Someone complained about me

Seeing a woman dancing with her ex lover

Strange destructive weapons falling from the sky

Someone trying to take away white towel from me in a dream

Sharks in a pool

Son exam

Sel roti eating in pregnancy

Search …black cars

Seeing a dog licking your face


Son in law injured

Shadows walking away

Someone spit on my mouth in my dream

Seeing guinea fowl in a dream

Standing or walking on long roads

Seath of child


Seeing mountains and happy feeling

Someone else doing laundry

Silver hinge

Safty pin

See someone roast chicken

Sweet vendor

Su k ı

Sleeting in my dreams

Sleet in bug in my dreams

Spaceship going overhead


Someone robbing my perfume

Seen okro in dream

Sweet potato

Showing a bare face


Satin bonnet

Spitting on someone

Super bowl


Someone throwing tranquilizer darts at me

Sword you want to hide from students because dangerous

Special powers


Selling my car

Shaking hands with strangers

Someone cutting my toe nails?

Something heavy on top of me

Snake fangs

Something heavy falling on top of me

Someone giving you mint

Starfruit tree


Snake likes to kiss

School principal dream interpretation

School principal dream meaning

Seeing dead wall gecko


School days

Scolding partner

Shouting at someone

Stink bug


Surprise visist by my younger brother in my dream


Safe place

Shoulderbag pink

Saw my dead nana happy

Shave arm pits

Shave armpits

Shake hand in dream

San antonio

Seeing muddy water in dream

Someone giving earrings


Someone giving a copy of the quran to me

Saw a white flying cow

Su k ÃÃ...

Seeing a pastor in a dream


Seeing building blocks

Sparkling golden car


Shave the dog

Shave my dog


Sick sister

Sitting chair

Setting dog free

Setting animal free

Seeing kinner outside of house

Swimming with

Spirinkle water at entrance

Sorting through junk in a cellar


Sword with spirals


See self in mirror

Sex with fiance

Seeing someone you know standing on the table

Seeing a colugue standing on the table


Seeing a man announcing wedding to ladies in a dream means

Small house with beds

Shark being told to attack

Shapeshifter animals

Someone stealing my perfume | dream interpretation someone, stealing, ... the smell of perfume in a dream is a symbol of the fragrant presence of christ, song.

Snake killing the mongoose

Someone getting my personal number

Success dream book interpretation of skating

Seeing twins in my dream

Seeing mopane worms

Sprinkling water on someone meaning


Sarita fruit

Seeing husband naked

Sharping pencil in dream

Saved a lot of people

Swinging bridge

Someone in underwear

Seeing an elephant

Seeing a wild forest in a dream

Sailing away to china and not wanting to be held back

Slapping on my butt

Slippers found in dream

Someone found your slippers and brought it to you

Sanitary pad with blood

Sun kissed

Silver fish head

Sick person being recovered in my dream

Sucking on strangers breast

Seeing a blindfolded man in a dream



Son wearing heels

Stair railing

Seeing pea in rain in dream


Sky turns purple

Step daughtee seeing my penis

Stranger who is dead comes back to life


Sweeping in a big church whilst wearing see through dress

Sweeping in a big church whilst wearing see through dress

Sccrew driver

Soil from private parts

Seeing blue checked new door mats

Someone having webbed hands

Seeing new door mats

Sexual intercourse with niece

Seeing many big mopane worms on the trees

Sleeping with husband

Somebody throwing palm kernel to you in the dream

Sonar con la casa blanca

Swinging high




Someone telling you to wake up in your dream

Stefan salvatore

Several couples separating in the same dream

Some one stealing you body and putting you in theirs


Sick parents death

Seeing my sister ing a trupet in a dream

Seeing paradise

Silver color meanings


Spitting out nails and screws

Saved by someone

Sailing to china

Sailing in boat to china

Seeing jesus crown of thorns in the sky in a dream

Seeing jesus crown of thorns in a dream

Serving at an alter

Swift in troubled current and saved by safety line

Searching parking lot for my car, cannot find it

Sticker potty dream meaning

St george in dream

Spicy chips dream



Shooting star nd make a wish

Swarm of wasps

Sailing away to china

Spinning earth

Someone dreaming seeing your neck on the side

Seeing millions of bright stars at night

Snake bite

Sex in banana plantation

Someone askibg for water in a dream

Someone from france sends you a golden cup in australia

Seeing my feet with socks on

Snake non venomous

Sleeping naked in dream

See someone steal slippers

Small kid with white muddy clothes

Son in law from australia a20 pesos attached to bond paper containing phrases in exchange of moringga leaves in a plastic

Sad mothet


Stooping to.dig

Someone else committing suicide

Spider webs on door

Searching, hotel

Saw blood from husband mouth

Sweeping up hair

Snake enter body thru virgina

Slit throat meaning

Someone touch my vagina

Stranger in the house


Someone threw a marble and you catch it

Someone licked my neck

Someone naked

Someone licked my pinky

Standing next to saint theresa

Statues comin alive

Stolen pot

Seeing s mirror with eriting on it


Seeing fried meat

Son in law from abroad bringing 20pesos attach to bond paper

Squeezing waist

Smothering and yelling dream

Sitting in the back house singing

Sitting in the back house singing

Seizures somenody and i assissted to help

Someone kills me at dream

Sim sim in a dream

Sblind son

Searching for a book previously misplaced

Silver lion

Seeing okro in d dream

Skinny lion in a dream

Selling dry and ripe coffee beans

Scald by hot water

Sensing someone pour something in ones eye in a dream

Seeing dead parents blind in the dream

Some one ask you for pumkin

Someone gave you cracked palm kernels

Saying lahawl wala quwwat in dream

Some one wearing wrinkle clothing

Seeing stars popping up three times what does it mean


Selling pap in the dream

Someone washing my feet

Shaking hands

Seeing someone sneezing


Seeing dead body cooked

Sketch book

Slipper broken

Sister in law hugs me in dream

Saw pen and pencil in my dream


Seeing someone who has passed

Swiimming in deainage with wife

Sunflower seeds

Someone giving me a cow liver


Saving a dog

Six leg hores long neck

Seaplane landing

Someone else crawiling

Someone reading your personal diary

Seeds coming out my vagina

Somebody closer been handcuff

Seeing yourself in a painting


Spouse leaving

Salad platter

Sitting with a mountain lion

Spoiled jackfruit

Seen husband crying

Seeing coffee grounds in the bottom of a cup

Someone is giving me dirty slippers

Solar cross

Sex with dog in sleep

Slap on face

Say eden

Son of none


Someone came back from dead

Shopping plaza

Shopping center

Snake shedding skin

Screws in wall


Someone ask me to pray the rosary

Someone chasing you in a dream with a cutlass what does it mean

Someone chasing you with a machete in a dream what does it mean

Selling kenkey in your dream

See deceased mom

Seeing stupa in dream

Slapping my wife

Sucking a woman virgina in a dream

Some one giving red glass bangles to lwear

Seeing red glass bangles in dream


Some one dies

Staples stuck in my teeth

Seeing bougainvillea tree


Seeing brother creating a grave

Stars connecting and exploding

Swimming cat

Supermarket trolley

Spores disease

Spiders scorpions snakes all together in a box

Shooting up a school

Striped crystal


Silver crock pot

Silver crock bad

Spinach soup


Strict teacher

Sweeping inside temple

String breaking

Sting breaking


Seeing best friend get shot

Seeing my boyfriend get shot

Significant other gets shot

Saw moringa in dream mean


Seeing mother giving birth

Someone asked water

Someone complaining

Sugarcane meaning bibilical

Stitches on left chest

Sim card in a dream

Seeing grave

Seeing drumstics

Statue of snakes entangled

Seeing mad woman in my dream

Stranger mischievous

Snake blood in dream meaning

Shelter animals



Snatching of gold rings in dreams



Screaming n warning

Sea weed and fishtanks

Sound of a dream

Sound hearing slammed scrreen door

Screen door

Seeing a lot of roasted meat in a dream

Sperm inside in the mouth

Sail away in a little boat to china

Someone falling off a roof



Sick daughter recovered


Standing with someone

Standing side by side not moving with my ex

Standing side by side not moving looking at light with my ex

Standing side by side for a long time

Someone licking virgins

Surrounded by pile of clothes

Stolen car battery

Seeing a half dog and half man image in a dream

Scoring good grades

Securing the topper of the class

Security numbers

See burgla

Seeing a loved one in the hospital

Spitting up metal nails

Someone asking for water but i cannot see the person


Selena gomez

Seeing a woman that was going to get married

Saw myself in bridal make-up

Seeing old school running and searching for something

Saree burn




Shelling nutmeg in sleep

Slaughtering cows in a dream

Some one touching my face

Standing looking at buildings with thatched roofs

Seeing my cutm


Seeing people stealing ur peeled cassva

Shaking hand with prophet

Selling red oil in dream


Spring onions

Stealing ftom atm machine


Swing clubs

Scare die



Seeing someone with a hairy leg

See a old friend

Seeing boxes, leading a loved one by the hand

Ship yard


Saving people from mudslides

Sunrise and sunset from a house

Saving worlds

Shower sex

Seeing cow in your mother house

Superhero dead

Spilling spaghettios with meatballs

Scaly skin

Shedding skin


Snake bite dream


Seein dead person in red shoes

Scellion &thyme dream

Seduced by high heels

Snakes all around me

Someone blew up a bank

Storm drain

Saw a napkin with blood

Saw anapkin with blood


Sr sto. nino

Stapling on the clothes



Saying i love my wife

Sleeping and touched

See someone breaking and eating palm kernel in the dream

Sea gungo peas

Stacking slats of wood

Someone give you 7 cocoyam in the dream meaning

Sea snake

Seeing sugarcane in a big room


Smell of smoke

Shot in chest

Seeing a mad womn asking money from me

Spleen falls out of body

Shoe brush

Sumakay sa bangka

See through person

Seeing blood coming from head

Saw deceased mother in a nursing home and my father, sister & i had not seen her in 2 years

Saw now de

Semen in a woman mouth

Swallowing eyeglasses

Some one gave me a bag in amusement

Son getting sick again

Someone getting sick again

Someone carry\'s you

Standing on top of a mountain

Someboday was cutting big dead fish in dream




Spotted pigs swimming

Salsa dance

Spouse is resting

Sending jello to grandchildren in switzerland

Small raccoon

Sea snakes

Seeing the cardinal of the church in your dream

Swallowed thumbtack


Slappimg a dead person

Seen pap in dream


Someone wearing your clothes

Someone gave me olives in my dream

Sto nino wearing yellow

Seeing your father naked

Seeing imbecile in your dream meaning

Someone doing magic on me

Smell aerosol spray

Smelled freshener

Smelled air freshener

Smell cleaning solutions

Sister surprise homecoming

Snake kills cat

Someone giving you green chillies

Saw a person named gloria in my dream helping me fight spiritual battles

Seeing a white old man

Smoke fog under water


Street lights lit up

Spider webs



Selling holy water

Spider boy

Seeing rotten meat

Son being executed

Seeing baby as a butterfly

Sleeping in closet


Sewer gases

Sewer fades

Seckou keita

Someone buries an item that you love like a stuffed animal

Seeing your name write down in 3 different list

Seeing your name write down in three list


Son as a child

Sage givi g curd rice in dream

Sasquatch sex

Someone trying to bite my arm

Sex related dream

See merigold in a dream

Spilled milk


Spilled glass

Seeing steak but not eating it

Seeing a cooked steak but not eating it

Snake plant

Siting under banyan tree and black aunt moving throughout in my body


Searching for my dog


Seeing dargaah

Sick brother

Spinning a human head on a table

Severed head on a table

See a three legged man


Search …dreams of putting on a ring

Stabbing people

Snow in house

Sex with a person

Shall i turn right or left?


