest

Bank check dreaming

Burgandy robe

Bumber crop

Being left out

Black three fit empty pot

Breast overflow with milk

Broken car headlight

Barbeque ribs

Broken egg shells left behind


Blood all over my living room


Baby dead inside womb




Breast sucking

Boyfriend is buying a black coat

Bitten by my own big dog

Black and white tiles


Black dod

Buying a tiger nut in a dream

Bed outside

Blue tiger meaning

Black scarf

Broken bucket meaning

Breast leaking

Being urinated on

Being a married woman i dream her like a widow meaning


Big green leaves


Broad beans

Broad beand

Black water in pond

Burning down house

Being a bridesmaid

Breaking cobwebs

Bees landing on me

Bees burrowing into my skin

Bees climbing into my skin

Bitten ones tongue dream meaning

Betrayed by someone

Beautiful man

Bitten by animal

Buried old cloth in the dream and move naked to look for another means what

Bank account

Broken lock on house door

Building a dam out of wood

Broken nose pin in dream


Being given old clothes

Bible dream

Being in a videogame

Black candle

Being happily pregnant

Boa swimming in the creek

Bad spinach

Bottle leaf given to me

Big breast milk husband sucking

Breaking and eating palm kernel in the dream

Biting nail

Break of the tree

Betel leaves

Body powder

Boyfriend telling he is going to pay lobola for me

Boyfriend telling he is going to pay downry for me

Buying sachet water in the dream means what

Black food

Being late to your own wedding in a dream


Blood sanitary napkin

Being covered in spots

Bloody body


Baby dog seeing

Broken circle dream image

Baby with a tail

Buying burfee

Brease touch sex

Brocken bridge

Bloody underwear

Breaking and eating palms kernel in the dream

Buying a wig

Becoming shorter


Burning means

Black widow spider spinning her web as my daughter and i admired it

Blood in pantie

Being around so many people with no security

Becoming prime minister

Beautiful building

Brain wash

Broken fingernail

Backhoe driving

Boat that is sinking

Bullet in empty bathtub

Bugs in rice

Bollweevils in rice

Buy yam

Black smoke and people vantage

Black smoke people vantage

Black face and hair

Birth of premature baby boy

Black oranda

Blackberry goldfish

Body hair dream

Being a millionare

Being attacked by brothers and sister with machetes

Blood clot in a dream meaning


Black coffin

Blinding lights

Blinding flash

Blue flowers


Broken jar

Bags of cement in a dream

Boiling eggs for an ex

Bull frog

Blue hanger

Being stood on by giant

Burning mattress in car

Bring shot with infection

Brown rosary dream

Baby dies

Beating unknown lady

Breaking window

Broken marbles

Body part

Botee dream meaning


Bugs coming out of skin

Buffet line

Beat wife

Bogey in dream

Burnt popcorn

Black snak

Breaking locks

Bleeding from a cut

Bathing babies





Boyfriend sister in dream


Black smoke bringing demons in the world


Body of water

Blood while pregnant

Bare breasts

Being avoided

Being saved from a warthog by a deceased loved one


Big rat running out of house

Big black rat running out of house behind

Blue liquid

Blue liquie

Black soap dream meaning


Baby bear

Broken watee pipe

Blue jelly

Baboons trying to get me

Brother accused


Big vulture in dream


Bite domeone

Buying and holding pink belt in dream

Brother in law dreams about his sister in law


Being carried by boyfriend on his back

Broken bike

Blank checks


Black smoke rising

Buying akara in dream means what

Belgian malinos

Boken sljpper




Being unkempt

Black color

Baby goats many

Being in a relationship with two women

Being the center of a love triangle

Bloody water dream meaning

Birth mother

Buying raw oxtail


Blood stain on white skirt

Becoming a police


Brother kidnapped

Being chase by 2madmen in dream

Birth day

Bottom teeth fall out

Baking pans


Baseball glove on wrong hand

Bàthing outside in dream

Bees sting

Boobs big

Buying jam green fruit

Boss stroke

Boss strike


Baby fish

Beet root

Burning soaked sanitary pads in the dream


Being killed with gun

Breaking of pankaniel in the dream means what?

