I dream of black fuzzy caterpillars

I dreamed that i was blowing trumpet, the more i blow the more the light shines

Injured lizard

I ate a pinecone


I got stabbed in the neck


In the midst of flooding water

In the midst of flooding

In the midst of looding

I was shot 3 times and removed the bullets myself

I pulled out a worm out of my vaginal

Infant car seat

Ice and fire

Interpretation of my dreams in my dreams i was broken and eating palm kernel

Infant bowel

Ing in toilet

Indian my a bird talking to me

In my dream i woke up to a note that said no more justin and i was in trouble by mom for sending pictures and said i am not allowed to see him again and i got so angry and then woke up

In my dream it said no more boyfriend

I dreamt riot police raiding my house

I saw jesus moses and abraham in my dream

Injured head

I hear screaming

In small boat to china searching for mom

I dreamed of having sex

I dream about a snake sucking my breast dream meanin

I hurt my wrist in my dream

I saw two words john deceases

I dream alot of neem leave

I gave my friend cotton balls

I dream my boyfriend paying lobola for me

I dreamed my fiance grabbed a cameroon from the bed

I was helping a married friend to pound fufu

I have a dream some planting a rice

I have a dream i was making a bed

Ingrown toenail

I was looking at my lap and was bigger than real life

I dreamed of eyeglasses on a nightstand


Immigration issues

I saw panther and tiger

Intestine in water in dream meaning

Iron hiting in fire


I dreamed that my youngest son had a stroke

I dreamed i lost my grocery cart

I dreamt about two girls i was holding them by the neck and had them face down

I see calabash tree on my dream

I dreamed of a medium

I went to a lady doctor who was going to pray for me

I shook hands with some one i fancy

If you see bruises on your loved ones leg caused by you

If u dream of causing bruise to loved one unintentionally and having guilt about it

Imminent own death last seconds

Imminent death

If you see a man with so many beard

I was hanging upside down

I’m wearing not pair of shoes.

I lost my one pair of working shoes

I dreamed i was walking down the yellow brick road with the lion n the scarecrow

Inside a shoebox dream


I killed a white bull in a dream

I caught my husband and my old friend on bed and l almost beat my husband to death

I’m being burned

I saw a quran in my dream but it is incomplete

I was flying in my dream

In a roller coaster

Injury to a loved one

I dreamed about talking with my mom

Indian jujube tree


I coming from gravyard have some script on written on small paper in way i met to my husbend

I dreamt i spit up phlem

If you dream of seeing sores on your feet

I dreamt spitting up a lagre phlem ball

I love you

I gave drinking water to my dead father

If they give person kola nut in dream what means

I was kissing my step son in dream

I saw cray fish in my dream

If you dream of someone complaining of another person

I dreamt of removing prewinkle for a family member who is elderly

I met a wonderful man


Invisible force pushing you

I found fresh fruit on the curb side and knocked on the door to ask if i could take it

Intravenous drip

I dream a black nazarene face

I try to kill the snake in my dream

I received kolanut in my dream

I dreamt my mother called me to tell me that her and father are going to pour petrol in the middle of the night. when i asked why she said my father sent her to the hospital

I dreamed that a moose was watching me through my bedroom window

I’m in a room with sister talking about the death of a relative but not planning funeral


I gave an elderly man kolanut

I gave someone kolanut


I was shown a white handkerchief with something is written on it


Interpretation of dead people in dream

I dreamt of eating stock fish in my dream.

I find a red handkerchief in the streer

I threatened a little kid and poured green face mask to his face

In the place of prostitue paid money ,but run away

In lottery

I am farting in my dreams

Ice cream parlor



Ii had a dream of hairy feet


If you dream that you are remove coco yam from the ground


Informed about internet security

Infor.d about

Infor.ed about

I asked for water to drink and got a little water in a mug

I saw my father who has passed away give me three cats


I had a dream i have avoid

I dreamed i pull honeycombs out of my throat


I dreamed i was in a mansion

I have dream of a pandit giving me three seeds


Ironing board


I had a dream i was eating salmon fish and i have been craving it since

I was warned about a black pig

Itchy eyeball

Islam white tasbeeh




I dreamed of a gecko eating an apple.

I dreamed of a gecko eating

Illegal drug use

Im in a car going backwards and i cant find the brakes

I had a dream i saw silo

Insecure and incompetant

I was ah hair dresser and no one wanted me to do their hair and i felt insecure

I went to a hair salon and the stylist cut my hair

Inserting right thumb into magots and a worm

I dreamt about a boy who i didn’t know and in that dream the boy was in ninth grade and i was in seventh and he was new to school and he was on my bus and we became friends and we had a lot of fun he was my best friend and we were neighbors and we loved each other but then i woke up

Injured camel calf

Injured baby camel

I got alot of rice from the sky

I was with the former governor of my country

I was with friends in a very pleasant weather and we were swimming in a dark blue water first i thought i could not make it to the shore but wihen i jumped in it was easy


I attract vitiligo in my dream

If i fought with kinner in dreams

I dream a guy and lady pounding fufu means

I had a dream 2 dogs was chasing me trying to attack me

I saw someone being burried

I run from something but i ran so much that went their about to catch me i start flying going to diffrent places then i see a horse with a human facevi llok around theirs a river n my mom is laying their with her eyes closed

I have a reacurring dream of an empty room that leds to the outside of my house

Intruders in a room in my house

I have a reacurring dream of a empty room attachec to my house with an outside door that should be kept locked.

Incomplete school assignments

I dream my dog got killed

Ice cream

I saw a snake in my dream please what does it mean

I poured pot of vegetable soup

I dreamt i was preaching to worldly people in a certain village about changing their lives on their knees but i had no microphone

I was eve teased in the evening and eventually followed

I was eve teased in the evening and eventually chased

In my dream reality flushed4

I am piloting my first commercial flight to a tropical location and i can’t remember anything i’m supposed to know so i stall by doing a preflight safety check

I am an untrained pilot

Indo-canadian people

I’m performing an exorcism

Inserting suppository

I was talking to my deceased father who was naked

I saw mince n meat in dreams

I dreamt giving tithe

I am asking for money in my dream

I was taking care of a baby owl

I dream of club in playing cards

I dreamt that in my room, my light bulb was dead, but a coleague from the office gave me a double l

Impailed bird

I dreamt a lady gave me a lot of eggs

Imposter donald trump

I dreamth about my co-worker pouring apple cider given to you means

I dreamth about my co-worker pouring apple cider given to you means

Incest with mom

I dreamed i chose an arch

I dreamed i had a choice and i chose an arch



Iwas waering a red dress at a club and richard pryor and o.j. were there

I dreamt where i climbed a palm tree to cut the riped fruit

I was given a belt in dream


Im seeing a man

Im stealing a gold

In a car seats close together and can’t see

I found a concha shell in the shoreline

I shoplift in my dream

I had a dream that i was driving in my car and i was sitting at a light in front of my church when i look over to the right i see my oastor calling me to come inside. i make a u-turn and pull into the parking lot

I was combining my hair in the dream what is the meaning



I was in a glass room and monutains fell all around me but i was unharmed

I give water to tiger

Interlocking hands with a man

Insecure about stomach

I was locked in the closet

I dream that i am taller than a house

Impales through lung

I saw a baby kinner laugh in my dream

In my dream, my wife was offerred to eat noodles, what does it mean?



In the west

I gave birth to a child who died but i breast

I dreamt i gave one of my friend money

I dreamt my friend was being paid lobola

In dream saw our family member recovering from his illness

If u see ur self picking some money in a dustbin in a dream

If a lover gives you a healthy plant

I dreampt i was strangling my sister

I dreamed my pastor calling my name

I dream of crr

I dreay

Inside barn loft

I had with a baby in my dream

I met a pastor in dream

Injured arm

I dream passing but i want to take nmcl

I dream somebody wash my feet

If one see himself dig well mean

In a scary house


I see doing with my wife

In my dream i had went and collected my results and i had good grades

Ice cibe

I can’t find where i’ve parked my car

Insects in hair

Ibis without tail

Iron bender

I dreamt when my father is naked on my bed with mum giving him massage

I dream wth my deceased husband that he is alive but ill and doesnt know me that well

I had a dream i left my husband and was living a a hard life alone with my kids

I dream worm in my skin

In my hand i cut the coconut tree but not tree fallen down

In my hand i cut the coconut tree but not fallen down

I dreamt of my dead nude brother in law

Islamic young woman

In my dream i am a c

I saw green and black g s

I dream of a license plate number on a truck in my driveway #7977

In my dream i saw a friend he was in a coffin to the vilage people came and where all crying

In my dream i saw my unborn grandchild face

I saw myself eating sahi paneer

Injured white parrot

I dream that people are celebrating infront of me

I did money rituals in my dream

I had a dream about masturbating into a frying pan and eggs starts frying

I dream having relation it my wife

Iron board means on your dreams

I dream of being abuse

Insecure of wife

I pulled out two grey hair

I dreamt i ordered a fried catfish basket, and when it was brought to me,it was literally in a baske


I dream prince william give me a hand shake

I dreamed that i was picking up ripe roasted palm nut and eating it and someone give me more to share with another person

I saw my son in my dream that he has masturbating

If we see many cutted banana tree and stored in a room

If we see many cutted banana tree

If we see a bunch of banana leaves


I watched that i m 1 month pregnant nd my father in law mother in law nd grand mother in law came to meet me but i m still un married

I received a cheque

I dream of holding 3 playing cards

I had dream about king heart and spade of playing card

In a small house


Interior designs

Interior decorator

I see me and an other person become the president and we receive certificates

I see that me and a other person received certificates for becoming president

I smelled coffee in my dream

I see palm fruit in my dream

In a que served food


I had a baby, but placenta was stuck


I dream of a man gives an eggplant to me

Incomplete task

Invisible ladies i

Invisible ladies in dream


Inflated pillow

I had my heart cut in half and a white cotton wool and white cloth placed on my heart

Im in somebody else body

In dream sadness

I am a rat

I dreamt sleeping in class

I am pregnent without marraige

I was in a play that i didn


Illness and recovery of a mother

Illness and recovery

I saw myself spitting charcoal in a dream

Inside area of rossi rasool

I saw myself cutting a small dry stick in my dream

I bought biscuit in the dream

I saw gold chain but tht chain is fake

I dreamt that i was dancing on top of a bar and patrons diliked it

I dream my friend sick and i help her to recovered

I dream my sick and i help her to recovered


Ice blocks

Islamic dream interpretation about teeth falling and being stitched back

I was being handed or gifted a prayer mat

I dream there was thorns in my feet

I go down a chimney in my dream

I saw cowries in my dream

I saw palm nut in pouch

I hold a termite queen


Insect in blanket

I was awol

In the court room as a spectator

I dreamed of skating with my spouse

Insects remove from teeth


Islam sneaking around


In bathroom

Injured bird

I saw tamarind in my dream

I dream of giving offering with cheque in the dream

In the dark trying to screw in lightbulb

I received a gold ring from my dead uncle

Injured horse


Ice cream scoops

If we see yogert sweet in dreams

I was kissed on forehead by someone

Integration dream

Ironing boards

In car with a friend

I lfted to the sky days and nights were passing real fast

I saw coconut in my dream .

I saw god praying in front of the sea,and happilly waving of me after

Ice on water



I had to feed a monkey that belonged to my partners family


Iv needle being inserted and taken out over and over

I dreamed i put my bicycle on a bus

I dream of red palm kanel

I saw in a dream uncooked samp



I bought a new tracksuit wwhite with a very fine silver thread

I bought a new tracksuit white with a very fine silver thread

I saw a large numbers of shemales misturbating in my dream

I take care one baby in my dream

I a succeful business woman and my crush is my machenic and i give him a big hug when he fixes my car

I dream that i;m 13 and my bestfriends crush gets me pregnant

In my dream i saw up to five female names and only one was highlighted

I dreamt of taking some used clothes but dey were still new

I was handcuff in the house

I dropped my phone in toilet with poop

I saw four people killed a tigger in my dream

Islamic gambling

I m elevating

In a car racing thru traffic



Intervention dream


In my dream i was with and old crush, we kissed and she explained that she was using lots of drugs


Intercourse with my husband

I dream my enemy lick my pusy then i spit in her face

Instant messenger

I married my niece

I was holding a golden statue of an eagle

I dreamt padre pio spoke to me and i kissed his left hand

I drea.t

I dreamt i mdt padrdpio in rotondo and he spome to me a d i kissed his left hand

I drea.t i

In foreigh nation with huge swing

In a forest

Iron bowl

Intamacy and sex with my sister in law

I dream that i wear nysc cloth going for service

I had abut luggage

I was cooking bacon

Inside a dust devil

I dreamt i wanted to buy bitter kola but later refused

I dreamt i paid for bitter kola, but later collected my money because i thought it was expensive

In my dream i buy goat head


I am i a plywood building


Italian language

I dreamed my mom slapped my daughter and i wanted to slap her and i got physical with her.

If we see to bough fenugreek in dream

In the prison


I dreamt of a mad woman chasing me and my man all over town

I saw two snakes quarrels

I had sex with a hot girl in my class an d we rode dirtiness together

In an empty mall

In a large convocation procession

Iced water

Imbecile in a dream

I dreamt of cleaning my teeth with charcoal

I saw cow lying for slaughter but did slaughter

Injury scissors


Injury in his back

Invited to a banquet, table loaded, dogs come from no were, licking my legs and feet, like they are begging for food.

I dream of finding lost gold necklace

I was falling from a building and i was holding rope to prevent falling down

I lost my boyfriend on a cruise ship

I am a healer

I dreamt of transfer to a unwanted place

Imaginary friend

I got fail on my scholarship

I broke my daugther wing in dream

I dreamt that i was on my bed with a dirty feet.


Infant talking to me in dream


In fury

I dreamt going to the garden with a hoe with vegetables and groundnuts in my hands

I saw my husband going abroad in dream

I give present a wristwatch to my mother

Ink stained sheets fingers

If seen live mum dad put it into the grave

Ice fish

Incurable disease

Inventing paint

I dreamed of being hibernated

Impaled with a jagged nail in the ear

I won the lottery with two tickets but i could not find one of the tickets


I have been transferred

Inserting suppository into rectum in a dream meanings


I was advising mike tyson on gambling

In line for buffet

I had a dream about a news of a dead person


Intertwined fingers and stuck

Iron nails in head

Itch scalp

In a garbage dumping area

I saw my father gifting me gold bracelet and a silver bracelet and i wore gold bracelet in one hand and in another hand silver bracelet.what does it signifies

I am the principal


Invisible snake dream

If dead person gives money in dream

If dead uncle gives money in dream

In a parade

I see my goods into dustbin

I was given okro

I saw myself digging rabbit hole

I dreamt i had a fly in my ear

Intruder gun jam

Infected sore

Iridescent dream

I dreamed i had a mouthful of gravel

Ing big bubble gum bubbles

I have dreamed that i was at my sister house and there was quite few roaches crolling in the floor of her kitchen


I had a dream that j.lo came to my house i told her that i am a fan and we took pitcher

Infertile dream

Impersonate office

I am in a parallel universe

Indian gooseberries

I had a dream about shell

I dreamt my boyfriend withdrawing from me

I dreamt my boyfriend withdrawing from me and because of a young girl

I dreamt my bf was withdrawing from me and because of a young girl

Important work

I dreamt jade plant

I dreamed i was preparing to make coleslaw


I am wearing a white dress- my enemy is wearing a white dress

I removed the pit from an avocado

Important writing

Ised sanitary pad

I was disarmed in a dream


If you eat and plucked ambala

I dreamt when someone gave a suit with a hole

I was in a church and by my side there was the son of the pastor of my church and the pastor told me don’t ignore the signs that tell you to love him

Invited for a job interview

I dream a woman know she is dead curting my hair and mistakely curt my hand on my palm and blood bleed so fast not easy to stop

I was dreaming of big crocodiles being in a dugout close to our house, we had no fear of them, just wanted them to be removed in case they were harmful to children.

In married woman seeing period blood herself in dream

In dream monkey takes meat from hand

I received a white envelope


I dreamt of seeing purple crystals everywhere on the ground

I am at a lake and a seal almost swims over me


In a park

If you dream and see water following from a woman vagina

I dreamt that im eating peanut like to enlarge my penis what does it symbolise

I was picking periwinkle in my dream

I feed my milk someone child

I dreamed that i was watching a chariot race with my family. my family and i are not on good terms in real life. during the race horses had been injured. suddenly at my feet was what appeared to be an injured pony but at closer look was a male goat with no horns. then appeared two recently born ponys. all three were lost and the ponys were trying to drink from the male goat. everyone in the crowd was trying to help the animals but the goat only listened to me . i called him he followed me and the ponys followed the goat. i was going to do everything i could to care for them but had no intention of finding their owner.

I dre

I dreamed i had a hermaphrodite

I see myself bathing in the room in my dream




I am standing before a portal in my dream and i saw a younger version of me constantly passing by me

Itchy scalp

I have a dream that my was bringing me collard greens

I dreamt i was getting a stroke

I dreamed of a car hitting me to a crash

Intrpretation of dreaming when a man and a woman having sex

Immense pain

Ice scates

Injured mother

In dream i went to mortuary with two men and they alow me and go . then i was they with the people who are working they and i was touching fresh they with them. please interprete my dream

I dreamed a rastafarian

I find the phone on the road

I killed my parents cat


I saw in my dream that my child has been taken by lion

I saw i killed hair insect

I saved myself from jcb hitting me

I saved me and my father from jcb hitting us

Incinerating a live person

I dream about broken jackfruit

I dreamed of a white horse

Insects inside your body

I was using a white sari in my dream

I am a bride looking at my hand as he places ring on it, am totally happe and at peace


If you would like to play lottery what number

I love youb

I am a married woman and what does it mean to dream of your affair



In dream isaw natraj swamy

In witness protection progr

I dreamnt a baby laughing

I had guy friends

Islamic irrigation

Interpretation of my deceased mother going to the hood \\\\\\\\(ghetto\\\\\\\\)

I dreamt that a lady was sucking my penis

Intercourse with a deceased loved one or a ex

Interpretation of dreams

I had adream of belly butten

Iv drip by druggist in dream

If someone dream you holding a sapodilla

I saw ursula

I saw ursula the sea witch in my dream meaning

I saw ursula in my dream

I dreamed of seeing incissions on my body

I had a dream where i bought fufu

If u dream picking money fromthe ground

I was plugging green pepper


Impaired speach

I saw a leaf of banana tree was dried

I was plugging pepper

Illusion in dream

I have dreams coffin glass but have inside woman criment

If iam in love with another girl but see another smilling at me while the one i love dosent smille what does that mean??


