Devil wings

Dreaming of your husband drinking too much beer

Dreams book by dennis clark

Dreaming your close friend being bald

Digging cassava with knife

Dreaming that you are under attack

Dream of telling my brother having a stroke

Dreamed of telling my brother having a steoke

Dancing tango

Dirty white robe

Dream meaning of cooking oil

Dying in a war

Dreaming of my wife having with enemy

Dreaming of a garden which is full.of flowrs some are purple and some are aloe vera plants and others are pumkings

Daughters boyfriend

Dreaming sto ñino

Dead person giving food for eating

Dreamed i caught my man having sex with another woman

Dream of white smoke in a room

Dream of girl in red dress fallen off a mountain

Dreaming about a flock of cattle

Dream of quintuplets

Dreams of deceased dad with him holding 2 young boys

Dreams of deceased father with him holding 2 young boys

Dreams of grand-parents

Dog wants to be close to me

Dark figure

Dark figure at foot of my bed

Dreamed of a groundhog digging

Dream about a lot a quinceañeras

Dreamed of dating a new man

Dreamed of a new man in my life

Dreamed of dating a new boyfriend

Dreamed of dating a new nice man

Dreaming of a slap on the buttocks

Dreaming about bloody pads

Driving of the boat

Dreaming about hidden gold

Dream fighting with a co wife

Dreamed box cutter cut brothers hand

Descending dead bird

Dreaming of kenkey

Dream of pushing gravel stone in the dream

Dreamt my boyfriend paying lobola

Dreaming catching mopani worms

Dreaming of three legged pots

Dreaming about your mother changing a decision on disagreeing your marriage after accepting it

Dream of banana plantation

Dream of guinea fowl hanging on head

Dreamt of carrying my daughter on my back

Dream of nutmeg

Dreaming of skinning a cow

Drawing eyebrows

Dreaming abt bitter kola

Dreaming about a rosary falling from the sky

Dreaming of your boss

Dreaming mopane worms

Dreams of a naughty boy child

Dead mother gives land to son

Dreaming of a sick baby

Dreaming of jalebi

Doors of hell

Dreamt that i seen broken china and tea pot

Dream about fish skin

Dead child in a coffin

Dead mother buying tomatoes in a dream

Dead father wearing light blue sweater

Dancing in church dream

Dreaming of your husband and his woman working at the same place as you

Dreaming of a woman talking to your husband

Dream of a man and woman wispering and the wife behind watching

Dropping an iron

Driving a truck with no brakes

Driving a car with eyes closed

Death mask

Dead relatives wants u to ho along

Dead husband missing from bed

Dead relative wants you to go along

Dreamed of relaxing my hair

Dreamed of perming my hair

Dreamed having a tattoo on vagina

Dreams of digging holes

Dream invasion vagabond

Digging holes and building

Deceseased brother saying he have to go


Dream of someone giving you nice diomond earrings as suprice

Dough meaning

Destroying earth

Dreaming of having sores on your right leg

Dream number for cursing

Dream i see the image of sr. santo nino in the sky

Def leppard

Dreaming of man paying lobola

Dead person giving me gold in my dream

Dreaming about a woman called gwen

Dead aunt in casket and she was moving

Dreamed dead grandfather asking for a glass of water

Dead relative ask me a water in my morning dream

Dead person washing for you

Dream meaning of wounded to your body

Dream about sr. santo nino

Dreamig of assava uprooting

Dreaming of a cameelion

Dream someone hiding alcohol


Dream of killing grasscuter

Drinking satchet water

Digging in the earth and finding a lot of silver coins means

Dream of meeting former governor

Downed tree

Dreaming of someone opening all doors then placed they keys and padlock on my open door

Dead person giving red rose in dream

Driving in the beach then driving into water and finding myself surround ed by water can not get out

Daughter new hair color

Dreaming of and ex friend that

Death of itself

Dreaming of brides coming to get you

Deer eating rabbit

Dreams about having sex with shemale

Dead mother cleaning and cooking with me

Dream of my brother’s girlfriend

Door slamming

Didn’t take enough credits to graduate

Double adapter

Dead fish in dream meaning

Dreaming giving money to my dead mother

Dreaming of someone you knew plucking your side burn hair

Dream of a crazy neighbor

Drinking a tranquilizer

Dream that my dead dog ran down a rabbit hole in backyard

Dream about high school friends

Dream of deceased person eating and leaving carrots on the plate

Dreamt eating liver of a pig

Dreaming roasting chicken with fire with family and friends

Dream the sky turns deep purple

Dreaming sitting with a lover

Dreaming the sky turns purple

Dreaming converse with a husband to be

Dreaming of car lights went out in dark

Diagnosis of cance

Dream of my feet black

Drinking filthy water

Driving up hill

Dream of black beads

Dreaming of bleeding abdomen

Dead person revivies

Devil burning me

Dream about purging and you wake up and see yourself purging


Dreaming a pundit

Dreaming of your slipper cut

Dreamed chef wearing army uniform

Dream of kolanuts

Dreamed that ex husband died and then found out he did not die

Death of my enemy

Dreaming about killing house lizard

Dreaming soil coming out of your vagina?


Dream of carrying palm wine drink mean

Dreaming of arinola

Dream of arinola

De-skinning a cow

Dream three yellow blanket what does it mean

Dreamt of polony

Dream of ploughing turkey berries

Dream of eating bitter kola

Dreams of pain in anus

Dead person is naked

Dream of being offered fake gold necklaces

Dream ifoffered fake necklaces

Dead grandmother giving me gold

Dropped battery

Dog attack son and scratched his nose

Dog attack my son and scratched nose

Dog attack and scratch nose

Dreaming of beeng confeesed by padte pio

Dream of mechanical flying object

Dream about bobby pins

Dreaming about hair pins/bobby pins

Dream braking a calabash

Dream of a fifty dollar


Dead bears

Dreams about beatles

Dead on giving you a wallet

Demon bed screaming outloud

Dream of a dead son giving his mother his wallet

Dream of lobola being paid and photoshoot at night

Dream of holy water

Dream giving my mother cake

Dog being shot


Dream of praying for someone

Dream of buying house

Dog suck my breast in dream meaning

Dried mopane worms

Dream of erosion

Dream of black herd of cow eating green leaves

Drowning but surviving

Dream about carrying a wooden mortar on the head

Dream that you were a captains hat

Dreamed that someone pruned your trees in your comapound

Dream meaning of applying black eye pencil on lips

Dreams of fire and death

Dreaming of maggots everywhere

Dream of seeing white envelope

Dead of a grand child

Dead quadruplets


Drinking coconut water in dreams

Dream of purple tutban

Dead person

Dead person pointing

Dead person pointing towards something

Dreaming the image of mama mary and sto nino

Dream of someone bought a silver car and car parts

Dirty feet

Dead person washing clothes by hand in dreams

Dream meaning of having 2 sprites giving to me

Daughter getting groped by a stranger

Dog catching a snake

Dreams about remarrige

Dreaming of remarriage

Dreaming of car sales advertisement

Digging in the earth and finding gold coins

Dreaming that a man is sucking vergina

Dream of someone threw a pearl

Dreaming of being paid for lobola

Deformed child

Damaged suitcase

Dream of my parents that have passed away

Dream of charcol

Dream of hot charcol

Dream of hot charcoal all over

Dreaming taking water from a jerrican

Dar haired mn

Dream my husband gives me a back belt

Deceased relative very colorfully dressed but did not want to acknowledge you

Dream interpitation

Dream of uncooked samp

Dream of shoot an eel with a spear

Dream someone gave me 3 tee shirts with pink and gray squigglely lines in it and the word believe written in bold black letter down the middle of it

Dreamt of stepfather death

Dreamt of godfather death

Dad marrying a bad woman

Dad marrying bad woman

Dream of a coffin with young girls

Dream whem eating sim sim

Dreaming about heading people in the dream what does that mean

Dream of being friends with ex boyfriend sister

Dream of pool

Dream of fante kenkey

Dolphin swimming in sea

Dream of pounding cassava leaves

Dream washing my white skirt


Dreaming of a plate of okra soup pouring away

Dreamed other being drunk

Dream about see a person got drunk and i bailed him out to look for mineral water

Dreamed about bailing out a drunk guy


Dreaming of climbing steep stairs

Dreaming being given a green harvest very fresh

Dream of a distorted body

Dream of recieving toothpaste

Dreams about cow dung

Dreams of vow dung

Dream of speaking with brother in law

Dreaming of seeing my uncle and aunt kissing

Dog biting coworker

Dream meaning of washing face with milk

Dream seeing and picking red hot peppers

Dream seeing and picking red scotch bunnet peppers

Dead person buying lots of small rugs or mats

Dancing slowly in my dream

Dream of spouse doing cocaine

Dreamed i was washing pan

Dream of fat cooked with polony

Dried crayfish and fresh crayfish

Dress changed to a baby dress maroon

Dream fat cooked with polony

Dirty wedding ring

Dirty ring

Dream about jean


Dreaming of drinking milk

Dinner invitation

Dodging falling boulders

Dead person giving me a key

Dream of holding a bunch of red balloons


Dream of applying petrolium jelly

Dreaming of your child

Dream that you died

Dreaming of a tubelight

Dreamt of one eye being blinded

Dreammeaing olive tree

Dream olive tree

Dream of seeing a man and woman handcuff

Dream of making good grade in test

Dreaming about jiggers

Dreams about planes and car

Dream of my husban is drung

Dreaming giving offering in church

Driving down hill with a car in dream

Darwf drive pickup

Dead parents giving me a flowers

Dreaming of crayfish

Dreaming of bougainvillea tree

Dream about someone having umemulo

Different people trying to marry you

Dreaming cooking offal and bananas

Dreaming cooking offal and bananas

Dream of nude child

Dreaming eating offald on christmas

Dream crapaud

Drone or plane spying on you


Deceased brother moving into apartment

Dream of a pass lover

Dream of dead father digging

Dream meaning of a president giving u money

Death white smoke

Dreaming seeing handwriting in the sky

Dreamt of teak tree plantation

Dreamt of seeing teak trees


Digging a grave for the deceased

Digging a grave

Discovered a baby monkey

Dreaming of wearing a tranche coat

Dream about ocean

Dreaming of a candelabra

Dodging falling trees

Disable child walking in the dream

Drinking water from a clay pot

Dream of black grinning g face

Dream i am under a peepal tree

Dead body attic

Dream pastor ask for juice

Dreaming my face fater

Dreaming a relative who passed sitting on your lap

Double edged axe with blood

Dating mafia man

Dreaming with a son

Dream killing vulture

Dream of killing a vulture

Dreaming of mopane worm pricking my hand

Dreaming nothing

Dream of a shirtless husband

Dreaming of muthi someone shows me the muthi and i confirm the name

Dreaming about giving key to a dead person meaning

Dreaming of a green sliding

Dreaming of my ex boyfriend paying lobola for me

Dreaming my dead sister was still alive

Dwarf chasing me

Deleted messages

Dream of dirty cotton buds


Dream dictionary

Door sound of slammed screened door

Disguised nun

Death of a relative

Driving white car

Dream of standing side by side with someone waste up

Driving on a muddy dirt road

Demon voice

Dream cleacher

Dreaming of rats running

Dreaming of saints padre pio

Dream of eating colanut

Dream seeing worms what does it mean

Dream of animals burrowing

Diamonds falling from sky in dreams

Dog sucking breast


Dogs cave

Digging sweet potatoes from the ground

Dreamt of feaces dead mother small boy

Dog is shaved

Dead father dying again

Dead father dying

Dead people

Dreaming of fetching water

Dreaming of seeing a burnt chicken and still alive

Dream of spam

Dreaming of renewing vows


Dreaming about graduation

Dream of black feathers

Dream of uprooted cassava

Drunk sex

Dead person asking for food

Dead person gave me a gold coins

Dead father in red shoes

Dreaming of a tarot man

Dead seahorse

Dreaming of st. pena francia talking to me

Dead partner

Dreaming light and then recite subh lah and allhuakber

Dream i was in my kitchen hearing a warning sound and seeing a tornado approaching my home

Dreaming of touching your o in the toliet bowl

Dead grandma coming to you in a dream

Dog falling

Death of mother

Dream of a dead give you a perfume

Dream of many old clothes that are arranged properly and mixed with latest clothes in the soil

Drop sea water in my hand dream meaning

Dream of eunuch

Dreaming of losing a tooth

Dreaming of paraffin

Drinking sachet water

Dream about surviving an attack

Dream about my loved ones being posoned

Dog licking my face in dream

Dream of drinkin satchet water

Dog licking my face

Dreams of griffith

Dreaming driving on red clay dirt

Door is open

Dirty carpet


Dream of eating selroti during pregnancy

Dreaming of putting the statue of pieta in a church altar

Deceased father wearing sweater

Dirty dog

Dreaming of a baby with beard

Drinking glasses

Driving a car with tunnel vision

Drowning peacefully

Danny dearm

Dreams of periwinkle

Dreamed of naked fat black dolls

Dteam someone died of pneumonia

Dream of salt

Dream of a tooth socket being filled with salt

Dream that i had could not remember where is was

Dream meaning of swing empty

Dreams about death

Dreaming that you see the catholic catholic in a church dream

Dream of cleaning wedding ring

Dreams of someone else cooking and eating clams

Dry face

Dreamt that i was in a farm with a man and he uprooted the cassava and some remain

Dreamt that i was in a farm with a man and he uprooted the cassava and some remain

Dreaming of alot of white teashirts

Dead father dieing again in the dream

Dreaming of your dead father

Dreaming of dead father die

Dreaming of dead father

Dead gorillas

Dead gorillas

Dream meaning of broken bucket

Dreaming of my grown kids but in the dream they are still small

Deer licking me after gun would not work

Dream meaning of buying ogbono seeds

Dream meaning of ogbono

Dead family members

Dream of killing a chameleon in the dream

Dream waterberry

Dreaming of giving birth

Dreaming having male and female genitals

Dog sperm all over body

Dreamt my husband impregnate another woman

Dreaming of someone trying to push me into a hole

Dream of kissing a vagina

Deceased child

Dead people buying clothes

Dead people buying new clothes

Desert storm

Dead mice

Dream of someone speaking italian to me

Dog holding snake in mouth

Dreaming of canis major

Dream about skinning a cow

Death archnishop

Deceased father buying me things for office


Diaper pins

Dream of eating fufu

Damaged mail

Donkey penis

Dream of a plane falling


Dreaming ants in my purse

Damaged hair

Dreaming of a running warthog

Dreaming about lobola negotiations

Dream about applying lotion on your legs


Disabled babies

Dillapitated house

Dog getting shot

Dreaming of ancestral house

Dreaming with a very nice house

Defecation carthartic

Doctor appointment

Driving a car for fun on an oval racetrack

Driving car around race track having fun and in complete control

Dreaming of no being able to find a loved one

Driftwood scattered

Driving away from home as a child

Deiving away as a child

Dreaming seeing academic gown

Descending a slope in a dream

Dream of provision

Dreaming about someone removing ur sim card

Dropping coins but finding them

Dreaming while serving concentrated mango juice

Dreaming my exboyfriend paying lobola for me

Dreaming of periods in women

Dreaming of buckingham palace

Dream of seeing a wake of an stranger

Drop phone in wayer

Dead black ants in navel

Dreaming saint nino crying

Death of an enemy

Dead rat meaning

Dream of mad woman

Dream harvesting cocoyam

Dreamt of pounding cassava and plantain in a mortar

Discovering you have land

Dead crows falling from the sky

Dream of cutting down coconut tree

Dream of given cupcakes by an enemy

Dollhouse rodents mug

Dreaming of scoring a goal

Dream of scoring a goal

Department store

Dream son in law died

Dream of harvesting quinoa food

Drinking fresh aloe vera juice in a dream meaning

Dreams of broken mangalsutra

Dream of harvesting ripe jack friut

Dreaming that a sickler has recovered while people jublat

Dog hit by truck

Drowning child

Drowning child floating in water

Dreaming of a dead mom

Driving on sheet of ice with my daughter

Dreamed of a white mule

Dream of receiving free money from the president

Dream of being told someone had a srroke

Dreaming eating corn chips,interpretation


Dreaming off bleeding and having cancer

Dads hand with poker chips

Dream about ex-husband

Dreaming of my dead sister gave me a white panty

Dream about buying egg

Dreaming the president giving me money

Dreaming of cooming someone hair

Dream of buying goats meat to family

Dream about my old camp

Dreaming im a seraphim

Dreaming im a searaphim

Died mother giving gold jewellery as gift to her daughter

Dreaming about private investigator

Dead person washing clothes

Dream of buying sweet from old people

Dream of old people

Dream of buying sweet

Dream someone is burried

Dreams og baldness on one of the head

Dreams after the death of significant other

Dream of dead pigeon

Dream of chin chin

Dreaming of crocodile in the river


Dog sucking my fingers

Dreammed of wearing a white dress and adding a white belt

Dead grandma

Dead person cleaning kitchen

Deceased husband holding a baby

Dream getting married to a prince

Dying money plant

Desire of talking to mother

Dreamt of eating okro soup with a friend

Dream of crawling baby boy

Dream of eating boiled yam

Dream swimming out of dirty sewage water leaving my friends inside

Dreaming eating chapati

Dreamnt of oral sex and the person giving it spat out black liquid

Dreaming of picking lemon

Dreaming i picked up my brothers lost golden rings

Dream of cutting sugar cane by hand

Dreaming of feaces

Dreaming of losing one bag

Dream of a woman with three eyes

Drinking bitter leaf

Dead body black

Dream about tranfor

Dog laying on grill

Deadlove ones

Demon vagina

Dragonfly bite

Dream of pounding yam

Dream wris ches with different colours,but the yellow one was missing

Dead horse

Drinking akamu in the dream means

Dream of senator

Dress that has light bulbs

Dream of daughter being mad

Dam breaking

Dream of lunatics

Dream of removing matchies from your toe

Dream carrying dead body crossing de bridge

Decending a mountain

Dream of seeing a snake

Dreaming of golden hands

Dreaming about spiders

Dream of my mother wearing my old clothes


Dream of someone planting taro

Dead family member taking your old cloth

Diamond ring and bracelet

Deny greek leaves in hand

Dirty table

Dreams about a deceased relative

Dirt dobbers


Dream of picking tablet from the floor

Driving in to water

Dreaming of someone whose in love and worries about driftng apart

Dream about seeing jiggers

Dead trees

Dream about sister

Davy jones


Dreaming a dead person wake up in the coffin

Dream of talking to my father naked

Drive into water

Dreaming of being overwelmed by deep clear water

Dreaming pastor kiss on cheek

Driving a crane

Dead mother borrowing money

Dream of buying plastic bags

Digging up grandmothers grave

Dreaming with a lot of mosquitos

Dream of being in a third world country

Dreaming of intestinal worms

Dream meaning of washing wooden mortar

Demon driving my car and losing control into a parking space


Dreaming of money ritual

Dream of dark character beast driving my car and losing break

Dark place

Dogs and chickens

Dreaming of a tsunami

Dead then wake up smile what is mean

Dreaming of pear fruit

Dreaming of white blanket with black stripes

Dream of many high rise houses


Dreamt confused husband who cannot say he is male or female

Dreams about dead people

Dreaming of corn tortillas

Dreaming of being in witness protection

Dream about raw chicken on counter

Dreming failing a test

Driving through beautiful streets lined with beautiful lights

Dreaming of potatoes

Dead person wearing one shoe

Dream about sweet potato

Dream about having with yoir ex

Dream of an airplane breaking up while in air

Drunk and don’t remember

Dream a lemon fruit

Dreaming wearing as makoti


Dark image in bedroom


Dreaming of hooks in skin

Dream of fish hook in skin

Dreaming of fish hook in face


Dog getting hit by a car

Dreamt of dog pursing me

Dreaming of harvesting sweet potatoes

Dream of sex

Dream my front yard is fluded

Dream of seeing a shatterd chandelier in my enemys house

Dreaming of having psoriasis

Dream analytics

Dream of smelling onion

Dead person growling in my dream

Dead father eat fish

Dreaming of a friend telling you that they want to make our relationship traditional

Digging suddenly water appears

Dreaming with someone i like

Dream of burning cigarette

Dreaming someone else is pounding fufu

Death in dream

Dreamed my 33 year old son was 7 again back outside school playing soccer at home time

Dream of somebody winning auto rickshaw

Dead skunk

Dream of buying old cloths

Dream having someone license

Dead person hissing in my dream

Deceased mother being sick

Dead relative


Drinking mango juice in dream girl

Drawing clean water from a well with a bucket

Dead sister wearing my shoes?