Seeing mortal in a dream means

Spider chasing a wasp



Space alien


Shrimps in a dream

Skipping math class

Sucking sisters breast

Snow cave

Squid dream meaning


Showering then water becomes sewage burst open

Slapping face

Slapping a face



Substance abuse

Seeing a harmless lion

Statue coming to kill me

Shooting a target

Shooting range

Someone pulling out my hair


Son seen his dad in coffin

Someone in coffin dead

Seeing someone with long hair

Seeing white tissue



Season tickets to sporting event

Seeing hijre in dream

Snake toungue trying to touch you

Someone trying to kill me with a knife

Skin peeling from face

Spouting water in the sea


Seing my past friend with a hunchback


Seeing bronze bowl in dream islamic

Stitches behind your ears

Sex in the toilet

Son-in-law dead

Son-in law dead wrapped in white sheet

Swept away by muddy water

Seeing vagina



Strange land

Score me as goalkeeper

Seeing a baby walking

Spilling tac

Sleeping in a filing cabinet

Sleeping dressed

Sleeping undressed

Smal doorways

Stealing sweets of candy

Seeing an open chain link fence opemed

Spray paint bald head

Stuck and scared of being burried under snow

Someone exchange my big calabash to small

Soap suds

Someone steals from you

Stolen jewelry

Something stolen and returned

Shitting in hand

Someone committing suicide due to broken heart

Sex lion

Sanitary pads burning

Seeing daughter walking naked in the dream

Saving a person while falling in a pit latrine

Shaved dogs head

Seeing traditional healers dancing

Sorghum plant and a mud house

Son in law watching me

Some who recently died

Spider falling

Swallow big pearl at wedding

Skunk meat

Swallowing glass

Selling moi moi in the dream


Sending a thermometer

Swollen ankles


Someone avoiding you

Stuck in a maze being chased

Sewing on buttons on a shirt

Seeing bitter kola in dreams means what

Someone dying who is already dead

Seeing fenugreek leaves.

Sound of door knob

Sound of slamming on door

Sliver coffee pot

Sucking orange in dream

Seeing dead 5 kinds of animals in the dream


Spring onions in dream

Selling my organs

Skiing on grassq

Skiing but no snow

Skiing on grass

Scavengers hunting to kill me

Scavengers hunting couples

Scavengers hunting me and my husband

Sweeping of shrine in dreams means

Sweeping shrine in dream


Story line: very young prince and a young girl play together

Selection of expensive ranges of clothes from a state government as a gift dream

Sitting in dream

Standing in a dream

Spinning christmas tree

Sharing a house

Someone else blind one eye

Seeing genitals of old friends

Show lace

Stuck in waterslide

Seeing an empty water pitcher


Sky cracking and big hands coming out

Some in white with dark eyes

School with no shoes on

Someones dirty feet

Suitcase being stolen

Son has girl in his bed


Seeing different kind of colour beads in dream

Someone burning your gown


Shaw shaw dream meaning

Seeing my husband hawking in the dream

Splitting fire wood with axe dream islam

Sacrificing blood and meat in the grave

Searching for old naked woman

Seeing my hr manager in my dream



Sucking oranges in my dream

Someone died

Sucking oranges in dream

Shot in the side

Seeing buttermilk

Stolen baggage



Snatch bracelet

Saw my husband went abroad for work

Subway train

Sand rain on your body

Someone taking my sprite

Sprite being taken away

Sliding down the hill into mud

Seeing radio

Sheer white curtains

Sitting on a wool chair

Shirley temple

Sex wit former boyfrined

Street bench

Sleeping on bench

Sucking thumbs

Selling diamond

Sex with the devil

Seeing important ceos

Someone giving tapioca to eaten

See the light up in your window

Someone throwing snacks



Sweeping temple floor in dream

Sand cliff car falling

Seeing mastrubation

Seeing pig in dream

Stolen vehicle

Seeing a dead tree then burning sage and it went away

Seeing a insane person

Some one in church took my pants

School in underwear

Street search


Sandwich meat

Sandwich east

Silver bowl inside yellow bowl

Sink washing bowls

Seeing cooler in in dreams

Scratches on someones face

Stitches in your hands

Stood up in a wedding

Steep staircase

Shamed in front of others

Snake entering and cleaning vagina

Snake entering and cleaning inside vagina

Snow covered

Snake bit my side

Strong building

Searching for witches

Sitting on steps


Sad person

Someone cutting my feet nails in a dream

Straw block

See charcoal on the floor

Seen charcoal on the fool

Seeing aloe vera plant

Seeing man wearing sunglasses in dream

Six fingers

Seeing women underwear

Seen pussy in dream

Shea butter in my vagaina


Seeing somebody in toilet

Seen i am running horse

Seeing somebody in dream

Searching for the meaning of rubbing shea butter on your vagaina

Searching for what it means to rub shea butter on your vagaina

Someone gave me a music box

Stranger pregnant

Someone else pregnant

Sexual intercourse

Siver cape

Shellfish in my house living and on the floor

Sucking on toes


Son with one arm

Steal gold from someone

Steal gold from someone

Seeing boyfriend in my underwear

Snake meat

Spitting up maggots

Swimming across river

Selection in interviw in dream

Shoe box

Seeing temple gopuram

Steel soup spoon

Scar on a hawk

Sharing fried eggs



Sex club

Someone have lice

Steal gold statue

Swallowing broken needles

Swallowing needles

Snake biting a goat

Shackles and chain


Saint christopher medal

Shoplift dream


Sister saying i love you

Someone put a needle in my head

Sitting at a light look over to the right i see my pastor calling me from the window to come i made a u-turn and drove the car into the parking lot

Somebody elses clothes n coffin n drain

Spot on chin

Semi truck

Suitcase stolen

Several lionesses around me and bites on my arms

Sticky finger


Someone cutting my foot nails with a machete

Someone cutting my foot nails

Spiral staircase

Someone trimming my toe nail with a big machete



See sto. niño

Single girl applying turmeric to a man

Stairs up

Send someone to buy locust beans for u

Sugar cane dream

Speeding car

Selling kenkey

Silver colored fish


Singing competition

Shooting at kids

Strange man with black coat

Seeing a guinia fowl in a dream

Strong massive water surge in the home flood

Snakes coming out from vagina

Saw childrens

Seeing other is making selroti in dream

Someone you love kissing you

Skinny ellipse

Sangoma colulting me


Silver crucifix

Silver chair

Stolen diamond

Silver line

Silver stroke

Silver lines


Strands of thread on a spool

Spool of black thread

Sibling in the mirror

Sibling in the mirroe

Seeing the father of my kids who died handing my boyfriend 50 dollars and then looking at me and smiling

Soft sand

Seeing the father of my kids who died handing my boyfriend a 50 dollar bill and then looking at me and smiling


Small angel wings

Sitting in a house which was moving like a rollercoaster

Sugar cane

Steven spielberg

Someone carrying you on their back

Shopping but things you want are taken before you

Someone turning


Short cut hair

Satin of okro soup in the dream

Someone attacked me with machete

Swollen forearm

Swallow a penny

Sowing rice puddling

Sowing rice plants

Sodomized by a friend

Saw my dad hiding money in a brick wall in a dream

Stars falling from blue sky

Someone masturbating in a dream

Snake on graveyard

See jalebi in your dreams

Skiing downhill

Surah imran

Saw surah imran

Saw gulab jamun in dream


Someone burning

Someone leading you by both wrist

Steal bird egg

Something in the dark and has evil presence feeling scared

Sex in bathroom

Scary small man

Stitches temple


Seeing someone planting black poison into your blood meaning

Seeing your self and vomiting at hospital

Seeing dog and someone fucking it,while you by pass junction

Seeing someone fucking animal whiles you by pass that junction

Saw a big long worm in my poo i killed it when it escaping

Slobber got on me

Seeing my son with itchy scalp

Stranger in darkness

Stranger with no face

Someone sucking my breast

Soul of foot dirty

Sex with housemaid in the dream

Sex with maid in the dream

Swimming in pool of feces

Seeing my pastor sleeping

Semen in mouth kissing

Smaller house

Sharing a pot of bean soup with my sister

Saying shokrun


Saying shokrun in a dream

Seeing black cat

Selling periwinkle in dream

Seeing chapati in a dream

See a friend face turning white patches

Stacking and rearranging couch


Sakura perfume

Sports car with roof off

Spring onions dreams


See good grades in a dream

Stranger in dream wearing a rain coat

Seeing girl baby in dream

Snapped shoe lace

Seeing a spotted bull with broken horns

Stars in the night

San padro

Stuffed animal unicorn on dresser

Salad preparing cauliflower

Seeing diamond

Someone sweeping dirt into your chimney


Semen on my foot

Shootings on a bridge

Seeing my enemy wearing long artificial nails

Sharing raw cassavas

Someone pointing out your insecurities

Someone else masturbating

Standing before 6 fluid mirrors

Sliding down on a wide street with a friend

Some one selling dead.human body flesh

Seeing an old friend sad

Sister pregnant

Sleeping on the job

Spilling anointing oil to the floor by accident meant for someone who later dies in that same dream