I bit fingers of a being in my dream

I was digging with a cutlass and water began to come out and the hole turned to a well of clean water

Iv drug use

Injury puppy

I had a dream that, someone tear my cloth what does it mean

I was in the bed and i saw my cousin standing behind the door and she tried to scare me and then it got really dizzy and everything was up close and then she said something with us

I saw shit everywhere

I dreamt of of a coffins carring my late father

I dreamt of dying and the angel of death talking to me

Injured eyes

Insects in head





I dreamt that someone died and a person actually died and the person was in my dream

If u kill a wall gecko in the dream what does it mean

I forbidden love

I become photo

I become parrot

I become pharisees

I dreamed of telling the gospel

If u receive white chair in a dream


I gave birth to my 7th children

I dream i was a stripper

I was crying and said i was ashamed of my house



Impaled in my own head by accident

I dream baby pee

I dream about baby have pee

I dreaming two time about my pastor i feel love him

I dream i crush my pastor

I dreamer about my uncle masterbating in his car

I dreamer about my uncle masterbating in his car

I was a girlfriend of a gangster


I dreamt my husband was wearing torn clothes and living in a mud house in poverty

I dremt i left my husband for the husband of my niece

If i dream my friend die, what is the meaning?

I watch at airport as my husband was in the first silver blimp then two more behind his in a single file and an airplane crashes into back of last blimp and it hits next blimp and it hits the first blimp and each explodes and as i watched a told the others that my husband didn’t want to be up there anyway

I was standing very scared on the terrace

I am bald

If your wife see you putting on dirty coverrall in the dream

If your wife see you putting on dirty coverall

I was in a highschool restroom and a woman was hiding in there to hurt others, i was trying to solve the mystery and got a woman and man to help, first it was nearly empty, then there were lots of women in there

Iv needle in arm

I had to say a spell in my dream

Invisible spirit

I dream about myself eating kola nut

I was eagle mama and baby was my son

I was an eagle

I’ll dog

I sow an angle on a horse while my land lord was arguing with me of she also sow the angle she stopped

I was picking different flowers and some where trying to help me pick the flowers but what they were picking was bad flowers which i refused them

Irridescent heart

Injured kitten

I had gathered many staffs

If you dreamed of having your curly hair cut

I am watching my wife mow the lawn but i am dead

I saw some one been a senator

I saw fight in mosque

I dreamt that i saw many pulpit in a compand

I catch fish in my dream but the fish was sliver


I dreamt of little sister bleeding from the nose for a few minutes then i managed to stop the bleeding

I got a dream of eating jamun fruit

Inside the tabernacle

In dreams someone is giving me new saree

Interpretation of seeing people in dream eating maize meal

If padre pio comes into your dream it was a photo of him

If mangalamuki comes to dream

Impending doom

I dreamed i depressed

Im dream ocean calm blue color im walking under of water iam cury baby boy

Im dream ocean calm blue color im walking under of water im cury baby boy



I dreamt casting spell on my ex to get back with me

I dreamt when caned by a former teacher

If i am playing holli

I dream of iron rods that are put in my walk path

I was given two tubers of yam

I dream of iron rods

Intertwined fingers

I had couple of containers with jello

I was prophesying

I was a medium size deposit box that was sitting in a open cabinet it was glowing neon green lights

Inside a church

I went to someone house and break their vase then i was trying to help them clean it up

I dreamt while receiving a bottle of perfume with a good fragrance

I sold broom to a man in my dream


I had a dream my 6 year old son was having a seizure

If see x boyfriend giving second chance and holding his hand


I dreamed my son was kidnapped

Impossible to scream

Injustice night

I dream eating couscous from millet

Italian consulate

I dream st vincent ferrer

Income tax raid in my dream

I got transgender in my dream asking for money

Ironing board set up

If pregnant women saw a dream of tamarind

Injured hamster

Ice storm

Impaired shoes

I dreamt that i had good grades

I am an unmarried young girl and i dreamt i was riding on a huge elephant

I saw myself helping someone with her pestle in my dream. what does it mean

Incense holder


Intruder going to kill me

In my dream i said they dead but really they alive

Ironing clothes

I saw a plane crash

If a dead person gives you a baby in dream

I dream seeing my pastor

In the dark

I dreamed that a lady won a lottery

I dreamt i was bringing out hidden guinea corn that was hidden for long what does it mean

In my dream i pluck three garden egg

I pluck garden eggs

I bite someone the face

I bite someone

Ice cream machine

I saw green and black s

I se police

I\\\'ll but being treated

I had lots of women inside my house then spoke to mum on the phone she was happy with me

It was mentioned they liked it

Ice fishing

I robbed a bank of 2 million dollars


I touched my lower tooth and it came out in my finger

Insects in bread

I see my self with calabash what is the meaning

I see my self with clay-calabash what is the meaning


Inherited knick knack

I saw myself dancing like a hostess

I saw i my self and two girl were standing and we saw the moon and only one of us the came to her hand and saw it rising agine

I saw in a dream that i was getting married but i was crying

Income tax raid

If you keep sliding down from a slippy surface

I was carrying a baby and another was crawling



I was log rolling

In a dream saw cola nut in my boyfriend bag

I dream catching guinea fowl live

I dream that our pastor calling my name

Insect mouth


Intercouse with wife

I see myself getting married to another man


Islamic shcolar

I dreamed procession of santo niño.


I am riding a scooty in dream

I dreamt that someone daw my condom

Identical twins

Isaiah 45:7

I dream of given money to my dead uncle and grandmother

I dressed good in my dream

I saw a brown flying horse



I was pounding yam in a mmortarb

Ill friend


If a women colors her hair blonde

If someone dreams that he is rehabilitating a road

I saw new butterfly hair clips in dream

I had of full moon with the shinny with star and i am asking to forgiveaskin


Invitation to salaah from a person who has passed away

Invitation from person who has passed away

Iv injection medicine

Impaired slipper

I had a dream about shrek trying to kill fiona

I dreamt like my cousin is bathing me

Ing on the floor

Interpretation of dream seeing two white horses fighting

Interpretation of dreaming horses fighting

I saw two horses fighting

I saw bold my wife in my dream

Interlock hands

Inactive volvano mountain

Incinaration of a friend

I dreamed about helicopter flying and i catch it

I am the chosen one


In the dream my spouse gave me a pot of porridge to sweeten

I dreamed drinking coca cola

I dreamt a lot of sorghum seeds what does that means

If you dream of being a goalkeeper and receive a goal


Indian mynah

I was pregnant with twins

Islam wig

I dreamt seeing myself picking up bitter collar fruit

I have a sex slave

Islamic sunnah sites

I dreamed my mom died

I dreamt that a lion allow my friend to pass but refuses me to pass despite my scaring him with rods


Intercourse with sister

I am a girl and in my dream i saw a woman holding a candle.

In my dream i saw a woman holding a candle.

I dream my wife is pregnant


Ingested bat droppings



I dreamt that i bought a piece of land but i have paid 90 of it but i was still doubtful if the land would be mine


If you see someone telling your husband that he had a bad heart



I was watching a movie at the glendale theater with our kaibiganos danny guzman and christina artizada

I was arrested at glendale city because of bachelor love

I was arrested at glendale

I found a small jewels black bag

If a fiancee gives a bitter cola in a dream to her fiance

If my husband dream seeing baby twins

I have a helper at home want to go home

Ilana spitt


Inside a pit of feaces

I’m falling

Island village


If your photograph is been taken in the dream by a stranger

I saw jesus mother at my store

I have sex after that i dream of picking small tiger nut

I saw a mad woman in my dream

I saw boil on my friends back

I dreamt that my boyfriend and his ex-girlfriend were all over each other and laughing and eating chicken

Invited to come to upper room


Intercourse old

In a dream was holding chicken


Inflict harm

I saw myself giving lecture to people in my dream

Interracial marriage

I was swearing with my auntie that i am not the one

I was chanting money before i look why i chant was paper in the pot

I was swearing

Itchy eye dream

I shaked my new lawyers hand

I was being chase by a man

Inspect bag


I saw my state governor in dreams

I dream where i was pounding food

I found black magic in my dream it means

Injured bear

I was watching taj mahal in full moon night

I dreamt someone told me someone had a stroke

I dreamed having sex with my niece what does it mean ?

Islamic sunscreen

I was in a glass jar with a lid and no label

I could feel his warmth

Infected earring

I catch na sto nino


I dreamed about me diying

I was diying in my dream


I hauled a fish out of the see

I know my death

Ink on fingers

I dream i became a makoti

Interpretation of seeing my sperm in blue color in a dream


Indian child holding something


Interpretation of a wife refusing her husband from having sex with her

I saw a large brown handbag in my sleep. it was just there, no one was holding it and no one was around.

I have dreamd of naked couples

I dream my flight was cancelled due to storm

Interprete for me ; l dreamt that l found women picking a stilborn baby,took the body for disposal and they said that it was for my ex.

Interprete for me ; l dreamt that someone was fighting the other with an axe over goats,but other one gave him a piece of dry goat after l stop them from fighting


I m sifting my salon

I am villain in my dream

I was an emt

I saw a shooting star fall and pick it up on my hands

I dreamt my husband ejaculating in my mouth

I’m a female and had a penis

I was kissing a dwarf in my dream

I was kissing a midget

In greenland

I dreamed about kissing a fictional character

I have a dream while driving of foofoo/fufu

I saw my self on dreadlocks and later was losing it gradually

I hear foot steps and i can

Injured bear seeking help

In dream husband touching breasts


I dreamt there were a fleet of cars in my compound

I dreamt there were fleet of cars in my compund

I dreamt that my abandoned son and daughter lives in squater house

I dreamt of my two abandon son and daughter living in squater house

Image of senior santo niño

I was winnie the pooh

I dream of a childhood friend (a lady)slap me on my cheek saying that i have to pay a some money

I dream of a childhood friend (a lady)slap me on my cheek saying that i have to pay a some money and abusing my mother, she was very strong can fight her and was dragging me

If you dream of an onion

I shake my hands with my boss in dream

Insects mouth

Important person

Ice fish dream meaning

I received a marriage proposal

If someone passing over water crees in dreams

I dream opening a pad lock and sold it

I was wearing different colour of shoes

I’m pregnant

In a flying car

In my dream i saw plenty palm nut.this be means


Ice cold water

I dream with sr.sto niño?

I about a cooked yam in my dream

I dream my pundit

I took hotel accommodation and paid for it

Identity change

I owned old clothe

I owned old clothes

I was talking to princess lady di

I was talking to lady do


I dreamt cooking rice in a small pot and it raised fill up the pot and all over the house but the roaches where moving on top

I asked my love ones to marry me but she refused

I was holding a fish in a dream

I see a truck or trucks flying overhead

Insect in food whent eat

I bought a taxi in a dream an it was stolen from me

If we see green bangles in dream meaning

I want to do marrige

I saw in a new green dress



I saw myself naked and

In a blissard

I dreamt cooking rice in a small pot and it raised fill up the pot and all over the house but the roaches where moving on top

It was a white wedding dress and the zipper was stick in the lining

I was have with my husband on a boat that i was gona fall off and my husband was telling me ti hold on

Insect in ear

Inca man

I had a dream that my socket was burning so.i tried to off it , the socket in my family house what does it mean i actually offed in the generator in the dream

I saw a mad woman in my dream asking me for money and she called my name then try to hug me

I watch my friend

I dreamed where i was teaching

Interpretation of my deceased mother going to the hood \\(ghetto\\)

I dreamed my wife became a stripper

In love with man

I was picking red ripe beautiful mulberries from the tree


Infra red

In a hurry

I saw deep water

I cut off chunks of my hair

I have seen the grave of prophet muhammad

In a dream someone tell eat eggs but don/\'t eat the chicken

I dream supervising workers at mining

I had a dream where i caught a swan and started peeling off its skin and when i realized i was getting it sick, i immediately stopped

I saw him walking the streets

Interatial wedding

I was running with some one in my dream

I had a dream i got killed by a train

I shot my self on a head

I save my husband daughter from quicksand


I see branjal

Ing a storm orange sand and askingbfor a wish

I am shopping in a mall

Intruder and abduction

I dreamt a trojan horse was running at me

I\\\'m on a ledge trying to get off

I saw one of my friend crying in my dream

I saw pregnant women

I saw my self naiads in my dream

I saw a funeral of some one and one of my cousin cring close to it and deadbody i getting shift to t

I dreamed a lying male besides me while i am vomiting what does it mean

I was admiring my neighbours house that was big white but very old

In class full of sangoma

I dreamed of picking from a purple plant belonging to lord shiva

I was wearing a white cap and gown

I killed someone who i dont know

I took off a decaying tooth of my son

If a person whom i love but didnt talk come into my dream

Ing your self

I ran away from enemy

Im about to get second nikah done

Ing onself

I see that i am gtting engagement hen put a ring in my hand then i get up

I saw allah in my dream

I saw my big brother crying in the dream

Indian icon

I had sex with my niece she is 20 yeaes and i am 44years in dream

I had sex with myniece she is 20 yeaes and i am 44 in dream

Iron rod

In white inners i want expose my navel to people

Imaginary child


Ice castle




Ice block


Intruder breaking into the house

I had a dream that i was pounding fufu in a dream

I saw that someone was burning bush

I was living with my friends and some guys said that they lived there

Illness of a child

I receive a sudden money fro unknown person to process atrvel documents


It was the hottest day on earth

If someone sees his or her self cutting raw fish what does it mean


I of an angel that i cross a river with

If you had dream your teacher beating you

I died and came to life again



I was in a boat with three other family members and then the waters got rough and the boat drifted with us i tried to steer the boat to safety but it ended up hitting a fence


I was interviewer

I was interviewing people


Intruder knife

Inappropriate relationship with brother

I see myself picking better kola nut in my dreams

I dreamt where i was sucking someone’s vagina

I was sucking someone’s vagina in a dream

I was about to sleep with a woman pastor

I dream and was having sexual edge wi

Incense with smoke in house


I dreamed of a distant work acquantance who walked by me in the hospital and then the next day in real life walked by me at work in the exact outfit i dreant of him in

I work for a news reporter

I worked with a news anchor

If a mistress say thanks

I saw my husband touch my breasts and criticize

I dreamt i went for hajj


I dreamt that i was picking sorghum from the garden and leaving maize

I saw myself picking cashew nut in the forest



If someones semens is touching your body

Iron rod dream interpretation

I was given fresh okro in my dream

In a mango tree one big mango is partially eaten in a dream

In a mango tree partially eaten in a dream

In a tree partially eaten in a dream

It’s me but someone else

I saw my aunt from ohio and i think she is dead

Impaled through the head


I saw my unborn baby in a dream

I love you confession

I was given an injection by a mad man in my dreams

I see myself working in green forest

I saw a man i know to be dead in my dream begging me for money, i gave him some money

Invasion of privacy

Invasion of personal space

I was sailing a woman in boat

I had a dream the man i love did heroin

I saw myself turning into a gorilla in my dream

I was given two rings red stone with diamonds

I married a very rich greek old man

I got sihr in my dream


I had a dream of giving betal leaves to every one to eat dream meaning

Iced drink

Injured cat

I was on a slanted roof and slid down to a swimming pool and hung on to the edge of the roof

I see two plane in the water in my dream

I am involved sexually with 3 people

I dream i am holding baby in my back

Inflatable swimming ring

Inside the taxi while going

Inner arm

I hit a goal post in my dream when i was playing soccer

I dream someone gave me a planetarium

Ice cream shop

Interpretation online website girlfriend participates in orgy

Inverted cross

I dreamed mongoose

I dreamt that in my room, my light bulb was dead, but a coleague from the office gave me a double l

I was chanting mantra

I dream that i urinate on the floor & feel shame next i am astrally projecting around a large house other people see me do this

Intimate white dress

If someone is wiping your face with handkechief

I am a women dreaming of shaving a young mans beard

I am shaving a mans beard

I dreamt of bad bruising on my face

I see a white buffalo and a white wolf

I was somewhere, i’m not sure where. it was outside, but had four walls made out of leaves, almost like a room. i looked around and saw a tall lengthy person, much taller than i was. i think he was the devil. i think his face was red though. my family was behind me. the figure grabbed my dad and man handled him into a large pot looking thing in the middle of the “room”. he pulled his head out and his head was bald. my dad walked behind me and fell on the ground. he followed the same process with my sister, my brother, then my mother. while it happened i could not move or say anything. when he came at me i woke up.

Intimacy with sister in law

Insects flying out of my mouth

I picked riped cashew fruit in dream meaning what

Inside out jeans

I dreamed that i was at the church ,i did not believe in putting holy water on my forehead,and some one pushed me towards a cross

I dream my dead mother left her infant child dying

I dreamt my sister having a boyfriend


I dreamed that from my eyes i take out something like it was a disease from both eyes

I dreamed that in my wrest a disease type things pops up then disappears twice

I dream and ask colleague to throw away a black rat

Islamic dream translate-seeing the apple shape undr my tongue

Islamic dream about apple shape under my tongue

Irish pub

Ing the nose

I dream of palm carnel soup with palm oil

I driving a semi truck

In a carriage

Incense and smoke detector

Incense smoke

I had a dream i have avoid

Intergation dreams

I am riding a tricycle with my boyfriend

I am riding a tricycle with my lover

I watched a hand be severed


I dream visiting my decrease mother

In dream see lentil islamic meaning

I want to know my love parter

I was at the mall with a friend and it was dark i had a hard time climbing up a broken escalator a guard would not help me till i screamed at him when i got up my friend was gone

I was gay

I gave my deceased father water to drink



Islamic prayer room

Indoor pool

I dream my deased mother sweeping

I dreamed that a big fish lays eggs for to eat

I dream that am death

I dreamt that i saw a handbag i was hoping to buy it, be4 i realize someone had bought it

Imbecile meaning


Indoor flood

I dreamt of a calabash

I f

I was told after i sing in the choir then a person will call me to speak

I killed somebody in my dream with a knife

Im the mistress and i killed the wife of my partner

I killed the wife of my husband

I had a dream of my prophet buying me sweets

I had dream of my prophet buying me and you know that 8 years old

I had a dream of my prophet greeting me after he say people are greeting me with hands

I dreamt i saw my deceased godparents

Insects on teeth

Incomplete project

If enemy give gifts in my dreams

Itchy eye

Irish potatoes

Inside my forehead a sim card

Inside mm th head a sim card

Inside for head a singed

Inside a building while waves crash into it


Intestine out of body, full, getting washed then person walks off with it and it breaks

I cracked a egg to eat but i see black stuff in the jok



I dreamt i picked a big breadfruit

I’m dreamed my deceased husband was jealous

I was running away from something

If i fought with kinner

I dreamt that i eat garden egg fruit

I dreamed that my boyfriend had a cut under his little toe

I dreamt that i bought a book and after i opened it it was wet and i can barely read some words

I had dreams about cords attached to me draining into tunnels

I dreamt my mummy gifted my husband a new cutlass and a box of piano

Incapable at work


In dream seeing covering my anuty head in kerchief means

I dreamt that my lawyer was smoking snuff and telling me that everything will be ok

Inside crystal room

I see myself as a saint

I saw transgender

I refused to pay money in my dream.