Dead sister wearing my shoes

Dreams about cousin loughing

Dream of interviews

Dream paying labourers clean money

Dream that you had to detour

Dreaming of being turning to prostitute forcefully

Driving and take a u turn

Dream interpretation of deceased washing utensils

Dead person asking food in dream

Deaesed husband crying


Dream of standing on red sand and burning bush

Dream about eating jackfruit

Dreaming about sugarcane meaning

Dreaming about the act of covenant in your palm

Dreamed of collecting mopane worms

Dreaming of snake bitting a goat

Dirt wall

Dream a lime tree with one ripe lime onit

Dent in top of head

Dreaming about not being late for a wedding

Driving in snow wilderness

Dead mother in-law

Dream about badgers

Dream of fly beyond normal height

Dried blood on bottom of foot

Dropping a plate of flour

Dream if me and mybson painting crucifix on doors

Dream about eating pounded yam

Dressed in black

Dream egg


Dream of pile of old trousers

Dream of dead priest

Death person in dream asking sone one for bkankit

Dirty dress

Dead child said bath me with blood


Drinking cold juice

Distorted crucifix

Driving through the water

Detachable penis

Dreaming about a dead relative asking for water

Dream about 3 nuns

Dream about boiling water in a stream

Dreams of airplanes


Dream of cooking and eating cassava in the dream

Dreaming about my boyfriend paying lobola for me

Dirty toilrt

Dinner party candles


Dream in dream

Dream about eating human penis

Drink blood


Damp walls in old family home



Dodginng rocks

Dreamt of eating a not so cooked liver

Dream meaning of white cloths

Dream a 17years old girl was sucking my breast i was getting horny

Dreamed i was poisoned

Dreaming harvesting cassava and selling it

Deeadlocks falling in hands

Dreaming of being deceitful to others

Deceased dad wearing green clothes

Drowning with car


Dried flowers


Dead cows in apit latrine

Derelict house

Dead birds falling from sky

Dreaming of praying for someone and their feet starts to feel like it on fire

Dreaming of having enemies

Deceased vomiting

Dreaming of juju


Dreaming and seeing dark moon meaning

Dead father calling me stupid

Dog licking my hand

Dreamt of a dead relative gifting me watch

Dreaming of a blind woman she is a traditional doctor shes healing me

Drinking beer at work

Drinking at work

Dream about elevator going in circles



Dirty baby diapers in a dream

Dream see shemale mean

Dream that i carry someone on my back

Dream that i carry someone on mu back


Dreaming of homes and roofs

Dreaming of old clothes

Decaying root

Dream of someone changing your mattress.

Donate money in a temple

Dirty finger nails

Dream of seeing big pythons in a bush

Dream of pythons in a backyard bush

Dog bites

Deceased pastor put oil on my head

Dream about father bare feet

Dream of front teeth gum swollen

Dirty person

Difficult area

Dry cray fish

Dreaming a 3 legged pot

Dream about my ex boyfriend putting a silver ring on my finger

Dreaming about a womanizer with huge penis


Dream about a mad woman

Dead man laughing

Dream of picking green grass

Dog chasing after another dog

Dream of peeling cassava

Dream meaning of picking palm fruit

Dreaming of big blood clots coming out of my vagina

Dream meaning of eating kola nut

Dead women showing her vagina

Dreaming about vagina with black snake

Dreaming of camel

Dead peoples

Dead camels

Dream of moonstone necklace and earrings

Dead petson

Dream of safota fruit indicates

Dream of many bitterkola in a tray

Dream of someone in military uniform

Dream about a new car

Dreaming of a young baby boy

Dreaming of working at pep store

Dead people give shoes

Dead husband holding a wifes hands

Dreaming my baby boy becoming disabled

Dropping a pillow

Dream seeing big blood clot coming from my vagina

Dream of other people pounding fufu meaning

Door closed and then opening by itself

Doof closed and then opening by itself

Dreaming of white worms coming out on my breast

Diamond in eyes


Dream of crapaud meaning


Dry red chillies

Dream of buying areca nuts

Deer with antlers

Dreamt of a short swollen hand that did not belong to the person of the dream


Disappointing my old friend

Dreamed i was winning money

Dreaming of me pointed as a pastor

Dream of eating okro soup with eba

Dream of eating sweets

Dream of jalebi eating

Dream see my father getting stabed

Dream of being a bus conductor

Deceased loved ones

Dreaming seeing pastor smiling

Dog bleeding from mouth

Dead people rising

Dream of putting fake tan on

Dead person washing clothes in dream

Dream of seeing black cardamom

Digging a well in adream

Dream of dead family members in the old family home

Dream being told that my boyfriend paid lobola for me. meaning

Dreaming of being in a judgements day

Dreaming of attending a funeral seeing a person in th coffin

Dream number six

Dream my door being chapped

Drum stick leaves

Dreaming of sperms

Drug being put in your bag



Dream of reuniting with teen love

Dog is dead

Deceased person giving family their things

Deceased giving you their things

Donating frozen food

Donating food

Damp wallpaper

Dream of water cress

Dead dad with light auroa

Dead mother is alive

Dodging thrown stones

Dreaming of mushroom

Doorbell ringing

Dr seeder

Dream of giving gold ring to dead mother

Disrespectful step child

Dog hit by car

Dreaming of ual intentions

Dream of smoke cat fish

Dream passing green water

Dream about marabout meaning

Dog licking the face

Dowry being paid in full


Doll killed me

Dream about cooked millet sorgum

Dying pig

Deceased pet

Dreamed shaking hands with my dead dad

Dreadlocks in mouth

Dreamt of burnt boiled eggs

Dream of burnt boiled egg

Dreaming of mulberry trees bearing fruit in my garden some ripe others still sprouting and growing

Driving auto-rickshaw dream

Dream of picking up and eating oranges

Dead waving

Dreaming about men in long robes outside bedroom window

Dreaming about someone holding you down and taking breath

Dreams of giving birth to sweet potatoes

Dirty coming from the ceiling

Dead butterfly

Dreamed about fools gold

Dream of having the master key

Dead brother in law

Dreaming of a cove

Deceased sister driving home and getting lost

Dancing girls


Daugher having with father

Drown rats

Demon permission to come in

Destroyed building

Dead crows falling from sky

Dust under bed

Dream about commiting suicide?

Dreaming of an intervention

Dreaming of having supernatural powers

Decks for houses

Dreaming of your boss saying you have to work overtime

Decease mother

Dreaming about picking ripe passion fruit

Dream family homecoming

Daughter and son in law return home

Dream about lobola negotiations

Dream of missing a penalty

Drunk wife

Drowning person

Dream of new home balcony

Dreaming of me paying lobola for my girlfriend

Dream of granding red pepper in your dream

Deceased father yelling st me

Donating money in temple

Deceased sister and alive sister come to help you leave psch ward


Dying dolphine

Dying dolphins

Dreaming of being a man

Dreaming about sorrel

Dreamt of being circumcised

Dream of a diamond ring

Dreaming head lice

Dead dock

Dream of alot of ripe dates and unripe dates

Drum stcks

Dancing slow with someone in your dream


Dreams meaning anout the grinding corn

Dream of marriage with uncle for one who already married

Dream of a white line

Dreamt a cow

Dream of being gay

Dancing alone in wedding dress

Dreaming of aex with lover\\\\\'s wife

Dreaming buying a guine fowl

Dreamed of a snake

Dream that you are sodomised

Death certificate

Document on a plate

Dreaming about a new makoti

Dreams of daughters 1st menese

Dance preparation

Dead boss


Dreaming of ex husband having

Dream of drinking coconut water

Dream of coming down from a car

Dream of being given a teaching job


Dream about sorghum inter crop with corn in the field

Dream of removing back of soya beans

Died people alive

Died people

Dream our house extended

Dream given 2 lipglosses by a baby and a woman

Double headed person

Dream of having shingles in your palm

Distorted nose

Disrorted nose

Dead person giving milk and fruits in dreams

Dreaming about receiving a white stone

Daughter imprisoned

Dead frozen baby

Dreaming of breaking palm kernel

Dream about we have go for juju

Dream meaning that we go juju

Dead relative waving

Dreaming about guepe

Dream of fetching water full from tap

Dead bird falling from the sky

Dream meaning about white house

Dreamt i was driving a big bus


Dreaming a ripe jackfruit at tree

Dead tag toe

Dirty pant

Dreaming dirty pant

Death by drowning

Dream of a man in a thicket

Dream of cutting my sisters hair

Dolphin dieing

Dolph dying

Dreaming of girls dead in a cars

Dreaming of girls dead in a card

Dirty shirt collars

Dreaming of abs

Dream of dead pet

Dreaming talking to a sangoma

Dream fire burning

Dream running away from burning fire

Dreaming of thyme tree

Dream about creatures coming from walls

Dream of house party

Dreaming of visiting the royal family

Dying father eating green jello

Dreaming of bugs coming out of the vigina

Dream of brother and his family

Dreams of lions

Dream my trap catch two big grass cutter animals

Dream my trap catch two big grass cutter

Dried lake but were scard to step my foot in it

Dream removing green stuff like vegetables from month

Daugther eloped

Dream of giving someone glass diamond slippers

Dream a broken palm tree from the top

Dream about eating sapodilla fruit skin

Denim shirt

Dreamed of a marriage proposal

Dead person giving gold in dream

Dead bodies

Dreamt of pouring guinea corn in a bowl means what?

Dream about d seeing a lock cow

Dream about someone pushing an empty wheelbarrow through the house

Dog licking neck

Dreaming of finding pills

Deceased mother having a stroke

Dreaming about jigger

Dreaming about jiggers means what

Dream harvesting sweet potato

Dream seeing dead person washing utesials

Defending with sword

Dream albinos playing with them

Dreaming of cocaine

Dreaming of crack

Dreaming of raw cassava

Dreaming of spilled muthi

Dirt or soil

Dream of bleeding nose with my toilet paper full of blood

Dreaming about giving maizemeal at a funeral

Dreamt kola nut

Dream about burning rubbish

Dead grandfather giving old ring in dream

Dreaming a prince wearing old clothes

Dropping out your wedding choora

Dreaming about travelling in an autorickshaw

Dreaming of money in trash

Daughter having with dad

Dreaming of a unknown woman

Dreaming carring a traditional mat

Dreaming carring a traditional mat

Dead man gives money on dream

Deadman giving you money on dream

Dream of ugwu

Dreaming of egg

Dreaming there is a intimate relationship problem

Dead grandmother giving you green bananas

Driving 18 wheeler and landing in a lake

Drop phone in a dam

Drinking water in a dream

Dust storm


Dreaming someone being ordained

Dream your having a baby


Drumstick, dream interpretation

Dream of a ex with his back towards you

Dream a baby

Dreams of giving birth

Dreaming of charcoal

Dreams about my aunt marrying a rich man

Dream regarding soil erossion

Drinking palmwine in dream meaning what

Dreaming offante kenkey

Dreaming of dante kenkey

Drinking bitter leave

Dream of a deceased person asking for tea

Dream of wearing a masquerade

Dreaming sadza

Dreaming when vomiting diamond stones

Dream of saree

Dreaming i was digging sweet potatoes

Dreamt i had a baby & she drowned then came back to life two days later

Dream i

Dreaming of shaking hands with a man missing fingers

Dreamed my maths teacher

Deceased persom

Dreaming of betel leaves

Drinking rotten coconut water

Drinking coconut water

Destroyed bunny robot, fox robot, scary office area with a computer, ipad, fan for desk, chair that spins

Destroyed bunny robot

Dead person blind

Drowning in sewage

Dream cooking flour buns

Dangerous information

Dream meaning cashew fruit

Dream of holly w berries

Dust bunnies

Dreaming about given isiwasho by someone

Dream about naka


Dreaming my pastor introducing to marriage in church


Dream that you lied someone wanted to steal your money

Daugther being rape

Descending a mountain

Dream of uproot cassava

Dream of uprooting raw cassava

Dream about a cat

Driving white horse cart in air

Dream of an old friend

Dreaming about stitches on your ribs

Dreaming of having sextuplets

Dreaming of a house

Drying hands with green cloth

Dreaming you pick up money in a taxi

Dreaming of eating meat

Dreaming of singing

Drying hands on dirty cloth

Dreaming about waist of body

Dream of electronic device on my body

Dream of being tethered to electronic device

Dreaming of lots of blood

Dream of walking through the cemetery

Dreaming fighting with cats

Dreaming of kiss a pastor

Dreaming of colour green altificial grass

Dying in the purge

Dreaming of colour yellow sunflower

Dreaming of colour yellow flower

Dreaming of colour yellow and green

Dreaming of swimming in clear waters

Dreaming someone put money in a car and you pick it up

Dreaming you pick up money

Dream of someone give you money

Dream meaning of giving firstaid to a wound

Daughters head

Dream interpretation of seeing a moon with dragon

Dream of escavator

Dream graduation gown

Dreaming of prawns

Dream eating wild fruits

Dreamed of plucking drumsticks

Dead relative asking for water

Dream someone asking money from me to pay fees means

Dreamed of saint rita the saint

Dream of tying grinding pepper in your dream

Dodu vegetable growing big

Door not big enough

Dream sea a melting gold

Dream of kolanut

Dreaming about dead person

Deceased relatives waving at me

Dreamt of smelling coffee

Digging sweet potatoes with fingers

Dream seeing dry and green peas

Dog vomit

Death on horse

Dirty ceiling

Dream of observing employment

Dream of being a estetician

Dream of enrolling in school

Dream of cooked cassava

Dry nutmeg

Dry nutmeg

Dreaming of big green tent

Dead mother pulling me by the left hand

Dead father keeps taking me away with him

Disoriented and lost

Deceased friend

Dead mother holding my left hand

Dried up ocean

Dream of catching red and white fish

Dream about someone sick

Dancing with my enemy

Driving caranddinasoursonroad

Dreamed that i was in labor

Dream your in labor

Dreamed i was in labor by my ex which is also my baby father

Dream of calabash


Damaged guitar

Dream all my stuff is gone from house


Dreaming about cleaning darcy house


Dreaming jesus holding my hand

Digital camera

Dreaming playing soccer and score and win

Dreaming about my girl friend chating

Drumstick seeing in dream

Deceased mother not transferring into astral world

Dreaming peepal tree around me

Dreaming fetching mopane worms on the tree

Dreams of having chicken pox

Driving the prime minister in my car

Dead being alive


Dreaming of my mother from getting recovery

Dream seeing a silver ring

Dreaming you see specimen

Dream of wearing someone else retainer

Dry yelllow grass

Distant country

Dying nun

Dead relative having a child

Dream someone put wet henna on my hair

Dead celebrities

Dream that foam enter my eye while bathing

Dead mother giving me a cloth

Dream about a deceased giving me cake

Dreaming of digging

Dream of rejecting a kolanut

Dream about a white smoke

Dream about a white skoke

Dream of brown blood

Dream meaning of samp

Dream of getting good grade

Dreaming of a deceased person passing stools

Dream of breaking clay pot

Dream about vermilion

Deceased request to cut hair

Dream about fake chain

Dreaming of licking my daughter by her dead grandmother

Dead person kissing you

Dream of asking for a refund

Dreaming of sanitary

Danincg on top of bar patrons disliked it and i had a penis

Dreaming of a blue mantle

Dreaming of a mantle

Dream of my dead grandmother washing my feet

Drram of mopane worms on trees

Dreaming about alot of children

Defeat demon

Dreaming of lot of cows fighting to mate

Dreaming of wanting to eat puff-puff

Dreaming of wanting to eat puff-puff

Dream of drinking blood of a pastor

Demon curses me

Dream pinking palm kernel

Dead mother hungry

Dreaming of drawing rangoli

Dream about recive a waist bag

Dream about a waist bag

Dream of flames of fire in the sky.