Seeing already dead family members

Snake tongue kissing me

Some one asking for money

Someone not looking like themselves

Someone hurting you

Spinning around in cirles

Someone giving me plastic flowers

Symbol of garuda on my chest



Sand click

Symbol of dead baby

Seeing a vulture

Snickers candy bar

Seeing son sleeping on his stomach

Short arm swollen hand

Seeing ber in dream


Someone give you kolanut in a dream

Sit on by back

Selling recharge cards

Spiral stairs down

Seeing a friend passed out drunk

Seeing palm nut

Somebody snatching pocketbook

Somebody trying to take purse

Shemale baby

Seeing good grades

Sores in the leg

Sprained wrist going to hospital

Screaming baby


Smiling prophet in a dream


Someone gave a gift ticket

Spitting in hand

Someone killing a giraffe

Sanitary napkin with mild blood

Seeing the dead mother in dream

Sweeping pumpkin seeds

Sex with a man who’s penis was a carrot



Shedding scalp

Seeing a bride in black with another partner

Shoes placed at the mosque

Seeing birds of different types

Seeing green water swamp

Someone tried to wash your dirty feet

Seeing the sun and moon out at the same time

Squirrel in a cage

Snake plants

Seeing my soul leave my body

Shakehand with a dead person

Sex with an ex

Some body stolen my clothes

Saw my clothes from clothes boxes are stolen by someone

Spilling oil

Scarab beetle

Seeing deceased father with light

Strand of hair that never ends

Snow on the ground

Skin change

Selling kenkey in a dream

Snake kills an alligator

Snake kills gator

Shaking hand with alien

Sewing wounds

Stampeding horses


Someone getting concussion

Son walking goat

Swimming hat

Seeing hairy arms


Sitting room

Shaving cream brush and shaving

Spare parts of goats like liver kidney

Soup with hair in it

Shifting houses

Sausage dog


Someone telling you are important

Someones eyes turning white

Search …feceew on my mattrese

Small roach

Scared face

Spilling jelly

Seeing marriage of already married couple


Side car

Someone choking

Saving someone that was choking

Showering inside a dresser drawer

Swimming animlas

Swimming pigs

Staple removing

Serving bowl

Stitches in head


Safa marwah


Swamp water


Seeing green pawpaw fruit up tree

Seeing my dead godfather with him saying see the rain

Stretch marks on my body

Seeing my dead godfather

Seeing lots of fish in water

Search … lion

Someone cursing me in dream

Seeing guava tree in dream


Sore on legs


South pole

Stepmother casting a spell

Snake vomiting

Swallowing fufu

Satellite dish

Seeing rice crops in dream

Seeing hindu temple gopuraam falling

Seeing hindu temole gopuraam falling

Someone giving me moi moi

Someone given you sardines

Snake biting your childs face

Swimming with cat

Serving gruel

Shopping headstone

Sour porridge served

Standing on snail with no shell

Strumgle a guimea fowl in a dream

Seeing guinea fowls in a dream

Sweeping pavements

Stuck in my enemiesnhouse

Scared of heights

Scared of hieghts

Scared of being in high building

Seeing nd catching guinea fowl

Seeing blimp crash

Seeing zeplin crash

Seeing a woman naked in a dream

Seing someone with white hair

Spit of food that i was eating in the dream

Seashells in the mouth

Seeing the month of moharram

Sealed envelopes

Seeing pea in poo

Someone unknown person receives a million dollars dream

Ship on the ocean changing direction

Stranger driving my truck

Sitting at a window thenmoved away from it

Smelling cigars


Seeing a lady in red sare in dream pressing neck

Seeing a lady in red sare in dream

Seen orange s around a dead

Selling food in the dream to plenty people

Selling food in the dream to crown of people

Sucking vagina and breast

Seeing yourself shirtless in the streets

Seeing yourself shirtless

Search …bath in mosque

Someone dreaming of you being at the market with them

Stiches on face

Swallowing a perfume bottle



Seeing a mother with kids

Someone applying gel to my hair

Seeing dead father giving garlic

Saw hena on hair in dream


See someone killing a praying mantis but scared

Shampoo bars

Seeing flying people

Smoke over a building

Substance on wall

Sugar cain

Search …a white cow

Snake eye snake eye

Small diamonds falling out of a setting

Seeing a generator in a freezer

Skin black on neck

Snake groud

Someone died in boiling water

Saying hello

Sex with a trans

Someone dying and coming back to life

Ship crashing

Ship boat in sky

Sweet & root

Seeing family members that live in it here stares

Sweet root yam

Sweet yam

Stroke disown family

Sleeping in a bed outside

Stature under water

Skinning a bird

Spray of water

Squirrel biting

Squirrel biting me

Storage facility

Storage units

Someone sucking my big toe

Seeing death as happy

Sel roti in a dream

Seeing others roof of mouth

See others mouth

Snakes in my shower

Seeing your self in a beautiful mud house

Seeing your self in a fine mud house

Seeing one self in fine mud house

Soil present which number

Seeing cow intestines in a dream means

Silent fear


Silent scream

Someones caught you masturbating


Someone urinating on you

Soil p

Soil p

Snack eating an animal

Swollen top gum


Sullivan dream interpretation

Silver shoes

See maggi in dream

Seeing blood of sheep being slauggtered

Seeing your ex-boyfriend in a dream and he is admiring you and he look

Seeing your ex-boyfriend in a dream and he is admiring you and he look

Seeing a cat

Save landed

Shirt fall in water

Smack lip kiss

Symbol of okra

Stripper in dream

Sister had a stroke

Someone cuts into my forehead

Simese cat

Someone else cleaning house

Someone else giving a speech

Someone give me bitter kola in dream

Someone gave you calendar

Seeing a jinn harassing you

Someone’s chewing gum and leveling it all over

Someone is coming to get you

Seeing myself being thin in a dream

Stitches to face


Solar flare

Snake swallow a goat

Side of road

Someone asking for neem leave

Shiridhi baba giving liquid mercury

Spiritual meaning of tiger-nut

Scissors stabbing


Stabbing someone with a box cutter

Stealing accidentally

Sparrow that could\'nt fly

Stabbing someone in their neck

Seeing decesed friend in house with my hand cut

Search …black cars

Search …bath in mosque

Search …a white cow

Search …hyna

Search …honey bee

Search …fish

Someone you have feelings for

Soul mate that is mismatch

Stir pot

Sparkling blue eyes

Shiny silver coin

Search …voice saying your dlozi is asleep they need to be waken up

Search …dreams of putting on a ring

Sand mountain climbing

Sex with boyfriend

Smoke fish dream

Semen on my leg

Skulls and skeletons buried in the ground under the grass

Seeing future daughter in a picture

Seeing future child in a picture

Scavenger hunt for feathers


Slapping my child in dream

Solving problems

Shampoo dropping from sky

Someone killing crabs in front of you

Sex in the dream

School mates

Seeing a sport athlete in a dream

Someone exchanging personal diary

Seeing pap


See 3 cows in dream

Shaking hands with a man

Snake was in my shower

Snake in shower area

Snake in shower area with no water dream

Shit spilled

Son having chickenbox

Scissors on the floor

Shopping for collard greens

Skin disorder

Snakes in the bathroom

Sex on dishwasher

Sour cr3am

Swollen tonsils

Smiling sto. niño

Secret info

Snake striking

Slap dream meaning

Seeing long green drumsticks

Sanitary bowl

Someone lost

Seeing river origin in dream

Seeing river source in dream

Smacking someone’s butt

Seeing ex husband talking to a physchologist meaning


Someone heavy jumping at your back

Seeing a lot of pork

Silhouette of a dove

Saw blade

Seeing something in the sky

Swallowed by a quicksand

Spitting out

Security gaurd


Sky lift


Signed cheque

Sucking my big toe

Sleeping with pastor in a dream

Strangers in your home

Sick person recovers from disease

Someone braiding my hair

Snake blood dream

Searching for a pot

Seeing self being skilled

Status of soneone


Scary old lady

Snakes blood in a dream

Seeing myself roasting yam in the dream meaning

Shoelace cut

Seeing snake blood in dream

Sacrificing yourself instead of someone you love

Sweet potatoes harvesting dream lucky numbers

Seeing dudu pampkin

Seeing green leaf with green big dudu

Seeing green vegetable

Seeing vegetable grow big

Spinning building

Square hole in chest

Spinning wheel of fortune


Stars at night

Seeing a cat you used to own

Someone i know smelling my shoes

Seeing lots of nutmeg in a dream

Seeing lots of nutmeg in a dream

Seeing nutmeg

Stop before going down a steep road

Sick and healed

Snakes falling down from tree

Seeing my present in my dream

Sex with brother in law

Snapping a leg

Sandal and turmeric powder

Stuck between teeth

Standing by a grave

Seeing an imbecile in my dream

Seen my dead mother processing cassava fermentation in your compound in your dream, what does it mean in dream interpretation

See your wife in a dream

Selling smoked fish in the market

Selling smoke fish in the market

Seeing god hanuman statue in dream

Sanitary pad change

Seeing toilets in dream

Son in accident

Shaking hands with bandage

Sky cracked


Snakes coming out of the vigina

Sacred music

Stealing sisters boyfriend

Stealing my sisters boyfriend

Someone taken up in a whirlwind

Saree gift drea

Satanic cult

Someone gave me coin to give to my father

Slow dancing

Say ahah

Sorghum field

Sanitary pads with blood means what?

Seeing white smoke in a dream

Sucking periwinkle

Seeing methi leaves in dream

Sangoma house

Selling cooked food

Sleeping with my partner in green grass


Stealing friends boyfriend

Sliding into green water with snakes

Scent leaf

Someone putting and massaging oil in my hair

Stripper dancing

Scary woman besides my wife in bed

Sick and recovery

Sick and recovered

Snake you get

Someone making chapattis

Someone making chaatis

Sea turtle


Someone giving me attitude

Someone gave me a hickey

Someone gave me a hickey on the top of my breast

Saving a wasp

Seeing suicide

Serving juice

Small pieces of charcoal bought from a merchant

Sex mother husband penis

Seeing turkey

Someone gave me water to drink in my dream

Sucking breast in dreams

Sanal wood dream

Suitcase clothes

Sanitary pad showing in a dream

Shit all over my clothes and some in my mouth

Sheering licking in dream

Seeing amla fruit store

Saw nude

Shemale intercorse

Seeing a shemale doing intercorse in dream

Seeing and talking to preist in dream

Ski boot

Spilled coffee

Scottish terrier

Sex with father


Seeing a friend holding scrolls

Shoulder blades

Shrimp eyes

Shemale sex

Seeing kolanut

Seeing a force field coming at you


Sabari malai

Spitting out grits

Some one given tapioca in the river to eaten

Someone licking my virgina

Sleep on side

Sea aminals

Swollen sick right foot

Srarionery in a dream

Shredded tire

Seeing tamraind

Shingles on me neck dreaming

Singing the word messiah and a black shimmering figure

See guinea fowl in dream

Safety pin in skin

Someone using witchcraft on you



Seeing periwinkle in dream during pregnancy

Some other has a stroke and crying

Seeing a heart of a chicken

See black widow spider in dream

Santa in dream

Someone asking for money in dream

Shower tub

Spitting saliva mixed with blood and it turns into money coins

Seeing someone in coma

Seeing giving money to transgender

Skin contact

Seeing cardamom in dream


Secret admirer

Shampoo hair


Selling crayfish in the dream

Seeing wet cloths in a dream

Struggling with mad woman in the dream

Saving boat capsises

Suck toes

Spiritual leaders

Seimming in sewage water

Swimming in seawage water

Sperm released mouth

Sperm released in the mouth

Sperm in the mouth then


Sister talking to a judge


Snow changes to thick green grass

Seeing betel tree in dream

Saw salt

Sneaking around islam

Seeing trying to pluck drumsticks

Stranger spit three times on me

Someone in prayer

Seeing white chameleon in dream

She male in dream

She male in dreams

Snowing in hawaii

Swimming owl

Seeing dried bush meat in the dream means what

St jude

Sarbanes twins

See through box

See through box with man inside

[email protected]