I see a lady being female by appearance and male by behavior

I am dead

I dreamed i was on my period

I dream my dead son wound he died from

I see in dream that dead man give us gold

Insect infestation

In a ufo

Insects spiders

I dream of harvesting plantain and cocoyam

If a man sees palm tree that had been cut down in a dream what does it mean

I saw soldiers capture some armed men then took of their uniforms and started killing the armed men

I dream of a lady

I dr

I dream of a yong lady

I saw many skulls

Invited to a killed buffalo

Ing thin tangled green small many long snake on the house door,one rise its head facing my son,try to avoid them not enter through the door

Ing thin tangled green small many long snake on the house door,one rise its head,try to avoid them not enter through the door

If we wear others slippers in dream

I dream provision and saltfish

I dream being forced into a polygamy marriage


Interstine out of your body

Itchy legs

Ironing boeard

Infinite pool

If someone spiting on you

Intruder with a knife

I see my kids blood

I see my doughty blood

I see blood

I dreamt when i was in the market and wanted to buy periwinkle

I’m rambo

I dreamt i found out i was transgender

I dreamt i had rash which turned it to ash at church

If some one saw a long height women in dream


I dreamed and planting cashew

I sore an alien in my window

I want to feel an orgasm really bad

I dream killing many people with a sword

I dreamt about my sister in law income

If see your self around a madwoman whats the meaning

I dreamt that i am a senator

I dreamed i was in a second marriage with someone else that i know but still worried about my first husband

I dreamed of seeing my poop move

If a dead person giving sweet in dream

I saw two magalmuki

Islamic dream of toy gun

Ice hill

India team to see a red handkerchief

Ice scading

Intruder in garden

I was in toilet and i discharge ointment so many include little drops of blood

Iv pole

I dream of eating huge milk fish

I see i eating a jalebi

Inheriting property


In mosque

Indigenous people

I see a toddler penny


I was picking beautiful big jamun from the tree

I seen my died brother wearing old clothes

In a house and room has without door

In a house searching ur husband and room has without door

Islamic dreams interpretation of hills

If a dead person is carrying me

I dream that i fainted

I dream that i was told that my dad is dead

I dream that i was told that my dad is dead and i fainted

I dream that i was told that my dad is dead and i tainted

I dream my mother

I have a dream towing a kola bag on my head my sister are

I counted six eggplant in my dream

I saw one of my friend throwing clay pots on me and helpless

I saw one of my friend throwing clay pots on me and someone choking my throght

I dreamed of young men sexual harassing me


I have seen om symbol in dream

I bought an egg and a fruit in my dream and put it in a refrngtor

I was being chased by a guy that only wanted to shoot me in the throat

I was being chased by a tractor and shrek and they wouldn’t stop

I walk outside my house and there’s a gingerbread house outside in the middle of my yard

I was being chased by a tractor and wheel and they wouldn’t stop

Interlocking hands in an upright position

I bought second hand clothes

Isae my hair all grey

If you see your brother ill

If you see a bull in dream islamic

I dreamed of having a nail in my head and the head of the nail is rusty

I dreamt sweeping a mountain


I was chasing by police officers, they catch me. i was in room where there were more than 10 people. so the officer write on the white paper and put it in the evelop and close it. gave it to me

I dream i was throwing stone at someone in the dream

Interpretation of dream of a blocked window

In my dream my mother was cutting fresh okra

In my dream my mother was chopping fresh okra

In my dream my mother was chopping fresh okra into big bowls

I wore blue male shirt of someone

If you dream seeing rat falling in dirty water

Invited to a party

In charge

I dreamt about a ring with 2 diamond

I dreamed of bags of conch

I dreamt a old lady came in my house walking with her eyes closed

I dreamt a poisonous snake killing my dog

I saw that i was making sweets in my dream

Isha namaz

Iron bed

Impaled in stomach

Interracial couple

Injuried face

I saw in my dream one (khar magas ) comes to the room and come and seat on my soulder abd i try take it of but i weajing up from sleeping:

In bed between two married deceased friends

I dream my own older brother is very very sick

Interesting to hostile

Icing cupcake

If a an unknown man gives you a new kettle to perform ablution in a dream

If someone shouting arrow to another person

Insects in sugar

Insects throwing out

I dreamed that i had a stoke


I dream the prostitute lady faking pregnant

I had a dream i was taking tablets and swallowing them

I dreamed about seeing the trinity in the sky

Ing in toilet

I found buried money in prison

I saw a man killing a woman, she was on the ground, he was above her, he was striking a hammer on a triangle shaped stone to her head and chest. i screamed for him to stop.

I dreament someone giving me dry mrijuana




I was having a stroke


I dreamt i got an eight abs

I dream i got an 8 abs


I dreamed two snakes the one is colurful and the other is black and they were coming out if a hole


I dreamed of a beautiful church building

Inter mosque

Ice raining

Intercourse with scary old lady

Interpretation of walking a long distance in a dream

Islamic dream pulling something out of fingernail

I have seen a dias and honouring in dream



I removed the bowl with fire from the house

I removed the smoke from burning smoke from the house

I married my uncle


I live in rock house that is being sliced as it is destructing

I saw hijras eating food in my dream

I am ghost with other ghosts

Ice passage

I saw a man with kajal in eyes

If i dreamt seeing someone high jacked

Ignore dream

I see doing with my wife

In lap

I got quran gift in dream

I spoke to the queen of england

I went to an island

Incision to the right side of the body

I was hiding in a trunk

I was distributing raw meat in my dream

Interpretation of dream to left the home


If a person sees a mangoose killing a snake in dream,

I dreamwd i cut off my hand

I was eating egg


If someone see moles on his arm and neck

Ice hockey

If i am spleating on someone what does it mean

Intercourse with cousine

Is it good or bad to see snake in dream?

Indian dancing and singing with instruments


I dreant my draugher and her 4 children had sores all over then

Icy weather in dreams

I saw stars and made wish in dream

Inside of a shell

I dream a pastor with a little boy at my house

In side moon like horse. picture

Integration dreams.

I dreamt of my feet dirty and cracked

I dreamt of my feet dirty and crackef


I dreamed that i was asked out by my ex boyfriend

I dreamt i was reciting surah hashr

In a house with my big fan

In a house with

I dream i refuse to go and pound fufu

I dream pounding fufu

In the church i was coughing

I was given palm kernel by as a gift

I plucked velvet tamarind

I was catching big tilapias with my bare hand

If a person sees three ladies make solaah with there back face to the dreamer

If a person dream of your sister in law crying in your dream

If a person sees her deceased father an two men come to fetch him

If a person sees her deceased father in her dream

I dreamed of some chili powder snacks

If dream plaster a grave then it break in in few days

In a white rom with my mother but she didnt look at me a tree with no soul just hot water

I dreamt i was the villain with superpowers

I dreamed about my deceased husband laying in my bed smiling

I dreamed about my deceased husband laying in my bed completely covered from head toe under the blankets

I dreamed about my deceased husband laying in my bed pretending to be asleep

I was having sex in my dream what does this mean

I dream about my lobola day

I dreamed about my lobola day

Iron rods

I talk to prime minister of my country

Imp brunette portal church

I was in a house party with drugs i took a pee rest an it was brownish

If someone is not talking to us

I was peter pan

In dream a women walk in the iron rod

I was putting on a transparent skirt

Identification ideid

Inheriting a business

It is now or never

Insulting a man in spiritual dream

Insulting a man in dream

Insulting someone in a dream

I dreamed my husband kissing another woman

In dream see own white discharge

I dream popsicle saspined in the air


I dream i am a refuge

I see in dream the quran me gifted mymum

Indian flower design

I dream of saying i pray god help all mankind in the world

I dreamnt that i bought a new silver colour pot

I dreamnt that i bouught a new silve colour pot

India family

I dream a lot of coffee beans toasted on the floor

If you dream a bishop wath does it mean

Idreament a garden of cabagges mint and covo vegetables

Inhaling smell of neem flower in dream

I dreamt i picked three cashew nuts

I dream i was buying raw cassava

I dream i was plucking a mango from the tree

I found my sim card in dream

If dalai lama kisses me on my cheeks

In my dream cat quietly enters my house

I killers worm in the dream

I sowing on a plowed field dream meaning

Intersex woman serving you

Ice skate

I was in a kraal washing pots then i saw a cellphone and i took it

I saw someone cutting down my palm friult to carry and i collected it from him

I saw a semale blessings me in dream


I saw naked women

I saw naked women and her husband attracted towards me

I see snake at home

Insult dream meaning

I built an upstairs house in my dream. the house was round with a stair case going up from the middle spilling up. i was very happy with this house. what does it mean?

Intestinal worms

In my dream i am dreaming of a hole in my head but i am at peace with it

I saw my brother carrying a small bag of crayfish in my dream meaning

Inside a house with 6 bedtooms


I am hiding from the reporter

Ice skating clowns underground with knives

Iron hinges

I dreamed i was chosen to br a wife of a very wealthy man

I dreamed i was choden to br a wife of a very wealthy man

Issuing betal leafs and areca nuts to others in temple

Identity theft

If you dream your ex

I dreamt i was watching falling stars with a girl



I saw a young lion with dark coloured heavy breasts luke that of a buffalo attached on the back of this lion i ask my husband to get it operated as it is not good.

In a flood but unafraid

Islamic dream receiving money

I dream about drinking water that there is a tamarind bone

If milk full of bucket comes in dream

Itchy stomach in dream

Itchy stomach

I received blow job in my dreams

I was holding my wifes boob and vagina

I eat scallops in my dream and i found pearl

I dreamed about marijuana

I dream that people were smoking weed

I had a dream about breaking off my engagement

I saw two mad men in a dream

Indian wearing white suit and orange turban

In maze

In a black form with money

I dreamt about breastfeeding ababy

Ibn sirin

I dream senior santo nino moving and healing people

I dream senior santo nino moving like real people

I dream senior santo nino moving

I’ve cubes

If someone share and give you kola nut in your dream, what did it mean

If we die in dream

Indoor changable sign

I dreamt about a mad woman i know

Inside in building with lot of snakes

In a company of drunkards

Impangele dream mean

Impangele dreams mean what

Indian garments

Indian dress

Indian sari

I dreamed about sr. sto. niño always and also i saw a words in my dreams in sa cloud tells "spread the good news

I dream i was sweeping a steps down because it was dirty

Icy water

I giving money to my dead father

I was attacked by a goat

I overflow the water inside a septic tank until its dry

I am marrying someone who has passed away

I see pennis in my dream

I dream of a tight shoe on a friend feet

I dream that my friend were my shoe and it was tight on him

Inside building

Injured thumb

I dreamt holding a toddler baby with albinism

If a deceased say he what to give you a ring of his favourite

In my dream some person ruined all my indoor plants

I was cutting iced fish in my dream

In dream puri seeing

I saw four big seed of bitter kola in a sourcer in my dream

If you were caring an soft egg?

I dreamt being prophesied that i need to go throw soft porridge in the veld

I dreamt prophesying what does it mean?

I saw a big wound on my head under the hair the surrounded hair was removed

Illness of brother

Indian mocassin

Indian reservation


I cut my hand in my dream

If a female dreams of carry baby in her back what is the meaning

I dream that i was beaten with a cane on my head by my mother what does that tell

Imbecile romancing you in a dream

I had a dream that i walk deeply in mud

I have a dream that i work deeply inside a gutter


I dream sto.niño in the forest

If you see someone else is carr

If your maytress and bed are stolen?

I dreampt mangalamukies predicts

I dreamed of quran

I was made of porcelain and smashed

I dreamed pig was licking my right hand.

I was riding a bike on the express way and i was going a round a curve

Illness of my brother

If your mattress and bed are stolen?

Invisible ink

Infection removal

I tried to kill a snake it got away

Incest dream with daughter

I dream about walking in dark with flashlight

I saw i am flying in air long

I dream pulling the cubic hair of my boyfriend in he’s balls

I am service another place family come

In dream tamarind fruit

I dream about someone try to take my collard greens off my plate and said i had alot on my plate

I dream of lion and panther trying to attack each other

Is it a good thing for someone to offer you a cooked bush meat

Inherit property


Internal bleeding coming out nose and mouth

Inca procession where i live

If new born baby does urine

I saw my daughter inside glass house in my dream

I got a job


Incantation in dream


I dropped someone

If you dream of buying pricing packet of matches what is the meaning

Idream about expelled

I saw a very bright cloud fall on me what does it means

I was called in the mist of people to pray over communion

Islamic dream having sex with an snimal

Iosing ear ring in dream and getting back

Invited and noticed by secret society

I had a dream of my stillborn son what does that mean

I dream of tick on sugar cane

I see my mother blind with my brother who passed away

I can breathe fire

I gave a foot massage to my cousin

I saw in my dream climbing a mountain with difficulties and people were behind me

I saw a senator at a reception when going in

Informed of death of someone already dead


I dreamed a dog botting me but it looks like a rat

I saw peopl

I had a twins one died one girl stayed alive and i was divorced

I was at my baby shower

In my dream they said i have no free rein


I dreamt r

Infant laughing

Iron straightener

I saw white polar bears and her two cubs.

I dreamt my husband getting married

I had with a baby in my dream

I had a dream about loving an old lover

I saw myself in other countrt

Indian people

Interpretation of my deceased mother going to the hood /(ghetto/)

I stabbed my father in a dream

I was chased by a man with a knife

I was being poked by needles in my shoulder

I was being poked by needles

Invited to wedding

Itching scalp

I dreamt that i was buying night gown at the shop

In islamic dream interpretation i have sexual interaction with someone

If you dream abuot your family saying that your genia pig has died but you dont see the genia pig in your dream

I am being haunted by a ghost

I dream about getting bad grades

I dreamed i helad a nervous grey cat

I saw raw red meat head of a cow

I passed exam more than anyone

I got shot

Ice skating

Injured child

I dreamed a star sun

Itchy eyes

If hijra come in dream and demanding sweet

I was dashed a lounge couches

I was dashed a lounge chairs

I was dashed a chairs

I was dashed a digital couches


In a dream passionaily sex man i know

I dream that all over my body is ligting fire and people passing by me suffering

If see some one dead in ur dream and having soft drink

I had a dream that i went to a doctor to see what was wrong with me. the doctor said i have blood cloth in my vains and he cant help me i need to go to a hospital for them to run tests on me. this dream was fijahr time

Inlove to unknown person

I don’t exist

I was sitting beside a guy and people passing by were greeting me with respect

I dreamd my house roof claps

I islamic dreams

In a pickup truck going backwards

In in a pickup truck going backwards

Idol image

I guarded my son from a mountain lion while my husband didn’t help us

I dreamed that my baby was born bald and skin was wrinkly

If they are gonna take a fall, they are gonna take somebody else with them

Insects in mouth

If you see yourself wearing a rag what does it means

Is it good to see cat in dream?

I toll my mom to full a tea in teapot to search people

Is it good to see money in dream?

Is it possible to die in your dream?

Is it good to dream about snakes?

Islamic interpretation of seeing dolphin in dream

Islamic dream interpretation a dead person angry

I dreamed i was menestrating and blood was pouring down my legs and my father said i must not worry he wil get me wat i need

I gave my fellow students sugarcane in the class

International waters

I saw my self wearing dirty clothes and my ex neat clothes

I saw 2 pawpaw fruits taken from my bedside

I bought 3 gallons of red oil in dream


Id card

Indian village romantic porn

I dreamt singing the national anthem

I dreamed about huge quantity of crayfish on table

I flushed a pad in the toilet

If you dream being a makot

In a dream and you are plucking kola nut



Itchy woolen cardigan

I dreamt that i cut myself

If a dead person asks for milk

I saw people working in ukraine embassy in my dream means

I dream about tamarinds

I saw ridge gourd flowers in dream

In a plane

I dreamt when am picking ready coffee from the tree

In bathroom with lawyer

If you dream your son had 1 eye closed

I was walking with alot of people and the floor caved in


Impounded car

Insects killer

Interpret dream about seeing holy mary

In a hot tub

I dream cutting sugercane

If a cattle bite in toe finger in dream means

If a cattle bite in toe finget in dream means

I score high mark in long jump in the dream

If your family member ask for water

I saw my dead sister kissing my fiance

I gave my deceased father watet


I dreamt i wanted to see my boyfriend

Internal organ removal

Internal organs

I was homeless

I am dying in my dream

I was felling trees in my dream then i found snares what does it mean


I am genine


I am telling my husband to take me to the doctor

Illuminating gold trees

I dreamt i was in a relationship with a mad mad man and he was protecting me

I dreamt about condensed milk

I dreamt about plenty condensed milk

I dreamed of being biten by bees

I had heart palpitations

If you dream that someone digging your gold what is the meaning

Ink stamp on your hand

I was massaging my sister in law

In my dreams a man was fingering my vergina and broke my veiginity what done this dream means

I killed some monkies in my dream

I was reading architectural house building plan

I had a dream of a saint have a friend who is in troble is the saint wants me to healp my friend

I dreamed of padre pio only remember his face



Injured cardinal in dream

Islamic dream interpretation of purchasing a radio

I dreamt of a giant house under construction

I dreamt giving money to two poor babies

If you dream about carmelo


I was walking and a old lady invites me into her home

I’m cutting off snake head, copper head

I am hovering upright to a closed door and sucked back rapidly to my bed

I dream of a king giving me lots of money

I dream of a gobela coming to my house

Imginery friend

Illegal business

I am in the middle of a room and i see cracked walls around me

I have dream big tounge snake

I received sim card on my dram what does it means

Injured hands

I saw my sister holding hands with a guy . they were travelling to go to his country and we were very happy

In my dream i was inside in apartment surrending by outside blue clear water

Interlocking fingers with someone

If i have seen crocodile in my toilet pot

I was picking sapodilla

If a dead person receives gold jewels from you

I dreamnt i was hungry and went through my pots and there was little foods to eat

I saw a child giving me a green fruit

Indian wedding

I dream that my husband was very skinny

In vitro

I dreamed of my brother that has passed away.