Dreaming of broken santo nino

Dream of going through a dark tunnel

Day of death

Dream about household items in a hallway

Dreaming of flowers

Dream about a broken wooden bowl

Dream about a broken soodne noel

Debit card

Dream of baby and gray hair

Daughter dreaming about her long time happily married parents splitting up

Dream about scroll

Driving a grey pick up truck in dream

Dreamt about a shooting star and marriage

Dream of turkey in tolet

Dreaming of an ex paying lobola

Dream of a co wife

Dreaming of having 2 million


Dreaming about people sleeping like dead in basement

Dreamt that someone else wears my pink lipstick

Dreamed of a dead aunt with sore throat

Dream of lotus on top of pillar

Drumsticks in dreams meaning

Dreaming of harvest in farm

Dead person comes in dream

Dark magic

Dream of playing marble

Dreaming when scoring goals in the match

Dream of something spitting on you



Dream of engorged breast and sore nipple what does it mean

Dran of pompous

Dreaming eating yam

Deceased mom in coma

Dead trying to bite

Dream of being in a durag

Demon witch

Decd husband crying

Dead person givin read cherries to eat


Dreaming picking coffee from grafted coffee trees

Dreaming no 8

Dream of someone else dirty

Dead husband alive but dirty bathing

Dead husband alive but dirty

Dream of bathing husband

Devil took my son

Driving down the hill upside down

Dead persons laughing

Dirty running water

Dead husband fruit

Dreaming being in a kraal

Dry scape

Driving through a river

Demons laughing

Deamons laughing

Dreaming about my teacher hittng me

Driving a sylver car

Dream meaning of grinding beans

Dreams of my ex husband

Dragging robe in dream with someone the meaning?

Dreaming about buying sour milk

Dream of couleve

Dream of a couleve

Dog dead

Dream of droping a baby from bacon but did not die

Dream eating alligator pepper

Deceased mom sick

Dream carrying mealie meal

Dead roach

Drinking lemon leaves water in the dream

Dream my dad touch my breast

Dream about a doll that looks like me

Dream about girl with a child giving me a blank stare in my house

Dream about visiting aplace

Dream meanwhiteg black cock and white cock but the black eating corn fast than the wh

Dream meaning black cock and white cock but the black eating corn fastetat

Dream meaning black cock and white cock sat easti iat

Dragged deep under water

Dead end street

Dream of being a goaal keeper

Dream of my mother wearing my clothes

Dreaming of creflo dollar

Dream of buffalo pushing the wall

Dream of buffalo breaking the wall

Dead person washing your feet

During pregnancy dreams of turmeraind

Dream of giving kaolin mean?

Dreaming that you explaining your future dreams to your pastor

Dissolve someone

Dead cardinal

Dreamed my sister was crying and searching for me.

Defecation of threadworms

Defecated pinworms in my dream meaning

Destroyed bridge over river

Deceasd aunt

Defecating and urinating

Donkey defecating in house

Dreaming of deceased person sleeping in room

Dream of someone being jealous because you are with someone else

Dream of scallions

Dream of an erect pennis

Dream a woman opening thighs


Dream of getting a sumons

Dream president giving me money

Dead person giving keys

Dream about house warming ceremony

Dead father giving me a hug

Dream your dead husband gave u perfume

Dreams about your brother been arrested

Dream of wining a football match

Dream of saving father abrahams

Dreaming of my boyfriend masterbating to porn on his phone?

Dream grinding

Dream with a donkeys dick growing

Dreaming of being sick

Dream about guinea corn meaning

Dreamt of planting coffee trees

Dreamed my ex hit 112k on a slot machine

Dead person giving me keys

Dream of about to get married in the dream

Die in quick sand

Dreamt of mother who already passed away


Dead person vomitting

Dream o family standing before a maze

Dying heart

Dripping pipe in house basement

Dream of burst groundwater

Dream of the dead washing clothes

Dead person talking and smiling to me

Dry fruits dream

Dream ramadan start december through april 16

Dreaming fighting the red pigs

Dirty pantyliner dream meaning

Dreaming with an anaconda


Dragon talking out teeth

Dry mud on my shoe

Dead and reviving


Dancing with a celebrity

Dream of marking with red pen

Doing sex with girl

Deep hole

Dream about a lame woman

Deformed cats piercing

Dream of gums falling apart

Dirt in walls in house

Dreaming a 2 candles lighted

Dreaming of a small girl holding a sword

Dog leading to safty

Dreams about eating pounded yam

Dreaming when a sister to your mother is giving you jackfruit seeds

Destroying the temple

Dead family member of ex husband

Dried crayfish the dream

Dropping your glasses and getting new ones

Dropping your glasses and gettu

Dream of eating okro soup

Dream of flowers

Dream of group of family members

Drumstick dream during pregnacy

Dreamt eating sesame

Dream of food

Dream of dad slicing polony

Dead husbanf

Drama set

Dislocated jawbone

Dream of a a woman plaiting hair

Dead man with a muffler in his mouth

Dream of your baby dieing

Dense half circle

Dense simi circle

Dense semi circle

Dream picking cowries

Drug addiction intervention

Dream of praying in tongues

Dreaming of being a japanese prisoner of war

Dreaming of a japanese soldier

Dreaming finding lost wallet

Dream of homosexual rape

Dreaming of being a robot

Dead friend

Drinking too much water and could die

Dreaming of seeing a white coffin

Dreaming of a white coffin closed and a man crying and hugging d coffin

Dangerous waters

Dreaming of someone sucking my breast

Descending white door dreams

Dreaming of nose bleed

Dead laughing and talking

Dream of a female sucking another female pussy


Dried crayfish dream


Dream vomiting cotton

Dream of breadfruit falling

Drop phone inside water

Dream being with the deputy president

Donkey at the top of a mountain

Dreaming going back to school after being absent for very long

Dream of helping dwarf in dream

Dream myself pounding fufu with mortar and pistol

Damaged testicles

Dream of my landlady

Door scary

Dead people accident

Dead man laughing and talking

Dreaming of rocking baby to sleep

Dalai lama

Dead grandmother morning for me to come to her

Dreaming of broken green eye glases

Dowsing rod



Dead owl

Dream of the prime minister kissing me on my cheeks

Dream of the prime minister kissing me in my cheeks

Dream of hugging my dead husband

Dream i harvest cocoyam and my bowl was so full

Dodging snakes

Dreaming of old cloth

Drinking palm oil

Dreaming of drinking red palm oil

Dragonflies in water

Dream of going to the bathroom

Dream had wrong car

Dreaming giving someone money in envelopes

Dreaming of queen of england

Dream a chili paquin plant

Dream a child paquin plant

Drinking clean water represent what

Dreaming while eating fried cassava with a president

Driving a car but eyes are mostly shut, can’t see to drive good

Deceased mother walking away

Dead raven

Door knocking lightly

Dream of gabriel

Drowned baby

Dream of plucking tamarind

Daughter kidnapped rescued by dead uncle

Disease and people being in lock down

Dream being rich and respected

Dreaming of eating sweet thorny fruits

Dream about offals

Dream of a night vigil

Dreaming of removing jiggers

Dream of someone giving you a blue and white mantle or cloth

Donkey eating green grass


Dead person giving a hat

Deceased ex came to visit

Deceased ex

Dreaming of a black goats attacking


Dream of goat meat

Dream meaning of seen mermaid sucking my breast

Dead boyfriend naked

Dreaming jackfruit

Dream of wanted to prostitude

Dream about turmeric on feet


Dead grandfather attacks me

Dream meaning bleeding

Dream of cutting your hair

Dream of being a matron in a dream

Dead by injection

Dream that some one giving me flask

Dream of seeing 4 moons in the sky

Dreaming my niece pou

Donkey teeth

Dreaming of deceased mother and donkey teeth

Dreaming of deceased mother and she is angry with me

Dreaming of grizzly bears and brown bear

Dream that a dead relative give you milk

Dream of pounding fufu with a lady

Deep cut

Dreaming about a few pennies

Dreaming about having two navels

Dream of a traditional healer

Dreaming abuot a tree fallin on the house

Dreamed i was in church and the pastor handed me a vial of anointing oil

Deformed white kitten

Deformed white kiten

Dog runs away

Dark figure chasing me

Dreaming of grinding maize at a corn mill

Demon dogs

Dirt in the mouth

Dirty dress

Dreaming with unkwown dead people along a road

Driving and cant stop

Dream of hole in my chest

Dream my coworker fell in mud

Dream about giving someone kolanut in ur sleep

Dreaming of having quradplets

Dream about someone trying to commondear your vehicle for their own use


Dreaming of carrying a man in my back

Dreamed that my husband was masturbating

Dripping paint

Dream of mustard

Dead asking for a drink

Dream of eating palm fruit

Dream of eating palm fruit

Dead freinds telling you to stay in pourgotry

Dream about turmeric applied to feet

Deceased mother hugging you with tears of joy

Dust floor

Dream of green fruit

Dream my father burned to the death inside the house

Dead mother combing my hair

Disarming bomb

Dead friend driving

Dream about fetching tap wster

Drinking pap and milk in dream

Donation of clothes

Dream meaning of peanuts

Dream of dead relative giving a clock

Deceased relative hanging themselves

Dental floss

Dream of someone handing me a pair of broken eye glasses

Dream of sucking dead man oenis

Dreamt two days in a row that i caught my wife cheating on me

Dream of blood stain sanitary pad

Dreaming blue clothes hanging

Dreaming of wall gecko in your mouth

Dream that friend is in rehab

Dream i am receiving oral sex

Dense clouds of white car exhaust

Dream of eating rice-ball

Dream of sucking dead man penis

Dreaming of butter and curd meaning

Dirty hay

Divided onself

Dreaming your girlfirend is an imanginary friend

Dream of step father

Dream of people driving by my house

Dream of matress

Dream of matress aginst the door

Dream of african man hugging me

Dream of dresser draw of curling iorns

Dream of curling iorn

Drinking red label in the dream

Dreamt my sandals were missing


Dreams are about old clothes

Dream of sun behind clouds in early morning

Dreamof behid clouds early morning

Dead priest dream

Dream of dead proest

Dreaming a someone break a mug cups

Dreaming my friend call me to help him pushing a wheelbarrow of meat

Dreaming having sex with a dog

Deep scuba

Discovered secret

Daughter in law could not find her trousers in my house

Dreaming of boyfriends sister

Dancing with a black bear

Dreaming about mythology

Dreams about ones sister


Dreamt of mexican food

Dead relative cooking in the dream

Dead person and his widow

Dust devil did not hurt me


Disk jockey

Dead father gave me sweets

Dream of quintuplet

Dreaming washing a baby

Dreaming of baby pigs

Dream of loosing telephone sims

Dream of loosing sim cards

Dreaming of pou

Dreamin about silvanus

Dreaming of a moose

Dream my dad died

Dreaming about my boyfriend gave me a money plant

Driving a silver colour car

Dream of drying fish at work

Dog food

Digging fish dream

Dark to bright

Dark sky then turning to bright day

Dream of ripe marula fruit

Dream someone was sweeping

Dreamed saw cassava tuber s

Dense white car exhaust

Dream grey

Dream seeing you are rebuking the dead

Dream of a dog vomiting on me


Dream of an old woman praying for me

Dreams in basement

Dreaming myself nacked and dressing blackdtess seeing my son in a dream seeing my friend nacked a ma

Dream of having heap of chin chin in a bathing water, what is the meaning

Dreamt celebrating my daughters birthday

Dream of empty gallon

Dream of empty gallow

Dead person giving red rose flower |

Dream someone is praying for me

Dreaming of eating red soil and given water from the river

Dreaming your adult child is in a wheelchair and crying

Drinking a energy drink and dancing

Dream meaning of chasing grasscutter

Dream of embracing a dead dear friend

Discussions over a new offer

Dream of carrying water with wheelbarrow

Dreamt that a woman is cooking okro in my dream what does it means

Dead seals

Dream about milo drink

Dropping phone in the water

Driving drunk

Dream of deceased father not speaking

Dreaming of a dead friend that needs help with a party

Dream of a man pull out his tail,causing injury and pains on him

Dreaming of someone showing u their scare

Dream of a man pull out his tail,causing injury and pains on him

Dish wash

Dogs drinking

Dreams and spiritual path

Dreamt about white colanut

Dream of cut trees

Dark childhood road

Dark journey

Dirty sox

Dark street

Dust on scalp

Dreaming of pizza

Dream of falling ring in toilet

Dreaming about an empty glass dining room table

Drinking of cold coconut water from refrigerator

Drinking of cold coconut water from fridge

Dreaming having a baby boy child

Dreaming of your boyfriend telling someone that he got another lady

Dreaming about getting married to your boyfriend

Dreaming getting married to your boyfriend

Dead mother cleaning my house

Dead monday is hungry

Death of your own son

Dreaming of eating mix porridge with milk

Dreaming of my family in train and mmy is missing

Dreaming of sandals with other pairs

Dreams of unpaired sandle

Dried sanitory napkins

Dreaming of healing nuns

Digging into concrete

Dancing with

Dreamed i saw a surgeon i used to work with

Dream about losing girlfriend to her ex


Dreams of catching queen bee

Dog hugging and licking me

Dream of eating sugar cane

Die in burning car

Dream dead husband kiss my lips

Dreaming of my boss in a sexual touching way no sex


Dreaming when you are taking medication

Dream lover saying thank you and don’t be shy

Destoyed a building

Dream of burning cattle

Diamond heart earrings

Dreaming that my child is on a bridge and its raining heavily then it collapses and my child falls in water

Dream where you are told you will die soon

Dreaming of monkey headskull

Dream of having oral sex with my ex

Dreaming of quarrel with a dead priest

Dreaming of hanging with friends from the past

Dream of buying locusbeans

Dreaming of shopping for clothes

David kimaru gakuu

Dry crayfish

Dead people underwater

Dreaming of monkeys

Dream of a dog and a snake facing each other.

Dream of taking test

Domesticated dog

Dream of polony

Dead person boiled milk in dream

Dream a dead person is blind

Dog dying

Desert steep rocks

Driving head lights was of and i turned it on

Dream about husband social security number

Digging up diamonds

Dead crow on your body

Dreaming about a child

Dream of a dead person taking medicine

Drunk parent

Dream of moving into old house



Dreaming picking granadilla fruits

Dreamimg of ur partner stroke

Damaged passport


Dreaming about writing exams

Dream of purging

Dream of boiling red oil

Dream of blunder

Dentist clinic

Decorated bedroom

Dream of taking a cookie apart

Dream of being given a kola nut by a student

Dreaming of an unknown man, and seeing him the next day

Dream of cooking yam

Dream meaning of a little baby vommitting millet

Dead person giving u gold jewellery as a gift

Dead best friend

Dead cornfeild


Dog master bating

Dead mother eating from my food

Dancing naked woman

Dead person being healthy



Delivering newspapers

Dreaming of being fired from a job

Dream of a toga

Day of rekoning

Dreams of my husband being late for our wedding

Dreaming of a friend smiling st you

Dragon talking

Dreaming seeing sparkling lights in vision

Dream of been transferred

Daughter wearing a wedding dress

Dreaming of royal family

Drinking sperm

Dream of,receiving a cheque



Dragged underwater

Dreaming about angel

Dream of looking at new constr homes

Dream about parents

Dream of dog approaching sniffing and smiling

Dreaming dead grandmother wishing to cut her hair

Dream about loss

Dead person laugh

Dreaming digging charcoal

Duchess of cambridge

Dream about feeding boiled egg to children

Den leavesshower of gl

Dirty diaper

Dream of been of bus conducted or bus mate

Dreaming of picking up a wedding chain

Dead flies in my food

Dream of red clay and running water

Dead flies food

Dreaming about someone and that person calls during your dream

Dreaming of broken eye glasses

Dreaming of being a pastor

Dreaming he always takes his ex side

Dreaming of snake coming out of my mouth

Deceased father choking and vomitting

Dreamt of palm tree burning

Dog suck nipple

Dreaming husband wearing torn clothes

Dream of drinking sweet clean coconut water

Dreamt of mealie cobs and sorghum

Dog want let go of my hands in my dream

Dream about cola nut means

Dreaming of mealie cobs

Dreaming of good grades

Dreaming of shooting at colleges and rescuers

Dream of selling sugarcane

Dream of a mortal and pestle

Dancing with my pastor in dream

Dream of two headed blue bird meaning

Dictator lover

Dreaming of seeing julebi


Dreaming of being married to a rich man

Dead mole

Dead uncle blowing kiss

Dream of swing biscuit and sweet

Dream meaning of breadnut

Dream that my husband cut the hedge in half and our house was exposed wife very angry

Daughter kidnapped

Demon coming out of a bathtub drain


Dead asking for water

Dream about person recovering

Drinking sugarcane juice

Deceased mother in white

Dream of exhusband

Driving car with spouse and leg is out of the car

Dancing women

Dim christmas light

Dream princess diana was blind

Dark chocolat

Dreaming of a deceased

Dead hermit crab

Dreaming of getting in shape

Dreams of my grandfather with a left broken arm

Dreaming of changing an instrument

Dream of tradional healer praying for me

Dreaming of someone that fell in the gutter and had an injury

Dream of tradional healer praying for me

Dream about pairs of slippers got missing

Dreaming of eating boiled grandnut with friends

Door frame falling in on me

Dreams of shells that are skin

Dreaming of eating boiled grandnut with friends

Dream of curly light brown hair

Dreaming about a train

Dreaming of picking up two big empty calabash

Drained ocean

Dream about sleeping dog

Drinking milk with cashew

Dreams about white pap

Decleration of independance

Dream of given money in a white envelop

Dream being married to a rich man

Dead parent come back to life

Dream of a death certificate

Doughnuts in a dream

Dog locking my hands

Dream about raw cassava

Dreaming one having bought a car for the other person

Dream of tamarind fruit on the ground?