Severed duck head and beak

Standing on s queue inside church

Stepping in rotten meats

Swollen toes

Spiritually car damaged in your dream meaning

Seeing a baby in my dead mother lap

Sheep losing wool

Sheep losing qool

Sacred fig

Served court ticket on the sidewalk

Sinister animal


Shea butter trees

Seeing my father beating me

Spiritual meaning of snake

Spiritual meaning of pof pof and buns

Someone complaining in dream about your real life mistake

Someone sprinkling white powder

Searching aloe vera plant

Someone putting makeup on you





Shouting but no words come out

Skipping naked on terracotta pots with a small pot covering my manhood



Standing in a pool of dirty water

Shaking cold hands

Seeming gold

Seeing gold in a dream

Seeing private part

Smelling clover

Sex dream of mother in law

Shot by poison dart

Someone eating

Someone killing my aloe vera plant

Sisters trying to help me have sex

Sharpen knife

Someoe is digging with a broke and bent spade shovel

Scallions in garden

Saint louis

Seeing bloody nose

Seeing a blody nose

Stray jacket

Sitting in a kraal

Stingy boyfriend

Seeing own husband getting married to some other person

Stabbed in kidney

Shifting to a different house

Self fish


Staff naked

Set of red keys


Selling clothes

Saw kids

Someone pureeing paraffin on you

Snakes head

Snake tree

Snake shape tree

Shoes being thrown

Statute of liberty

Somone help me and my loved ones hostage

Seated in a hurry

See fresh small fish

See fresh shrimp

Speaking elements

Stapled feet

Son wearing a gym suit and training soccer

Something was pulling on my feet pulling me toward the tv i looked out the window and outside was getting very dark

Something was pulling on my feet pulling me toward the tv


Square white gift

Saw eggs

Seperation from a loved one

Stabbing a turkey

Ship wreck

School dinner

Seeing purple sky

Shut down

Seen a pair of scissors on the floor

Sureh yasin

Seeing ex lover but can’t reach them

Saw a dream about giving birth to three boys

Standing in a whit cloud with someone nothing there but the two of you andthe cloud then the cloud takes oer and you cannot see the other person then you are swept backwards very fast mean

Seduction by mad woman


Seeing your ex boyfriend family in your dream

Seeing youe mother in law looking angry at you

Someone pulling you by the ankles dream meaning


Seeing oneself urinating

Sister in law cooking

Spiritual symbolism of daddy long legs

Spider plants

Sleeping with ex boyfriend

Seeing aloevera plants meaning

Sticky tape

Snake sualow human being

Someone give number to write

Semen has blood

Seeing a man with hairy fingers

Small girl holding swort at

Snake wrapped around waist

Steal the moon

Stealing the moon

Stretching skin

Smoke in my dream

Shower lockers

Shower room lockers

Someone tells me they have cancer

Short circuit in kitchen

Speaking to your ex spouse and discuss on next steps

Sifter screen

Sift screen

Someone gave me some toothpicks

Spanish lime

Someone plucking ripe cashew i saw

Seeing yourself wearing soliders uniform in dream

Selling periwinkle in the dream

Someone touching your wife breast

Snake giving birth to baby snakes

Swapnat dahi bhat khane

Set dressing

Someone crying and being mad

Spill palm oil

Statue of horse

Standing near a open graves containing white boxes w

Seeing a meteor

Seeing a meteo

Saber-toothed tiger

Saber tooth tiger

Saver tooth tiger


Santo niño in my dreams


Spit on my eyes

Saint john

Sour or green guinep

Seeing ripe limes on a tree but forbidden to pick it

Seeing ripe limes on a tree but forbidden to pick it

Seeing ripe limes on atree in a dream but is stopped from picking it

Someone giving me clean, old ,white clothing to wear

Seeing ripe limes on atree in a dream but is stopped from picking it

See large numbers of shemales


Sweet pepper

Scared son

Someone is obsessed towards me

Still airplane

Still aeropplanes

Someone is stealing my pants

Seeing unfinished house in a dream

Sexual rubbing on mans chest

Show girl

Spouse masturbating

Skydiving plane

Seeing myself pounding fufu

Standing on bank of wide river, need to cross

Someone elses child

See lots of shemales in dream

Seeing a female half naked

Shaving hair under arms

Secreting coconuts

Soul of shoe coming off

Scratching naked person

Suitcase between two naked people scratching each other

Seeing cooked garden eggs in a dream

Samp eating in a dream

Spitting in hands

Shoes underwater

Someone holding my feet

Squinty eyes

Someone was trying to attack me

Standing near a open graves containing boxes w

Someone motioning for me to come to them

Superhero fighting

Swarm of insects flying out of my house

Suit jacket

Suit and tie


Snake statue


Sorghum seeds dream meaning

Seeing someone sweating

Snake biting hand

Swimming in a shallow pool

Silver and biue


Seeing lord hanuman in my dreams

Seen my younger brother sick

Shooting nails

Seeing old teacher\'s

Scrambled eggs

Stage curtinas falling on me

Smack kiss lips

Someone that you know


Sharing kola but in a dream

Stolen cooking gas

Sloan invasion

Sleeping on cassava peels

Sex in bushes

Spider making web strong as a rope coming inside a vechile

Skating rink university

Skating rink

Someone spitting on you


Smell burnt plastic


Smell somethimg burning

Super natural

Someone saying your name

Skin tearing

Smile in dream



Start elevation

Sound equipment

Spit on your hand

Seeing condom in my lesbian ex girlfriend pocket

Snow walking

Seeing a water bed

Seeing nightshade dream meaning

Someone asks me for money

Someone help me with grinding pepper

Staples in feet

Stabbed with a bayonet

Sleigh bells

Sword in cloud

Smoked fish dream meaning

Seahorse dying

Sworn feet

Seeing someone tilling hips


Spirogyra in my dream

Soap opera

Seeing 4 moons

Steps broken

Spouse fighting

Saw mother and grandma grave open

Seeing percenta

Summer dress

Sacrifice yourself to the lord

Sacrifing your self to the lord

Sacrice yourself to the lord

Shared bathroom with two toilets

Shared bathrrom with two toilets

Seeing fallen cement

Shaker ceiling falling cement

Strand of white hair



Stalled head

Someone leaving

Spiders crawling all over people

Side on fire

Slamming doors

Strappy sandal

Speaking to a pastor

Seeing a house burglar

Seeing a house being robbed


Selling of food in dream

Sewing drawer

Saligramam in dream

Slammed by peers

Sucking penis

Someone giving coriander seeds

Someone giving dhania seeds

Seeing ripe prickly pear



Stopping a gay wedding

Stop wedding

Seeing different types of egg

Selling cooked rice in dream

Someone touching my breast

Seeing a friendly niece


Some friends dig grave n cover with black clothe

Sister dies parking garage explosion

Sister dies car parking garage explosion

Sister dies car building explosion

Sister dies in building explosion

Shaving off my eyebrow

Stove s up


Stained glass window

Smoldering fire in bed room

Someone lying

Someone on stairs debris from earthquake

Soil erosion dream


Selling crayfish in the dream mean what

Seeing fufu in the dream

Someone hanging themselves


Slug in bath

Sport dressing rooms

Sailfish caught


Squeezing whiteheads


Seeing yourself with a plesant face

Seeing rice crop in a dream

See yourself happy

Seeing a president in your dream

Seeing two monks

Silo dream

Snake stone

Sex with she make


Snake chasing us


Stray animal

Seeing a madman talking in a dream

Stringent on


Sliding dawn on ice

Seeing kinner in dream

Soul of kinner with love

Seeing oneself in mirror n combing

Someone sleeping

Someone who’s face i can’t see is pointing a flashlight

Someone cutting grass with cutlass

Sexual parts

Son in sad mood in dream

Shemale fucking me

Seal animal


Stolen vehcile

Spilled oil and passed father

Shoe lace dream

Stealing car

See a knife

Searching for place to poop

Seeing my pastor in church in a dream

Sucking my thumb

Seeing african dirty statutes

Skin scrape


Sudden observation

Skin crust


Sore crust

Seeing your elder sister pregnant


Shaving my head half

Snake with blood in dream

Seeing a gemstone

Some one peeling cassava

Someone saw my face glowing and me in a weird dress

Standing on a queue

Sparkler firework

Seeing a doctor at his office and he is my pastor

Some body is offering me a goat

See poeple counting money in a dream

Speaking no sound

Seeing paneer

Spitting out rotten meat

Shower cap

See dead mom washing clothes

Stuck in a car

Surgical cut

Seeing a pond

Sole of a foot

Seeing someone with stacks of newspapers

Stacks of newspapers

Son being able to lift chairs

Someone giving kajaal in dream

Stripe shirt

Selling fish

Seeing yourself commit suicide

Saving by someone from drowning


Someone talking to you that died


Stairs made of wax

Spots pea

Spider web

Sucking a vagina

Sucking a pussy

See smoke coming from someone smoking under covers

Smoking undercovers

Spiders fleas

Seeing starch in dream meaning

Sitting on a height

Seeing a golden mice


Seeing a copse

Seeing a dead body

Sister make my hair

Someone helping

Someone ask water in dream


Seeing the devil

Shotgun ladder

Self inflicted injury means what

Slapping l

Seeing a man with a tail

Surak muzamil

Solution to the bad dreams

Shoes black

Snake bite on the neck

Strangers trespassing

Sharing a valley that is mine

Sister in law being lesbian


Shoulder injury

Seeing three mad men in dream means

Seeing queen bee

Seat cushion

Seeing from back

Slapping my mom in my dream

Seeing yourself die in dream

Silky lone nose hair


Saw a cutlass on a car back seat

Sted hole in water tower dream

Seeing a black soiled rich farm cultivated

Shemail in dream

Saw a cutlass on a car back seat saw

Sachet water

Seeing my dead groundmother rise and became new

Seeing myvm dear ground mother rise and become new

Sulking my vegina other male person

Shark attactk

Short leg

Stealing a fountain pen

Saw my husband wearing eyeglasses while looking at a young girl

Sitting behind position in dream


Someone’s wedding

Someone giving me a dupatta

Seeing your name written down

Someone touching your breast meaning

Swimming with pigs


Suffocation murder

Stainless steel bowl

Stainless bowl

Striking snake

Someone checking out on you

Skull cracked

Slanted floor

Sex with my psychiatrist

See your name written

Skelton trying to teach me witchcraft

Seeing a eunuch

Skeleton trying to lead me away to show me witchcraft


Sprinkles holy water

Sibling pain

Severe stitches from mouth all the way down my body and leg

Strand of hair

Snake slitbi

Someone praying in dream

Sitting behind me

Shave head in dreams

See my dog dieing

School supplies

Swallowing knives

Sex toys

Smonk rent come to me

Small person

Shepherd dog

Sucking sugarcanes


Saving a drowning child

Saving a drowning chuld

Sex with a long time friend

Sacrificed animal

Snakes entering

Snake entering holes

Someone death returning something back to you

Splinter in head

Santoo nino de palaboy

Straight jacket dream


Smoke rising from under a black hat

Streanght and work

Snow covered peaks

Snowy mountain

Someone buying sugar cane for me

Spouse driving us over a cliff

Seeing drumstick

See maggi in dream meaning

Sceaming peacock

Selling pieces of sugar cane

Someone bought sweet and give me but i did not collect it from him in my dream

Seeing a bear knock a hornets nest out of a tree

Seeing a bear know a hornets nest out of a tree

Seeing a bear know a hornets nestout of a tree

Seeing a bear know a beehive out of a tree

Smelling feet


Spiting on finger tuching someone else

Santa claus suit


Some one is breaking clay pot in dreams what does it mean??