I gave my mongoose to another person

I got out the bath and looked in the mirror. i had white all around my mouth and a purple eye

I had 3 baby toes on my right foot that moved individually

Interracial couples

I dreamt buying different cayenne peppers

Intercourse with uncle

I see in dream my feets are burning




In my dream i saw myself sucked a fellow girl vagina

I had a dream that my son was run over and killed by my mom

I had a dream my daughter had a seizure

I had dream of my friend is ill

I saw older men eatting plantain

I saw my self as goalkeeper in my

In the night

Islamic books

I sow a falling off button on my previous boss shirt


I recieve a ripe palm fruit in a dream

I saw many gooseberry in my dream

Injured swans

Indian sacred thread

I keep on having a dream about a headless horseman with double bladed axe

I dreamed that my roommate

I dreamed of funeral cloth

I dream a funeral cloth removed form my body

I am copying comeone and want to look like her

I was in a morgue and dr said she was moulting

In a tower in the desdert

In the side

I broke glass entrance door

I dream i was 80 years old

I saw white snow every where in dream

Interpretation of chicken pox dream

If you see yourself showing bitter kola in the dream

Interpret drinking harbal liquid in dream


In a wreck


I dreaming man with out diras

If you dream of your child being bald?


I dreamt a coffin dressed with a wedding dress over it coming out of the sea water

I dream having husband

I came out from the gutter and i was staggering before i standing right

I came up from the gutter and i was staggering before i standing right



I went into a diner

Insane women

Incorrect social security

Idol breaking

If someone rescue person

If someone bites your finger in a dream

I am shrinking but my surroundings are big

I dream that i find it very difficult to spit out the saliva in my mouth and when i wake up i still have the saliva in my mouth. pls what does that mean?

In a big crowd

I had a dream of traditional healing telling me i should tell the truth to my boyfriend

I saw grass cutter and kill the bady

I throw out a soiled colour, cute kitten and ran away

I am dead in my dream

Im dead in my dream

Impaled goldfish

Islamic dream interpretation of picking up head louse from another women


I’m old with white hair

I saw i was at mars and i saw goddess of mars coming in front of me i saw mars was covered with ice

I see my name in list as aprroved to my applying job

I picked up a rose quartz sphere

I dream of picking up a rope breadfruit just fallen from the tree

Imbecile dream


I cannot get somewhere

I saw my husbamd wearing black entering a bathroom then he disappeared

I saw a stool on my left leg i feel dirty to see it

I saw my brother riding a bicycle in the rain and i have a friend that was at church wasn\\

I saw myself naked in my dream

If women see her hair long in dream

I had a dream my husband had sex with another female

I’m my dream i keep eat and i’m still hungry

I was in a toilet and water was coming from the under ground

I gave birth to my stillborn daughter madison 2 years ago ever since i dream of her very real dreams but she is like a 6 year old little girl who comes to me and she talks and i know her

I is cave


I was a makoti in my dream



Inspectors officers

I walked through a spider web and saw a big spider

I dreamed that microphone was handled to me to preach ater i answered to a question

I dream that i had been inopportune to preach after answring to a question

I dream that im sitting in the high table rendering interview for job seekers

I was giving a stockfish in the dream(interpretation)

If baby is vomiting

I had a dream and saw my mother with one eye darker than the other

I dream my niece eating cucumber what it means


I always dream of my ex fiancee


Italian man

Italian man in hospital bed

I killed my father with a

If ones husband dies in a dream

I dream about my ex boyfriend

I dream i slept my son in his face

I had sex with someone i dont know

In dreams saw a urad round

Insects all over the body

If a married woman sees her mother finding a gold ring for her

In labour pain

I saw insects on my cupboard


I died in my dream

I saw that my hair is become white in a dream

If a man shave a bit of his hair


I fell into a lake of black oil but managed to swim to the edge

Intimate with friend

I saw in my dream white 2 roses


Indians in space clouds

I saw a crescent moon disappear

Intruder in peephole

In islam

In pregnancy dream of raisins

Intense labour pain

I dreamt of prayed for someone they brought he vomited blood and that blood mingled with water and flooded my house

Indian pipe

Identity card


If i see craking my house in two parts

If someone gives you cocoyam i a dream

I wearing a military suit

I am wea

In my dream there is a white snake next to my mouth with a double forked tongue

I keep finding rotten food and need to get rid

I saw a rich woman in my dreams walking by his feet and i was in a bus then we looked each other and she smiled to me

In my dream seeing dead people

In a speeding car

I saw myself fishing

In law in a dream

If you dream about getting rape

I dreamt i was in a beautiful brilliant vortex and knew god was close

I got a backpack as a gift in the dream

I saw my dead grandmother and ant in my home

I was pulling stick in between my front teeth

I dream that god is coming to fetch my mother

I dream two very old prophets holding my hand told me i am going to work for god at 52 i did not see their facrs

I dream i watching a black cow

I seeamnt a baby snake in my dream

I dreamnt my sister came to my house with a baby snake


I dreamed when my dead grandma is giving me a full beach of sweet bananas what does it mean

I dreamed when they are giving me mangoes what does it mean

I dreamt someone sprinkling water on me

I dreamt my ex wife doing with her

Intercourse with cousin


I dream that a lady gave me money

I dream that someone gave me money

I dreamt of my late father ploughing


I had a dream that i was eating grits and eggs

I dream when i was selling leggings to 3 women

If you see that your very sad in a dream

I dream i collected a key from my younger brother the keys is sliver

I hold the hand of st pio

If you dream in a car with someone

In a hall with people

I dreamt picking up live crayfish scarterd along the shore

I dreamt i killed a baby gecko

I was eating let over shrimp from a old men


Iceburg lettuce

Irish sorcery

Irish magic and alot of grass

Irish sounds

If you dream a snake came out your vagina what that mean

I was wearing fringes in my clothes with blue ribbon over the fringes

I was wearing fringes in my clothes

I saw stars which i use to make bookmarking and withinsame fram also very bright moon like full moon

Ice bloke

I dream and was about to buy banana an groundout

In hell with a celebrity

If i not give money to hijra in dream means

I was dreaming that i had raked up a pile of dead leaves

Importing business

I am in a horse cart watching beautiful castle infrastructure and suddenly i feel that the cart is moving very fast and i see a lady holding a child in her arms approaching me. i don’t want to stop but all of a sudden she holds me from back and puts her kid in front of me. suddenly the child turns to an old lady with a burnt face lying in front of me and saying something to me


I dream two pomegranates

In a jungle

I saw holding a glass cup full of boiling water

If you saw someone wearing a dress

I ate roasted cavassa in dream

I am pregnant

I slapped my son in a dream

I stopped someone shooting arrows to kill




Injuring someone with a knife


I dreamed i had sex with my brother in law

I dream i had a muddy mat in my hand

I dreamt that st padri pio was reaching out his hand to me but i wouldn’t touch it because i was scared

Interpreting dreams


I am walking on pointe ballet style

I am walking on pointe ballet

Infinity knot

Islamic interpretation of a dream of being covered in a black blanket

I was having a friendly water balling fight with arnold and he asked me to marry him i said yes

I dreamed that i was eating a camel meat what means that

Interpretation face

Incomplete house

I saw a dream going to my ancester place my sis caliper broke i left my sliper somewhere i saw one side green mountain other bath was dry mood where i was talking

I jump but not die

I make dead calf alive

Iguanas coming towards me

Iguanas in dreams

I was giving the only money i had to a dear one as a gift and he is dead in real

I am a girl in my dream being chased by bullies fighting me and raping me

Intimate with known person

Imp king

Imp ing

In danger alone

I was given a slice of grapefruit

Iron box


I saw a voodoo doll staring at me and after some time i saw myself burning vodoo doll

In the middle of a barley field


Infant girl


Interior house paint

Indian clothing

I saw red moto

I was delivered an eyeball for safekeeping and had a choice between white and red knowledge

I dreamt of having lesbian sex

I saw used sponges on dumping ground behind a church at night

I saw big breadfruit in my dream

I piloted an aeroplane on the ground

I dreamed i was assassin

I dreamt i was sucking a vagina

I see a lady giving testimony

Index finger

I dreamed of a large head of lettuce that had some wilted leaves on it

I dreamed i was at the foothills of a mountain going to go up a dirt path, and encountered a herd of elk, the big elk was eating lush green grass

In the dream the fish hook stuck in my body

I had a dream about breaking into a prison of monkeys


If transgender comes in dream



I dreamt i was involved in a cult

Interpretation of dreaming about muddy waters

I carried my grand mother in my back

If you stopping the fight in the mosque in your dream?

In a shower

I dreamt that my mother was wearing my clothes and it was tearing ,my mother is big bodied than me in real life

I saw a smilling traditional healer in my dream he touched my hand

I saw a smilling sangoma in my dream he touched my hand

I’m walking down this dark path but the moon is beautiful and to my right side i notice a beautiful big grey wolf at my side. up ahead of me are my three dogs who i love so much and have been deceased for many years now. the funny thing about this is that i wasn’t sleeping when this happened i went into a trance like state and stared at this beautiful figure with wings in the dark path and i wasn’t scared. i’m just trying to figure it out so i would love your input. thanks

I dream about me and my farthest uncle kissing and him enjoying

I was writing on the paper then transferred what i was writing on the wall

In the boardroom and the boardroom change to soil eating a cake

I dreamed of a colorful snake wrapped around my left leg. i stop moving and catch the snake then throw it and the snake becomes three snakes. what does it mean?

I saw myself dead in my dream

I was handed rhubarb

I dreamt being delivered a bunch of green lettuice

Image of a friend

I dream about my late sister having stroke

I helped robbed a shop

I robbed a shop

I carried raw goat meat to someone i know she had left behind and some euro coins and i took the coins meaning?

Insect coming out of skin

In my dream my husband give me a new bed sheet

Ing a little girl

I lost my job

I lost my job because of horses

I dreamt black horses running

Iris seeds

Iris flower



Ice cube rain

I dream of coal beside the sea

I was a superhero

I was eating dates

If one see trying to speak but can not speak

I dreamed that me and my sister was in a room and our body was full of lice

Ironing underwear

I dreamt about my nephew falling in a hole

I dream about my old work place

I dream and that i had gone to my previous work place to work

I dreamed and has gone back ti my old work place

I have disease

Islami daren.

I saw jack fruit in my dream

Incomplete dream


Ivory of an elephant

Ivory mean

Insulting someone


I had a dream in which i saw a jinn telling my uncle that i am not a good muslim

I heard a voice telling my uncle that i am not a good muslim in my dream

Intercourse with own husband

I was dressed as a bride



I dreamt abt praying naamaaz zohar i finished so fast

I had a son

Injured pet dog

If you see rain in one spot outside the window


In a poor community

I was sent on an errand by someone | dream meanings


I dream a wheelchair was tire to a pulpit by a rope, what does that mean

I dreamt consulting a traditional healer

In cave hits when revelation came

I would like to know interpretation of it.

Incense stick

I dream leonardo dicaprio

I dreamt having sex with old lady



I dream a lot of lanzones

I eat palm kernel in my dream

I dreamt i was wearing a sapphire wedding dress and ring and my entire wedding was sapphire colored

Insects in the hair

I am married and pregnant and i saw myself as a bride in the dream

Incest sex

I gave money to my dead in law and the wife in dream and they were looking hungry but the wife is alive

I dreamed my son told me he was gay and had on nails

If you steal moneyplant in your dream what it means

Ill person recovering

I’ll person recovering

Islamic interpretation of having a baby

I am a mistress

Insects swarming

I see my wife pregnant

Image of sto.nino

I saw my bedroom roof leaking water

I dreamed my husband pregnated another women

I dreamed of an absolute white animal that was calm

Insects coming out of mouth

I saw water draining from roof

I saw a friend working in a mortuary

I saw monkeys

I am with a death person but we happy

Inlove with the devil


I dreamt of a transgender what does this mean

I dreamt of a transgender

Incest with a brother

In dream person talk about church

If you see white and red colour

Injured my back by sword hitting

I had a dream that i was riding a brown horse

Idreamt my late deceased mother in my dream too, our sheikh, his wife and daughter, my daughter and my 2 brothers nd his wife. a plant is sent to hurt my deceased mother but the woman puts the poison of the plant on my arm instead. im rushed off to my brothers place for the antedote, i dont die instead maggots gush out of my arms. the company selling these plants re imburses me with a holiday but i have to pay an excess of r5000. as i get out of bed my one brother and 2 other guys are dancing round a tiled area with wolf masks on their heads. my husband asks if my other brother is also invited on this holiday, he is dressed in white shoes nd he is hurt cos he was not asked. i cant remember but i know the sheikh nd his family in my dream as well.

In mecca

Intercourse with someone

I saw someone private place

In. my dream my pastafrom church usk me what i want i say i want to work for god more

I saw first night moon

I dreamed about my boyfriends younger sister

I dream about black mold on my hands


I dream i destroy my wedding ring

I saw that i lost my eight thousand rupees

I lost my money in my dream

If someone tells you your breath stinks

I couldn’t do any job right

If we saw sandalwood in dream

I dream the sister of my boyfriend




Invisible jinn

Invisible evil


I dream i flow vertically head up feed down at willl

I am as a bride

I saw my male cousin

I saw a dirty banana in my dream

I dream sky was falling hails

I dreamed i was counting 7 umbrella

If your dream dogs

If you see white showdow

If you see a white showdow


Ice rain

Intruder and a child

If you dream you are about to get married

Illness friend

I pregnancy

Ignored by freind

I dreamt i was sitting in feces

I received check

I was in jerusalem

Iredecent snake

Ice skating in harmony

Is cut

I saw my mom told me i’m pregnant and she give brith to a boy the boy is so cute and smart

Interpretation of the dream of teleportation

I was in icu about to die then went to god and came back

In the airplane

I saw gay homosexual in my dream

I saw garydoing worship

Inside a masjid

I saw graveyard and i was sleeping on the grave

In a river side

If someone cuts my little strand of hair in a dream

Islamic dream translation in english big cow in a dream

I dreamt of being bitter by a snake

I dreamt of blood


I see in my dream a shadow that touching the right side down of my stomach. i feel wake i can shout but i cant move

If you hear woman call you

Incline plane

I saw a good step father with my mom, who was helping me


Ice cream dessert

I’ve cream dessert

In dream fasting

I dream break mistakenly fast

I dreamed i died

In dream broke my fast mistake

I dreamt wherewas plucking velvet tamarind

I am concern about a premature baby

In love dream

Iam inlove dreaming

Inlove dreaming

In prositutor house

I saw someone broke my red bangles and i have some scars on my wrist

I was coking

In love

In my dream , i saw a sack floating , i opened a woma was in, injury, three long bus for a recuse , she lay down in the bus , i ask her to sit upright and she sit upright ,hoping to get to where we were going i waked up.

I dream of a sack ,floating , i open , i saw a woman not death but was injure , there were there long bus to resuce her , she lay in one of the bus , i ask her to sit down, and she sit down .hoping get to where we are going , i waked up

If person buy frying meat in dream what is means

In dream, i saw my cousin who passed away last ramzan, asking me to accompany him when he return back. i had this dream in day time and its ramzan

I had a dream i saw my brother die

I am a drug dealer


I had two yams


I saved my clone from suicide

I was in a dream, a girl was pouring pepper on my hand, what does it mean.?

I saw my brother shoot our dad, then shoot himself.

I chased away many rats

I dreamt that a dead friend gave me water to drink

I dream in man was knocking on my door but he was wearing a suit

I dream in imagine knock my door and he give me a red rose and his dressing up like he’s going to a wedding

I have the royal family i my.dream

I i pay dept in a dream

I i pay depth in a dream

I was paying depth

I receive a gift of money

I dream that someone is giving me a gift of thousands of money

I was giving money for paying depth in dream

I dream that i do one arm pull ups and never get tired

In severe danger might die

In laws paying lobola for me


If they falsely removed ur wisdom teeth in a dream means

I saw grave and my dad inside alive

I was officiating a wedding

I dream that someone gave me some nutmegs


I have been succeesful in my career and got a job



Investigating in dream

I dream my girlfriend was telling me in the she had sex with another man .what is the meaning

Imam hussein


In my dream i saw mysel getting married again but my current husband did not want to let me go why?

Interracial love


I got possessed

I got posesses


I was swearing at my husband in the dream that he left me in real life

I was making a duaa on my x husband so god will get him back

I was making duaa on my husband that left me so god will get him

Insect bite

Islamic interpretation of coat

I break my headset in my dreams

I lost my gold jewellery

I’ married but i always dream about other men



Intestinal worms coming out

I saw a transgender in my dreams

Ice cooler


I was selling coal at $200. at box

I went to the grave yard to visit someone and there was no name and i started crying and crying and crying and my family walked up from behind me and picked me up except there was no men just the women

Iower part of teeth

I was about to rape from my brother but i escape

In prison with mum

I was in the next life

In a car with a man




Intercourse in a dream

I dream of my brother has build a house

I drea my casing has build a house

I had.a.dream i.was marilyn

I killed an assassin who was trying to kill me

Inside part of my brusts

In side part of my brusts

In side part of my blobs

In lawd

I was trying to open a calabash in dream

I was given water to drink


I dreamed sleeping with shimale


I saw green color flags in my dream

I was giving belt as a gift in my dream


I saw fairees in my dream to support

If i get widow women in dream

Islam i dream of calabash what that mean

In dream god coming in chariot

If you see a pregnant woman in a dream



I saw my dead grandmother blind

I dream that am sleep on eggs it means what

I saw someone spitting on me

If someone gives you 2 golden nail polish

If someone stole your car and phone in the dream what does it mean

If i loose my care and money in my dream and was later rewarded with little money what does it mean

In dreams tamarind

I dreamnt that i was dieing

I dream that i touch santo nino

Interpretation abut gifted shawl which is blue with white

I dreamt of my late beloved father offering me buttermilk

I dreamt of my late veloved father offeribg me milk

Injured white cat

Ill little boy without any clothes on

Intruders in the house


If dream was eating onch salad what oes it mean

I saw dream of bottle gourd tree islam

I dreamt hundreds of snakes were in the house they were everywhere

I dreamt hundreds of snakes were in the house they were not biting

If you see female dog having kids in a dream ,what does that mean?