Dream of seen asteroids in space

Dream about my goods into dustbin

Dream about be the chosen one

Dream liberia president weah give me money

Dog with 3rd eye

Dead mother wearing blue dress came in a room looking at me

Dream visions and open stances


Dreaming about a friend

Dream of money ritual in a dream

Death in an elevator

Decease person parking car


Dreaming of breaking a hard custard apple


Domesticated animals

Dreamsea give my social security number to someone what does it mean

Dream that the pope gave you a blessing

Dream of brother in a grey suit going to church with me


Dreaming walking with barefoot in gravel

Dream of a little boy sucking a man’s penis

Dream of a white house full of offices

Dream of being given money

Distributing sweet to others in dream

Dream about a kid praying for you

Dream of looking for a your girl

Dirt wet road

Dreaming i was spitting out a mouthful of gravel

Dream walking on refuse dump

Dreamed that i was painting my nails with red polish

Dry stockfish

Dty stockfish

Dreaming one wearing wedding dress

Dreamt i got together with my ex brother in law

Duendes in my home


Dreaming giving ur sister a bowl

Dream of leucoderma

Dead person give a gift of earings

Dreaming of seeing a happly inlove couple

Dream about emergrating

Dream of loved one going bald

Dream of small sticks in my mouth

Dog hair

Dreaming with a child chanting to animal then send the animal to bite me woke up before


Dream of buying frytol oil in a dream

Dream reaching for nail clippers


Dog sitting

Dalmation dog in dream


Dreaming about and ex


Dream about pile o clse and shoes

Dream of someone undressing

Dreaming of six extra toes

Dream of gramma giving you clothes

Dream of sink full of dirty stainless steel cooking pots

Dead relative give you clothes

Digging a man out of sand

Dog digging a hole in my yard and seeing rusing water

Daugtee feels too heavy to lift in dream

Dream of cutting sugarcane

Danny longlegs

Dream of cooking rice pudding

Dream of crop

Dream of sucking a female vagina

Dead chicken butchered

Dead hen butchered

Dead hen being butchered

Dreaming of cooking soft porridge

Descending down the house steps

Deer looking at me in dream

Dream where you find your self in the kraal with cows

Dreaming of green peppers with one red

Dead pastor

Dream about someone biting ear

Dead person asking to do laundry

Death dreams

Dogs in dream

Dream of broken car

Dream of eating kola nut

Doughnut seen i. dream

Digging for well


Dream of making coleslaw

Dreaming of wining the egg hunt with a bright green color cracked egg

Dead waving at you

Distant sibling appearing

Dream of ejaculation

Dream about war

Dreaming about tomatoes ripe tomatoes

Dreaming of toilets

Drinking fountain leaking

Daughter i did not know about

Dreaming of wining the egg hunt with a bright cracked egg

Dream about sleeping bags

Deceased grandparents

Distorted faces

Dream see open ackee

Deceased mother

Daughter takes period

Dream about buying teapot

Dreamed of same sex

Dream of atten crusade

Dreaming about an ex

Dreaming wearing graduation gown

Dream of spiritual guide

Deaf crush speaking

Dream of spirits

Difficulties when crossing a bridge

Dancing slow dance with boyfriend

Dreamed i had a boyfriend

Dreamed about my crush




Deceased parent

Dead people that you know

Dreamt of a rich man looking at me and saying he likes me

Dreaming about a husband beating his wife

Dreaming about a man you like/love

Deceased father carrying suitcase

Deceased father carrying a suitcase

Deceased father with suitcase

Dream of children molesting eachother

Dream of kissing an intimate friend with dentures

Dream of eating rioe jackfruit

Dream of passed away person

Dead people that you know in your dreams

Dream of picking riped limes

Dream meaning of being given 2 rings

Dream of being in a new home

Discharge coming out of your virginia

Dreaming about vigil at home

Dreaming about home vigil

Dreaming of about vigil

Dream of dto nino

Dreaming of my husband flerting other woman


Dandelion seeds

Driving around with a friend in black hearse

Dream about buying diaper

Down syndrome man

Dreaming of my mom who passed away

Dreaming of digging and picking up coins of money and jewelry from the ground

Dreaming when suffering from jiggers

Dancing waltz

Dream dried mopane worms

Door gaps

Door not secure

Dream of cars in a parking lot

Door has gaps

Door jam

Driving a black suv

Dying deer


Dream of man touching pregnant woman’s breast

Dried ocean

Dreaming a person wearing dirty clothes by he is trying to warn me

Drinking coconut water at midnight

Dead uncles shaking hand in the dream

Dead person body parts

Dead people poo

Damaged roof from storm


Dream of a bobcat

Dress as police officer

Dress in as police officer

Dream of pastor in a sexual way

Dream about seeing sugar cane

Dead boyfriend given you cooked egg

Do ents

Dirty foot print in a bathtub

Drools on my w a kiss

Dream of dead sheep

Dream my vagina is filled with bugs

Dream talking with muchelle obama

Dreaming of a burial of a king

Dream pinball 3d crack

Dry crafish

Dreaming worm coming out bum

Dream about sto.nino

Dream of dog poop

Dreaming about seeing 3 pastors

Daughter taken away by water

Dream the scorpion biting me

Dreaming of an aunty smoking meth

Dead relative asking to cook food for guests

Dream of raster men

Dream of pink

Dream about stockfish

Dream seeing uncompleted buildings

Dreamed of punk long artificial nails


Dream of harvesting cassava

Dreaming of custardapple means

Dark room with a bed

Dreaming about washing child dirt

Death of a child

Dead husband waving at me

Dreaming of handshake with pastor

Dream ing tiger

Dog skull


Dream of husband but i’m not married

Dream of boyfriend fingering you

Dream of past relationship

Dream of past relatiinship

Dreamt of a big black millipede crawling fast tried to kill it but it spring up and disappear fast

Dreaming about fruit and vegetables garden

Dream meaning of impermanence

Dreaming of a condom breaking

Deceased loved one wearing a hat

Deceased love one wearing a hay

Dead father inlaw that i never met

Dreaming of a dead father inlaw you never met

Dream about pouring mixed groundnut oil in a pan

Dreaming about large houses

Dreaming of a big broken spoon

Door code

Deep fying

Dream of coward ass bitch ashing on my head

Dream of yellow high lighter

Dreaming about your exes

Dream of my feet being wash by my dead brother

Dream of myself milking a cow from fat udder and overflows the vessel

Drum filled with water

Dreaming of plastic snails when put in water they come back to life and produce

Dreams of women being dwarf

Dream about curtains

Dreaming of eating ripe jack fruit

Dream of milo powder

Dream of grown money plant

Dreaming of closing a green door

Dream about looking for golden color blanket for mom

Dreams of dead husband

Dog vomits clothes

Divider compass

Dream that i was harvesting lots of sweet potatoes

Dreaming of buying dead oarfish

Dreaming of gold chain in dream

Dream someone throwing something at me in my yard in a red bottle

Dreaming of a traditional healer

Dream about jinx


Dream about some one giving me camphor

Dreaming about the death of your mother

Dry spots on scalp

Divorce papers


Dreamed of a car crashing into me

Dream about paneer

Deer attack

Drums in the sky

Dream of mad woman hugging

Dating my old friend

Dream of seeing yam

Doctor murdering

Donkey nightmare

Donkey night

Driving rusty car dreams

Dream of mom looking pale in a dream

Dog grasping arm

Dream the image of flyingfish

Dreamed of given new notebook

Dreamt about oxtail

Dreaming of uprooting muchshroom

Dreaming when a man and a woman having sex

Dream of fake jewelry

Dream of injury

Dream of eating yam in d dream

Dream meaning of dried crafish

Deceased brother was run over intentionally by siblings

Dead person telling you that they are ok

Dream of pounding casava

Dreaming of someone looking at me with red eyes

Dream of taking old clothes

Door knob sun symbol

Deceased coming back to life and walking away

Dream to black geni

Dead person telling wear white bead

Dead person telling you to wear a white bead

Dead person white bead

Dead person seeing a black bead on you

Dream meaning when looking for your lost blanket

Dream of wearing convocation out fit and happy in the dream.

Dead christmas tree

Drown inside lake

Dreaming. smoking. cigar?

Door folded up

Daughter eloped

Dream of a old summer dress

Digging a toilet

Dead husband doing house work

Dead bullock in a church

Dream of kissing a pastor

Dream of sexual encounter with your pastor

Dream of sex with your pastor

Dream of a close friend hurt

Drowning in a vortex

Dream about devine mercy

Dream of taking bitter herbal medicine

Dream about being pregnant

Dream meaning of seeing traditional healer

Dreams of 21st birthday

Drinking a pap in the dream

Dream about getting good marks or passing

Dreams about getting good marks

Dream about party

Dream about almond oil

Dreaming of president

Dream of eating palm nut friuts

Dreaming about queen elizabeth

Daughters ex boyfriend

Dreaming while i am resurrecting dead people

Dreaming of counting lobola money

Different country

Disembodied horse head

Dream of plum

Dreaming of calabash

Desttuing of sugarcane field in dream

Dream of speaking with a dead priest

Dirty pigpen

Dead buried person resurrected

Dreams about anger

Dream of white cows

Dreaming of bathing somoene

Dream after eating pork

Dream of finding conch

Dream of head ties

Dreaming quiting job

Dropping stuff

Dream of seeing my husband naked

Deer swimming across a river

Dreamed of divorcing unfaithful husband

Dreams of your wedding

Dreams of tour wedding

Dream about old man wearing man

Dreaming of my shoe broke

Dreaming about a farmland

Dreaming a baby with 2 sexual organs

Dream meaning of deficating in the dream

Dead car battery

Dream about a tombstone

Doggy style

Dream of seeing a raster

Dreaming picking yellow fruits

Dead mum slapped me

Dreamt my dead mom with wounds on her mouth

Dream as telling someone that they handphone number come out in lottery

Dream of getting rongoli

Dream of colored potatoes meaning

Dreaming about dead sheep with their guts taken out

Dream about an unknown pastor not talking to me

Dream of abandoned car with fabrics and gowns loading

Dreaming of accusations of you stealing xylophone

Dreaming about refunding money to a customer

Dreming of erosion and carry by erotion mean what

Dream about a pastor beating you

Dream about a pastor beating you

Dreaming vitiligo people

Dreamt i was cooking samp meal, what does it mean

Dreaming of buried old clothes

Dreaming of my boss

Dirty feer

Dreamed of sister falling down stairs backwards to her death

Deceased grandmother pooping on floor while showing you something in your childhood home

Drinking rose infused water

Dreaming of growing hair on palm of hand

Dividing objects


Dreaming manatess

Diamaond rings

Discovering lover is married

Distributing sweet

Dreaming of a red cat what does it mean

Dream of a red cat

Disprectful daughter

Dreaming of twins on a basket

Dead father digging

Dreaming of clay pot meaning

Dream about buying cassava

Dreaming of carrying three calabash

Different house

Dream of seen wife vagina in dream

Dream of objects moving by themselves

Dream of hiding marajuana

Dream of anuts

Dreaming about ironing school clothes

Dream of someone buying colourful sarees

Dream of buying saree

Dad hits daughter in dream

Dreaming of i saw my lover through a keyhole

Doorstep missing

Doorstep meaning

Dream of standing in mortar bathing

Dream of standing in a mortal bathing


Door no handle

Dancing with someone

Dreaming of applying parrafin in the body

Dream of stockfish

Dead gives me drink


Dream of killing baby

Driving tricycle

Dream of going for umrah

Dwarf women sex

Dream if a flat tyre

Dreaming of a flat tyre in your car boot

Disco vall

Dead sweetheart

Drinking coconut dream

Deceased dad hits daughter

Dissolved dream

Dirt fits

Dog vomits on me

Dream about your boyfriend having two wives

Dream had a red kitten

Dreamt of my husband falling from a hillside and bleeding

Drive down steep hill

Dressing as a clown to go take shower

Door opened by wind

Dreamt someone threats you in a dream

Dream injected with white substance

Dead gives new clothes

Dead person and shoes

Dream of old farmhouse

Dreaming of been shown deaceased brothers rosary beads

Dreaming of buying fante kenkey

Dreams of crack feet

Dreams of cracked heels

Dream of dead myher

Dreamt of someone being congradulated

Down syndrome child

Deceased husband having affair

Dreaming of a whirlwind following you

Dreaming of broken phone screen

Dreaming of broken phone

Dinosaur in water

Dreams of seeing my self putting a pad but clear water was coming out instead of period

Dreamed about someone i know paying lobola for you

Dream of my husband falling from a hillside and bleeding


Dream of seeing pant

Dream about using perming cream on your hair

Dry palm leaves

Do dreams have meanig

Dead person giving dry fruit

Dram about using perming cream on your hair

Deceased loving husband kills

Dream of corieader leaves

Dream of corie

Dreaming about butternut

Dream of talking on the phone

Driving toward stranger at end of road

Disobedient boy

Driving the wrong direction

Dreaming of a disable child taking your things

Dream of decease vomiting

Dead rat on the street

Dreaming about being anointed

Dreaming about being anointed with hand

Dream of someone smelling my shoes

Decapitated baby

Dead son asking for money in dream

Dressing maniquens in a dream

Dreaming of a ouija board

Dream of someone giving you alice of past er

Dreaming with pulverized trash

Driving through a landfill

Doing preparation for umra

Dream with turkey berry plant

Dreamt a giant protecting me from another giants

Diving birds

Daycare center

Dreams of the middle east

Driving car and it goes off the road towards the water below without actually entering

Dreamt mary magdelan was praying by me

Dream of abortion

Drop cellphone in muddy indoor pool

Deceased mother combing my hair

Dreaming attending burial


Dream of buying maggie cube

Dream of a white horse

Dream stealing a valuable red sand

Dreaming of a informant

Dream about biting someone’s finger off

Dream about biting someone finger off

Dream about an ex president giving me money

Dreaming of biting someone elses finger

Deformed cat

Drinking coconut water in my dream and at the same time eating the fresh food

Dreaming of women having blood squirt out of womb

Dreaming spouse says she has larengytis

Dreaming holdi your spouse hips

Dreaming of spouse stomach sitting down

Dreaming holding your spouse hips

Dread fruit

Dominatrix whip

Dead person putting on new clothes

Dal dream

Dreams of becoming a stripper

Deceased son in handcuffs

Dreams about no 3

Dreaming about moving to scotland


Dream of eggs

Dream about running away from psycho who loves me

Dream of snake plant

Dressed in a wedding grown

Drive sse

Dream of black pear

Drug addict injected me

Died chilled

Dream of seeing 3 white ladies

Dream that a friend used me for ritual

Dreaming of your husband walking naked with a stick holding a child’s hand

Dog hit by car and injured

Dreaming of your dead husband and he shoots you

Diagram of a water pump

Dreaming my lobola

Dolphin praying salah

Divine cicada

Dream of living in san francisco

Dirty pot

Dream of lamb white color and baba talking

Dreaming of finding myself in uncompleted house

Dreaming with friends step in the pool the water is orange

Dreaminh about big cassava camote at union

Dreaming about a friend wearing weird shoes

Dreaming of of 2 big shucks

Dreaming is a male sibling being arrested

Daddy longlegs spider

Dogs eating meatloaf

Dead deer

Dreaming bitter guard


Drinking salty water in a dream

Dream of a man feeding you ackee

Death of a loved one and crying in a dream

Dreaming of of 2 shucks

Dreaming of receiving a note

Disable child

Dreaming of salt mackerel

Dreaming you a goddess

Dream having a new silver car


Dream of new employment abdroad

Dog with third eye

Dog with thirdceye

Dream of disabled child

Dream shrimp soup what those mean

Dream of losing hair in clumps

Dreaming about border control

Dream of dry red chilli

Dream about giving money away to a dead person

Dreaming pupu

Dream thread loose on shirt

Dream of plucking ripe oranges

Dream of pressing clothes

Dead person asking for clothes

Dream of thick fresh milk cream looking delicious

Dental retainer

Dead relitives

Dead sharing bread

Dark curly hair

Dead bodies in septic tanks

Doors being blown open in house

Dreams about a bike

Dead parent in my dream

Dream about neighbours pulling down my shed

Daddy long legs spiders

Dreaming of a ripe jackfruit

Dreaming point an arrow and how forwards someone

Dogs fighting and seeing there blood

Dog chewing my dog

Dark fairy

Dreaming about plucking of bitter guard

Dream about a particular car

Dog throwing up

Dream about eating roast breadfruit

Driving on road onto large body of water

Deceased relatives

Dreaming someone else having asthma

Driving on tracks

Dream of having a party

Driving in a dead field

Dream about money


Dream about a black cow charging

Dreaming if the far past you were not born in

Dip finger in tight anus

Dream meaning unblocking septic pipe in the bible

Dreaming baby crying and pee

Dream i was force to swallow thumbs tacks

Dreaming about i like my pastor

Dreamt about pushing a big lorry

Dream about a pot

Dirty pot dream

Dream of dead flies

Dogs army

Dream about fighting a witch but killing her in the end

Deceased sister and mother being robbed

Dream of brotjer in a grey suit going to church

Doors closing

Dead grandmother talking to you

Decented grandmother talking to you

Dreaming wearing military uniforms in the midst of military generals

Dream being a goalkeeper

Dreamed of winning a fight

Distress in dream

Dreamt of old clothes

Dream of aging quickly

Dream breast pumping for a friend

Death of a pet

Dreaming of dead mother being taken away

Dream of finding something lust

Death guava tree

Dyeing ones hair

Dying ones hair

Dreaming of a dead mother sweeping

Death of film star

Dream of shooting star

Dream drum sticks

Disgusting lesbian kiss

Demon face

Dream of 2 women kissing

Dream about old clothes

Dream about throwing someone else used santa towel

Dream of an offer of diamonds

Dream of recovery

Dreaming that i had umemulo

Dreaming of people shooting.. the other guy had the blood on his hands

Drinking soya milk

Dreaming performing money ritual and have received a lot of notes money

Dreamt of guinea fowls


Dream of clearing out cobwebs

Dreamed the flag of india

Dirty washcloth

Dreaming removing jigger

Dreming boyfriend of sister come home

Diamonds and jesus

Diamond earring falling into sink drain

Dream being a captain

Dead boyfriend talking to a jamun tree

Dead boyfriend talking to a jamoon tree

Dead black horse

Dirty mop in face

Dreams of renewing wedding vows

Decorating with pomegranate seeds

Dream i was carrying a huge pool stick

Death and disease

Dreaming of giving offering in the church

Dreams of bolts nuts

Dream of cutting meat

Dreaming of baking muffin

Dreams about my mother

Demonic hand

Devil claw

Devils hand

Devils hoofs

Devils claw

Dream of floods

Dream of incest

Dream of climbing a ladder

Dream i saw myself on a rough sailing ship

Dream when people beg me money

Dead person asking

Dreamed of blood worms on my body

Defleated ball

Dream of cassava farm

Dream to see a snake and a relative

Dream of paying debt

Destroying robots

Dreaming about a past relationship

Dying in pot hole

Dirt road steep

Dreaming of a dream

Dream about black jamun fruit bunch in tree

Dog with tumors

Dog dream

Dreaming of hair getting long

Drinking alchahole

Damped couches

Damp couches and walls

Drowning duck

Doing periwinkle business in a dream

Dream of pawn

Dirty vlothes

Dreaming of rubing oil on the legs

Dreaming of rubing oil on the legs

Dreaming tubing oil on the legs

Dreaming about dolphine islam

Dream meaning sex granny

Dreaming of tracksuit

Dreaming of spanners

Dream meaning of a bus journey

Dreaming you are buying a mince meat meaning


Devil attacking my wife

Dream of doing karate and watching rugby


Dreaming of pintade

Dead person seeeping the floor dream meaning

Dream about war and caring a baby

Dream of potholes as christian

Driving an old car

Dogs hunting me

Daughter transforms to a deer

Daughter becomes a fawn

Dead person grown taller

Dream of a professional neighbor making you feel less ?