Selling mineral water in dreams

Someone burning a mattress

Spiritual imagery

Small alligator


Someone showing you kolanut in a dream

Slurred speech and didn’t know where i was

Stock room



Stealing of my clothes

Silk jacket


String being swollowed and pulled out of the throat

Spoiling drawing

Snake come out of mouth

Snakes coming out of someone else’s mouth in a dream


Sugarcane juice

Sick person falling in the bed

Seing jalebi in dream


Spitting it in the pot

See a person wrapped in kafan

Someone cooking and spitting in the pot

See fresh okro in dream

Scream and nothing comes out

Sorting garbage in dream

Sea lion

Separated husband sleeping with hookers

Someone gives you small peanut in dream

Ships passing

Saw my pet cat that died

Sex position

Stolen pocketbook




Spitting water out of your mouth

Stuck to floor

Spiritual rebirth

Scary dolls

Scary dolla

Scary movie character

Spider wed

Shock and awe

Seeing mother naked

Sto niño dreaming

Seening fresh okro in dream

Small adult

Side walk ends


Snaching a ring in a dream and getting back


Someone take raw meat from me by force and throw it away in the sea

Sean boswell

Seeing a toned and healthy man with lash marks on his back

Seen someone smelling my shoe

Some one is touching my breast

Someone flung a dirty diaper at me and it spilled onto me and had to wash it off

Suppository dream meanings


Someone stole my perfume

Struggling to breathe

Smelling coffee in sleep

Seeing on in you dream

Spool of gold tread

Stabbed in hands


Sweeping green rugs

Surah fatiha

Seeing custard apple

Seeing my fiancee in his casket dead

Selling babana

Somebody dying repeatedly

Someone walked into a muddy pothole and disappeared

Saying praise the lord

Sex with younger

Smiling goblins chasing in wheelbarrows

Sucking two different woman breast in your dream

Staring money plant

Seeing funeral of unknown person

Sex in the bathroom

Shot by a tranqualizer dart

Shadowy figure hurting me

Saw gurujinin dream and giving blessing

Sat in a drink

Sat in spilled alcohol

Sat on spilled alcohol

Sat in alcohol got shorts wet

Snake swallowing goat

Someone laughing in church

Sign of the cross infront of sto. niño

Snake is coming out of my son mouth

Strage man pour sperm on my head

Shaving my pubic hair

Seeing car repeatedly

Speaking about marriage to your dead father

Sand dream

Someone has let someone into my apartment without my consent

Someone has been in my apartment and left some flowers but they are not for me

Sura fatiha

Skin rassh

Seeing bags of sachet water

Showering with poop

Showieng with poop

Standing on the top of a mountain


Seeing a word

Sex in bathtub

Someone plucking my white hair

Seeing bindi in dream

Seeing muthi in a dream

Swimming air

Shell skin

Someone spat on my face in the dream

Someone spitting on my face as a result of jealousy

Spirogyra all over my legs

Seen sitar in dream

Someone giving you sugarcane in my dream as a gift

Splitting firewood with axe

Seeing poop with worms in a dream


Seeing or eating gulab jamun

Sheathing in the dream

Small and light pickup car

Summit of a mountain forest with burning bushes and running from people attaching

Spelling contest

Storm rainbow


Sexual favour asked by a stranger

Screaming with no sound

Sunday school teaching

Slippery stairs

Seen myself pregnant

Snake kissing boyfriend

Swallow wedding ring


Seeing dead person wearing green in a dream

Shoping coolerbags

Skin ripped off by someone else

Skim milk

Sought out


Someone asks for beetle nut and beetle leaf

Seeing house listing


Scary dogs

Snakes around the waist

Strange voice calling in the dream

Seeing a plague doctor

Shrimp being out in vagina

Son in high heals

Son wearing high heals

Smash pot over head

Speaker on a roof

Suede bag

Speaker on top of a roof house

Swim meet

Stealing a diamond ring

Sister dying

Search …camel and daughter

Snake digging a hole

Someone spits at me

Someone cutting your toe nails

Sanitary pads full of blood

Seeing unused sanitary pads

Surah rahman

Seeing 2 men fighting in a dream interpretation

Snakes in a bathroom

Spiral rainbow

Someone with a chest wound

Stitches in face

Search warrant

See limbs

Stealing prasaad of goddess

Seeing drumstick leaves in dream

Sucking a boys cock and im a male

Stuck in a hole

Someone putting sticks in my mouth


Sign out

Seventy five

Search for a teapot

Slaughtered hogs

Summoned to court

Saw peepal tree in the dream

Somebody muddy home

Someone renovating a house using mud

Stepfather in a closet at a mall

Sodom ang gomora

Sodom and gomorag

Swing multiple dogs

Snake with 2 heads each head has one eue

Stair climbing movement

Sinkhole with home filled w money

Sinkhole with ho.e filled w money

Starting a new business

Sleeping in class

Save sister from drowning





Stealing coins


Skip class

Small sticks on my body

Sugarcane plantation dream meaning

Scared wife


See make aaloo kachori and pakoda in dream

Seeing aripe cashew in a dream

Seeing lizaerd in dream according to islam

Seeing a written titan on a wall

Shape of heart

Sitting on the steps of a spiral staircase

Someone is giving me a statue of santo nino



Someone spanking a child

Spiritual meaning of jack fruit in a dream

Seeing a big green snake

Sister in law crying

Seeing a skunk in dream

Seeing pressure cooker rises in the dream

Seeing dog poop in your house

Scarey dolls

Store treasure


Seen ur mother in disturbing u

Someone rubbing my dirty feet

Seeing lotus in dream

Snake in grocery store

Short dark hair

Shoebox with shoes

Semi automatic rifle

Space and travel


Spraying water

Swallowing screws

Standing in clear pebble stone water

Steel in my hands

Swallowing rubber bands

Seeing young parent

Seeing a male slamming black bricks

See green leaves of sugar cane



Shaved head

Selling kolanuts

Seeing palm kernels in you house out of the blues

Stuck climbing fence

Seeing your deceased parent

Spilling molasses

Stripping clothes

Shoe cabinet blocked


Someone ask money

Spit flour in person’s face

Sleeping in bathroom

Seeing hot spices in dream

Seeing tall temple tower

Someone spits tar in my face


Sick person looking healthy

Screaming help from god

Sick person healthy

Sr santo nino

Spitting out teeth

Seeing a coffin in the rain

Severing a limb

Someone spitting on my face


Someone spitting on. mr

Smalbl oy

Seeing shapes in clouds


Someone hugging me telling me they love someone else

Someone hugging you telling you they are in love with someone

Steep ramp

Spiders crawling all over me

Someone laying on my back

Stole the gold



Skipping stones


Shoes on fire

Spilling syrup

Stinging nettle rash

Saw conch coming off my body in dream

Sweping boyfriend room

Squirrel bite

Sitting at a desk

Side dream symbol

Storm brewing

Screaming girl


Something in the house threatening me so i run away

Seeing d dead happy

Son slapping mom

Summoned to court with my girlfriend

See prime minister in dream

Standing up penis enters me

Standing penis inside me

Standing up and the feeling of a penis inside me

Seperating from ones wife

Smell bad in dream meaning

Someone sweeping in my house

Somebody giving you kola nut in dream

Somebody giving you kola nut in dream


Salt and pepper shakers being filled

Someone napping

Stolen dining room

Stepping on stool

Space walk

Sex with crush

Serving burnt food

Swollen arms


Seeing hindi in dream

Shoes in a mosque


Skull crush

Silver coliur

Seeing a dead pastor

Skin disease

Sparkly black dress


Stars on earth

Stealing clothes in a store

Seeing 3 fante kenkey i dream meaning

Sorrell put to dry

Seeing okro in my dream

Scottie dog

Someone washing feet in dream

Someone asked for my social security in dream

Seeing dead grand mother giving me pot of meat in dream according to islamic dream interpretation

Seeing washing clothes of my wife according to islamic dream interpretation

Sinking pontoon boat

Sinking pontoon

Seeing paneer and jalebi in the dream

Seeing a green eyeball inside my vagina hole

Seeing my dog who died

Some else laundry

Someone masturbating

Sucking breast of a young girl


Soiled wedding dress

Someone else’s cold feet

Someone shows you muthi

Someone slapped my ass angrily

Stacks of books

Sheet of paper

Spoo n

Seeing a blood clot

Side swiping girlfriends car

Secret letter

Sitting infront of a pile of ackee

Seeing cuts on husbands hand

Soft penis

Shaking hand with a pastors

Speaking bird

Someone has caskets for sale cheap

Strange woman in house

Swallowing mouthwash

Someone licked your feet

Salary increase

Swimming with seals

Slit of my brothers throat

Slices of ham

Storing money away in hiding places

Sink overflowing

Seeing self in a dream with murrow with familiar face

Skeleton horse

Seeing self in a dream with mirror ,carry another familiar face

Seen some one other giving money to temple

Swallowing a ring

Someone else mirror

Small water snake in a dream

Shoes fall off while running

Seeing light leaving me

Someone helping me with my lockjaw


Someone you know

Swimming in the dream?