Beating wife in face

Beating wife with blows

Breaking everything in house


Baby peeing

Baby pee

Baby girl being born

Black color clothes in dream

Banana trees

Biting someone’s finger

Baby boy while pregnant

Burn pillow


Bathing with cooked egg

Burned roti


Baby girl cloth

Burning incense stick


Bare chested

Bunch of neem leaves

Burning rose bush

Breaking of earthen pot

Beautiful hands


Butcher showing his skill

Black water glasses mysteriously broke sitting on a table

Black pimple

Bag full of milk

Bag of gold coins

Bridal attire

Birth of black child

Black child

Blush dress

Blush color

Being pregnant

Blowing finger nails out nose

Black envelope

Bride walking down the aisle

Boledo number for vagina

Bleeding threw my hair roots

Bird flew in the car

Break down

Burning toilet paper

Best friend passed dreamed of huggin him

Breaking an entering


Broken signet ring

Baby cats

Being gay

Baby squirrel


Broken hinge



Black thick hair

Black which hair

Bell pepper

Body spray


Bitten feet

Blood trace

Blank album

Birthday dream but there was something not nice ce


Breaking tasbeeh

Breast nipple touched

Breast touched

Body parts make

Beating my wife in dreams

Breast feeding a baby boy

Buy a smoked fish

Building uncompleted


Burned thighs

Brown spots on body

Baby funeral

Black card


Brittney spears

Black goat gave birth the four

Bleeding meat

Black angel wing

Being beaten by a pastor in a dream

Bull ant


Beautiful home

Breasts dripping milk


Broken door taped up

Broken door all tsped u

Being ignored in your dream by men

Break islamic fast

Being sodomised by another man


Baby chickens

Birds talking

Buy a car

Bathing with feces

Bathing with excrete





Ball gowns

Broken cups

Breaking into a home

Breaking of teeth


Buffaloes coming on ur way

Being pickpocketed

Building own house

Breaking god statue itself in a dream

Being kissed by ex-wife

Being kissed by ex wife


Broken upper tooth

Black colour dress man warning

Baby driving car

Being replaced in a fashion show

Bottle water

Bubbler bath


Baby lost in water

Brushing someone’s hair

Black & gold glove

Big utensils


Being eaten by a creature


Black guinea pig

Black ginea pig

Blind step grandma

Backing up car

Blood gets on you

Birdseed embedded in hair falls to ground

Being top achiever in the class

Black dots on cildren



Blow fly

Baby bot

Being threathef in a dream means

Burning people

Biblical black hankerchief

Being chased by tigers

Breaking palm kernels and eating nut in a dream means what

Baby chick

Building an extention on our house

Big ear wax came out from my ear

Being all over media


Banquet hall

Butcher knife

Betel leaf in groom hand

Beautiful scenery

Birth to a baby boy

Blow kiss

Baby horse


Brown butterfly

Beetle bug bitting me

Betal leaf in dream

Betal leaf

Brushing my teeth with charcoal in dream

Being harassed in dream

Bride in dream

Bubble gum

Broken cell phones in dreams

Black neem in dream

Black been in dream

Being squashed

Bugs in haunted house


Blanket got little burned

Blackheads in ear

Boyfriend paying lobola for someone else


Birds and parrots

Burnt man falling from the sky

Beating someone with a shoe

Baby deer

Being grabbed

Breast fall off

Buying cocoyam in dream

Brown tabby color

Boyfriend dies and you shout in sleep

Broken fences

Bag of bones

Bull frogs

Black magic

Becoming pregnant

Becoming preganat

Becoming pregant

Breaking black magic


Black vomit


Breast feeding to baby

Broken nosepin

Black stone ring

Betel leave

Boils on finger


Break room

Black paper towels

Black swan floating in air looking at me

Being a vampire slayer

Boil on favorite animal

Black feathers in a dream

Bed pink

Breast implants


Buying perfumes in dream

Big mushroom picking

Buying meal

Buying food