In-laws pay bridal price for me

I drove a taxi last night

Injection of medicine in several doses

I had seen one goat harmful to me she become devil to me me

I had seen one me

I had seen one goat and she is harmful to me what does dream represent

I had a dream of a white cat peeing in my house

I had seen one goat harmful to me what is the meaning of tgat

I had seen one goat she is hurting to me

Im teleporting

I had seen one goat harmful to me


I had sex with a girl

I was in a car face down in the floor board and my boyfriend was driving and would not help me get up

I saw my husband naked

I dreamt of a camphor with the image of lord shiva when i lit it

I have dream for, but who they are already passed away including my mom and father

I dreamt my cousin and i had an accident and my dead uncle was treating us


I kach two wite duck by the reeve

I got burnt

If someone blow you in dream



I saw i was wearing a white saree

If a girl has male genitals


I dream i was wearing a mantle

Intruder in my home

In a mansion

I was snoring in church

I threw a bee hive away protecting my siblings then got stung by plenty bees but after that i was ok when i woke up the next day, i went to the hospital to dress my wound and they put honey on it coincedentally

I dream i have got married

I was jealous

I dreamed of a white sprit horse with an angelic rider with simi long hair riding fast with pick pokadots

I dream a woman in a red dress and red hijab

If someone pollute the air what does it mean

I saw a lady ghost in my dream

I pranked sombody in my dream

Islamic dream interpretation

I dreamed when president giving me money

Intercourse with my ex husband

I dreamt my recently passed father cuddled me and cried when he saw me


In mecca but not performing hajj

I follow a man without seeing his face his mother said kiss my hand she said sit on my chair


Imam jafar sadiq

Insects from you hand

I saw in my dream goodness applied with turmeric and blinking eye by seeing me

I am the other woman

I stole some body house

I stole some thing

Intercourse with stranger

Intercourse 3

I topped in my exam


I am a mermaid

I was claimbing on a mango tree

I was on top of a mango tree

Infant twin babies die

I saw two strangers have sex in my dream



I rip banana

Ignoring a king

I dreamt that i made a five dollar donation to church

I saw palm tree on top of hill

I see myself on top hill strongly to fail

I lucid-dreamt of removing a mental-injury from a latino boyish-toddler. the injury was a stab from a fisherman knife. i struggled wrestling karate about the fish knife from the latino boy. the injury was gruesome and severe. i counted to three seconds and removed the kitchen knife away from his head injury and replied, "i know it hurts, but itself is fast i can work and heal the smart." the injury was at his right hemisphere cranium. the lucid-dream operation were gruesome and terrible. and the problem ocurred atop a construction roof of an old apocalyptic world with an old south american sunrise.

I lucid-dreamt of removing a head injury from a latino boyish-toddler. the injury was a stab from a kitchen knife. i struggled wrestling the knife from the boy. the injury was gruesome. i counted to three seconds and removed the kitchen knife away from his head injury and replied, "i know it hurts, but itself is fast i can work and heal." the injury was at his right hemisphere cranium. the lucid-dream operation were gruesome. and the problem ocurred atop a construction roof of an old apocalyptic world with a south american sunrise.

I lucid-dreamt of removing a head injury from a latino-toddler. the injury was a stab from a kitchen knife. i struggled wrestling the knife from the boy. the injury was gruesome. i counted to three seconds and removed the knife away from his head injury and replied, "i know it hurts, but itself is fast i can work and heal." the injury was at his right hemisphere cranium. the lucid-dream operation were gruesome. and the problem ocurred atop a construction roof.

I watched female friend being cursed by a male

I dreamt someone spat on my head

I saw rain is falling at night

In subah time i dream a baby girl in my hand

Insane woman

In toilet

I dream of walking on big giant rocks that later turn to alligators and then swampy lands

I saw an old man given me pebbles and then closed my hands

I was wearing a torn cloth in my dream

If you dream pointing gun to your wife

Incomplete conversation

Incomplete speech

I dream buy old chloths

Inflatable slide



In sky


I had a dream that i was in school riding a golf cart with a group of friends and we were going fast and we wanted to go through ramps and all of a sudden we see someone who i used to develop feelings for and i asked him for a high five and when he gave it to me we did it in an aggressive manner.

I was selling food in the dream

I turn

I saw when a girl corrected the website link.com


Inverted colors

Ice bridge

Incense sticks


Insence sticks

I sense sticks

In a car with ex husband

I am dating a giant

Im sitting in a middle of pots


If an unknown woman gave you honey in your dream

If an unknown old woman gave you honey in your dream

If someone gave you honey in your dream

Icing cake

Izard killed by eagle

I fed it a massive moth

I fed it a bat

Ibsee kultiple breasts on my body

I saw myself having multiple body parys

Invisible person

I saw my dad with grey hair wanted to die

I saw when i was looking in the mirror some of my hair behind my ears has turned grey and i got shocked

Intercourse with woman

I was making dound of a bird

I was making sure

I dreamed of a king being carried

I dream glycerin it was all over the floor

I heard hayalasalah in my drram

I dream saw my pastor praying for me

I had i a dream seeing okro

I dreamt a gay couple marrying

I dreamt my hair had turned grey

Ibex in dream

I lucid dreamt of the alaska country. i was at the computer cafe with sergio. i stood at my house of sylmar in front of a vending machine with a pumpkin. my pumpkin transformed into a tank vehicle. then i dreamt of alaska and swimming inside a pool of water. i dreamt of 5 chinese martial artists. we said, "we are chinese martial artists." and we fought aback a horde of penguins in victory. there was a sunset in this dream. then i woke up.

I saw my love in my dream and he handed me beautiful green colour cloth and kissed me on forehead

I lucid dreamt of the alaska country. i was at the computer cafe with sergio. i stood at my house of sylmar in front of a vending machine with a pumpkin. my pumpkin transformed into a vehicle. then i dreamt of alaska and swimming inside a pool of water. i dreamt of 5 chinese martial artists. we said, "we are chinese martial artists." and we fought aback a horde of penguins in victory. there was a sunset in this dream. then i woke up.

I lucid dreamt of the alaska country. i was at the computer cafe with sergio. i stood at my house of sylmar in front of a vending machine with a pumpkin. my pumpkin transformed into a vehicle. then i dreamt of alaska and swimming inside a pool of water. i dreamt of 5 chinese martial artists. we said, "we are chinese martial artists." and we fought aback a horde of penguins in victory..

I lucid dreamt of the alaska country. i was at the computer cafe with sergio. i stood at my house of sylmar in front of a vending machine with a pumpkin. my pumpkin transformed into a vehicle. then i dreamt of alaska. i dreamt of 5 chinese martial artists. we said, "we are chinese martial artists." and we fought aback a horde of penguins in victory..

I’m holding someone’s hand an skipping and happy . what does this dream mean

I gave birth to a dead baby

Icon woman

I dreamed that i was being tickeled

I dream that i have been tickeled

I give a scarf which was not mine to my dead grandma she accepted but put aside in the dream ,what does it mean


Intensive care

I dream my pastor was talking to me

I throwing rock at someone


Im was dream sto niñotalk talk with me without voice

I see a pastor in my dream telling me not to marry someone what dose it mean

Importance of dream

If you rising up in a dream

Illegal lumber

I dreamed i was topless

I’m spelling

I dream lot of people in a big mountain grinding stones seperating beautifu ones and coloured ones

I dream i am in tent and it is raning

I have chicken pox in my dreams

I was blessed by older womens

Imaginary place

If we see bronze in dream

I was 2-3 unknown people sick in my dream

Intruder trying to assasinate


I deemed i was welding

I was told to get a lot mayonnaise from tennessee

I passed the river with ferry boat and waiting for another ferry boat

I dreamt of pounding yam means


I dreamed my husband left me standing in a crowded place and went off with another woman .



I see diamonds come out from stone

In dream if parents say to live something

I was squatting in a house and got caught

I had a dream my dad died what does this mean


I have see a dream that my left hand is decorated with hinna and rings on fingers.


I had a dream last night that i refuse to sex a guy im currently talking to unless he used a condom

I dreamt of a cow chasing me

I dreamt of a pregnant white cow chasing me

Inappropriate dressing

Ivy in you rhair

I dream about oarfish

In dream seeing copper water pot

I dream a baboon chasing me

I dream a baboon chasing mr

I was an authority

Interlock fingers

I dreamt i have a bodyguard

If wearing a fake gold earrings in the dream

I was a flight attendant

Intercourse with dead husband

In my dream i found a plastic severed foot

I got dream hijra

Ice rain falling

I saw someone sweeping away ticks from my house

I dream washing of poop on my body

I saw pigeons in my room


Ill condition

Itchy index finger

In a grave with snakes

I was going village with my family in train i have to get down but train start moving i pull the chain stop the train

I saw my friend do umrah in my dream

In line

I heard a bugle in a dream

I dream of reciting ayat kursi

Injury in family

I see having sex

I see viewing empty houses

I dream me and my ex husband living together again

I dream my husband and his mistress is break out

If a man naked himself and he said is looking for that girl and the girl kill him it mean what

If someone kills you with sword

If someone shoot you in your own dream

I dream that i was picking up pennies

I saw my mother pregnant

Isha prayer

I killed a lion after he ate my camel

I shot a lion that ate my camel

I saw my aunt draping a saree around her

Islamic dream directory

I dream a traditional healer calling me he standing inside river

I was in a pastoral school in a dream

I was killing in my dream

Investigating in a palace

In my dream i went to poop at my friend bathroom and it was smelling so bad

In a room going round the in a circle bright yellow

Ibis death

I so both of my parents dead

I received a prank call

I saw a xloud of dens smoke far away

If dreaming a person wearing dirty clothes what does it mean

Island me and people who i know was on bed

Island me and people who i know

Inherited cheque

I saw someone rejecting me for marriage what does it mean

Is someone else buying shoes

If you dream seeing a circle of difference object and in all the abject you holds the across what does it mean

Irritated erection

I keep dreaming that i struggle to take my clothes off

I saw mushrooms in my dream

I was playing softball and i was running the bases and i couldn’t run cause my legs were soar

I dreamed about boys all night

In my dream i saw a sheep

I saw in my dream a sheep

I am having stroke in front of people

I was eating together with pope dream meaning

I saw a lot of mad men in my dream

I dreamt while receiving money from a mad person

If you see someone in wedding dress



I received money from a deceased friend in my dream

I dreamed i purchase land and mobile homes

I dreamed i purchase 5 mobile homes

I dreamed i broth 5. mobil homes

I fail in alot of spit

I saw my daughter and son passed away while they are sleep

I saw my daughter and son passed away while they are sleep what is mean

Interpretation of dream that someone is traveling from one place to another

I saw giving birth to baby girl and boy

Intercourse with husbans

I cleared a doll throat to clear my throat

Insects in skin

Insects coming out of skin

In the hood of a car

If a person sees himself dead in an accident

I saw myself dead and was buried

I saw my wife naked

I saw my husband giving me mango fruith

I was at a gas station with friends

I was watching a dog urinating on my foot

I dream feeling buckets with mopane worms


I saw my ex husband close garage door on a deer and kill it

I dream someone was playing a trick on me

I killed two cats in dream?

Islam meaning dreaming having a baby boy

Islamic dream having a baby boy

Imagine hazrat fatima in dream


Ill husband

I dreamt watching my car running backwards in the midst of people and i was very worried and scary.

In church preaching about prayer

I dreamed i put someone out

I kicked someone out of my apartment

I kicked someone out of my house

Ice chest

Inheritance stolen

Ivy with lot fruits

Ivy fruit

Ivy gourd

I was psychic

I dreamt i was doing a reading for the first time


I was catch animal

Im getting kidnapped

I saw my dream white shirt very clean

I sawy own manstuaring blood in napkins

In my dream i saw lots of colourful fabric on a shelves in a shop

I saw in my dream lots of colourful folded fabric on shelf in a shop

I read quran in my dream

I dream my girlfriend caught me with my mistress

In the mountains

Iam running after beating my uncle in my dream

I am holding a black widow spider in my hand and spider is crawling


I dreamed i was eating and laughing with anthony bourdain

I was awaken by two knock

I heard teo knocks on my night stand

I dreamed i was spitting out seeds while walking to the 3rd floor boy’s bathroom at rchs. mark’s girlfriend, akeyla, might have cheated on him and i saw mark mad for the first time.

I throw a compass in to a pond

I eaten cinnamon

I eaten spices

I throw the compass in the water and it returns to me

I throw the compass in the water and it comes right back to me

Inter course with sibling

I dream that my husband is gay

I dream that mu husband is gay

I was running with my son burning sage like i was running from someone

Insects in leg

I dreamed i got raped by my brother in-law

I saw my dream white shirt

I saw bier in dream

Insects out of mouth

I was hiding from someone i recognize

In a room full of pee

Is it ok to cold compress jammed fingers

I am skipping class

I dreamt my brother cleaning my tv room and my mother wearing my clothes, whilst looking for clothes for my mom i saw i had a lot of pretty clothes that i had never seen before

I dreamt i had a baby


I saw grasshoppers flying and they were many

I was putting mehndi for someone in my dream


I dreamt i couldn’t find my dead husband at the fare

If someone tells you that someone is coming from heaven

If someone says that someone went down from heaven

I made to photocopies with a copier, one is meet and other is dark

I dream of eating boiled chicken eggs

I got rs. 5 coins in dream

I dream of sto.nino

Invitation by dead

I picked the whiteheads of my daughter

I dream killing lice

I dream lice

If someone shoot you with a gun in your dream what does it mean

I saw blue curtain in my dream

I was pregnant,and i was bleeding

Inner wear

I was with a prophet in a sea water

I had a baby

I dreamed hotel came to help me

I dream.i was in isreal

I have a grey ponytails

Infinity symbols

I prophetess told me "congratulations"

Injection given to me as i was going to travel

I have dreamt of st charles borromeo looking at me

I saw cockroaches in the dream on my wall

I saw my old friend in dream

I have cut my right foot from the bottom and was bleeding

I dream eating sweet

I saw someone being shot by a lot of people

If you driving self auto riksha in driving in dresm

If you driving self auto rikssw

I was touched by a lady in white


Insects bit me

Indians during a ceremony

I dreamt of a big pork i cooked and people eating it

If someone give you kola to eat

If someone give you cola

In clear waters


Ice breaking quickly

I saw eid\'s sheep

Insect in my leg

In the dream i was asking who is chimamanda

I saw my wife naked in dream

I got killed by a hit man

I saw in my dream my cat died

I sholarship dream meaning

I gave birth

Icy rain dream meanings what does icy rain mean in dream?

I saw that the person whom i love most gives a divorce to me and says talak

Islamic dream interreption

I saw my first name and my husnmbands lastname on a prescription paper

In the house

Infected pericing

I don`t smoke but dreamed i was sleep and was awaken by the smell of cigarette smoke

I saw i silver and blackish blue dress

Infinite dream

I dreamt of a mad woman trying to play with me

I was hit by a van

I found myself in a dirty tunnel but came out wid an angel

I dreamt about three young men catching squids and i asked for one and the youngest fellow gave me a small one so what does this mean

I was trowne to the wall

Iced tea

In labour

I dreamed i was to receive a check from a bank,there were a deceased cousine in the dream


I bought a house and lost the keys so i was locked out of the house

I saw my best friend become a blind and she was driving a car but i was the one who guide her while she she was driving.

Ink smell so strong

I received my visa after along wait

Interlocking chain

I saw my sister death in a car accident and i was crying

I saw my self swiming in sea

I was in an unfamiliar room with a unsettling figure

I dream serving a rachid butter

If you are teaching

I saw my college friends in gurdwara

Integration dreams and three

I dreamt of whirlwind

I was given a smoked fish by an elderly

I dreamed of having a stroke

I took my brown belt in dream

I see myself preaching to different people in my dream,what does it mean?

In dream saree

I hit my son

I have pain

I give birth

I had a dream about my 20 yr old daughter and she had a baby boy in the dream i knew she passed but she was never pregnant

I forgot my own birthday

In my dream me and my mom build a teepee and spread ashes on our faces

I see someone’s wedding in my mother house

Insidious msn


I shook hand with dying person

I steal money

Iron board

In dream someone bringing grains


I dreamt of that i am a soul

I see my wife is giveing birt

Iris flower meaning

I was represented as animal horn


Injection on legs

I dreamed the wall clock was stopped

If i dreamed about someone who has cancer

I killed grass cutter in my dream

I dreamt with my boyfriend. he was lying flat on his back on the ground. it was raining lightly and the sky was dark. i was in a place where i grew up, and at a difficult time growing up there. as he lay on the ground he did something with his fingers as if he was interacting with the sky. i saw two pink stars close to each other, just close enough. then from his hand movements he made a hexagon shape fall from the sky.