She make dick

Seeing a friend masturbate

Shaving my head



Shattered pen

Statue dreams

Seeing metal of a trumpet

Scaling a fish

Seeing a dead relative asking for food

Standing at an edge

Stepping in clay

Stepping on red mud

Spitting food on me

Samp and beans

Stabbing animal

Stripe blue shirt

Stabbing am animal

Small black snakes in sleeping space

Seeing soya milk in the dream

Soya milk


Stock fish symbol

Significant other unavailable

Sun burnt skin

Sun damge

Sun burnt

Sucking air

Something sucking air out of me

Size female

Seeing pigeons in the dream

Sex with a big woman

Sexual large woman

Seeing that aunty voming n saying that nani is going to die

Stepping off a step and falling

Snake puff adder

Support brce

Seeing red palm oil

Someone cracking your back

Sea and feeding people

Spitting out wet sand lots of it

Stuffed toy animal

Seeing a pundit

Seeing a mad man in the dream wanting to collect wrist watch from the dreamer


Spinning white light

Seeing someone of opposite gender in dreams

Seeing a young man in dreams by a girl

Sex with ghost

Symbolism of a dream state taking someone for grooming

Sex with old man

Spewing maggot

Seeing temple gopurgopuram in dream

Spider daddy long legs

Stuck in testicles

Sliding down the pole

Sugar crystals

Someone being heartbroken

Shake hands with dead work boss

Spilled mixed lento

Seeing a mad lady in the dream

Stuffing around

Snake on your back

Silver bowl

Seeing a horse

Seeing 5 children

Seeing one get d

Sex to your father

Sores and b legs

Saved myself from jcb accident

Starfish dead

Search …if you dream that ur father is dead/

Search …dreams of putting on a ring/

Small hole

Signature of another person

Someone is trying to copy you

Someone is trying to be like you

Something you love lost but wass found

Something lost now found

Seeing riped tamarind in dream

Scar on ones body

Snake wrapping

Stirring wheel

Speaking in code

Seeing lion entering your house

Sister cutting sisters hair

Sister cutting my hair


Seeing snake and mongoose

Stained. glass

Skiing on water

See crobra in the dream meaning

Small writing

Stair rail



Seeing sheep raw meat

String coming out of the mouth


Seeing a dead person giving u a gold ring

Segregated from child

Suicide attempt

Some one give almonds

See king crobra in the dream meaning

Sucking of breast

Search charcoal

Selling cold water in the market

Sucking female vaginal

Someone being brain washed

Seeing someone elses wrist being cut off

Sex with shemales

Seeing chin chin snacks in dream

Sorority sisters

Shooting a dog

Saved from falling off a precipice by an opponent

Saved from falling off a precipice by an oppinent


Sleeping under mosquito net

Sexy in bathtub

Seein someone reading bible

Son driving

Someone sitting on my feet

Smelling coffee

Smipping school

State ohio


Screen door with latch lock

Spinning discs that cant sto[

Spinning plates that cant stop

See grass cutter on the dream

Someone scratching my back

Spilling olive oil

Shadows chasing

Sorority sisters hate you

Saw anuts running away in a dream

Spiral shape

Seeing hanuman chalisa in dreams

Someone gave me slipper

Someones gave me

Stolen flowerpots


Severed hand

Secret meeting

Seeing myself in tension

Soil on foot while walking

Soil in mouth

Stale cinnamon bun

Spill red water

Seeing jalebi

Seeing people committing suicid

Surrounded by people with pins

Seeing people who we nevermet in life

Sister getting divorced

Shaving waxing

Spider web meaning


Somron zi love was wearing a pink sold turban and was hiding fro me, i the dream i was told that this person lives me but why hide ?

Sex with shemales in dream

Snake and mongoose

Someone kissing your head in your dream

Silverware delivered by mail

Sun shining on water


Screw driver

Swallowed thumbtacks

Sulking vaginer in dream

Soil in bed

Sex with dad

Shot and killed with kids

Single key

Squatters in house

Sucking of woman vagina

Shouted at

Semi circle

Smoke rising from house

Sheep in a field

Smell cigarette smoke

Spouse flirting

Sprinklers come on while trying to go insidr home

Stabbing a turtle

Seeing pink bridal glass bangles

Sto nino

Slug in your body



Spiders crawling on me

Sex in a sleeping bag

Shake hands with deceased father

Seeing craps in a dream

Stepping stone


Shield blue and yellow

Seeing family feeling cold

Sugar ane

Saw word on sky

Seeing someone frying cocoyam

Shiny gold chain on eyeglasses

Shiny gold chain


Same one robbing my gold ring

Snowballs in dream


Stuck on mountain

Septic tank full

Snuggling man



Snake in my bed

Search by rhinoceros


Spinning red room with a large window


Seeing smoke in dream


Someone giving you a piece of paper

Seeing three bats in earthen water pot and taking out one

Smoke coming out of keyhole

Skin staple

Seeing yourself getting married to someone else

Sleeping in a warehouse

Spark plug dream meaning

Spiritual dream brushing teeth

Spiders on ceiling

Seagulls diving into clear sea

Seagulls diving in water

Speaking problems



Significance of dreaming seeing your self beating your elder brother and he is cryimg

Shot with flaregun

Shot with flare gun

Sex with sister islam


Seeing bitterkola

Swimming away

Speaking on the phone

Surviving drowning

Swing knocking on house

Smelly feet in pumps

Seeing so much money

Smell of a candle smoke

Swimming out of algae water

See yourself naked dream

See yourself naked

Seing herself naked as going up the stairs to go in to the house she is living

Sex with female neighbor


Someone carring paraffin

Someone give me slipper


Spider eggs

Sliding down from water

Shit everywhere

Sports jersey

Seeing and hearing lover saying name over and over

Surgery of chest

Someone being beaten

Slap ass

Swimming in a big river and saw a crocodile

Slabs of bacon


Snake chop

Sea witch

Stuff animal

Seeing lots of water falling and being wasted

Someone sunk up behind me and injected me with a syringe

Son and i see the front door if my apt open and inside are two women squatters

Steel rod




Spiritual therapy



Some one trying to blackmail me in my dream

Scortched house

Swollen gums in dream

Someone sneaking around your house

Swimming with a pig

Seeing paneer in dream

Seeing paneer lying on table

Seeing bugs in head

Someone touching your boobs

Seeing and talking with president

Shit pit

Someone fell

Someone injured

Someone falling

Small shirmp in dreama

Start over


Singapore dollar

See ablack cow on the syk

Standing on burning coal

See black cow

Seeing a chilie piquin full of pods

Silver ear rings

Stoping a fight

Sugarcane farm

Serving people tacos

Sabortooth cat


Sucking husband nipples

Skin in cages


Sinking country

Someone burped on me

Sinkholes appearing


Stormy ocean

Storm at sea

Ship storm

Seeing a lioness walking with me

Shrimp eating in a dream

Shovel or buried in a dream

Seeing myself grinding something in the dream means what

Seeing someone recover in dream from accident

Slaughter a cow

Scrubbing my skin with apple

Shaving my beard islamic

Snake goat heart tortoise

See yourself dead in a pool of blood

Someone you know was on the train that left

Someone with snake eyes

Sinking into soil

Skiing into soil

Siluete man

Spaghetti sauce


Someone slashed your tires

Seen myself in dream ??

Stamped passport

Strawberry plant

Stealing sugarcane and caught

Stealing sugarcane

Seein ex boyfriend

Some seeks forgiveness

Someone thinking you chested them of money

Stealing boyfriend

Sand in shoe

Snake around my waist

Slow dance

Spouse death


Seeing woman mesh in dream

Snuff dream

Somebody remove a c lice from my hair

Someone yelling at me

Someone professing love

See in dream eat jalebi

Shoebox with red shoes

Steal money and jewelry

Stole jewelry and money

Smelling coffe

Saw shemale in dreams

Snake rabbit thai dream

Snake and rabbit

Sex with a toy

Spinning face

Someone else putting lipgloss on your lips with their finger

Stealing stacking loungroom xhairs

Steel stairs


Sore foreheadon

See brown rice in a dream what is the meaning

Snake belly

Square lens

Seeing a mad person in s dream

Self oral sex

Someone masterbating in the car

Someone in a plague mask staring into camera system

Snake in vagina and than biting my hand

Stirring spaghetti sauce in a pot

Swallow snake

Seeing through a glass house

Seeing your ex through the front of a glass window

Seeing your ex through his glass house

Sea coming in through door

See planet saturn from the sun

See planets in space with my son

Seasoning of meat

School truant

Seeing someone masterbate


Shanked on my dream

Somebody walkng behind

Soft palate falling out

Spitting while ur asleep in ure dream

Ship fire

Selling things of past

Selling my grey coat in my dream

Steel peg

Sad dead friend

Sun glasses shades scratched

Scanning barcodes

Scanning items

Same sex woman kisses me with long tongue

Sliver colour slipper in dream

Slipper in dream blue colour


Someone spitting at me

Swallowed by whale

Someone being a chief

Sex with an old crush

Sucking orange in my dream

Son inside the elevator

Seeing ripe papaya and someone got one and bought to me

Sprite dream

Son drifting away

Saw king

Sun movement dream means

Shot and killed

Sanitary pad in dream

Sees turmeric was given to me

Sneaking into house

Search …if you dream that ur father is dead

Stranger at window

Someone balding

Salmon fillet


Salmon fellet

See someone giving you cashew nuts

Slaves on a ship

Swallowing a cigarette

Supply work

Searching for houses

Shingles on a child

Squeezing blackheads on my finger

Squeezing blockheads on my finger


Silver plate with gold


Someone likes you

Stranger new job baby spirit moved playpen into hallway

Spirit moved playpen hallway

Spirit moved a playpen into the hallway

Seeing betel nut in dream


Sister oppressing me

Someone give me ponytail

Someone has diarrhea

Seeing watchman

Street cleaners

Staples business a man in scary costume

Sex with female hermaphrodite

Sandal with kajal

Save sto ñino in flood in the backyard

Save sto mino in flood



Sand in wounds

Scraped skin

Spiritual meaning of removing periwinkle from its shell

Shoes that don’t fit

Sex with a lover

Singing opera

Some one eating girts

Setting a timer

Seeing a fat naked man

Saw ourself as widow

Seeing a pregnant gazelle

Someone sings to me in a dream

Selling home and later regretting


Son falling in a gutter

Swollen forhead

Sorghum mean in the dream

See hijra in dream

Saving my wife

Stealing granadillas and eating them

Stealing ripe granadillas and eating them

Seeing or wearing old clothes in dream

Sweeping in temple

Sweeping in gurudwara

Skating down hill


Someone sucking your right breast

Strange woman

Some washing your feet

Silver orb

Silver sphere chained around gargoyle neck

Silver shere chained gargoyle neck

Seeing a hermaphrodite in the dream

Seeing crayfish head in a small cup

Seeing a small house

Stranger kissing vagina

Sitting on top of your roof

Shadowee skull

Shadowee skulls

Spiritual shadows

Shadowee place

Shadow place

Someones skull


Shoe salesman

Shoe sale

Scar be removed


Stuck in my throat

Sonar con un leon

Shaking hands with a dead person and talking on a table

Shaking hands and talking on a table

Seeing red palm oil in the dream

Speaking in spanish

Seen a orange red horse in my dream

Symbol of a dream when you dream about yourself eating grape fruits from an all riped grape fruit tree