Buying windbell

Being trapped

Black shoes

Black magician

Broken teeth with a rock

Blue hair

Breeze in your face

Big green banana

Blue tiger

Black and red fishes

Burning wood

Being chased by an enemy

Buying a carpet

Blood in dream

Bite by tiny snake


Black fish

Big black fish


Being whipped

Broke fast early

Buying coal pot in adream

Banging head against glass wall

Babies human

Broken beer bottle | dream meanings

Buying big periwinkle in the dream

Betel seen in drem

Betel seen

Bull slaughtering and eating its meat

Being bit by animal with rabies

Baby teeth

Broken sharp teeth

Bumps on eyelid



Bamboo sticks


Being in fort

Being cursed out by someone

Being drived away by someone



Black beak

Baked beans


Being a pastor in a dream

Blood clots from mouth

Bumping vehicle

Boiled eggs dream

Beating children

Bowling alley

Breast problems


Being given a brownie

Baitul maqdes

Boy baby birth

Bags of gold coins

Brest feeding

Beloved asking for apology in dream

Breastfeeding a child

Buying a new car

Being invisable


Big lizards

Being lawyer

Baby car seat interpretation




Beng held

Beautiful starry sky

Black spots in eyes islam

Black spots in eyes

Burying dead people


Black scorpion

Beetl nut

Beard blood

Burning sulphur

Breathing through an open toe

Broken patio door


Bunnies and kittens

Being chased on a construction site not reaching your destination

Boss commenting about your wrist

Black kids

Boil on my wife thigh

Buying bitter cola in dream


Best friend drowning

Belly button

Being with another man

Bird catching my neck

Broken porcelain nick nak

Black leather gloves

Break curry leaf from plant

Brocken pipe

Buying meat from butcher


Brown belt

Black goats

Being offered a drink

Branding iron and sex

Babys death

Bugs in hair


Broken white candle



Buying shoes for someone who passed

Broken guitar

Bhovarhaswamy image

Birth of a baby girl in dream

Black scorpion in my clothes snake

Black hair fallen out

Burning at the stake

Belly splitting

Beating prostitute woman

Being strangled

Buying stationary

Being given belts

Baby lamp


Being a vampire slayer in my dreams

Both legs tiedup in chain


Black cardboard

Being fingered for pleasure

Being crowned as a queen i my dream

Bed of roses

Bad egg drained sink

Black snake bite

Broken back ribs

Buying a casino

Black grass parting to reveal old face

Black grass parting to reveal a old face

Black dead dog

Being groped by a boy who is also a friend

Burning cable

Black file with name on

Black dyed hair dream

Breaking a tree branch

Beating with cane

Being arrested dui


Building site


Broken teapots

Bird laying egg

Bat head


Bell church

Breaking fast

Black cow alive in garden

Brushing teeth with chewing stick in the dream

Being chased by someone dead with a baseball bat

Buyingthree dogs

Biting a snake

Blind dog dream

Breaking neck

Baby death

Breaking palm kanel meaning in the dream

Blue andred beetle

Blue crystal

Bouncing ball

Bride late to wedding

Broken fan

Being bitten by a dog


Blue tires

Bleeding from feet



Black cat bite

Bodybuilders in dreams

Basin of drinking glasses

Basin of glasses

Basin of dirty drinking glasses


Breaking of manh large buildings

Building a new house from crash


Black magic suicide


Being shot at with gun

Beautiful bed spread

Black cube attached to leg


Blue water with small bubble in the wheel

Bite from crapaud on my hand

Buying gelebi in dreams

Black inner circle in a eye peeling in the edges


Building house with lego

Broken mirror

Black 3 legged pot

Being an assassin


Bug bite


Birthing a gargoyle



Big bags

Battle to protect castle

Big ben

Being an evangelist

Blind person in a dream

Bowel open

Black graduation gown

Being hit by car

Bump into someone