Dreams about vitiligo

Dreamed of family 3 members being completely nude

Dreamed of family members being nude


Diving in river

Dreaming of power outrage

Dog giving pipe


Durag dream symbol

Dreaming about makoti

Dreams introductions

Dreaming that i musterbate

Dead husband eye

Destroyed for sale boards

Detoothing in the dream

Dreaming while detoothing

Dreaming of sugar cane turning into reeds

Doublemint gum



Digging roots

Day of the dead

Dreaming of six fingers meaning

Dream of being sent a pleasant picture of yourself in a foreign place with blue and white colors

Dead ones shoes

Disfigured of nose in dream

Drinking salt water

Dreams about ex with a confused look

Dream of a moble


Dream married

Dream about singing my national anthem


Dead frog

Dreaming of doing laundrey and washing machine broke i hve to hold the switch button on fr the machine to wash

Dream of carp


Decifer code

Dream sleeping on cruise ship

Dream of friends on cruise ship

Dreaming of the clinic at maternity ward

Dark grey

Disapering stairs

Dream of leading a blind old lady

Dreaming of my father

Dog on grave

Dreaming of passing a kidney stone

Dream of young emperor lying down with clam

Dreaming of house

Drinking pap


Drinking fountian

Dead father fainting

Daughter raped in dream


Dream of having vitiligo

Dreaming of giving a cap to someone

Diving in water

Date on a penny

Dream of having palm kernel

Dying from and around a tree

Dreaming of a house in peach colour

Dream of buying a range rover

Deep blue

Dreaming of having a deep cleaning done in ur house

Dead cock

Dreaming used sanitary pads

Drinking sachet water in a dream

Dead mother sweeping

Dream about bad hygiene

Dog peeing in dream

Drinking water

Dead chickens

Dead aunt

Dead auntie

Dreaming of your brother sick






Dream of harvesting peanuts

Dream about shemale

Dreams about pastor preached

Dream with feaces

Dream you are geting sorghum

Dream about sex

Dreaming of a horned god

Dreams of seafood being cooked

Dream of findings deeds

Deficating in a bathtub

Dresm of sto. nino


Dream of people fall in line

Dreams of burning houses

Deacease giving slice of toast bread to eat

Dream of baby with down syndrome

Dreaming of a baby with a mental illness

Dream interpretation lion

Dream interpretation water

Dream meaning girl

Dream meaning gold

Dream meaning fire

Dream meaning apple

Dream meaning door

Dream interpretation room

Dancing barefoot on snow


Dream a white envelope

Dreams about cooking garden eggs


Darker eyes

Dreaming of your old clothes

Deceased mother in-law back home happily

Dry fish

Dreaming of been a makoti

Dark twin flame

Dreaming for my ex boyfriend paying lobola for me

Dream meaning of a razor blade

Digging well successfully

Dancing transgenders in dream

Dream mom stroke

Dead skinless dog

Dreaming of red confetti cleaning it up

Dreaming of two pink angels

Dragon fly

Driving out of control


Dig up

Dream about a hebrew bible

Dream some asking if i want a hebrew bible

Dream about frost in the refrigerator

Dream pushing wilbarow



Dirty white dress

Dream of alose is it a herb

Dead mother giving you key in the dream

Dream am sing gospel song

Dream being chased

Dreaming of buying a corol

Dream of pounding fufu with someone

Dream of pounding fufu with love one

Dream of someone harvests your ripped palm fruit

Dominic dog/cat

Dream where i kill grass cutter animalmeaning

Dream where i kill grass cutter meaning

Dream of seeing lady at my back

Dream of seeing lady at myback

Diamond pearl

Dream truck

Dreamt of camel

Dragons winged

Destroyed spider net in my hand

Dream about your daughter loosing virginity

Dreaming of umemulo

Dreams about lobola

Dead grandfather


Developed wings and flying in the sky

Dining and finding gold

Dreaming of green water

Dreamseeing dead nephew asking for food

Dream having vitiligo

Dream of getting married to friend

Dream of circumsition

Dancing with drake

Dreaming of a lot of soghurm

Dreamed of a friend visiting me after they had died

Dream kissing vagina

Dream of red cloth pls.tell me meaning

Dead father asking for food

Dream about seeing a pastor

Dead husband

Dreaming someone cutting your hair

Dream about sweeping and cleaning a vineyard but it was not mine

Dead on clothes

Dream of buying condensed milk into bread

Dead person borrowing money

Dried crayfish gift

Dreaming of burning bush


Dreaming of having a boy

Dreaming about a awol

Dream of a woman with three breast

Dreamed the number 8


Dream about a banyan tree near a big lake

Dreaming of gold pictures frames on a wall

Dreaming of worms in body

Dream twenty years

Dream the number twenty

Dream number 20



Dream seeing guinea foul is a bad omen

Dream seeing guinea foul

Dreaming of seeing someone sweating

Dream of hearing death news of grandfather

Dreaming of the house floor cracking

Dreaming the house floor cracking

Dream of sucking vigina

Dry ground

Dream of seeing vip

Dead raccoon

Dead fathers funeral

Dreams in another person stomach

Dream of someone hitting someone else

Date squares

Dream of three sugar cane trees brought to home by a woman

Destroying my book

Destroying a book

Dreaming seeing a hornbill

Dream of your class singing beautiful song

Death, snow, cold, blood, frost

Dead person wanting a vaseline

Dream my breast being sucked by a man

Dream of blowing the candles meaning in dreams

Dream that your hands are gone

Dream of missing hands

Draming about your father who passed away

Doves flew on to me

Dinner is served

Dream foot in casts

Dreamed of smoke in my bedroom

Dreaming of used stained sanitary pads

Dead person building/construction

Dreaming of a time piece

Dreaming of your former home and still having the keys to get in

Dog biting my clothes

Dream of eating alma

Dead person gives milk meaning

Dream of tying red wrapper and some one making incantations

Dream of seeing two prophets

Dream of muddy water

Dream of palm karnel nut

Dry grand meaning

Dancing in the church

Dream of cutting and eating sugarcane

Drowning people and animals with water hose

Dreaming seeing my dead boss

Deceased wife of my husband vomiting

Dirt on closet floor

Drumsticks eating

Dreaming about a purge

Dancing on snow

Dreaming of winning a toy elephant

Dirty money

Dream clothespins and hang

Diamond shape in dream

Dog suck my breast

Driving in an ice storm

Dissolve into nothing

Dream of ocean in pregnancy

Drinking white palm in the dream

Dreaming about a brother having a stroke

Devotees in dream


Driving blindfolded

Dry scaly skin on the chest neck and scalp

Deceased god father

Dobkeys in dreams


Dreaming rotten fish

Dreaming of being chased by a warthog


Dream meaning of sharing bed with my sister

Dark skin

Diarrhea with froth

Dream of blue sweater

Dreaming a cow mooing on gate

Dreaming about lover paying lobola for me

Dead flys

Dreaming of receiving stitches on the forehead

Dreaming of receiving stitches to the head

Daughter was naked

Dreamnt in mealie meal

Dream of my neighbours car bring vanderlized

Dream of white short with red stains

Dirty clothes on dead person

Dead mother sweeping house

Dead person sweeping house



Dreaming of an unvelling

Dream with boyal mach

Dreaming of a brown cow urinating through window

Dying passion fruit with lots of fruits

Dream lord is having tears meaning

Dog eating ear of corn

Dream of a black nazarene

Dream of someone else being pregnant

Dream of another with multiple pregnancy

Dark face

Dream about seeing a woman with a well groomed beard

Dream about ackee whats the meaning

Driving with dead loved one in car

Dreaming of prince william at a royal wedding

Dreaming yourself inside a big river

Dreaming lobola for me

Dreaming about coals walking over hot coals

Drink sweet curd

Dreaming mopani worms

Dream my house burned down

Destroying a coffin in the dream

Dead person is sick

Dream many twigs


Dream about color purple

Dark pink


Dreams my ribs are being crushed

Dreamed of my silver diamond pendant kept breaing only the silver chain

Dream of winning award

Dreaming of sangoma

Drinking soapy water in dream

Dog urine

Dreaming of fraction number 40/50

Dreamed i was in acar riding and my decesed grangmother a

Dead laughing

Dead la

Demon tail

Dreaming of stretch marks on legs

Dreaming of stretch

Dreaming of muddy water interpretation

Dreaming of muddy water

Dreaming once wife as not well

Drive thru

Door knocking

Dreaming of losing pearl in running water then found a lot of diamonds

Digging up a cut rattlesnake

Dreams of a wedding

Dead hamster

Drowning in a sea

Dream of mopane worm

Descending from sky

Dream about sorrels


Dream that you and husband are fishing and he is doing drugs

Dreaming of getting a job

Dream about puffpuff

Deceased relative slapping me

Dream of awol

Dream shit

Dream of cup being giving to you

Dreaming of cheese

Dreamt about bestfriend who is not talking to me

Doing with husband

Dreaming about a baby boy after having an abortion

Dancing and eating and happy people

Deceased mother appears and has no interest in me

Dream having

Deer turns into rabbit

Dream about being robbed at store

Dreaming old dead

Dream about my mustache falling out

Dream of someone who is deceased

Driving a car but unabe to climb a hill

Daugther in the dream

Dream of place name

Dreaming of your palm

Dreaming of someone you want

Dreaming of baby boy

Dear of a hawek flying

Dream about having with yoir ex

Dreaming of radha krishna

Dog wants to bite you

Dreaming of having a child

Deceased asking for help to hide

Dreams new motorcyle

Drinking camel nmilk

Dreadlocks dream,meaning

Dream about jiggers

Dream about someone giving you mangoes

Dreamt aunty died

Dead body vagina

Daughter-in-law telling off mother-in-law

Durga watching me

Dozens of shooting stars

Dreams about mouses

Dreams about mises

Dreams about babies

Dream meaning about melon seed

Dead aunt asking for food she hungry

Driving with a dead friend driving me

Dream about a dead person vomiting

Dream of mistress dead

Dog chasing

Dreaming of a madman

Dal urad rajma

Dreaming about are mad person

Dreaming of queen elizabeth meaning

Dreamina of queen elizabeth

Dream removing jiggers from a fingure

Dream meaning nut meg

Dead lizards

Dream interview someone

Deform face relative

Dogs blood

Dream of washing my lover clothes then hanging them on the line

Dream i was washing and hangingy lover clothes

Dream about cutting palm nut

Dreaming of virgina

Death in family

Dream about bleach

Dreaming of a pregnant person

Deceased husband laughing

Dreams about babies fingers in your mouth

Dream meaning of purchasing stationary

Dreaming of turmeric powder

Dream interpretation of an animal called grasscutter

Dream interpretation of an animal calledgrasscutter

Dream interpretation of a grasscutter

Dream interpretation of a grasscutter being caught in a trap

Dream of seeing palm fruit

Daugther getting lost while driving out of town

Dream of licking palm oil and it was sweet

Dream about picking sorrel

Dream someone cooking salted fish

Decending in mountain

Dating old man

Dead person dream in afternoon

Dreaming of a blue baby

Dead black kittens

Dream about picking ripe lime

Dream interpretation of seeing your landlady

Dream of wearing red saree myself

Dream home wearing red saree myself

Dreaming of someone greasing my hair

Dreaming of a church we’re you used to attend

Dead body in a box

Dreaming about blaze

Drowning horse

Diving underwater horse

Dreaming i was a demon in a mirrored reflection

Dry breast

Dream changing sheets

Dream about sorghum

Dreaming about ministers

Dream a traditional healer

Dismantling the cover of kaba


Dreaming about feet marching

Dream about husk bag

Dreaming obout santapies

Dreaming of dried fish

Disfigured nose

Dreaming of plucking of gray hair

Drying hands

Drying hands on towel

Dreaming of spirits making a cuckoo clock shake on the wall

Dreaming of spirit making a cuckoo clock do things like shake on the wall

Driving purple corvette

Dreaming of saree

Dark red tentacles forming into octopus

Donkey laying next to huge pile of poop


Dreaming dead grandmother doing a ceremony for my paid lobola but using a wrong surname

Drifting on a raft in the middle of the ocean with fog

Drivers license

Driving license

Dead mother crying

Dream of excretion

Dreaming of being offered a bigger office chair to sit

Dream of eating pap

Directing a play in

Dog shit on shoe

Dog poop on shoe

Dream of driving through a wheat field i am the passager

Dream of swallowing a bobby-pins

Dreaming about a big garter snake was in my ho house and other snakes chasing me but i faced .y fears and killed the garter snake

Dry facial skin

Dream about gumbo

Dream about husband flirting with another woman

Dreaded dream

Dreaming of floods

Dream about casper

Dead person askin for something

Depressed person

Dode vliegen

Dead person gave you moneygetting money from dead person

Dead person gave you money

Detergents in the dream

Dream about a big bowl of snow in a refrigerator

Dream of a traditional hearler

Dream of yellow pepper

Dream of cat meowing

Dream about someone giving gifts to someone elsse

Death of a parent

Dreaming of washing dead husband

Dreamt a friend scratching my scalp

Dreaming of hair coming out of my mouth

Dreaming of short hair coming out of my out

Dream meaning of pink cattrrpilar

Dream of washing diamonds in a washing machine

Dirty toilet


Demise relative going out of the house

Damaged fingers

Dream meaning of giving a mad woman arms

Dreaming of a new kraal

Dreaming of bascket of all size of radishes

Dream about sto nino

Dreaming of someone with a tong that have 3 snakes head

Dead rams

Dreaming deceased relative giving you money

Dreaming seeing a lot of papaya and someone brought one to me and my daughter and gave us money

Damp on the wall


Dream of stock fish

Daughters law

Dream of deceased slapping living person

Destroyed altar

Dried clothe

Dead person alive and asking for water

Diamond nose stud

Dreams of you are dead

Digging in dream

Dreaming of st. nino

Dreaming someone paying certain amount of lobola money

Danger starting with family and happy endind

Dreaming of feeding my late father grapes

Dream guru coming

Dream pooja room

Dreaming of sexual intentions

Driving a scooter with my wife and daughter

Different boots

Dream green and ripe peppers

Dreaming of being a goal keeper

Dream of killing 2 grascutter

Dreaming of wearing different types of nice shoes

Dream about talking to a sangoma


Death of a child in a family

Dreaming of someone that dead but still alive

Dreaming about people holding the small red and white beads

Dream about a new pressure cooker after a flood

Dreaming of a girls breasts

Dreaming of wearing a blanket

Dream collecting white stone

Dead person borrowing money in dream

Dirty uniform

Dog pound


Dog kennel

Dream an enemy takes over your place

Dark birth mark



Dream of kissing a half human snake meaning

Dreaming of traditional healer

Dead grand mother

Dreaming walking with god

Dinner set

Dream of vigina discharge

Dreaming of unseen dead

Dream playing soccer

Dog with head upside down

Deceased mom was getting married to a woman and showed me the diamond ring

Daughter falling from high to ground

Desi ghee

Drawing rain water

Dump trucks


Deaths on a pilgrimage

Dream about baby cat

Dead person asking you for water

Dreamig about a pitch fork

Dead person giving me gold ring

Dream meaning of buying crayfish

Dead person you knew laughing

Dreaming of breading stocked with margarine

Dream marrying a rich man

Dream of a missing choir robe

Dream about deamons

Dream of getting in the group of transgender

Dream interpretation papaya

Dead doves falling frim sky

Dried fish

Dream about santo niño red color and shining

Dreaming taking millet alcohol in my dream meaning

Disabled girl

Dream meaning about cutting okror


Dream of giving a tithes

Dreaming your pastor shouting at you

Dreaming three pegions

Dreaming of a sangoma

Digging and planting

Dream meaning horse

Dream about repentance and turning from sin

Dependent child

Deceased person

Dead person giving sweets to eat

Death person bringing sweets

Deseased person givingsweets to eat

Dreaming about grandchildren

Dead person returning

Dream my boyfriend has two black children

Dream of lobola negotiations

Dark tunnel

Dandelion seed



Dream of call

Dreaming of living in a very poor house


Dream of giving 3new bags

Deceased auntie

Dark abyss

Drinking zamzam water

Dreaming capsicum





Dining table

Dreamed about scoring goals in soccer game

Dr seuss


Dream of several cauli

Dreaming of being drugged by eating

Drinking fat

Dream with glycerine lotion

Danny guzman


Diving into water


Diamon mamy diamond with food inside jewelry bag


Dreamt about faeces smeared on body


Dream of a roasted man

Distorted face

Dried clothes

Dream see hairdress


Dreaming of memulo

Daddy long long spider

Dream getting shovels


Dreaming of ogi

Dead father ressurecting

Dream of eating yam

Dead parent gave card

Deam of givin away vegetables

Drinking cold milk

Dreaming of three legged pot with open lid

Dreaming boyfriends family

Death by a dog

Dog killing me

Dream you won the lottery

Drinking sacte

Dream of giving water to two strangers

Dream of drinking sachet water

Dreamt of selling cooked food iny dream

Dreaming of maggi

Dreamt about so many clitoris

Dream of a neighborhood

Dream of curly hair

Dew on the grass

Dreaming as though kwenziwa umsebenzi

Dreamed of own death and coffin

Duct tape vagina

Dream interpretation of seeing a open clams shell

Dreaming of seeing legal documents

Deep freezer

Dead king communicating to me

Dead being angry with child

Dream of loved one waving goodbye

Dreaming about a broken wardrobe

Dreaming of a ember floating going out in a dream

Dead giving

Deed person washing clothes


Damp walls black mold

Dream lunch box

Dream of archangel gabriel

Dinking porridge

Dog tear pants

Dead person hugging

Dream of someone praying for me

Dreamed of deseased husband walking naked


Dirty public restroom

Deceased and votmiting

Dream of phonograph records

Dream of a golden pheasant


Dwayne johnson

Driving a bus

Dream tumor on breast

Dreaming of preaching to people

Dreaming of preaching to people and get tired

Dream of washing wooden mortar

Digging a whole

Doll heads

Drawer full of playing cards

Dreaming abt big anal

Dream of dead people

Dream that someone is taking me to get ritual money

Dreaming about my cuzins showing her tits to me

Dreaming of my cuzins tits

Dream of growing grey hair on my private part

Death of a well known rinpoche

Dreaming catch mopane worms from a tree dream interpretations

Dream of chickpea in pregnancy

Dream meaning of killing earthworm with your foot

Dream of natural disaster

Dreaming my grandmother giving me coins

Dirt dauber


Dream of mom having stroke

Deceased person eating toilet paper

Disheveled with shoulder injury

Dream about burgler breaking in and rape

Dog tearing your underpants

Dry gradd

Digging out money from the ground


Dream of an old boyfriend

Dead grandmother gave me locket

Dead person swearing

Dark woods

Dream of bloody stone coming out of vagina

Dreaming of plantain stem means?