I saw a shrine on dream

I dreamt of speaking to one of the royal family

I was congratulated in my dreams

I saw my late mom in my dream alive

I saw my late mom in my dream alove

I dndit caught by police with millkons

Itchy back

I wear green sari

Internment camps

In ternmint camps

I got dream like playing holi with my relatives

I saw new born baby and win big lottery

I saw a vagina in my dream

I dream im losing my car

If dream where water cover your bed

I dreamed of two big bags of corn

Ipad dreams

Infant clothes

I was asked to drink zamzam water

Inscription on watch

Iron maiden

I dreamed i received a warning to meet my soulmate at an elementary school event

I dreamed a camera was following my moves

I cant find my toothbrush and im late for work

Islamic interpretation of harvesting coffee bean

I dream a man give me a plant of curry leaves

I dreamt of a my torn pant

Idol computer keyboards

I had a dream ocean

I stole jewelries

I have seen two holy books in my dream

I dreamt of having psoriasis on my legs

If you dream someone burning rubbish what does that mean

Inhirit honey

I wore white towel

I dreamt where the us statue of liberty from the waist to the head was falling from the sky, what does it mean

If i see someone robbing copper utensil of some other person

I see flying persons

In my dream i see that am in london with a friend that i knew from nigerian

I was called in principal office

I had a dream that i’m getting married

I had a dream i’m getting married

I was in the presence of allah

Islamic meaning of dreams of gray hair


Ister cutting sisters hair dream meaning

I lose the fight

I was making olive bread

Immature people

I turn into fire

I found my ear ring which was lost

I was hissing

I was bite by the snake with my finger

I saw my sister naked in a dream

Imps in basement

I dreamt that someone is combing my hair

I dreamed ocean

Incomplete work

Inside of house

I often dream bad things about my children

I comit a murder and then deny it

I dreamt of being late to work

I saw my passport in my hand

Iron tank

I saw qurani ayaah salamun qaulam mirabbir raheem

Injured heel

In a desert

I’ll-fitter clothes

I dreamt of hindu good elavating


Incense embers

I dreamt of overtaking a convoy

Intercourse with a man

I’m hurting my sister and taking her to hospital for treatment

I saw a moon in my dream

I saw big spider catching me

Insufficient funds

Islamic interpretation of giving birth to a baby girl

I dreamt my nephew was shorter than me

Industry dust

Iceland dreams meaning

I am just sitting silently in dargah

Independence celebration

Insaan ko bandar ki tarah bandhe dekhna

Ikna etmek

I dreamt of standing in a garden of blue berries then i saw mysef plucking the blueberries and eating them happily that i ate them all from the tree that there was non left then i left there to somewhere then i came back again wanting to eat from other tree but it was all finish because my male friends have eating them all up then i asked them why they have not left some for me but they said nothing and left then i saw that it was left with one fruit each branchesthen my brother told me to give some to him if theë

I found a phone and the note said i should dail 7777 in order to rerun the lost phone to its owner . everyone wanted to find the missing phone because there was so reward for it

I used a condom in a dream

I dream of tibet praying ceremony

In jail with uncontrolled teleportation, to only a ford mustang. i cant get out of the car or jail

I ve been tortured

If a sheep dies

I went to the bathroom waiting to urinate and i pick some money on the floor and had sex

Iron decor

I dreamed about someone who was swimming in he muddy water pool

I dreamed two dead bodies burried who had died of aids after we unbaried them and eat them they were in form of smoked fish

Ice water in glass

Iron bridge

I throw maggi for her in the dream means what

I had sexual pleasure with a young man

I saw my self roasting yam


Interpreting for a pastor while preching in the dream

Interpreting fr a pastor while preching in the dream

Instrument horn

I dream i resive aletter

Invisible force holding me down

I see a plane crashing

Injured finger

If a deceased nani says do eid wid me

If a decesed person says do eid wid me on a pacific day

I had a dream and a male friend told me to pick up a spanner for him which i did and when i took the spanner to him he told me that he dont need the spanner but me then he told me that i love him but i am hiding it then his friend told him to take me somewhere because i am shy and cant answer the question infront of them so he took me to another place and try kissing me but i couldnt kiss him back then dodge his kiss, he told me that is good that i have completed my hnd and doing my national service whilst he was saying this i tried to tell him that i am also having my degree but he wont let me speak but kept on talking then i wake up

I dreamed i saved a beautiful puppy

I dreament my and my friend nacked under an old tree and winnie the pooh was there with balloons



I saw my colg friends in my dream

I have seen my dead father calling azan prayer in our home.

Injection meanings

I dream face of jesus

I see train outside while traveling in the train

I saw my old house ..we sold that house ..isaw my self cring . nobody is litioning me.. except one of my cousin

Isaw myself sleeping and than i awake but nobody can see me .. except my one cousin.iwas weeping

I dreamed sleet

I was sharing palm kernel seed to my old friends in dream means

I dream about castor seeds


If you blow your nose and food come out what spiritual meaning or symbolism

I got married in the dream without a husband

I had aloepecia

I saw my wife death in dream

I was naked in my dream people were watching me

I was killing cockroaches in mydtesm

I killed a mongoos in dream

If i kill a mongoos in dream



I dream of a coconut in my hand

I am a girl and a stanger famales grabs me we hide and she kisses me

In my dream i saw a man wearing emerald green gown

Imam mahdi


I met god with his angels in heaven

I dreamt of mahalaxmi

I can predict people\\\\\\\\\'s actions

I have a dream that we are keeping our things to safe place and leave the house because of fire

Intelligence officer


Intercourse and people


I fucking

I dreamed my mom diet

Interpretation of a barking dog

I became bride in my dream



If a dead gives you water

I am buying gold earrings

I so red moon in my dream


I dreamt about so long waterfall

Insects in food

I worked as barber in dream

I was sent on an errand by someone

Internal organs out

I met tina turner in a dream many of times

I woman i know sitting in a plastic chair

I saw a young woman sitting on a chair

I dream my brother being raped by a homeless man


Islamic teacher

If someone crack my with shap knive on right hand then boolding

I want to know what it means when you dream about a monkey how is nice to you

Inviting people

I said im scared to get married

If someone crack me with sharp knife on my right hand

I saw under my bed a small black cat

Imam praying

I dream about raw meat

Intering in a hole

I was hanging up top of a window of a story building

I dream of driving a car

Italian currency

I met stranger and we joke each other

I met stranger and we become friend

I dream i was hanging on top of the window of a story

I dream was hanging on window of

Ild house

I was not on list of people going to jahanam

I turned into a creature in my dream

Inside mosque

I watched myself transform intoo a red lady bug

I transformed into a ladybug


Iron nails

I saw in dream; someone took away honeycomb and disapeared

I found money then i lose it

In love with a dead man

I dream some one was sewing my pant

I saw in my bed a small black cat

I dream i drive a white car

Islamic interpretation for lightning

In love with an old man

Islamic dream if i saw myself blooding right hand

I saw fungus in the dream


Imam crying

I saw my aunt calling me to open for her i was a sleep but after wen i began to respond to her i fell into more deep sleep and i was not able to move nor to ask for help i had even difficult in breathing i started to pray from my heart thats where i saw in my bed a small black ca then i got myself outside house i found beautiful girls all they want me i choose one then i found myself with her in a river swimming

I saw under my bed a small blackcat

I dreamed i was gathering wood

I dreamed of gathering wood

In a dream my dead father advice me

I dream a lot of crocodile

I saw two eggs a side a river

In the clouds

Indian and shoes

Indian shoes

I am a sheriff

I dreampt i was a sheriif and others were in masks



I dreamed i sweept the floor

I am giving a huge amount of gold to others

I see myself eating a egg in my dream

I see myself eating a egg i my dream

I saw someone who i work with

Iron nail in a foot

If see urself drinking alcohol

I saw i went to a class room and there was a non muslim student girl and i went close to her and started reciting quran pak meanwhile she started to ask stop it but i keep carry on with shouting voice after some time she just feel relax peacefully then i stop myself by reciting hold her and aksed her to stand up and say kalma tayyaba she recite kalma tayyaba and became a muslim and i was very happy that i converted a non muslim to muslim, aad


I see dead ppl

Idol broken in buddhist

Infection on arm with scaly white skin


I am a preschool teacher spray painting the children and saying they are aliens

I put a wedding dress



Içme sularına siyanür katmak

I turn into a spider

I dream about a snake sucking my breast

I am unmarried but dreamt i am pregnant

I follow my wife on the street

Internal bleeding

I saw am holding a beautiful boy

I saw a dream oil ruti

I saw a dream black rain coming

I dream of recieving flowers from a dead classmate

Ice house

Injury in foot nail

I saw in my dream that rose flower petals were dried

If a dog is running after you

Infant sucking milk

I stole the chalice in dream


I was rolling around in popcorn and eating it

I had a dream where i was asking my boss to give me a beautiful camera in his possession but he gave money which is lower than the price of the camera but when i said no he promised me camera

Ivy solomon

I my childrens were raped

I dream deep cut on my arm

I dreamt eating weed

Interpretation for a windowsill

Ink on head

I saw persimmon fruit tree


I saw in my dream my husband have second wife

Iron bends

I am a celestial being

Interrupting a car race

Indiannapolis 500

I saw so many betel leaves in my dream

I dreamed i was being guarded and protected by red horses

It\'s like this i was in a boat and i drown in sea then i ask help from one man sitting on the boat


Indigo child saying im special

I dream about eating sweet bread and butter

I saw 2 persimmons on my floor

I dream i was given olive oil

Iv removal

I gave a testimony in my dream

Income tax. r

I went to save someone with another person

I found a sick large dove/pidgeon and protected it

Industrial sink under ground

If in dreams mortar and pestle has seen what happened


I dreamt of having anal sex with a lady i know

I got a check

If you are ignored by your love

I saw my wife in my dream

I passed i note to the man i love

I dreamed i was wearing my slippers with socks

I was visited and the person came to check on what i was doing



Intimacy with my sister

I saw pistachio in my dream

I saw dry fruit in my dream

Islamic cleric in dream


Inuit theory


I closed a safety pin

Ironing girls dresses

I saw my unborn granddaughter

I hear gabriels horn very loud

I dreamt of turning to left side and it was clear and neat

I had a dream of my 6 year old daughter been raped

Iam playing with my new born baby boy

In the dream my son saw his cousin shoot him on his leg

I saw that i have new born baby boy and iam playing with him and iam happy

I saw that iam playing with new born baby

I saw chameleon in my dream

In a big nice house, with lots of children

I saw a pig and tht pig was scared of me

I was a courier on a motorbike

I saw eating milk cream in my dream

In a kayak

In dreams dead person sitted await

In dream dead person in good looking

I was with a guy that i was embarrassed by

I saw my daughter child hood in my dream

I saw a cat in my window am trying to close it

I saw a cat

Insects on leg

Insects on one leg



I saw guru ji in my dreams giving me blessings

It was hail rain outside while i was sleeping in my car

In your dream your soul tries to fly away

Insulting oneself

I was doing homework with my pastor wife

I see my step sister with half golden hair half brown

I dreamt adead person kissed me


Incomplete work assignments

I steak

I have dreamed about one of my aunt whoes not comfortable in her old blanket and i am giving her new blanket and cover her properly and she she died then

I have dreamed about one of my aunt who want me to cover her with quilt and then she dead

I was swallowing a bat

I have dreamed about one of my aunt who want me to cover her with cult and then she dead

I dream my eye with discharge


I dream someone bit my

Insane people

Inner organs falling out

I a lady been nice to my family

Internal revenue


I drive a big black jeep and i own 2 big black jeeps and 2 cars

I dream that my boss was having

I dreamt my daughter shaved her head

In a bathroom

I got chicken pot

I dreamt of exercising a object

I rejected someone marriage proposal

Ivory dream

I fall in a gutter full of water

I saw my self naked and i was doing bathroom in the open road

I dreamed about getting forced to marry someone

Indian woman wearing war paint and dancing


I dreamt that i\'m falling downward from stairs but i didn\'t reach the ground

I was giving over 2000 dollars in the dreams what is the meaning

Insect sting

I drink wine in my dream

In dream that person see image of himself in a grave buried with a ram

In my dream saw someone that i know, that person with is people they were rejoice like doing a party but the same person in his grave like he was bury before and trying to shift his position, they now rebury him with ram



In my dream i got news that my very close friend was killed

I was slowly dying

I smelled his cologne

I drank herbs in a dream.

Insects on body

Infant delivering a baby girl

I saw my engagment was goin to haooen with my husband

I was given money poch

I was given money p

I had a dream of giving betel leaves to everyone to eat


Incest with mother

In front of famouse people trying to save kittens from fire

I was burning my panty in my dream

I dreamt i broke my teeth

I see i’m getting married

I saw i gave birth to baby boy

Inposters in my home


I killed the white snake

Intercourse with daughter

Icy pole stick


I dreamt of pink color clouds

In masjid

In majid

I dreamed of a lampstand

Injury wound cut


Injury to left thumb

Injection stick in dream

I was performing wadu in dream cleaned my hands and was about to clean my nose but i got up i was in bed

I was cleaning my hands and was about to clean my nose as we do in wadu but i was in bed and i suddenly woke up

Infected eyes

I saw my sister and me doing oju in water after that my sister left me and walk away in water.

I saw black pig

I’m flying without wings

I gave my deceased father water


I dreamt i killed chameleon


I have soar energy in my dearm last night

I squashed a praying mantis in my dream

I saw comb in my dream

I saw a virgin girl being raped

Icy road

Injured piglet

Insult of god

Insulting of god

I ll got my passport

I saw in dream i have done feces in dress and my dress and hands got dirty

Ice skating christian dream symbols

Ice skating in sync

I am pregnant and had a dream that i am playing with male deer

I was nose bleeding

I saw that i got two of my molars removed

I am wearing all white and mum is trying party dresses

I dreamed that i was sleeping and that i had sleeping perales is then when i finally got up i saw something they the window that ran towards the window and only i could see the animal


Illness of a friend

If you don\'t care about your lover

Iam wearing old night in my dream and went my businessplace

Initial mirror image

I saw king solomon in my dream

I was walking on a highway

I was breast feeding a man and child together

I saw childhood picture of my cousin

I saw i cheat over my husband

If a girl keep kissing you

In your dreams continue fry more

I want to know what it means when you dream about a monkey how is nice to you w

I dreamt of flying

I see myself gradually ascending from the bed to above the roof top of the house

I dream i was grinding okra with mortar and pestle

I dream eating a cooked pork what doese that mean

I dreamed of walking on a clay with my children

I dreamt tb joshua and shepard bushiri interacting with me

Injured crow

I saw austrain parrots in class

I dreamt that someone took my pen claiming that it is theirs then she gave it back

Invisible man

I saw a jewelled ring on my right pinky finger/ woman

Islami meaning

If see deceased mother sweeping floor

I was given a gift by a king

Islamic interpretation of dreaming about pink bra

I saw my pastor in the dream upset of too much load and angry,and having cancer on some part

I saw pope francis in my dream

Inheriting a vacuum cleaner and traveling by train with it

Inheriting a vacuum cleaner

Islamic dreams

I transported to heaven


I was giving my grandmother a gold coin in a dream, what does that mean?

I dream about my mother burial ground

I dreamt harvesting cassava

I dream i was eating porch egg interpret for me please

Idols dream meaning

Idol dream meaning

I saw myself in a dream carrying a building block what does that mean

I dreamt of having two child in my hand

I saw eating mango and feeding my children

Infinity symbol

In eating disorder hospital

If someone sees someone get married

I dreamt that someone i know asked me to sell pills and i decided to take one first

Iron stairs

Its raining and dont want to get hair wet

I saw my secondary old classmates and some of my new friends talking, laughing, and doing everything together

Insect byte

I was swollen

I dreamt that i was having sex with a lesbian

If you dream of spelling

Infected gums

I was playing basketball and i missed a wide open layup

In india

Indian flag

I was sitting in a very high bus

I wear my sister sandal

I saw a dream in which i am walking on the street without hijab

Imam ali

Imam al hussein

Icy roads

I dream about buying sugar cane last night

Identifying yourself in a dream

Indian gooseberry

I dreamt receiving three peaches and i gave two unripe ones to my enemies and kept the ripe one and ate it.it was so juicy and sweet.

I saw my self pregnat and holding a bag of cooked fish

Ill animal

I dreamt i drink half glass of water

If you dream some one has stolen your ring

Ice breaking



Inside out tshirt

Im jealous with my love dream meaning

Indian minor bird

I often dream like flying high in sky and hard to come down

I rub cream on my hand sin my dream meaning


Intimates l

I was sick and had 1 week left to liv

Instructor giving lesson

I see christan sisters my competitors in dream

I dreamed about a picture frame

I dreamed i had a lupus

Insects giant

I can predict people\'s actions

I dreamt of saving a fairy

I dreamt of excessive bleeding menstrual cycle

Iron spike

Interpretation of afang in a dream

I was flying with a hawk

Ice dream

I dreamt i was in my job i resigned from

If you dream of grey hair

I pulled 3 worms out of my left ear


In dreamt of coming from umrah


If we seen in dream sugarcane theft then what happen

I dreamt that i\\\\\\

I dreamed about walking in a dark forest trying to find a way out along the wway i saw a long thick yellow and white snake going forward on its way then i saw a lady showing me a right path which

Island floating in the sky

I dreamed of the smell of coffee what does this mean spiritually

Iron pot

Infected toe

I guitar

Ice age storm

In a hole full of dark water that reach to my neck my son helps me out ot there

I dream so eo wax ringing my door bell and its broken .

Intestines coming out through my private part

I saw my wedding

I just saw it

I lost a finger nail and had a new one underneath

I dream deliver baby girl

Islamic dreams seeing your self vomiting flem

Intercourse between loin and women

I was on the verge of dying in my dream but i felt as if i was about to die for real

If dream someone have a dreame

In a cup from nose

Indian bread

I had a dream of praying in masjid

Interlocking hands

Interlocking one hand


I dream of bowl of blood

I dream a black cat was watching me an some hands appeared but the had on som blue gloves

Invisible wall

Iam a sniper

I saw many doors open when i was worried

I dreaming of getting my period while pregnant

I dreamed of a toucan

I dreamed of a toucan with a large orange bill landing on my shoulder

Insides coming out

I dream about tape worms coming out baby ass

I gave birth to twin babies

Injured thumb on someone else?

Intestines falling out

I saw small child

I dreamt i was marrying my brother

I put one pear slipper beside the road stone in then i go down with one pear of slipper to hide because the people want to see me


I had a dream that my boyfriend stole my car and left me a car with no wheels on

I deram to see tortle flying

I dreamed. my pastor was calling my name

I dresmedbof mybpsdtor calling my nsme

I dreamt about moon

If you dream of people walking on the sky .what does that mean

Islamic dream defnation

I dream about souls

I ate two uncooked eggs in my dream at does meaning?