Black substance coming from ur mouth and eyes

Bringing new plant pot to the house

Breaking fast with milk

Bringing new plant pot in the book

Broken floorboards


Black shadow over a baby

Business phone

Black snake

Black face around eyes


Braid hair by colleague

Black dogs attacking

Black bear being friendly

Bad habit

Blood ear

Blood in ear

Big boy birth

Bad taste fruit

Black bull

Bright stars

Big fruit trees

Being car jacked

Bucking horse

Buying of yarn

Broken laptop screen

Blueberry pie

Baby who poop

Boy baby

Baluga whale

Broad sword

Break glass

Broken glass marbles

Black mask

Betel leaf received in dream means

Betel leaf

Breaking condim

Being mute

Biting your own tongue

Big nose

Birth of two headed baby


Bird dying from tornado

Baby girl

Black tunnel

Baby born with facial hair

Black cow chasing

Burst necklace


Baby in cart

Bear on a mountain



Bus left passenger


Boll weevil

Black dream

Belly button dream

Brown cow been eating by lions

Bedwetting in dream

Bruise on arm

Baseball pitcher

Breaking off roof

Biblical meaning of dreaming of babies smiling


Bad haircut

Beautifully shaving my beard

Bare top

Birth control

Barking dog#


Bitter kolar or a table

Buying dried fish in a dream what does it mean

Broken wristwatch

Blood on mouth

Black bird

Being in the mortuary

Buying beautiful dress

Buying sky blue dress

Belly buttons

Black feet

Burglary of home

Business card

Being a waitress who can’t get to the tables


Bluish color grids

Blue grids


Being followed by aunt

Bleeding while pregnant

Ballon rides

Brother trying to tangled his own sister

Baby basket

Baby singing


Being given bitter kola in dream

Broken jesus

Being fingered by someone

Bitter leave tree

Bath robe

Black clothe

Bird escaped cage

Business is good

Bussiness is goid

Buying hairpin

Burning building

Black knight

Black dress

Black dress mum

Black horse

Bridal dress

Bathroom lock

Baby boy

Breaking off tooth

Being in a fashion show

Being together with relatives on an airplane

Being grabbed in the vagina

Big termite home order my bed dreaming means what

Being in airplane

Betel leafs

Bagel leafs

Bees in pants

Bird and a parrot flying out from cage

Bird and a parrot flying out of cage

Bed linen

Bore hole


Blowing a feather

Bathing tub

Being confident

Big white lizard

Breast man

Blind dog dead dream

Being given a white glove

Big water


Broken pipes



Breast bleeding

Bike with 786 number

Black horse with black rider

Blood group

Broken escalators

Broken escalator | dream meanings

Buy a gift for a dead brother

Blow in the ears

Big toenail falling off



Black woman preaching

Beaten by rain



Bleeding from anus for women means

Building a high wall

Blaming your mother for the death of your sister who died 15 years ago

Beating a child in a dream

Being shot in the back

Being shot in back

Bruises on the ear and right hand


Bleeding no blood

Black quarter with a indian chief head on it. coming up out of sand

Building a house


Buying 3 cans of snuff

Banana plantation

Breaking a calabash by mistake

Ba t

Baby 2 heads

Baby buried in sugar

Breaking a guitar


Breast dream

Building falling

Beautifull girl

Black snake that is blind

Blind black snake

Binding book in dream

Being on planet

Beard over face

Broken computer


Blanket of a dead person

Blocked road

Brutal murder

Black rabbit

Burned woman saying i’m going to hell

Boys clothes

Bowing in sand

Boxes full of ghee

Bleeding out

Being stabbed and bleeding

Burning door

Being captured by a child capture

Being with dead relatives

Blood donation

Bag of chips

Bird poop on my head

Body hair increasing

Becoming blind in a dream

Becoming a governor in the dream

Bunch keys

Baby bathing

Bear breast

Bird shitting on head

Brid drop

Brid pop

Being fed by pastors wife