Dream recieving envelope

Dreaming of an ex at an event

Dreaming of virginia bleeding

Dead mama walking in the dark

Deceased mama walking in the dark

Dream of seeingbreadfruit

Decay gift means

Dreaming visited by the bishop

Dream interpretation

Dream of erosion water

Dead mother giving me a silver coin

Dream of picking mopane worms from the ground

Dreaming of picking mopane worms from the tree

Dream of husband getting his head crushed

Dream of touching a girl vagina

Driving off cliff on motorcycle

Dream snake

Dream of a senator

Duck attacked me

Dreaming a dead person waving at you

Dreamt i married a rich man

Dark smoke

Dead rat underneath skin

Dead rat under my own skin

Dirty underwear

Dreams of someone twin

Dreams of some twins

Dream of the nabours twins



Driving and hitting people

Died flies in my hair

Dirty dishes

Dream about having vitiligo

Dream seeing ava

Dreaming of being demoted at work

Dreaming of being a witch

Dream my wife fart

Drinking bar

Dreamed that i saw the kkk walking around my neighborhood

Dreaming students eating fried cassava while doing exams

Dead husband in jail

Dreaming about someone how is dead

Dream of lobola negotiond

Dream of wearing nysc uniform means

Dream of isis

Dead aunt asking for money

Dreaming of the seven stars

Dreaming of a dead nun

Dream a guy was a con artist towards me

Dreaming of a born arrow

Dream of nightshade plant

Dreaming of your love ones in spira should be waiting for you in the light

Dream of a cane

Death of husbands mistress

Drinking coconut water in dream meaning

Driving through messy river

Dreaming green grass spiritually

Dreams of inadequacy

Dressed in a costume

Dancing in a wheat field

Dream a mad woman

Dream of cow and cemetary

Dream if meeting the pope

Deer and buck chasing

Dead mother wearing big diamond nose ring

Dream of dead relative holding your hand and smiling

Dream about eating groundnuts with a coworker

Dreams of picking scallops

Dream of rustic metal and brown leather with red stone earrings at the bank purchase

Dream meaning of seeing recharge card

Dream of seeing a late prophet

Dream of falling in septic tank

Dreams about president convoy

Dreaming of pounding fufu

Dream meaning of being married to a rich man

Driving an s class benz

Dreaming when in a school and you are the leader

Dreaming when doing an exam

Dante kenkey

Dreaming a sto.nino

Dreamig a ships gangway

Dream eating penis

Dream of being given a bible

Dream about stepping stones

Dreams of being transferred

Daughter carried away by gutter

Dream about a snake sucking my breast

Defferent pair of sleeper

Defferent pair of sleepers

Daughter grown long hair

Dream about a hundred thousand dollar

Dreaming of painting wife’s toenails white

Dead sibling


Dreaming of wearing white singlet

Dream about not having any pants on

Dream washing your feet

Dirty white bed sheet

Dreams of my pens being stolen

Death person providing meat food dream

Dream ackée

Death person providing meat food

Dreaming of a makoti

Dream of a beautiful baby named heidi

Dream of a baby

Dream of watering land to begin a garden

Dream meaning of removing jiggers from my feet

Dead relative giving u sweets and telling that he is going to take his wife along with him

Death slowly creeping towards me


Dream yellow snake

Dreaming of boxes of cotton buds

Dream see eskellion

Dream meaning snake

Dream meaning police

Dead person cooking in a dream

Dead grandfather giving me money

Dream of someone who died saying they need to wash clothes

Driving a car and can stop it

Dream of someone rubbing my foot with spring onions

Dog licking my face and my tongue



Dream old woman trying to steal my bag

Door locked

Dreaming of moss in water

Dream about harvesting groundnut

Dream of coloring my mother hair

Dream about sinus

Dream of dying hair of a mother

Dream of seeing fante kenkey

Dead husband smoking a cigar means what

Deceased mother giving money bills

Deep purple robe

Dream of being pinned down

Drummer dying

Dream of cooking ackee

Dreaming your own vagina

Dupatta flying in dream

Dead boy in tub full of water

Dreaming of my dead husband

Dreams about dandruff

Dreams about a gun

Drinking sprite

Daughter friend

Dream someone give me breadfruit

Dreaming my boyfriend paying drowry

Dreaming of a flower sampaguita in my wallet

Dreaming of someone crying

Digging big sweet potatoes

Dragons eye

Dreaming about men penetrating through ure unus

Driving car in dream

Dreaming when am in a shrine

Dreaming whem am in a shrine



Dream of dead neighbor feeling sorry for me and asking pundit to pray for me and friend

Dream of someone falls on cowdung

Drawing rangoli in dream.

Drinking akamu in a dream

Dream of clean sanitary pads

Dream someone making tortillas

Dreams about my past

Destruction from lightening

Dream coffin

Destroying cubwebs

Dream buying fish

Dreaming of dead bees



Dreaming of job interview

Dreaming of receiving a package

Dreaming of giving birth to a baby who is vomiting blood

Dog licking fingers

Dream holding disbled child

Dreamed of deceased father, a truck, chic fila

Dreaming of moringa leaves

Dreaming with lots of rams ckming at you but not bej g o tl

Dreaming passing excrement


Dreamt i was flying

Deceased person asks for warm water

Dreaming dead mother is having a strokes

Dream about shelves of bottles honey. i am pouring honey into half filled bottles

Dead person giving ripe fruit in a dream

Dream of flying with son and landing in an unknown area

Dream of hand anointed

Dream of margot

Dead person giving red colour saree

Dreaming about sucking penis

Dreaming fighting for the oppressed

Dreaming of pawpaw trees

Dreaming of catapillar worms coming out of poop

Dead mother was pregnant

Dream of recieving a silver coin from someone

Dream of someone giving me a silver coin

Dream of children

Dream of the president giving me money and his phone number

Dream meaning it fetching tap water i

Draining and cleaning out pus from a wound

Dream of mehndi on hand

Drying up of well with fishes

Dream pounding fufu

Dream -i will be in my school trip

Dreaming about crystal

Dreaming eating bread

Dreaming eating polony

Dream being in the seminary with other seminarians

Dream of worms coming out of my vagina

Dog being abused

Dreams about deceased parents

Denying satan and accepting jesus

Dreaming of being saved by native american

Dream of gamesha

Dreams of purses

Dream of multiple hands reaching for me

Death of a prince

Dead bodies in swimming pool

Dreamed of almond joy

Deformed tiger with three eyes

Dodo out worm

Dog being hit by car

Dreams of having a babyshower

Dream of a being pregnant with a girl

Dreams of a daughter

Dreams of a little girl

Dream about celebration

Dream about ex boyfriend named michael

Deleting text messages

Delete some messages

Dreaming bathing from the well with runing water

Dirty black legs

Dead person giving clothes

Dreaming of maggots oozing out from my breast

Dream meaning of my husband want to marry second wife

Demon finger

Dream of double decar beds

Dreaming about a sick person getting recovery

Dream of seeing cardamoms

Dreaming of someone eating your vagina

Driving past car accident


Dreaming about yellow turtle




Dream about lions

Dreamed of someone my friend knew came in the house and tried to rob me


Dagger with blood

Dream of color pink

Devil sucking blood from dreamers body

Doing income tax

Dream meaning of buying butter

Drumsticks in dreams telugu

Dust sweeping on the ladders and floor in dream

Drunk boss


Dream of plucking green chilli

Doing sadqa

Dream energy coming with catapillars

Dreaming my energy coming with mopane worms

Dream interpretation of cutted trees logs

Dreaming of picking garden eggs from someone else garden

Drinking grape juice

Dream playing netball

Dream of iron rod

Dreaming a lion

Disabled girl child

Dream about bad grades

Dreaming of samp

Dream about big birds

Dream about impangele

Dream of plucking chilli

Dreaming wearing makoti clothes

Dream of deceased son wearing green



Dropping out groundnut oil

Decesed son wearing green

Dating him

Dreammy mom fall in hole

Dark yellow

Dirty mattress

Dream about drinking palm wine in your sleep

Dead people giving key

Dream of best friend

Dream of selling water


Dream about round about

Dreaming saints

Dream of a wand

Dreaming of selling a banana leaves

Dead parent back alive

Dream of walking on the reef

Dreaming of trains

Dream of writing exams but the question is copying from someone

Dream when you and your classmate is preparing for birthday party


Dreaming to find phone from the road

Dream of seeing a chickens heart beat

Dream about a chickens heart beating

Dream of conch

Dream see ripe pepper

Dream of broken plate

Daughters virginity

Dreaming hit on back of head with cricket ball

Driving with my eyes closed

Dreaming of a sick brother

Dreaming of a wedding turning into a funeral

Dreaming wearing torn skirt

Dreaming receiving a congratulatory message to chief inspector

Dog winking at you

Dead raven and bananas

Dream about agitation

Decieved about spirituality


Dry liver

Dwarf mother

Dream of sick person asking for water

Destiny in a dream

Diamond jewellery

Daughter got rapped

Dream of plucking plentiful garden eggs

Dead spouse said i will never leave you

Dreamed about a spirograph

Dreaming eating jack fruit

Death of oneself

Disgusted face

Dream about a pack of pads

Dreaming of driving

Dreaming picking up money

Dream of tiger nuts

Dream of dead father grabbing my breast

Dog got burned on stove

Dream meaning someone eating offals

Dead son giving me a bluyebell

Dead relative giving and taking fresh fruits

Dream of grandmother naked

Dream of dead uncle chasing me

Dead family member chasing me

Dreaming dat my father tells me to pray to lady prymed is there or pray to god

Dream eating pap

Dream of blessing a lady

Dream blessing someone

Dad naked in dream

Dead showing watermelons

Draining ocean

Dreaming of snake in the bathroom

Dream of lifting the tabernacle

Dream of a pastor with 2 of us ordering ood

Dog snatch in dream


Dream of family member dying

Dream on top of dream

Dying for fam9ly

Double family

Dream of singing praise to god and dancing

Dream of being sucked by a baby

Dam burst

Dreaming of someone telling you that the will give you a call

Diamond nose pin in dream

Dream about drinking alcohol andclaughing

Dead dragon

Dreaming light and then recite subh lah and allhuakber

Dream of colour pencils

Dreaming dollars

Dream about black panther and tiger

Dream meaning eating sweets


Dreams of being gifted with seeds

Dream about your sister boyfriend


Dancing with deceased husband

Dancing a slow with late husband

Dream of blossom lime tree

Dreamt of cooked mopane worms

Dreaming someone pulling my hair

Dream corners

Drone transforming in to an object

Dead mother shows you perfumes

Deep sea diving

Dream about given admission letter to university

Dream of drawing a square

Drumstick leaves


Dream meaning of smoked fish

Dream buying salt fish

Dream of a burning bush

Dreaming of swelling gum

Dolphin sex

Dreaming you are naked

Dried lemon leaves

Dim night light

Dreaming about police

Deceased uncle mowing grass

Dying in a crash

Down pipe

Disjointed pipes at home

Dreaming of uterine cancer

Dreaming of lying down in a clean stream

Danny diveto

Dreaming of black stones

Dark green

Dark green in a dream

Dreaming of ex mother in law

Dreams of electricity cable been fixed to the pole

Dream of finding zam zam fountain

Dream meaning of giving food for a deceased

Drinking coconut water breaking by teacher

Dream palmfriuts

Dead person looking sad


Dried crayfish seeing in dream meaning

Dried crayfish swing in dream meaning

Dried crayfish dream meaning

Dreaming about your step mom

Dream carrying someone at your back

Dreaming of your dstv dish being split with mud when you try to see what is the name written in it

Dreams about dead stepson spitting in moms face

Donate something

Dream of being in a uniform

Daddy long leg

Dream interpretation of been in beach with your friends

Dreaming about a lost job

Diamonds given by a dead person

Digging a foundation for a home

Dreaming that a little girl show up at i ur home abd don\\\'t want to go home

Dream that someone is grabbing my feet

Dreaming of the police and a old dirty man getting locked up

Dreaming your special person getting mad at you

Dreams about getting money

Decease person with facial moles

Dad travel with me but his dead already

Dreamig of a sick babey

Dreaming yellow fruits

Dreaming of septuplets

Dead realitive in evil form

Dreaming about mad girlfriend

Dreaming about the ira

Dog tags


Dreaming about your sick brother giving blood

Data graph

Dream meaning to eat selroti


Dead father hand shake in a dream

Dream of being cursed by transgender

Dreaming like love making

Dream of uprooting a cassava with much cassava food

Dream of uprooting a food loaded cassava

Dream of uprooting banyan

Digging a banyan tree

Dream of a mad woman

Drop a glass candle after lighting

Droom om baie melktert te eet beteken

Dreaming about seeing a president convoy

Dreaming of a poltigerguiest

Drawers locked

Dreaming when unhanging one\\\\\'s dirty clothes from a wire

Dreams of being a goal keeper

Dream living in astralia

Dreamed i was a cow girl

Dream of deceased son turning into kangaroo

Dream of little brother

Dog and snake

Deceased incle giving me money

Dead father showing his penis

Disembodied eyes

Dreaming of mapane worms in a tree

Dreams about roasted yam

Dreaming of allah



Dream of selling lemons

Deceased in rain

Dead person thirsty in dream

Dream of spirogyra

Dream of man with broad straight shoulders

Death sentence

Dreaming of cooking collard greens


Drinking rusty water

Driving a white van

Dreamed of being considered as second wife

Dreaming of having a baby

Dreaming seeing a sangoma

Dream of planning your own wedding

Dreaming of writing exam which we wrote long back

Dreaming of your grown child as an infant again

Door without a lock

Day time turning into night

Day time turning into night time

Day time changing to night

Drinking coconut water in dream

Diarrhea in public

Dirty coins

Dead bees


Damp walll in my house


Dream about third gender

Dream about seeing green spinach

Dream about eight small dolls

Dreaming of holi festival

Dream of animal skull

Door knocker

Dead father in law is hospitalised and asking whether i feelike crying

Dirty pound

Driving and making a right turn

Driving and turnung

Driving a car and run over man in the road


Dream of cleaning baby nose meaning

Dreaming my husband coming out naked while with friends

Drum stickbuying in dream meaning

Dreaming of living in a mud house

Drink milk

Dreaming of my truck being in accident

Dreamimg of flying

Dent in head

Dead father in law is hospitalised

Dream dictionary horse

Dream meaning grass

Dark hall

Driving through a red traffic light

Dreaming that you are something else

Driving into water

Different colour buildings

Dreaming of praying of rain pouring into you

Dreaming of dog stool

Dead man crying

Dying soon

Dancing an something takes over body walk to table something pull lip down

Daugher having with father

Dream meanings black cat

Dream about wearing red gown

Dream of by mistake giving too much medicines to my kids

Dreaming and hearing the word surat zalzalah

Dream that callaloo is sour and had to cut a different one

Drowning and resurfacing

Death (pretending to be dead but lies on a coffin


Dreaming of traditional healers

Dreaming of three traditional healers

Dreaming of a lot of sangoma

Dreaming about selling mangos

Dirty wedding dress

Dream of cervical mucus

Daffodil flower sitting on top of a black cover which is covering something

Dreaming of dried crayfish

Dreaming of carring a heavy load of sugar canes

Dreaming of carding a heavy load of sugar canes

Dream of licking vagina

Dreamed picking from a purple plant belonging to lord shiva

Dream about dry chilli

Dream im interviewing someone

Dreaming of someone showing their scare

Dream that i ran out of gas of motorcycle

Diaper pin

Dreaming of wearing a suit

Dreaming of mans brain

Dream of making wudhu

Dreaming of fly

Driwing car

Dreaming of getting your loved one

Dreaming of putting on lotion

Dead person sleeping with my packed sack underneath the bed

Dreaming 2 extra fingers meaning

Dreaming harvesting sorghum

Dog attackinh

Dream of hijra

Drink potions

Dead father kissing you

Dead father looking at pond

Dream of child in a wheelchair

Dreaming of picking ripe limes

Dreams about watching high tide sea move backwards

Dream world thin a dream


Dream of about ten thousand young chicken hi

Dream meaning of applying brown powder on my face

Dreamt about toilet overflow with some poop

Dreaming of a friend being a makoti

Dreaming i’m wearing long white gloves

Dreaming of seeing a mad man

Dead friend and coffee

Disney palace


Dream about traditional healer

Dream about traditional healed bones

Dream of harvesting millet using a pen

Dead grasscutter

Daughter holding a corpse

Dreaming of digging in the ground and finding old hidden money

Dream of read millet flow

Digging and finding old notes/money

Digging up money/old currency

Digging up old notes/currency in large quantities

Dreaming of digging up old currency notes

Drumbstick leaves


Dead woman laying outside

Dreamin having anal sex with my husband

Dreaming of dead person

Dreamed ex piercings

Dreamed my ex had piercings

Dream meaning while eating jackfruit

Dream of shooting qualification

Dream of having sex with a shemale

Dream seeing dirty muddy water

Dream of an overflowing swimming pool

Dream meaning and fate of a known lady pregnant

Dress purchase

Dreams for buying cooking oil

Dream about tamarind

Dry grass dream

Dreaming of gathering empty egg shell with people

Discovering a snake under wood

Dream of pounding

Dream meaning of calabashes

Dreaming calabashes means

Dream interpretation of a calabash

Dream meaning of calabash

Dream selecting good calabashes

Dead mother driving a car into water with me as passanger

Dead joy

Drowning losing children

Dead boss talking to me

Dreaming of quins

Dream of a visible snake

Dreaming woman in whirlwind giving 2 rand coin

Dream of baby goats and feed them bottles of milk and bathe them

Darck cloud

Dream about seeing a lots of pecans

Dream about discoloured skin

Dents on my car

Dreams of drinking palm wine

Dreaming about a dead person

Deceased grandmother

Dalvada dream

Dream that i slip

Drean that i slip

Dead giving sweet

Dreaming about muthi

Dream of banayan and peepal tree

Dead person takes you somewhere

Dead person ta

Dumping baby

Dead auntie in party


Dream of dead brother come to visit

Doog food

Dead dismembered father

Dreaming of my boyfriend paying lobola for me

Dream of killing grasscutter

Dream of seeing a family member naked

Dream of red snake

Dirty water


Danger stunt

Died person vomating in dream

Dreaming about all my teeth falling out

Dreaming that i’m falling

Dreaming of a traditional healer killing a tokoloshie in my stomach what does it mean