Stranger flirting with your friend

Soldier appointment

Sdier appoint mebt

See several necklaces with the letter b

Smoked fish

Someone being short on your presence

Seeing saffron in your dream

Seeing the chopsticks

Scorpion in my house

Seeing people with curly hair

Step sister naked

Seeing someone’s water beak

Snake coming out of mouth

Shaving mustache

Stealing ice cream

Saint ynes

Something break

Seeing a naked husband

Stolen furniture

Seeing a dead peron alive

Sweet bell peppers dream


Slapped by someone

Saving people

Store selling wares

Store selling kitchen wares and utencils




Silver car purchase mean

Seeing green bangles in dream

Seeing a person got vitiligo disease

Seeing a dead alive and happy in

Selling food in a dream

Scratched cards

Sleeping vhild

Sucking a vagina in the dream

Spilt full fat milk

Snake on roof of house

Stuck in a maze

Selling house dream

Seeing my partner sperms on the toilet seat

Seeing betel leaf banana

Seeing someone with tobacco

Stained sanitary pad

Swimming naked

Skinny dipping

Save a baby goat



Snake on back

Sesame seed oil

Saw deceased mother and brother being decieved by another woman

Spit out in dream

Saw transgender in my seam and they left my home

Sucking female vagina


Screen doort

See your sister being slapped

See your sister being slapped by her husband

Someone else is in love with you


Snake tongued woman

Snake tongue woman

Significance of dreaming about feces


Silverfish in clear water

Smoked fish in a dream




Seeing a spoiled mobey plant

Seeing a spruce tree inside a store

Scary story

Sto. nino

Seeing distorted people

She make

Seeing a mad woman asking in dream signfies

Seeing lord shiva in de

Seeing father

Singlet dream meaning

Seeing someone masturbate

Sick ex girlfriend wanting you to take care of her

Sick ex

Some one stood at side of bed

Standing in a line waiting to get goat meat

Squatting and pooping

Sto.. nino

Searching for someone

Sorrel dreams

Sea sehll from a mermaid as a gift

Sweet food in dreams

Seeing dead relative serving cooked food

Seeing dead relative with cooked food

Spit on me

Seeing my husband necked and smiling in my dream

Severed thumb

Seeing chimpanzee in a dream meaning in islam

Spitting staples

Saint michael

Seeing polony

Someone toching my breast dream

Stolen clothes

Seeing my mother pounding with morter in my dream

Seeing ficus tree

Slashed tires

Seeing a transgender dancing in dream

Some one making dust by stamping his foot

Star of david

Spilled red wine

Sucking a friend breast in dream



Straightening half of my hair in front of a female i dislike

Sitting on a ledge

Speed bump

Sleeping in the shower

Subject math

Starving kitten lost

See woman and child hanging

Statue breaking

Seeing someone stealing goddess sculpture in a dream

Someone spit in your face

Someone making tortillas


Selling broom in the dream what does it mean??

Seeing ripe palm fruit, cut and fall on its own

Spirits in the woods


Sputum in a backet

Sugarcane as gift

Someone is being defiant





Seeing poorer in dream means

Seeing cows

Someone chasing you for your medal

Seeing a cold wrapped in a cloth

Saving a friend

Saving friend

Shocking with staples


Seeing someone being shot


Stealing a ladder

Split hole in chest area

Stroke seizure

Swallows by a machine

Seeing fatimas dead body

Seeing fatimas de

Someone serenading you

Seeded grass and dirt

Swimming in red oil

Seeing bundle of neem leaves touching full body

Saunf in dream meaning


Seeig green bangles in dream

Seeing alam

Seeing yourself in top of a minaret

Seeing guine fowl in dream

Seeing palm nuts fruit in a dream

Seeing rangoli in dreams





Skid pallet


Stranger enter house

Shaving legs

Someone falls back on nail


Someone applying oil on my hair



See rag in dream

Seeing yourself under lime light

Shemales in dream

Seeing karuppaswamy god in dream

Smudging sage in my dream

Snake wrap


Small openings

Secret weapon




Someone whipping someone else

Some one pinching genitial parts

Seeing teenage girls partially naked

Seeing young girls with no pants on

Stairwell spiral

Sex and vagina

Seeing fresh green limes in a bowl


Someone bringing bags of charcoal

Setting up an ironing board

Swallowing the vlad

Some one giving food to his guru

Some one giving food to his gurus

Stitches all over face

Spider against the left wrist in a dream


Someone turning into a snake

Seeing a binder

Seeing my husband nake in a dream?

Saw a white bus

Stained sanitary napkin

Stealing and give it back



Someone be pursued by a mad person

See apply gulal on my ex

String pulling from my skin

Someone asking for drinking water

Swallowing ogbono

Swallowing ogbona

Selroti seeing in dream

Seeing in dream rose quartz heart

Snake coming out of its pit

Snake coming out of its hole

Seeing an embecile in the dream

Someone give jalebi in dream means

Smiling janaza

Someone sucking toes

Someone sucking on my toes

Snails without shells in a dream


Someone sucking her breasts

Seeing an empty gabage bin in a dream, what the meaning

Staples in your feet

Stables in your feet

Seen a black dog in my dream

See going barefoot

Spit on girlfriend face

Spitting on facr


Sister sex

Sheep fighting


Shaving legs in dream

Shopping with an ex


Squatters in my new house

Surrounded by broken up ground

Scary person

Shut door

Super heroes

Sitting directing

Seeing a person


Slanted floor in babysitting house



Seeing three dead grascutter

Slapping my child

Seeing needles in the corners of the bed

Sickly kitten

Someone gave me a roasted corn to eat

Sun dail


Saudi princess

Seeing rebel

Sick person who can’t walking and looking healthy

Spring clean

Sanke coming out of mouth

See you after the fireworks

Scary red eyes

Seeing someone bath

Seeing a minister taking a bath in a tub

Seeing someone taking a bath in a tub

Seeing a minister bathing

Seeing someone bathing

Swollen feer

Someone wearing red dress

Smudging my house urgently

Someone stealing my perfume

Seeing a pastor in a church

Seeing a petticoat burning

Seeing hijra protecting us from devil

Seeing my self sweeping in the church in the dream

Seeing my sweeping in the church in the dream

Seeing a python in a dream and it is friendly


Sitting and eating at a dinner table

Sitting at a table

Standing straight

Seeing someone do push ups

Spit in eye

Sanding table

Seraphim angels at war

Shaved beard

Someone being behind you

Someone wearing dentures

Sex video

Sex with an enemy

See temple from far

Stolen bicycle

Shattered windows in car

Someone spying through a hole in wall

Seeing self working in my dream

Seeking attention from my ex

Seeing a mad woman

Seeing braizier

Steal black belt

Seeing dry crayfish in a dream

Stop warning

Small drop of blood in under wear


Scrubbing my soles

Swimming underneath

Space travel


Someone spits on you in a dream

Seeing eggs that crack on touch

Swimming in the ocen


Seeing a person grave with fresh air

Splinters in foot

Someone taking a photo


Sharp left turn

Sleeping child

Sleeping boy

Stroke, car crash and killed passenger

Someone running after me

Some one spits on you in a dream


Spiritual meaning of torch

Second level

Seeing another man has a husband

Strangers inviting you in

Smashing head

Someone mailed me some gospel music in the mailbox

Someone warming my feet

Some one try to kill me

Stollen car

Seeing a burning bush in the dream

Stolen grocery

Sitting in a train chair but the train didnt move ye

Sacrificing feast

Sand falling from heavens

Sand falling from sky

Sand dumped from sky

Sand from sky

Someone you know in white coffin

Seeing mynah bird in dream means

Sea chip chip

Seeing my late mother in dream

Stranger in my garden

Selling television

Selling a television

Seeing your tooth fall out

Stream with gold in it


Someone apologising

Slammed door


Seeing armed soldiers

Strange group of women in strange place

Strange group of women at work

Someone steal your shoes

Someone else sweating

Slapping my son

Seeing white tasbeeh in dream

Seeing white tasbeeh in drwam




Snow inside house

Spilled beverage

Sweeping the frontage of the church


Someone signing for me

Stock up



Seeing coffee plant with ripe bean in dreams

Slapping deceased mother

Slappy deceased mother

Slapping a deceased relative

Snowy mountains


Storm meaning in dream

Spiritual meaning of kerosine

Several severed hands

Sounding like the devil

Selling soul to the devil

Sit down

Seeing children playing in a dream

Seeing children playing

Small tornado

Swollen and painful ankles

Sweaty handshake

Seeing ones breast in a dream

Sheep slaughter

Selling gold

Stroke in face

Staff in restaurant

Spark plugs

Snake attack to the dead person

Seeing clam

Smell of alcahol

Someone smellingalcohol


Seeing a lawn mower in a church.