I sawmy car engine pull out in dream

I dreamed of where others where eaten other things then i preferred eaten palm karnel

If you angry with your father

Iced mix with hot water


If someone accident we see it means

I win my enemy

Itchy tooth then falls out no pain




I saw myself in medical test area

In a car accident


I saw myself climbing a mountain

Invisible man attacking and killing you


I was died

I saw my daughter grandma in the hospital

Indigo sky

I dreamt that someone was reaching for me through a

I was saying dont eat the blueberry


I saw a well grown olive tree and well grown olives fruits to it


I saw a five dollar green note

Injured leg

I gave birth to baby girl

I found an american flag on the ground and made it better like new again

I dreamed of a lot of purses

I periods

I saw my ex with this girl both where in beige and she had a black hat on what does this mean

In a stadium at a game

I saw a cow with only two legs but still it was standing

Interpretation islam

I was being selfish in my dream

I found a lost passport at some road bump

Idol of jesus and mary

I had a dream that a family member had a third arm

I am holding my hasband penis

I dream about a bag of flour

I was with jesus and we were fishing and golden fish appeared

I dream joining again the page

I dreamed i took a trip to miami

Involved in an anime

In a dream where one uses milk to perform abulution

In a dream where you are faming maize for someone and women were use for the soying

I was given a used menstrual pad

I saw spoon

Ivy tattoo on stomach

I saw my face in a dream


I hold a white transparent snake in water and i hold it from mouth

If someone is asking water in a bottle

I have chicken pox

I have wings

In the car when heavy rain

I dream of pen


Icy rain



If you see snake in dreams

I dreamed about a soothsayer that predicts my true love

I saw more mushroom in my dream what does it mean?

I want be are billionaires

I want be are billionaire

I dream that leather was growing from my wall

I see fish in the pond in clear water what it mean

Invisible snake

I am doing pond empty

Ironing the man cloth

I was smoking

Infant boy

Insects in a tree

Iaundry room

If one sees himself dying

I dream of state governor


In a car sinking in red soil


I saw my friend being seduced by my teacher

I was wearing new sandals

Inappropriate relationship with niece

In a dream i was in a taxi

I killed someone

I dream getting married whiles am someone’s wife

Interlocking kiss dream

I dreamt my son is reciting quraan

I saw myself sitting at door prophet muhammad and looking towards door frame but with very sad heart

Islamic scholor

I saw a cow

Impaled stomach

In dream book what does it mean for your daughter to have chickenpox as child

Im the bride in a wedding

I tried to kill my own dog

I see god feet symbol on earth

I dreamt of poseidon

I am donating money to sick children but i get confused counting money and i feel very tired and heavy and carrying a lot of bags

I saw almond in my dream when i broke its sheel 2 fruits were in it

I dreamed i had a stroke

I dreamt my lover whom we are not in good terms visited my house and was resting on the couch andgave food aswas doing other things in the bedroom whencame out he had not touched his foodask him why are you not eating he answered come sit here with me


I went to neighbours home

In my dream you have long and big teeth what does that mean

In a dream, a plane fired two rockets towards me



Ice cube in water

Ice cubes in wall of water

Illuminate symbol

I had a cute daughter

If a woman sees herself bald

Interpretation of dream is useful today

I dreamt going for a journey and i saw having two cars was unable to choose wich to go with

I was riding scooty and a cat was catching and killing white mice

I became prime minister

I saw three pawpaw fruit in my dream

I am hurting the person i love

I am inside the mosquito net what does it mean

I dreamt about masturbating but i’m afraid to do irl

Imam in cemetery

Imam duwaa to cemetery

Imam performing duwaa

I dreamed i was being harassed by cops


I saw slowly and then heavy rain in my dream.i saw the boy i love and he was looking at me sometimes directly and sometimes indirectly with a smile.then i saw that dead plants were removed and fresh green plants were put in their place

I dreamed that a girl i knew was with me at school hitting me in my leg

Illusioning and seeing a witch sign


I am flying

I went into a portal

I dreamt i had a box with a padre pio relic inside and people were touching it

I have seen a temple and a pandit is offering me a fruit telling that everything is good on ur name


I bite off my tongue

If your jeans was stolen in the dream


In old man i use to have sex with comes in my dreams in visits me

I was sitting by a pond and there was something in the pond. i went to get a better look and it pulling me in. i was drowning but at the same time i felt it pull out my eyes and then each tooth one by one


Itching eye

Interpretation of crossing a river in islam

I dreamt my boyfriend kissing a snake

Ice land

Ice desesst



Islamic interpretations for rough river

Invitation for food

I dream i buy a goat lever

I was slaughtering an innocent sheep

I was slaughtering an innocent sheep not to eat

In cellar bright sparking light someone hiding

Islamic dream


I saw my dead sister

I saw myself escorting my friend to the bus stop to get a bus to school

I dreamed of snapped rosary

I lost my matras in my dream

Inside kaaba

I was praying while the devil was trying to get out of the prayer i kept saying my sure and telling him ther is no god but allah and hitting him with a stick till he was gone

Ink pen all over my fingers

I had big bushy eyebrows

Illuminating frames in water

I dream my pastor fall and i pick him up


Insult of dead father

Islamic dreaming a lot of charcoal

Ignoring someone


In a dream clay pot was broken when giving to another person

I am a christian and a muslim was waving me good bye

I seen divorced my wife

Intestinal worms coming out of a baby’s bum

I dreamt of my father mad

I saw a heap of sand under my bed

I eat green mango upstrairs

I eat banana in a jeep

Ivy growing around a building

I see dining table

I see kong table

I saw long table

I dreamt a deceased loved one was pregnant

I see born

I saw my husband/

I see my beautiful wife

Ink pad

I want to inheritance a farm

Ivy growing

I was passing through a burning bush

If a pregnant woman sees her husband getting a second wife

I dreamed of my daddy

In. law


I dream singing in tongues with our bishop?

I dream my pastor profecying my boyfriend that he saw a house

Imam jaffar sadiq

Icon missing

In my house

I dreamed chairs all over the yard

Icy raining dream

I saw men in white running and i followed them,one waited for me and took me and showed me a very green and firtile land.what does it mean

I dreamt someone fell into a well

If one swims faster and happy

If you see lots of nits

I talk

In a sleeping time i saw my hair is white in colour

In a sleeping time i saw my hair is white in colour what happens in

I dream that i went to drow water from a well but the woman refused to give me the rope


Invading the world

I my crush brother was taking my picture

Inner city

I find out i’m in a coma

I’m lost in a tree of life

I am playing with my husband in swimming pool and having a lot fun

Intense fear


I am


I will kiss you at this time represents

I was married to a rinonoceros


I dream i stop breathing and i try to wake up or i will die in my sleep

Incestual masturbation

I married a nice preacher and was happy

I married a preacher

Installing faucet

I was having an abortion and when i was having it i am only 5 weeks but i saw the baby hands head feet and body it was in a sack and smiled at me

Itchy tongue

I dream i turn off my room light switch

I have dominion over a wildcat

I never got on the plane but was trying to go ski diving

Incredible hulk


In the dream mean what

In dream janaza see means

I am shot

In grass friends


I lost my sister in my dream

Imbecile chasing me


Insects on own body


In my dream a holy person is attending my house

I saw in my dream that my paternal uncle is giveing me a gift beding for me and my mother because i have passed what is the reason behind it


If you see lamp around you in your dream

I dreamt about my past lover and my mom was preparing tea for him in my home

I released the banshees


I saw hassan ii mosque in my dream


In a dream an old friend called you that is not in the country she said she now in the country

Intestinal worms in my son

Indigo dress

Icons everywhere

I dreamt that i am kissing the man i am infatuated with

I dream that i am kissing the man i have a crush on

I dream of dead friends

I was sitting on a coffin with my husband

Islamic meaning of name writing in sand

I dreamed about my sister who is dead she was smiling

I had a dream i was cleaning a table at my previous work

I had a dream when i was a young girl that i was suddenly in a meadow with wildflowers everywhere and a body of water with beautiful naked women swimming in the water. i went in the water and found i could breathe under water while i was swimming

I was lying . some cloth was over me. then someone removed the cloth and saw the guy was hurt. he then was put in a coffin. it was me feeling suffocating inside it and a white clothe was wrapped around my face. further saw a red coffin. i suppose the coffin i was in is red

I seen two tiger blood

If dream and see a guy holding rose flower meaning

I kiss to my dead mother

I fitting food to lots ofants


Injured pig

Inside a runaway caravan with family


Inability to talk

I killed a grasscuter in my dream

Instructions mean in a dream


In a fight dark figure comes at me and i wake up screaming

I dreamt buying fabrics what does it means

In law sister

Indian woman

I found my husband kissing anther women

In a room with my friends feeling ignored

I run to fast in my mind but to slow in movement

Independent kitten

Independent ginger kitten

Injured foot

Interlocking fingers


Islamic dream of packing out of your house

If a woman sees a childs than what does it interpret


I was in a bet shop and there was a long queue

Infant daughter hanging in the basement

I was fighting with a man over a girl

I so my grandma who has passed away giving me dua happy to see me

I dreamt of a blond haired boy in a toilet bowl with brown feces floating

I dreamed my car was repossessed

In dream i bought a car and later it got stolen

Incision by a razor in my body

I dream i am always cleaning hotel rooms

I dreamed about a blue hotel


Islamic giving birth early

I dream that i went to girl friend house with my brother, and she give me gifts and she want me to have with her in front of my brother and i refused her sister came in accused me of stollen the gift and told her husband and the husband said his going to jail me

I dreamt i was buying peeled sugarcane from an old dead lady i use to know and i ate some

I dream i holde a white envelope from my boss with money in it

I saw maggi scattered along a street in my dream and all of a sudden i found my self licking two cubes of maggi and i spit it out and woke up

I dream having relation it my wife

I dream about snack of two head

I maa girl and a boy seduced me

I dreamed i was hugging my sister and she is actually dead

In a big house and doors are opened

I was playing with stingray

I dream praying in a mosque

Interpretation falling steeples church

I dream i was on a airplane to the states

I dream i was on a plain to the states

If you dream were you are d

I am giving a key to my girlfriend

I was driving a car when i went in to a tunnel then my lights went out i kept driving trying to get out the tunnel next thing i know i was in my car bot some house i landed in a river my car was stuck in the river in the water not washing away because it was hog up by a blew chain so i got out of my car and began to claim the chain wend a woman call out to me, if i need help i sed yes and she began to claim down to help me


I dreamed of lots of shoes

I fly higher in the dream

I dreamed of a dead friend

I dreamed my friend won and i lost what does it mean

Introducing friends

Inflatable statue


In a dream passionaily man i know



I have been dreaming of my ex a lot,very long lasting


Inability to walk


Inserting objects into anus

Iri kadın

Ironing a mantle in the dream

I dreamed that i am picking silver coins from mud and as continue the coins i a picking are getting bigger and the last coin rhat i found was so big and the shapes has sides and the color is gold


Ivy plant as your hair

Ivy plant


I was kicking football in a dream

I had iv in my arms i saw blood in them started taking them out



I was skinning the cow

Ironing clothes for someone


If someone is looking for in dresm



I dreamt that a reddish sperm like liquid is coming out of my penis

I gave birth to triplets in my dream

I dreamt my father told me to grow moss in my garden to cover it up


I was dreaming a convertible on a high mountain road down below i could see a small pretty town with a marina and lots of nice boats. i felt that i came from there. then i noticed that there was a stranger in the car but it didnt bother me. it seemed that knew where we were going. when i looked ahead at the road i really didnt know where it went. i had never been on this road before. even so, i felt like i was on vacation or something

I was carrying a grasscutter


Interpretation of my deceased mother going to the hood \\\\\\\\(ghetto\\\\\\\\)

I have dream i am pragnant

I am a pragnant

I saw my daughter necked

In room wit lots of people

Iron gate

I robbed a bank

Insect bites

Islamic dream about anaconda


I had a i have a baby girl

I dream that i married my late cousin

I was in jerusalem in a dream

I dreamed i pulled a frog out of my leg

I pulled a frog from out the side of my leg

In a spider web

I dreamed bugs and cockroach was in my grits

I dreamed bugs and v

I saw me and two others stealing

I dreaming merma

Ice cream melting

Indream somebody cutting others neck

In dream cooking chapati meaning


In a car, inside a house and bear meandering around.

I was given a cup of coffee to drink and when i was almost finish drinking it

I was given a cup of coffee to drink and when i was almost finish drinking it, it had lots of pennies at the bottom of the cup

I dreamt king comforting me

I saw myself nude i dream


In one door out another

I seen the pope/archbishop waving at me coming out the vatican coming down stairs in city of walnut,ca.

I gave birth to a child who died but i breast

I sesame scallion

I dreamed my hair was cut short



If one sees already dead person taking away already dead person

Ifone sees himself filling a bottle of water and

Insect beetle

I saw people being killed in the dream

Impaired speech

If man gave birth to a baby girl

Industry cleaning

Image in mirror that is not yourself

I am a teacher

I cancel wedding

I call wedding proposal off

I call off the wedding

Inisiation dream interprtations

Israel prime minister

I dream with my child

I had a dream about three pennies carpet color the third one i couldn\'t pick up

I remember i was going outside to meet with a guy and then i got shot by someone in a lincoln suv and then they sped off and i was laying there shot

Infection arm

I received two roosters

I received two roosters in a basket

Injured cat in street

I was putting drinks inside a plastic rubber


I had a dream my husband told me he is gay


I saw my doormats on a tray of fruit offered to hindu god.

I got wound in my finger in my dream

In good health

Investment and investment function

I dream of squirrels have got in my house

I dream squirrels are in my house

Interpret being given letters to be put in envelopes

I can predict people\\\\

I had a dream were someone was doing something to me

I dream holding my baby in my arm

Iron man

I was sitting at a table of leaders

Iv bloodinfusion


Iced mountain

I was dreaming my sister who is a live had died

If you see your self inside dirty water

I was dying

In the hospital

Ing drugs in tour face

In dreams

If one dream of washing clothes means

I saw my sister with two handkerchiefs, she took one up and asking for the owner

I couldn

I was given a very colorful turtle

Ing on yourself

I dream my maternal place

I am giving someone from the past my laptop

I saw my husband as a midwife


I dies after having a baby

If i see turmeric in dream

I see myself running away from a person i know and he is running behind me

I can/\'t run in dream

Interpretation of ibnsireen

I saw my dead brother

Industrial machinery

Interpretation of drinking lake water in the dream

I dreamt holding two bibles and other book and a hoe in the other hand

If father get job

I was pregnant

I couldnr breathe and kept pulling stuff out of my thr9at

I had a dream that my boyfriend told me he was innocent


I had a dream a friend bought me a drink

Itchy head

Indide room alone

I catch fish and fall down

I speak in numbers instead of word

I dreamed of a baby girl urinateing

I saw someone doing majic on me


Ironing the hair

In a room with a dead person

I’m dreaming about pickles

Insulting someone in your dream


I dreamed of my sister having getting pregnant

In a garden at night timw

I was plastering a house

In a car

I dream i was baptized in water by a little girl


I keep dreaming about my first crush

I dreamed that i was stuck in a tree tied

I was fighting a women and her daughter

I saw i was pragnant without marriage

I dreamed my son is taken away

I can\\\'t run in dream

I am pregnant i saw ipicked pear and eat

Inlaws in poor condition

Is urinating blood a sign for wichcraft

I dreamed inviting a cousin for futoor

I saw someone janaza on my ground

I seen the rice is finish in my house

I dream i was travelling in a car

I saw a dream walking on weat grain

If a lover gives you a plant


I was wearing a purple lehenga as a bride but i

Imom dying and me mourning

Ineligible to run on team

Icons start moving

I am feading snak


I dream or copper wire that was in a scrap metal place there wa tree smoll rolls an when i wake up my wall plug was switched of and im alone in the room thats locked

I saw my friend being proposed for marriage

I saw the prophet in dream looking at me

I dreamed of hiding from people

I saw me and two others theiving

I evtam

I dreamed i had two tickets to a concert

I was watching burning coal

Insect in body

Ice cream in dream

I had a dream my boyfriend was gay

I see myself hanging from a noose

Intestines very large

Index finger cut

If a women see collapsing of his house wall as her husband touch it then what does it means

Ink pen

I am going to die but i dont die

I woke up saying holy mary mother of god

Infant seen in dream

In a room with my friends who are then murdered

I dreamt i was in my grave

I have dreamed about my past case

Intimacy with child

In bed

I see often my old car in dream that i have still that is actually iwe sold nd bought new one

If have a dream ur wife is cheating

Ink, writing

Indias dream of red chilli powder



In a car being driven in a cementary

I saw cutting cheese in dream

I dream about end of the world

Intercourse with someone who is dead in real life

I saw myself carrying a pot on my head in a dream

I saw a littile girl changing in to 20 years old girl in mirror

I come out of my shop after sometime i go back but idid not find my shop i lost where it is

In my dream i saw a snake escaped from mongoose aytack

Interview for resettlement


I dreamed that snake bit my daughter on her point finger on her right hand

Inpending doom

I dreamnt seing a dreadlock soldier

If somebody cut camel meat

I dreamnt walking through a difficult pathway with two little girls

In dream i saw me and my friend walking in railway tracks

In dream to see cows shits

I was driving toward a spotlight and it turned red however i was going too fast and i couldn’t brake; the moment before i ran the red light felt like eternity

I\'ll but being treated

I dreamed i was at my ex girlfriend is funeral, their were poeple called me to come forward to say a speech

Im dead

I do

Ill dog

If a dead person gives something to eat

I\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'ll but being treated

I dreamt that my international passport was used by someone, and while on queue to verify they denied me entry

I dreamt my sister was pregnant

Islamic meaning of name sulikiyyah


I dream about i entered a room then i blocked out, i wake up in this unusual room with posters of ba

Intercourse in the dream

I tried to hide a crim

Ing on oneself legs and feet

I see my self at height but afraid to walk downstairs

If you see someone is throwing down cinnamon in the cup down on the ground of kabah

I can\\\\\\\\\'t run in dream

In my dream i was cutting a child head

I saw someone selling appetite medicine i use physically

I saw my brother riding a bicycle in the rain and i have a friend that was at church wasn\\\\

I dream about my tooth falling out

I saw last night lion in my dream

I heard some one saying be careful about what you ask for

I was have sex with my husband on a boat that i was gona fall off and my husband was telling me ti hold on

In jail


I see myself standing next to someone and see my wife playing with our child

I fought a mad man in my dream and killed him, i what does it mean?