Dreaming of sangoma fetching me

Dream of eating dog food

Drunken cousin

Dvd player

Drain crossing

Drainage crossing

Dogs around deceased grandfather

Deciding whether or not to take towsels on a trip

Drinking milk snake

Dream about buying pantyliner

Delivering a dresser

Dreaming of picking ripe passion fruits


Dream interpretation of michael jordan

Dream of michael jordan picture on basketball court


Deceased and fruit

Dreaming in black and white

Dream of a twine ball

Deceased person taking a shower

Dreaming of someone giving me charchore

Dead relative walking in a market

Dreaming of quadruplets

Dream a sick person get recovery

Dead person angry in dream

Dentist over charging

Dream about a storm and we was under water

Dream about a storm

Dreaming that 5 front teeth are lost


Driving into river with fish and grass

Dreaming about seeing my boy friend paying lobola for me

Death and funeral

Dipping in hot water

Drinking glass

Dream of green glasses

Donation in temple

Dream about work place

Dream about a party

Dream short hair

Dreaming of past love

Dandelion growing out the brain stem of someone head

Dream someone was hanging hangers in closet

Drawing rangoli in dreams

Dry leaves

Dream of convoy

Dream about president convoy

Dreaming aboout cows near the river

Dreamt about crassula ovata

Dream meaning of mopane worms


Deceased washing your cloths

Dream of jesus

Dream of blessed mother teresa

Dragon fruit


Divided pot on fire

Dying cat


Dream of paying lobola


Dreams asking sisters bedding

Dream of cat attacking you

Dream your boss is bead

Dying dog

Dream meaning ironing pants get burn



Dream about kissing dead father



Dreaming of ritual money

Dating my dead brother

Dream a man pouring sperm on you body


Dreaming left breast with scabs

Dirty dish

Disshes with holes

Dead squirrel

Dreaming of a sick person happy and recovered

Dead worms

Dream of new dress

Dreaming of some one and then you see them in real life and they have theclothes on you were dreaming of

Dreaming of some one and then seeing them the next day in the exact same outfit you dreamed of them in


Dream of people congratulating me


Dead person gives milk

Dream of seeing a man with lots of

Dream of telling a story

Dead body in my bed

Drug testing

Dreamt i worked on news production team

Dream of someone painting

Dirty apartment

Dining room

Dreams of broken porcelain

Dead relative singing on dream

Dream about cannabolism

Dream met an already taping palmwine point . i tapped with good flow

Dream of making a pot of soup and mistakingly poured sand into it

Dream of palm wine

Deceased family members

Dire wolf

Dreamed about carrying sugarcane

Dog snatching my clothes

Dream of plucking fresh bitter leaves

Days of the week


Dream meaning of gathering melon seed

Dreaming about crusade

Dreaming of blanket given by husband who is dead already

Dreaming of blood in cup


Dreaming playing the trombone in a dream

Dream of 2 nephews

Dream about a job interview

Dead astronauts in space

Dead women in red saree

Dreaming about someone you care about

Dead father serving food for me

Dreaming of rattle snakes

Dead flies in water

Diamond rings

Dream of moving wind

Dreaming of driving through grey smoke

Dream of cleaning the floor

Defending house

Defending your home

Dream of walking with your feet are heavy

Dream having sex with a barber

Dream meaning receiving harmer from someone

Dating a chinese mn

Dream of seeiing ripe tomato

Dream of seeing mustard seeds

Dream stops before you crash

Dream of new slipper

Doughnut from dead person

Dream playing phagwah with red powder

Dead mother driving

Dream of picking a melon

Dance shoes

Dancing shoes

Divergent lines


Drinking cream by a certain date

Dark haired lover

Dream of being vice president

Dreaming of threading a needle what it mean

Dreaming of pooping on the bed


Desolate spa

Death of a pregnant woman

Dream alot of monkeys

Dead risen

Dead end

Dreaming protecting myself from a warthog

Dream of feggit is u

Dream of feggit reading dis

Daughter hits mother

Dark hair

Delivered lillies

Dead black bird

Dreaming of a celebrity

Damp walls

Dream of centepede drilling hole on body

Drinking wine

Dream about dog chasing after me

Dream about my arm cut off

Deceased dressed in white and sitting on a stool

Descending shaky metal ladder


Dead squid

Dream of candy kisses

Driving drunk nd blindfolded in a dream

Dream of yellow grits

Dreaming of white braces on my teeth

Decaying goat

Dead body with white clothes

Dreaming of someone buying stationery


Dreaming about cassava and yam

Dreaming amongst many foreigner in their community

Dreaming my brother going through difficult with his wife

Dreaming my brother is going through difficult

Dreaming with commotion and fighting

Dreamed of a sick person recover from the illness

Dreaming of shemales

Dream of mopane worms

Dream of catching mopane worms

Dead friend wearing all green and happy to see me

Dead friend wearing all green

Dream that i was lifting weights

Different face

Dreaming of a myna bird pooping

Driving small board in sea

Dirty heel of the foot

Dreaming about fat person

Dreams about ear discharge

Dreams about fingers

Dead father return

Dirty nails

Dreaming of makoti

Dream about harvesting sweet potatoes

Deceased person laughing

Dreaming of tombstone unveiling

Dreaming dreads lock hair on someone

Demised grandfather

Dead grandfather partying

Dirty clothes on the dead

Deceased asking me to wash


Dreaming of my boyfriend paying lobola or bride price symbolise what

Demolishing of a house

Demolishing of my old house


Dream removing jiggers

Diseur de bonne

Drinking milk with glass in dream

Dream of buying 6 pieces of fried chicken cost $6

Dream of woman with new baby

Dreaming about bees

Dreaming of a demon outside my window

Dream of me driving a silver car

Dream of a man of god advising you

Dream of eating cottage cheese

Dreamt of sone one else janaza in my house

Dream about eating julabi

Dog seimen

Dreaming of my deceased father in law offering me food

Dreaming of having sex

Dagger samurai

De la verte

Dream giving money to dead person

Dream of friend having stroke

Dreaming about getting caughtasturbating

Double head cow

Dreaming about a person all the time

Dream of friend

Dream of someone suck

Dream i got my vagina suck

Drive by shooting

Dreaming about president obama

Dreaming about obama

Dream peeling cassava

Dream of constant loss of my drivers license at a garden show with my dad who is deceased

Darth vader

Dream of urinating infront of the prime minister

Dreaming of picking lime from a tree and a black dog lying undernest it

Dream about pulling worms from boobes

Dream of having a family with high school classmate

Dream about god

Dog kisses

Dog licking your face

Dream of eating chinchin in a dream

Dreaming about giving testimony

Dogs clothes torn

Drivers lisense

Dreaming of a crock of gold and given a big nugget of gold and sliver and black in one nugget from a leprechaun

Dream meaning of a killing earthworm

Daughter eating orange

Dreaming of eating and juicin passion fruit

Dream of seeing traditional healers

Dead grandmother gave me a jewellery in dream

Dead grandma gave me jellery

Dream of smoked beef

Dream of buying smoked beef

Dream i buying smoked beef

Dreams of walking by holes of fire

Dream of math nursery teacher

Dream gyy


Dreaming of my deceased mother cleaning

Dream about you with purple sky

Dreaming of sto niño means

Dead person holds out hand for me to come with them

Dreams of rolling hills

Dust whirl wind

Dust storm coming down the road

Demeaning person

Disloyal person

Deceitful partner

Deciteful ex partner

Decitful ex

Dead ex partner

Dog licking face and hands

Dreamt of shaving my leg

Dream about a suitor

Dream of black soap

Dreaming removing something like warm on your skin

Dieing brown horses

Dreaming oppining doors

Dream of a saree black and red

Doorbell ringing but no one was at the door

Deceased asking for money

Dreaming in a car with yr old madam

Dreaming about a huge bundle of old clothes

Difficult to get home

Dead leopard in dream

Dog ripping clothes

Dreamin giving money to someone already dead dream interpretations

Destroying cobwebs

Drop front tooth

Dream of receiving notes on a sanitary pad

Dream of notebook running with it


Dream meaning of people working for you land

Dream of a cupcake

Digging a body

Different race and language

Dreaming about insects 0r worms

Dream of social security card

Dreaming of footprints of turmeric

Dreams of someone eating out of ur eggs

Dreaming of baptising a person

Dead person shaking head

Dream of writing

Dreaming of sick baby

Dream of my dead pastor

Died or sick

Distributing sweets in dreams

Dead person giving me gold coins

Dream your car stolen

Dream of many guinea fowls

Deceased dies while reciting quran

Dreaming about home

Dream praying to planet saturn meaning

Dreaming prayer to saturn

Dead person happy in dream

Dream visiting mother

Dream of snakes

Dreaming about wearing green and red clothe with a junior sister that died a year ago

Descending down through a ceiling

Death to life

Driving and being sucked in by wind not having control and seeing my other daughter and her baby driving ahead and then hearing my other child asking where they went while we are being sucked in then seeing we are in some kind of storm i see my broken car on its side with no one in it

Dead person hits you


Dreaming my boyfriend paying lobola

Death of daughter

Dreaming of eye color applying

Dreaming of eating fish

Dreaming of distressful things

Dream of prayers/eating uncomfortable meat with some family

Dreaming of eating meat with very poor people

Drinking camel urine

Dautherbeing raped meaninh

Deceased person vomiting

Delicious food

Deceased shower


Dreaming of two white fly swatters


Double rainbow

Dying sheep

Deceased father in law

Dreaming dead mother giving you coin money

Dead person distribution meat

Dream of having dreadlocks hair

Dry pool

Dead person died


Dog barring teeth

Dummy/spirit of war



Dream of spiting marula fruit seeds

Dream of spiting marula seed fruit

Dummy ninja

Dream of wedding

Dreams in arabic language

Dreaming about stepmother

Dressing a chicken

Dressing a hen

Dead cow

Dreaming of not finishing credits you needed to graduate

Dog eating wheat

Dog eating wheay

Dream meaning dog vomiting a yellow snake

Deseased mother

Died by saving my son

Died by bursting crackers

Dog with a human head

Dreaming of making chili


Dance off

Dream of being married to someone

Dreamt of someone giving a sugar cane

Decapitated lion heads

Dreaming about my boyfriend telling me to go prepare for lobola

Dream of seeing your enemy with nutmeg

Deseased ex father in law

Deased parents

Deceased parets

Dumping stuff underground

Dreaming about head lice that i kill in my mouth

Dreaming about ripe jackfruit at tree

Dreams of a man playing cards


Doberman pinscher

Doberman pincher

Dream meaning of working with a political figure

Drowning mannequin while smiling

Dreamt i baked two sweet bread meaning

Dreaming of someone applying gel in my hair

Dropping cell phone in fish tank

Dried crayfish

Dreaming of pounding fufu in a dream

Dream with lots people

Decease godfather

Dreaming in color

Driving out of control bus

Dreaming of being caught having sex

Dream about making a carriage

Driving an out of control semi-truck

Danegeld passport

Dreaming shit

Dreaming of beads meaning

Diamand noes fall out

Dried crawfish dream interpretation

Dried crawfish

Drinking coconut milk

Dream interpretation of a woman who lost her son slipper in the well


Dry coffee seeds

Dead father was eating food in a dream

Dead uncle asking me for lend money from someone

Defending yourself

Dreamed about my pastor holding my hand up in the air and was speaking in a different language

Driving away from a funeral procession

Disabled child who does something amazing

Dreamed son crying blood absent father

Dreamed of my son crying blood over his absent father.

Dead person asking for milk

Difficulty swallowing pills

Dreaming tigers

Dream meanings of a grey trench coat

Dream giving someone drinking water

Dream of periwinkle


Dead person with chickenpox

Dream a guy who have child and wife

Dead bunny

Dropped a bunny to death

Dreaming of rickshaw

Dog licking vagina

Driving through a construction barrier

Dreaming of transgender

Dream of broken tiles

Dreamed there were a whole load of animals strung up by tbe neck on my front door

Dreaming your freind being ordained what is the meaning

Donating garments

Donating garments in error

Dreams about cords attached to me draining into tunnels and outcome was death

Dreaming of decorating a laxmi idol in gold

Dream of receiving fabric

Descending on staircase

Dream of eating cocktail sauce

Dream of eating clams

Death of enemy

Dream of defending father

Dream of defending father from death by stoning

Dream of eating oysters meaning

Dreaming someone give me thermostat

Dream for sailing a boat

Disiplined at work

Dream of translator

Dream about a sick person recovering

Dream meaning holy water?

Daughter rape

Dream of being in an auditorium

Dream of wearing blue shirt

Dream meaning of someone touching my breast

Demon possession

Dream meaning someone asking for mealie meal

Dream about fighting

Dreaming about dry and long grass tied together

Dream to see someone is pounding fufu

Dream of bloody water

Dream of bloody water in a tank

Drink sachet pure water in dream

Dreaming of maggots coming out of your vagina

Dream about me burning my phone

Dreamt swing finger millet grains in a garden

Dreamt swing finger millet

Decaying teeth

Dancing demons

Dream of wedgie


Dream of american red cross

Digging tractor

Driving in empty road then getting car stolen

Dreadlock hair


Dream of advising someone not to abort her baby

Dream slippers pull out

Dreaming of selling pumpkin leaves

Daughter having seizures

Devil tail

Dream of seeing a senator

Dead asking you to wear something

Dream that my husband died

Dreamt of plucking green chilly

Death of a friend


Dreaming in safety tank

Dreaming someone paying lobola for me

Doves flying upside

Dead father giving fruit gift to his daughter

Dreams about shemales

Dreaming of chillies growing on a tree

Dreaming of deseased mother

Deceased uncle picking ripe red plums

Drag queen

Dream of sugarcane plantation

Dream os sister in law pregnant

Dead swallow

Dream of cassava leaf

Dream about tambrind in your bed


Dreaming of finding crystals courts with a friend

Dead manatee

Drinkinh glass

Dreamt of getting perfume from a dead person

Dreaming of a prayer shawl in the dream what does it mean?

Dreaming of tambourine

Dirt in ear

Dreaming of twin girls in a moses basket




Dancing with prince charles

Dancing with price charles

Dream beautiful car became oryx

Dreaming of a spiritualist

Dream of sucking milk from cow

Dreams about beating black foxes

Dream of rangoli

Dream meaning my dead father beating me islamic

Driving through snow

Dreaming seeing red high hill shoes with lights in the dark

Dirty bed linem

Deceased person vomitting

Dry skin face

Dream off dry skin on face

Dream of someone carrying me to cross bridge

Dry leaves rustling

Dream old parent fetching water

Dream meaning slippers

Dream interpretation of brushing teeth

Dream meaning of waist beads

Dream of see your pastor

Dreaming having sex with my sister inlaw

Dreams of fixing a convenient store

Dreaming of being makoti

Dreaming if my husband coming home

Dreamt of winning a beauty contest

Discovering ashes of dead under the soil

Dream of harvesting cocoyam

Dead family asking for money

Dead person giving a braclet

Daughter is in danger

Daughter in danger

Dismanteled shed

Dead father giving gold

Dreaming of seeing someone hairy feet

Dark corner

Dream about rasta

Dreaming of dead person borrowing money

Decending a ladder from great height

Deaf person suddenly hearing

Dead blind person

Dream of colors

Dream of flies

Dog sex

Death person asking for water

Dream of being handed a decree


Dream about a discharge

Dream of sister getting shot

Dreamed being sexually harassed

Dreaming black umbrella meaning

Dreaming a black umbrella

Dreamt of having cowries in my pocket

Dreaming of hot ocean and family jumping in to get safe

Dull light blue

Dreaming about my mother and husband having sex

Dreaming about a breadfruit falling off a tree to my feet

Dreams of given new sawn blouses

Dreamd wesring a wedding gown

Dream builders building a tall wall

Drunk driving


Double promotions

Dream of nipple piercing

Dream about tamarind tree full of tamarind fruits

Dream of goat dream

Dreaming of black feathers

Dry sand

Dream of consulting a traditional healer

Dung tank full of dung

Dream about ackeemean

Dreaming about ackee mean


Disrespecting child

Dream lettuce

Dream of diamond

Dreaming of being inside church with many people and rain dropping from the roof only on one spot the

Dream man and woman

Dream about someone planting vegetablea in a garden

Dream of collecting silver coins

Dream of impangele

Dream of guinea fowl

Dead giving gift cloth

Dead giving cloth gif5

Death of a neighbor

Dry ears

Dreaming about someone give you cocoyam

Dream about saltfish

Dream of riding a scooter with someone uphill


Digging long nails into husband

Death of wife in reoccurring dreams

Dreaming eating saltfish

Dead mother giving perfume in a dream

Dream of you being happily pregnant and the baby father is rubbing your stomach

Dream pause between actions

Dream of long pause

Dreaming a catfish

Dreaming a cat fish

Dream roof top


Dream about pounding fufu

Driving tent peg in ground

Disembodied voice in dream

Dreaming sweet potatoes

Dream of shaking out white little worms that where around my neck like a necklace


Dreaming of receiving jewlery

Dream slaughtering a cows it means

Dreams of eating capsicum

Dream bride

Dream of a naked parents who are death

Drying fish in the dream

Dreaming of consulting a traditional healer

Dreaming of sour milk and porridge

Dreaming of a white rose

Dreaming of pooping long worms

Dream of kite bird

Dead prience

Dead priemce

Dreaming holding a big jar of holy water

Dream of uprooting cocoyam

Dream of hairs growing all over your hand.

Dreaming vomiting raw meat

Doing someone else laundry


Dream of lord balaji

Daughter-in-law passed away

Dreaming about shooting and gangsterism

Dancing with a church leader

Dead sister knocking

Dead relativts

Dream of bed spining

Dream about talking in walkie talkie

Deformed face

Drram os kumkum

Dream of someone being electrocuted

Dreaming a bout a dove sitting on your shoulder

Dream about a hen hatching

Dream when you a dragging someone

Dream of seeing myself in an uncompleted building

Dream about a syringe

Dreaming of eating papaya

Dream meaning of cassava in store

Dreaming of president giving me money

Dream of eating meat

Dream of hunchback

Dream that i cant hold my urine

Dream of being the pope

Dead person telling whose going to die

Dead man with two heads

Daughter being harrassed by someone

Daughter being harrassed

Dreams about a sick baby

Dreaming of my dead boss

Dead father crying

Dreaming of a cellar with dry dirt

Dream about insurance

Dreaming about eating turtle

Dream of ripe and green goldenapple

Dream mean of grits

Dream about dead people going to travel

Dream about hairy legs

Deceased mum haircut

Dream about deceased mum having haircut

Dream baby is sick

Dream of angel

Dream of dead father-in-law’s

Dream of mental patient

Dreaming having a kid

Dreaming about your menstrual periods

Dream for palm fruits ripe

Dead attack

Dark passage

Dreaming about collard greens

Dream of picking garlic

Dream about the rice that have dirt

Dead person laughing meaning

Dream of myself vanish

Dreaming a bout a hen laying eggs or hatching

Dreaming of god

Dreaming about jagannath

Dream of been in market am performing ritual

Dream where you are cleared glasses what dose it mean

Dreaming throwing a lightning bolt

Donkey trying to attack

Dreaming of tamarind tree meaning

Dream see ripe mountain sour sop

Dressing table

Dreamm of sangoma

Dreaming black stones under water

Dead person asking for money | the dream meanings



Dream about turmeric powder

Dream of pastor

Daughter praising god

Dirty shower

Dirty shower unit

Dreaming of burnt wood

Dreaming of a dog killing a white snake

Dream of potholes

Drown in dirty water

Dream of painting the ocean

Dream about boyfriend seeing daughter naked

Dream interpretation of stealing currency

Doing a show

Dream of white christmas wreath

Dream of pounding fufu by my self

Dead meat

Dreaming that some important friend has died in a coffin and i am one of the people holding the coffin

Dead grandmother alive again

Dreamed of myself having recovered from circumcision

Dead friend giving me some bracelets

Daughter dirty linen

Dream of touch ache

Dust in dream

Dreaming of an old boyfriend

Disobedient child

Dreamt of someone who is dead



Dream about being forced to eat paper

Dream new kraal

Dreaming about closing a portal

Dream boiling corn

Dream i opened a safe with antiques in it. it also had a gemstone or white crystal with black writing on it

Disco lights

Dream seeing 2 baby deer as angels

Dream magical fairy tale seeing of 2 baby deer playing in forest in backround sparkles ans snow falling hovering in air about 4 feet in air over my sleeping wife in my bedroom

Dream i let a fierce camel out the cage and it submitted to me

Driving eyes closed

Dust covering

Dead children spirits

Dreaming of removing a snake from my boobs

Dream about leeches

Dreaming of running shoes

Dream of losing money

Dreaming that i am losing all my money and support

Dream of being fired mean?


Dreaming about foreskin

Dreaming of family who have passed away

Dreaming about umemulo

Dead person again died

Dream of seeing white chair


Dead person calling your name

Dream about protruding navel

Dream about protruding belly button

Dreaming of sharing quran to people?

Dream of three nutmeg in a bag

Discar nact

Dirty nose

Death person taken gold in dream meaning

Death person taken gold in dream

Dume stick


Dead parent and budgie

Dream about cheap jewelry

Dream of uprooting cassava

Dreaming of dalai lama

Dead people giving jewellery

Driving a combine

Dreaming seing superman image in sky

Dream of holding smilling baby

Dirty bedcover

Dead lizard

Dead lizard being eaten by ants

Dreaming about music boxes

Dream of transgender cleaning of house

Dream someone stole my car battery

Dreaming of a soothsayer or traditional healer

Dishes in the flood

Dream of having sex with a woman

Dream of putting face powder on face

Dream of fish and flood waters

Dream about pearl on shell

Dogs barking

Dreaming of a dead person but seeing him wearing dirty clothes

Dream interpretation of seeing kola

Dreaming of dead person alive wearing cloth with blood stain

Dream dictionary lying on the sidewalk

Dreaming of eating blood mixed with soil


Dreaming of my grandmother red saree

Dream of fetching water from a well with huge fish in to a bucket

Dreaming off dolls with pins in them tied up

Daughter as a baby crying

Dreaming going with the preside to see her mother

Doing prayer outside the kabha

Dead woman gives you quran

Dreaming of leaving home to go to college

Dreamt of two shacks standing besides each other

Dream am flying without

Dream you see broken sun glasses

Dream of tea

Dip freezer


Dreamed of money

Dreamed of dead neice coming out of washing machine

Dirty comb

Dreaming of a dead parent who can’t say anything

Dream a find interesting

Dream of finding treasure in the ocean

Dream of finding trager in the ocean

Dream of playing holi

Dirty, ragged clothes

Decease father kissing your friend on mouth

Dream of a naughty girl bully another girl

Dreaming of leaving home

Dreaming of having sex with a dog

Dreams of having sex with a dog

Dreaming about jade

Death kalma

Dream someone became millionair

Disfigured object

Dream translation of a blind man on a bushy path

Dead person laughing

Dream interpretation of dried crayfish

Dressed goddess

Dressed as goddes

Dressed with new expensive cloth and new shoe

Dream of my dead mother and i laughting


Driving in a mall

Dreamed someone else fat and older

Dreamed someone fat and older



Dollar bill


Dream of wearing nysc uniform

Dream of exhuming dead mother

Dreaming my husband with a snake tongue

Dead husband in handcuffs

Drunkeness dream interpretation

Dishonest people

Dream of dead mother plastering a house

Dirty snow

Deathwatch beetle

Dream of wearing shorts

Drawing a line

Dream in giving a dead person money


Dream of exercise


Down the hill

Dream someone has recoverd

Dream of washing jerry can

Dreams of sleep

Dream of an old casket with someone in it

Dreaming a person passing through a ventilator to enter a house

Dream interpretation hungry

Driving a gold car

Dream someone applying gel in my hair


Dream of applying styling gel in your hair


Dream of paw paw tree in bloom

Doing deliverance in dream

Dream about oral sex

Dream about travel

Dreaming boyfriends sister

Dream about belly button lint

Dreaming of seeing a purple dog?

Dream of throwing stone

Dead person giving something

Dreams of being happily married to a wealthy man

Doors closed

Dream of watching a tidal wave approach

Dream of regretfully selling my house

Dead mother cleaning house

Deceased father laughing

Dog with two heads

Dog with mulitple heads

Diverging roads

Drinking dirty water

Doing monkey bars

Dream of romancing with boyfriend

Dream of house

Dreaming of going to peru

Driving into body of water

Dream of dead person cooking and cleaning the house

Dream of sell herbal from river

Dreaming with a well furnished house

Dream of your tenant

Drumsticks seen in dreams

Dreamed of conch

Deputy president in my house

Dark brown dog

Dream of sex with an ex

Dream of your girlfriend

Dead body wearing tight clothes

Digging treasures in low tide sea

Drinking from a tree fountain

Dreams many lanzones fruit meaning

Dream naked?

Dream holding my own breast?

Dreamt of fetching water

Dreaming of my dead sister using spit to clean me

Drug deal



Dead goats

Dead goats in my path

Driving a rental car

Dressed professionally

Deceased father accidentally started a fire including a mattress

Dead asking for chocolate and cake

Dreaming numbers 8080

Dreannt of winning the lottery

Dream of a strange man with red irises in eyes

Dream carry someone on your back

Dreming of being on coaches

Dreaming of ice freezing in warm weather

Debtor collector

Dream of someone sucking my pussy

Dream meaning a male security kick a black coin.

Dreamed of a wedding of my dead friend

Driving your car and the lights quite working but you keep driving on the expressway where they are working on

Diamond crushed

Dreaming of snake biting a goat

Dream of assassin

Dream meaning about broom


Dream of a dead person giving you something

Dream of going to toilet

Dream of easing oneself

Different fruit in dream

Drive towards a cliff

Dog licking my hand/finger

Dreaming of crying and looking at desased husband picture

Dreaming of crying over my deceased husband picture

Dream of a refund

Dreaming of buying lanzones

Ducks invading kitchen

Dream a huge watermelon

Dead mother seeing in dream sick

Dog feeding

Damaged rembrandt

Dreams of someone tearing my notebook

Dream of stroking a scorpion

Dream about eating palmyra

Dream of barrel of black sand

Deceased giving me a ring

Dual personality dream

Dodge charger

Date fruits


Dream with photo frame of god

Dream interpretation of someone touching my breast

Dreaming being on a truck going somewhere

Dripping wet towels

Dead father giving money to poor

Dream of black cardoman


Dreaming a bout discussing politics with two prime ministers one puts his had over my shoulders

Dry skin all over face

Dreaming someone is calling your name

Dream of stockfish meaning

Dreaming on hervesting sweet potatoes

Driving/running away from home

Dead relatives in my dream

Deceased eating

Dress in mantle

Dreams of killing fish

Dreaming about twin girls

Deep frying foods

Dead bear

Dream of dead bear

Dream of brown bear

Donating kidney

Dream about kissing girls

Dreaming of someone putting her wet cloth on my dry cloth

Dream about dead ticks

Dream of crested myna bird in my room.

Dream meaning of red night gown


Dream about face infection

Dream of aquamarine in a muslim dream meaning

Dream of receiving envelope from dead friend

Drinking coffee

Dream lion eating raw big meat

Dream about giving kola nut to someone

Dead parents

Dream about praying for governor

Dream giving someone sugercane meaning

Dreament someone giving me dry marijuana

Dreaming of green pepper what is the meaning

Deceased wearing a straw hat

Dream of your husband having sex with the maid

Dreamed about small dust devil

Dreaming of an empty envelope

Deceased father approval

Dreaming of being in a car

Dream of maggi cubes



Dreaming of vitiligo

Diamond shape emerging from forehead

Dreaming of heaven with colour river and salt with mountain with water fall

Dream of clitoris in your hand

Dream of having

Dran druff in islam

Dead person came and talk to me

Drinking alcahol

Dream about steam roller

Dog vomiting a yellow snake

Dreamt being a stripper

Deceased in dream

Dream of calabash meaning

Dream calabash

Divorce in the presence of late grandmother

Dream color red

Dreamt of repentance

Dried poisonous plant

Dream a sick friend has recovered

Dark clouds with royal blue on the outsides

Dust mop

Dreamt about boyfriends dead sister

Dream of receiving papers/envelope from a friend

Dream pastor great me

Driving on a broken road with door open

Door frame

Damaged chair

Dream lost gold

Dream lost golf

Dream of an ex

Dead person praying

Drowning animals

Dead person washing our clothes and cleaning the house

Dream of house flooding

Dreaming of many wrist watches

Dream meaning of buying recharge card

Dragon in the lake

Drinking of olive oil in a dream

Dream walking a long distance

Dream a raster man helping me

Dirt on the ceiling

Dream of a man plaited his hair

Death like

Dream moving into a home with deceased family

Dreaming of a sangoma taking advantage

Dividing red oil

Dream of deceased relative

Defending someone

Dogs trying to attract you

Dead person giving you everything they owned

Dead person giving you their possessions

Dreaming about having an affair with an old man

Dreamed i met a girls father


Dreamm that i have a secrete admirer

Dead husband suckling breast

Dreaming of dead mum giving prefumes

Dream of someone get a check

Dreamed of buying purple cabbage

Dreaming of my wife having with enemy

Dancing with dead and alive grandfathers

Dead grandmother digging a hole

Dream about angry goddess lakshmi

Drowning in mucky water

Dreaming of washing meat

Defected dress in dream

Dreaming of crapaud its meaning

Data validation


Dream dead person resurrecting

Dry cleaners

Dream about exchanging two salted fish for one

Dreaming of a mad man

Dreaming of mad man

Day of judgment

Dreaming of picking ripe passiob fruits

Dream about twin babies lastnight

Delivering baby

Dreaming of gift of kola nut

Dream dynasty

Dog having 4 ear

Dog having four year

Dreaming of among those who are to cut there hand and head

Debt and tortured

Dreaming ripe pawpaws on tree

Disney world

Driving with my brother

Disintegrating paper



Dreaming of the salawat

Dreaming church steples falling

Dream of a mad man in your dreams

Digging the lawn

Digging eating and throwing dirt in a dream

Drinking coconut milk dream interpretation

Dreams of someone pulling your hair

Dream circucision


Death-like stillness subdued sobs downstairs mourners invisible all alone familiar east room catafalque corpse guards president assassin


Deathlike stillness

Deep trench

Disney movie

Death-like stillness

Dream about koala bear

Dream that my grandmother took me to heaven

Dream of father having a stroke

Dead asking water

Dream inside of dream

Dragon fruit being given by your sister

Dream about wearing long gown

Dream of hole in carpet

Dream of daddy long leg spider

Dog with two horns coming out of green grass



Dream of sick person getting recovery

Disabled child

Dead person giving gift

Dream of a parsome

Dreaming of husband possibly getting a car

Dreaming of in laws

Dirty bugy hair

Deceased father wearing my black coat

Dream of money with blood

Dream of unknown tribal group attacking us

Dream meaning of seeing used pad

Dream of putting lots of coal in a bag

Dream for my friend bride price

Dreaming of clay pot with a fire in graveyard

Dreaming of vitiligo in dreams

Dreaming of carport with 2cars

Dreaming of a carport with 2 cars while raining

Dream meaning someone asking you a question

Dreaming of a white woman

Dream about power outage

Dream about belly button popping out

Dream meaning of all kinds of food

Dreaming of being in a church and giving offerings to the pastor

Dreaming hanged clothes



Dead i self

Dead iself

Dreaming about a cowboy on a nice horse reaches to me as i reach for his hand i wake up

Dead lover sitting on porch with

Dark dirt path

Dream of cassava harvesting

Dream of jack fruit meaning

Deep frying in oil in dream


Dry banyan tree in dream


Dream pushing down a roaster with its neck until it sleeps

Dream the my head was covering in a black veil

Dream of upside down cross and time travel

Dreaming about pheasants falling from the sky in front of me

Dreaming of putting on a military uniform and being told that am a commanding officer

Dream of hindu gods

Dream of reception

Doll with red hair

Dreaming of a metal ladder

Dreaming of sores on someone

Dreaming of lanzones fruit

Dunking cupcakes in custard

Dream of réd horse

Dreaming of dark green water?

Dream meaning moon palace

Dreaming of tuberculosis

Dreaming of clean garbage cans

Dreaming of lobola

Dream about bridge maid of wood

Dark web

Dreaming of a totem pole

Dead mother kissing me in dream

Decapitated pet

Dreaming about a boyfriend wearing an army uniform

Dream a cow chasing you and bite

Dreaming about a boyfriend in uniform

Dream meaning about consulting traditional healer


Dreamed i had psoriasis

Dreaming of nutcrackers

Dream about being in a tower

Dream someone broke my idol

Dream of green velvet

Dog sucking boobs

Dreaming of a man trying to have sex with me

Dreams of butter

Dreaming king

Dreaming lama

Death end street

Dreamt a empty grocery cart hit a child in its mouh . and the child tooth came out and it vomitted

Dream of seeing spirogyra

Dream wife sees her husband naked

Dreamt i was gathering flowers

Dry crafish meaning in the dream

Digging sweet potatoes

Dreaming about maggi cube

Dreaming about lobola negotiations meaning



Dead electric shot

Dream of tamerind seed

Dream dancing with oryx

Dead body burn

Dreaming of neem leaves

Dream grave disappear


Designer purse

Designer bag


Dream of a child being adopted

Dream about visa

Dream of an open condom

Dream of a deceased dog

Dreaming of an alive person that he is dead/killed

Dream dirt

Dreaming about someone paying lobola for me

Dreaming of a black man

Deceased asking for something

Domestic animal

Dreams of gravel pouring down

Dreaming of glittering mineral

Door being opened

Dreaming of getting back together with your ex