I saw and spoke to my dead uncle

I dream about green snake

Insects in home

I saw i killed people around me ecept my uncle

Indian goosenerr

Islamic dream meaning macrowave


I clasped hands of a dead friend

I dreamt saw garage from my house with christmas orgment

I was praying my isha namaaz

Introducting new girl to family


I saw my self escort for bride

I keep dreaming of sand

I was in a cancer hospital

I was the pope

In dream seeing greenery in a field but little flith in acorner

In the plane about to jump and skydive

Ice breaking turning to water

I dream of loving someone else since am married and has a child

If see masjid in dream

Ifrs application in uzbekistan

I dream our ancistral house

I cutted my hair

I was engaged to a boy that is not my boyfriend

I saw my brother riding a bicycle in the rain and i have a friend that was at church wasn

In trouble


I saw big rat in my dream


Imposter boyfriend

I am with my family and traffic jam

I have dream kill a human

Ing into the fire car

I see in my dream doing



Imams walking away

Iron sheet

If i see ghee in the dream what is the meaning

I was walking out of class talking with my friend and she was excused to leave school but the teache

I can not hear or no voice

I cant hear and my voice is gone

I cant hear or be heard


Invitation cards

I left someone to die

Intercourse with someone deceased

Ice falling

I have seen my father in prison

In a train

I dreamed of my sister having baby

I said to my cousin don

Interpretation of washing

Insects crickets flying

Indian burial

Indian ghosts

I have seen a girl

Inverted shirt

I saw my husband is going buy a house for someone else

Insurance policy


Itchy palms

I find left over easter candy

I had a dream i sold my house

I dreamt when gun was shoting but the bullet could not touch me except others

Imam hussein shoe

I\'m proud of you


If travel dream saw holly fathers in dream

I dream iwas taking pill with water

I lucid-dreamt of african-american dave chappelle visiting two american-european girlfriends. he parked his car, and wallked upstairs the staircase to the chappelle place in visit a toddler girl creature, the ballet dancing infant cactus groot creature whom is quiet like a pretty circus mime

Interracial african and european couple and a toddler magical groot cactus ballerina plant creature dancing like a mime


I saw black dog is going

Insect mould

I love you too

Impending death

I saw myself eating a pearl

I cant get help in emergencys

I am a women and in my dreams i saw my moms funeral everybody was putting flowers on her bt i cudnt put on her beacause i cudnt get flowers

If some one color his hair

I dreamt my daughter was married

I was shaving my legs in my dream what foes it mean

Inheritance legacy

I saw my mother in double at the same time

I was slapped in my dream by my current boss

I saw a dream of sweet shop

Interpretation of seeing old woman helpers in dream

I cant cross over ocean








Illness in a dream




Insane laughter

Inviting relatives to your house

I had a dream i was urinated


I dreamed creature bites legs

Indian hand grinding stone


I saw my brother with a curly hair

I saw a dream i was getting married


I had a dream of headlice

In a dream my wife is have a big hurt on her back she is been hiding from me for a long time and my sister has to be the one to find out and tell me

I see myself as a german solider in world war 2

Interlock own hands


I got usa visa

I saw my boyfreind making love to me and releases semen in condom without fucking me

Illness islam


I am giving azan in my dream

I dream some men who break into my house

Imam threw me on floor

I the girl

I dream and my brother left for abroad

I dreamed of a dead german sherped


I dreamt about hamsa hand

I saw my holly book falling into water

Ibrahim after sending the message he is angry

I was pregnant in my dream

Ing worms out of nose

I dreamed i had a baby boy

I dream smoke with my nebour

I saw some one fire on me wirh gun


I saw a young mad man threw me away


I see my hubind and my sis

I saw i was married

Iron bar

I was attacked by people

I dream of two white sheep

I dream i get free grease as fuel foe my invention

I saw a girl name in my dream,what does it mean?

Interlocking of fingers by a guy in dream

Intelockeing of fingers by a quiz


I see period blood

Iranian people

I saw one man shoots an arrow but he fails to hit his target in the dream,

I dream i received grease as fuel for my new invention

Imaginary friends




Independents children

Iron stove

I brush my teeth meaning

Intercourse with mother

Ipad new

I oil


Iron rings




I have seen i lost my shoes at some place

I was defeacting in my dream


If dream that you are pregnant for a merman what that mean


I saw myself driving a green car and i saw army mounting road block


I saw my husband

I love jesus

I throw stonw on top of water

I dream of a small outside child in my black jubba making it feel heavy and wet

Ivory necklace

Iron staff


If branch of a tree tear in a dream

I dream that i went to girl friend house with my brother, and she give me gifts and she want me to have sex with her in front of my brother and i refused her sister came in accused me of stollen the gift and told her husband and the husband said his going to jail me

Ing eggs

I had a dream were someone was doing something to me and they were drinking oil i was sitting down

I saw a man i love him but he doesn

I dreamed someone touched my head

I see doing sex with my wife

I can command people by telepathy

I dream my mother having a baby girl

I dream about finding a bag full of money, bible and freemanson brochures


Injuring yourself

I have a dream about pig i holding the trope from neek of pig in rounding to the house 2 times

I dream i was talking to some oriental girls

I dreamt of wearing womens open shoes

I lucid-dreamt of fusion neji hyuga/naruto uzumaki with long brunette hair ninja dressed in orange jumpsuit acrobatically climbing a mountainside of wooden poles alike a doglike underworld lycan striding limberly on four and doing a sideway handstand defying gravity and landing a somersault flip after for standing last in line for latin food at my old pastime neighborhood. the atmosphere smelled alike a beach marketplace.

I saw lizard in my dream

If someone kisses on your feet

I saw my three teeth broke down from right upper denture

I died of a diseas in a dream

Insect inside mouth

Internet downloader

I dream that i forgot my ship ticket

I dreamed of ing a worm

I walk walking with my enermy i sow my boyfriend while was having a silver cup then it falls he pick

I dream i eat salt in my clots to much salt what meaning

I had a dream my boyfriend was about to sign his divorce papers but last mintue he didnt go through it, what does this mean

I saw a man cuddling with me

I see a woman showing her private part

I saw insect in my dreams

I dream that i have poo a lot

I caught a big fish and was cleaning it

I want to know what it means when you dream about a monkey how is nice to you

In dream dyeing my hair green

I dyed a chunk of my hair in green

I got a miscarriage

In expensive house

Intrusion of home

I had a dream my new born baby died

Intercourse to a middle age women

I was a kangaroo farmer

I found wrist watch in a dream


If see pragnent women


I dreamed of crocodile chasing me in water and i protected myself by it morning dream

I delivering a baby girl in my dream

Inside the grave

I saw the devil in the garden in my dream


I was crying on my dream


Inverted cross in a u to the right 2 is magda

I saw in a dream praising prophet muhammad

I give birth to a beautiful baby boy

I meet my boyfriend but he ignoring me



I love you dream meaning

I can predict people/

I seen my husband kissing anther women

I dream buying mango and eating it

I am blessed with baby girl when she was given into my arms i died

If husband wid another woman

I dreamt someone close to me passed away

I saw we are driving car in water

Insect biye

I dream in congregational prayer

I saw my crush getting drunk and doing drugs

In my dream i saw my mother sister son he was dead in a coffin and people garderd and where watching

I dreamed where i was eaten riped fruit

If a woman is see

I dreamed swearing vulgar words to 2 women i know who threw dirty over my knees down to my feet

I saw myself without hijab and my ex husband is calling me

Intruders in my bedroom, hurting my stomach, wife asleep at side

I saw my dead mother resurrecting from mud with a wounded leg raising a hand to get help

I dreamed i was playing slot machines and won but instead of money little potatoes were coming out


I saw kissing and hugging my dead grand mother


I lost big prize money of a lottery

I had a dream that am driving a car,what is the meaning

Imagining dead person alive


I ate pig

Italian people

I had a dream of getting my own place

I was shooting my friends

I dreamt of four full moons

In another world

I am a wolf


I dreamt of a giant house which is plasted

I was given a white watch

I see grave

I saw in a dream achieving good result in exam

I killed a person in my dream

I could turn things to gold

I saw a bull helping me in doing my work

In swaying building

I dream with a oak

Injured person

I dream seat over while old car 203

I saw a dream alligator in water

I am drinking cold refreshing water

I dreamed ridding a dankey

I dream going away

I dream i had a large

In dream

I dreamt i brushed my mothers hair

I saw a funeral of some one and one of my cousin cring close to it and deadbody i getting shift to the grave

I was scolding my mother


I become trapped in a book

I saw my ex husbands sister

I dream two woman flirting

I dreamed that my bestfriend got married and she gave me money while at the altar

Iron sheets

I have not been a lould to see them but in dream they came to see me in work

I had a dream of my mom who passed away

I saw a man i love him but he doesn\\\\

I saw mehndi in my hand meaning

I hugged my dead mother

I was told that that a woman was digging my grave, i went



Ing on a flower

I saw an airplane crash into a swimming pool and i saw injured people

I saw holy kahbha and i am sitting on roof

Insects flying out of mouth

I saw my boy friend kissing me in dream

I dreamed that my wife became a stripper

Ing nose

I got shot twelve times in the chest

Ice cracking

I catch my husband kissing anther women

I dream of a car

I am shouting and rebuke my fiancee on phone by not coming home and is so late and she said a man was pressing her back

I saw my all teeth got black and falling down


I saw a big roti

I saw prime minister is coming and giving prize money to my husband and big daughter

In a vision a horned cow

I saw my dead after in law sitting beside my mother in law in a car and she was driving

I dream my husband owning sweet shop

I dream of dry crayfish

I saw my quran surah book fall into water

I saw my brothers dead body

In islam having dreams of my death

I see in my dream doing black


Injury to hands

I dreamed it was me i was count money paper


I dream being pregnant

I can fly

I saw a girl swimming under the sea water with the snake

I slammed the door h

I dream my freind threat like husbsnd

Iqamat for salah

I dreamed that the three wise came to my home with gifts



I saw a death body of bride and groom

In a resturant

Islamic dream interpretation pregnancy miscarriage

If i am fighting with mongoose in dream

I was laying in bed with someone

In between with the other couple in my dream


If i have a dream about my house being attacked and then me checking around my house and everyone is fine then they say my brother died but when i tell my mom she doesn

I dream of having a car

I was holding my friend newborn baba

Interpretation of directions

I saw my brother riding a bicycle in the rain and i have a friend that was at church wasn/

Ill freind

I dream about my wedding ceremony

Inteuders banging on the back door

I dream heard alot of money

Interpretation of car

Inner tube

I dream i sit in feces

I saw in a dream i was honoured by my spiritual master

I can\\\\\'t run in dream

I dreamt that i/


Insect dauber

I can

I had a dream i sold my house unwillingly

I dream someone wearing the same style of different color top /(blue/)as mind

Internal organ

I jumping off a cliff and flying sucessfully

Inquiry solved by number of stars

In number

If someone is trying to warn you

If you dream wolf cheasing you

Injured fawn

Injured dawn

I dreamed of a girl wearing


I saw grand parent they put there hand on my head and give me white dress

I dreamt someone was fighting another person

I dream my daughter never return after go to medical shop


Islamic call


Ice mountain


I sawa big chapati in my dream

I dreamt of nicely cooked meat

I killed both of my parents

Its a baby boy

I deamt of tamed lions, one of them was very weak because of lack of food and i saw a man killing it with a spear

Indian girl


Ice snf g

I dream i was preganat and my husband was playing with my stomach



I dreamt my dead mother told me to stay away from my bother because he will take my baby from me

I am eating green chillies


I saw her in every dream

I dream having sex relation it my wife

I saw 4 people offering my funeral prayer


Isaw someone painting the inner part of the house what is the meaning

I fell into a pool and drownded

If you don\\\\\\\\\'t care about your lover


Interpret tooth that is given to me

I dream i was drinking red juice


If a pregnant woman dream of her unmarried friend,married and pregnant what does it mean





In a play

I was in an eating disorder clinic

I saw my sister taking bath and asked me to remove her dirtness

I saw my cousin in garden and eating apple and crying


I saw my beloved gave birth to my baby



I saw and touchmy dead sister

I have been waiting for you

Insects growing arms

I saw gold coins in my dream

I love you dreams

I dreamt a durawall

I saw my fiancee grinding peper with grinding stone in the dream what is the meaning

I saw a word contragrulation in my dream

Ideal man

I saw quran. sharif which was covered with garbage.and dirty water spilled on it

Im dreaming moringga tree

Inability to use hands

I had a dream of dead kittens laying all around me when i enter a door way and full of horrible smee

In a boat

I saw a strange place where am searching for a road to my house

I wash the dirty bucket

I dreamed pieces of my hair turned into little snakes

If someone rescue person from heavy load

I do not dream

I was giving money to my friends in dream

I saw a person who is in contact with me

I dreamed i was trying to kill black birds but i couldn

I saw my husband giving money to my mother in law to buy

I saw myself getting engaged with an unknown young man

I was peeling off my face skin

I am eating burger and drink bottle

I see god

I drink yught

Islamic dream dirty spectacle

I had a dream we were going for hajj but a cousin was drowning at the same time

I saw a young girl in my dream, what does it means

Infant babies

Injured shoulder

I put gold crown on my son head and gave him milks which he drinks

Islamic dream interpretation black colour

Islamic dream interpretation white colour

Islamic dream interpretation watch

I have triplets

Interpretation vomit



In my dream a man said that i belong to restoration group,

I dreamed of gargling my mouth

Iron shoes

Increse of nose

Intercourse with cats

I have seen my husband doing intercourse with other women


I write a letter before i die

It was the end of the world and i took piils to end life

I dreamt i won a competition and was given money

If a women se her self pregnant in dream

I dream with lion under my bed

Interpretation of when a youngster dreams of tree leaves?

I went for umrah saw medina but didnt see holy kaba in dream

I went to go look at some homes for rent

If we see a powerful person shaking hand

I dream water wheel what is means

In water

In the water

I watch many jump into pool filled with riches, get out and get zapped by strong sun following them. i jump into pool, have sun follow me to try to kill me

In vitro

In village chased by a police men

I dreamed of two spirits in the bathroom with me while i was in the shower

I tunes

In a truck

In transit

I dream of throwing up poop

I throw egg up in air and breaks on green grass

I dream that i was taking lice from my mother in law and i was killing them

I dream i was swimming in the air

I dreamed of a street named robert

If standing top of the mountain and flying too over it

I dreamed i was standing in a line./

I sound my mom and gzime sees that

I dreamt my son who passed away in 2013 was alive and he was just missing

I dreamt someone was waiting on me

If someone gave you a gold watch but it appears to be fake

I dreamt someone called me a bitch

If some hard dream were someone call u on phone and said he will send money to someone to give u wat does it mean

If sick woman sees her uncovered hairy leg

I seen my friend homeless what does it mean

I was saying darood e ibrahim

I saw a vagina of someone i know

I saw my uncle tall hieght

I saw two connected dreams, one where lighting fell from black clouds and collapsed the roof of a building. in the next dream i saw black clouds approaching the same building with the broken roof when it reached the building the building collapsed immediately to the ground, the black clouds later approached me in my home but my building did not collapse

I saw in my dream is my tongue is falling off from my mouth

I saw talking to my dead father

I saw someone shaving his public hair in my dream

I saw my self fecesin the dream and someone was telling me not to do it there again

I saw a seer in my dream

I saw lots of head lices in my head

I saw jibreel in a mosque here in liberia, in a dream.

I saw my dad recovery

I was running away from my family and friends around christmas time

I was walking in the cemetery

I dream i was roller skating

If i see a rat in my dream

I was pranked

I dreamed playing in casino slots winning lot of money it was coins and gave me paper money

I was planting

If a person dream of drinking blood of a snake cobra

It was night my father and i driving and suddenly my father stopped the car on a empty road surrounded by trees in night and ask me to go out said my mother calling me while my mother was dead and when i not go out he go out and as stand with a thing which not have body or head only had a flower pot in place of head as soon as my father go out i locked the car from inside and then that thing tried to open the car and running round all over the car to see me and say come out mom waits for you

In the mood

I was a mermaid in my dream

I dreamt of marrying my husband

I dream of mama mary

I love you

I love u

In long run you have canser it is enctounter fatigue

In a lift

I let a bird fly

In laws

In law (s)

In labor

In korea looking for tea sets

I killd a baby kitten

I keep dreaming about a deceased girlfriend

I dreamt of the jerusalem ocean


Ivy league


Ivory, ivoreen


Ivar, ivor

Iva, ivan, ivana


Itngel of death




Itch (ing)


Italy, italian






Issue in violet

Issue in black


Isolate / isolation


Islamic festivals




Isha prayers






Irvine, irving



Irrigation one’s land




Irrational behavior



Iron mould

Iron / ironing

Iron bars






Ira (irish republican army)

Ira (financial)













Invitation / invited

Invitation (s)

Invisible stitches

Invisible caller






Investigate / investigation




Invent / inventor



Invade / invasion




Intruder / intruding




Intoxicants made from dates or grapes

Intimate friend

Intestines, colon




Interrupt (ions)


Internet dating

Internet café





Interlocking one’s hands



Interior scenes

Interior (s)

Interior designer

Interior design





Intercourse (or petting)








Intel inside


Integration dreams

Intations / invocations

Insure / insurance

Insurance guy












Instant messenger (im)





Inspection of troops





Insidious man

Insider trading

Inside out

Inside (in)



Insects island

Insect repellant

Insane asylum

Inquisitional court








Inner tubing

Inner struggle


Inn (in good condition)

Inn (broken down or dilapidated)



Ink stand

Ink pot or ink bottle

Ink, black on white paper

Injury / wound

Injuring someone with a spear

Injure / injury

Inject / injection


Inhaling spasmodically


















Information processing



Inflicting injury




Infernal things





Infant (s)










Indigo, violet

Indigo plant

Indigo child




Indigenous peoples



Indian stew

Indian meal

Indian falcon

Indian apache

India rubber

India, indian











Incubate / incubator


Incomplete wudhu

Incomplete job

Incomplete athaan during the month of hajj

Incomplete athaan during any month other than hajj

Income tax













Incense burning






Inadequate person



Inability of determine the qiblah


In law









Imposing structure