Spit on face

Seeing bitter kola in the dream

Someone on your back

Slaughtering a rooster

Seeing some one die

Seeing someone licked

Seeing the milky way galaxy

Sword piercing the ground


Selling tv

Several lionesses following me everywhere but not hurting me

See you father in a dream

Submerged horse

Swimming horse

Sleep walking into objects

Saved from drowning in a green boat

Strangers in masks

Somebody else tap dancing



Security system

Seeing my pastor

Silver nacklace

Silver chain with a name on it

Sex with shemale

Sexual intercourse with partner

Seeing black peal in a dream

Sniper rifle

Sister having suitors in my dream

Seeing clearly a written high price tag on an item dream meaning

Saree got stuck


Shit zu

Shark biting foot off


Stacked chairs


Spirits causing cuckoo clock vibrate on the wall

Someone spit on my foot

Spiritual retreat

Sto niño statue

Shemale meaning


Slap a friend

Sleep talking

Satanic writings on walls

Seeing identical twins in a dream

Shop house

Self cannibalism

Seven o’clock

Sr sto nino

Seing a vigena of a woman


Shaved dog

Swallow a bobby pin

Shot by a gun

Sowing of chillies

Sewing needle with thread in a virgina in a dream meaning

Saw muharram celebration in my dream

Soft drink

Saw flood in a dream

Sprinkled water

Splitting tongue

Searching for something i cant find

Slave in history

Seeing a person not well

Selling house regretting

Selling a house and regretting it

Something big

Stealing ring

Someone gave me a new pair of blue sneakers


Stabbed cow

Stockfish head

Say no

Someone giving key

Someone giving tv


Space game apocalypse

Snake kissing

Sapphire sword

Scared of deep water

See fish skin

Shark without fins

Sex with ex girfriend

Sex with ex hirfriend

Snake coming from the vagina

Snake eyes

Someone stole my televisions

Stormy flood water


Seeing nataraja in dream

Shoot to neck

Sheep running away

Shemales appear in dream

Someone spying in home

Seeing man wearing dark clothes bext to unknown house

Switch on light

Someone argue

Someone die

Someone pass away

Sleeping inside a kraal

Sleeping in a kraal

Staff of moses

Swallowing wafer

Swallowing biscuit

Save my mother by taking out snake venom from her leg

Seeing one self

Seeing a dead father in law

Save someone

Surrounded by milk

Stable broke

Searching for appraisal letter

Seeing a women massaging my shoulders

Stepping on a red flag

Small pinis with sperm

Seeing deceased crying

Saw a madwoman sitting by my side in a car

Someone spit on me

Sleeping while driving

Sore leg

Smell of coffee

Someone spitting on you dream meaning

Seeing someone holding a chef



See urdu self busy

Seducing somebody

Sex with mehram

See dead father

Someone calling you today goodbhye

Seeing family wedding


Swallowing toothpick

Someone threw a rubber golf ball to me

Slapped by dead husband

Seeing killing of lizard

Snakes back to the water

Snakes in the water

St agnes

Seen saw mill in dream

Sex with oposite sex

Seeing others cry

Seeing myself in television

Selling scissors

Silver teapot

Strawberry cheescake

Seeing bts



Seeing a personin a picture

Small screws and pins coming out of my mouth

Saw a silver apple floating in a vision

Seeing gilaf kaaba in dream

Stuffed bear

See melon in dream

Serving chili in dream

Seeing okro in the dream

Stapler without staples

Single black glove in bed

Someone breaks in

Sweeping happily in a mosque

See man in white suit

Smoked fish on water

Share pounded yam

See crazy man in dream

Seeing jerrycan in adream

Seraphim angel

Seeing transgender was doing men in dream meaning

Someone trying to break into your home

Seeing surah yaseen in dream in wash basin


Silhouette family

Small girl

Snake with diamond

Snake carrying jewellery

Strangling horse

Seduced by a man

Scorering goal

Swollen mouth

Surah noor

Slyzed yam in dream

Spit on somebody in dream

Saw mum dieng

See death

Sucking breast surrounded by aliga

Serving people at a funeral

Seeing my clitoris getting longer

Swimming in fish pool

Scary loud noise

Seeing my old house


Shaving beard with fingers

Strength tarot

Same dream over and over

Someone give you shoes

School board

Seen the dead been washed


Seeing french toast on a table

Seeing lame people in dream

Shooting of mother

Spider bite

Seeing my house painting in 2 colours


Slaughtering a man

Someone kills a spider for you

Someone dead yet he is alive

Seeing your husband vomit

Seeing your husband be sick




Seeing a brother in dream

Small windows near ceiling

Starfish shape

Sitting at the table

Seeing an unknown man

See blown belt mining in dream



Seeing friend dead

Shards of glass

Seeing your brothers wife

Showing bottom

Sand in dream

St. niño telling fortunes

Squirt water

Squires with water

Stopping frogs to enter my house

Seeing fresh okro

Shoe shop

Son and daughter getting on car

Sewage splash on your body

Smeared toilet on your body

Sitting behind a desk on floor

Shoe in celestial church


Surat rehman

Seeing ex wearing a wedding ring

Swollen feet of others

Sister brother-in-law

Seeing a rebel in the dream




Shrouded body

String being taken away from me

Squashing an animal

See a grave with gravel

Seeing yourself pregnant

Sprite meaning

Seeing chinchin in the dream means what


Searching job


Sweet chayote

Sister in law is pregnant with twins

Step ladder



Saw charoit in sky

Sparkles falling on face

Selling bike

See 2 colored women at front door


Standing front door

Seeing own name in writing

Sit straight

Seeing cardomom

Seeing someone wearing makoti attire

Sweat bees dream

Salvation army worker

Sock coming out of my vagina

Survivors trying to kill


Salted nuts

Selling crayfish dream

Slashed in arm

Sick person getting well & recovered

Shaking hands with dead uncle

Seeing plane

Seeing earthen pot broken on head

Stuck in 1 small space

Seeing dead person smart


Someone jumping out a window

Swaying penthouse

Soft towel

Sewing a dress

Sewing a blue and white striped dress

Shingles virus

Spilled condence milk

She showed her shaved vaginal hair


Sleeping with old man

Sweet biter leaf seedlings dream meaning

Sawmill dust

Sitting in bsck seat of auto dream

Singh men green turban pull into room

Stepping on a marble

Swollen legs

Sweeping hair

Sister in law in dream



Swallow a cap or lid

Skin shedding and losing pigment


Saving baby animals

Selling a friend a house

Spraying poison gas

Someone in a coffin

Seeing a bride with white dress

Spilling milk

Spouse asking for a divorce


Shot in neck


Sister had stroke

Swimming in green water

Some one holding a broom in my dream

Saw powwder

Seeing a giant two headed cow

Sexual dream with spoons

Self as goblin

Seeing yourself as a goblin

Sering yourself as a goblin


Seeing a shia alum in dream

Smothered by a giant eagle

Seeing a rabit hole in the dream

Snake on the nake

Sex with someone

Seeing tamrind tree with full of tamrinds

Someone playing my boobs

Seeing earthworm

Spy mission

Swoolen body

Somebody false pregnancy

Someone touched my breast

Seeing your self as landlord

Skinny lions

Swallowing a cork from a wine bottle

Stuck on top of ladder

Someone touched my breast dream

Sex my sister inlaw

Someone snatches your gold ring

Seeing ex husband new girl friens

Someone else eating clay

Seeing my mom stuck in a gate

Stab foot

St ochosi

Street cat

Sanity pad in a dream

Seeing people waving

Suspicious behavior


Suspicious man


Someone wearing a bikin

Swimming poil

Sweeping floor

Someone bleeding palm

Swimming in liguid gold

Settlement phone call

Slippers melted

Shaving puvic hair

Sugar pot with eyelashes

Sleeping in the bathroom floor

Selling winnowing

Someone killing someone

Spouse leaves u stranded in your underwear

Someone playing mind games

Someone giving me a union

Surat yasin

Seeing someone elses dead mom

Spitting on a baby

Spirit of cain

Silver anklet

Seeing yourself planting sugarcane

Someone shaved your dog

Swollen left foot

Scissors falling point first?

Sex at work

Second job

Something big falling

Seeing black smoke

Seeing procession of kali godess and also mother who is dead warns her daughter to look up and see godess

Seeing procession of kali godess

Seeing beneseed in dream

Setting your house on fire

Sword fighting

Smelling bell peppers and onions cooking in butter


Seeing wedding bands

Star spangled banner

Seeing yourself eating dates

Seeing your self eating dates in dream

Salted catfish

Sticker burr

Seeing laxmi idol in dream

Someone else crying uncontrollably

Search …breast

Saw a palm slap you in your dream

Standing in a perfume shop

Seeing roasted yams in a dream in a stove

Saj sajda sajda

Spill the ghee

Seeing transgender dead

Seeing someone died

Scary children

Sodomized by a hand while sleeping

Secret information

Singing with a trumpet in dream means what

Sisrar in law

Seeing a bamboo ladder in a party

Selling sour milk

Somebody else in court


Stuck on ladder

Seeing the god

Seeing mad person in a dream

Seeing long n slim


Sweet sop

Smoked titus fish

Seeing playing holi in dream

Sweet-smelling flowers are my heart

Straightening my hair

Seeing a death relative in a dream

Sexual organ

Someone giving you a simcard and gets you so excited

Someone putting finger in belly button

Shit pipe pouring on me in the dream

Swollen arm

Spectacles has broke

Sticky feet

Sticky floor

Standing in clearwater

Splitting in half

Saw moringa leaf


Scooby doo

Sea of people

See oneselg eating magi in dream

Security camera

Seeing my dead mum

Strange creatures

Silky dress

Spider in the doorway

Son inlaw

Stolen toe

Stolen pinky toe

Seeing ejaculated semen

Sister divorced

Spiral staricase


Sister inlaw and children always doing damage to me and my home

Sitting in a vehicle while my sister is driving the fan inside a building that has people sitting at tables

Student dying

Splinters in feet

Stealing candy

Sex with a goat shaped girl

Sex with female faced goat

Seeing shovel in the dream

Seeing sonw

Stolen items in purse

Seeing the old clothes

Selling drugs

Selling pills

Spilling cooking oil

Sweet rolls

Sweet rolls dream meaning

Stagnant water in d dream

Stuck in an institution

Seeing dead deer


Salamanders falling off a towel

Scolded baby in bath

Stalked by man

Sleeping on stering wheels

Seeing bitter leaf in the dream

Strawberry milk

Seeing your brothers wife in dream

Seeing bitter leaf tree in the dream


Shemale asking money

Serving jackfruit while eating means

Seeing someone i know use a magical staff to bring someone else i know back to life

Selling gallions of groundnut oil in dreams


Sex with malay girl

Sharp metal

Seeing singles eyes

Sister getting married

Seeing blood clots in your dreams

Skin discoloration face and hidding with makeup

Spite drink

Sucess about an exam to be happen

Some one applied turmeric on feet dream means

Slapping someone on the cheek

Sto.niño dreaming

Sun room

Skinning a bear


Singlet dream mean

Suitcase full of rubbish

Sandalwood being burned

Swimming in the sea and waving happily to a large ship going by. the people on the ship are waving back to me.

Someone washing my legs



Stumbling house following home needing summon

Stumbling into a house with spirit following you home and needing to summon

Stuck in window

Shattered pitcher meaning

Seeing amla in dream

Sibling death

Spider flying


Someone pressing my breasts

Soul swap

Sole swaps

Suitcase of money

Selroti making in dream


Shining cheek

Seeing rotis while pregnant

Sel roti and dry roti

Shortcuts in dreams


Snake coming out my vagina

Sliper straped

Sliper straped broken

Search …surat alaq/

Straitjacket white room

Someone ask for water in the dream


Senator president

Somebody falling on feet

Swollen foot wearing a high heel shoe

St. padre pio

Saw him lying inside the coffin

Saw him lying inside the open coffin

Snake eating another snake

Silver plate

Sex in the bath

Someone told me my husband died

Seeing my departed loveone talking to others while i am pregnant

Sexually touched

Saved by a native american

Shooting star on my hands

Seeing an empty pulpit in church

Sister gets haircut

Swallowing sperms

Sperms on the mouth

Severed head

See okoro in dream

Someone hugging my legs

Spouse lying

Snake in shower

Suicide prevented by 4 horseman

Sons former girl friend comes back in social group as friend

Seeing your hands in a dream


Staff corridor

Salmon flying

Small cobra

Seeing my boyfriend paying lobola dream meanings



Shaking a hand of a prophet

Search …lklas/

Search …feceew on my mattrese/

Search …breast/

Search …black cars/

Search …a white cow/

Seeing and eating of bitter kola


Seeing margot

Sick person is healthy in a dream

Sick persian is healthy in a dream

Saw dargah was asked to offer namaz

Seeing plucking custard apple from tree

Someone eating my vagina

Searching through houses

Sto.nino mass


Spill sperm



Snake in the vagina

Selling used clothes

Shadowbox falling off a wall


Seeing blood dripping from above

Simcard stolen

Simcard stolen and returned by an old friend

Sugarcane cutting

Stenciling dogs name

Sucking dick

Sucking di k

Someone is breaking into house

Seeing a turtle in ocean at night

Seeing a turtle at the bottom of ocean at night

Sex with a dog

Son/daughtor sleeping togerther

Someone called my name

Sperm donar

Seen a deceased person

Slaughtering pregnant sheep

Snake eating a frog

Stagnant water

Stagnant water

Stagnant dirty water

Stressed out and trying to delete some messages

Someone vomiting


Snake eating rats

Saw sto.nino in his dteam

Saw sto. nino inhis dream

Shakeng hand in sto.nino a dream

Shakeng hand in sto.ninoin a dream

Shakeng hand in sto.nino

Saw selroti in dream

Sexual interaction with someone

Singh cow legs in dream

Someone gives you chinchin in the dream

Someone gives you chin chin in the dream

Snake blood in dream

Stab wound

Someone trying to fight me

Selling jackfruit

Seeing sanitary pads


Santo nino crying

Square hole in tree with sage smoke coming out

Sage burning in a tree

School councilor

Sales associate

Standing on a street corner

Sheet got cut

Someone who robbed inside the house

Stitches in knee

Saw you riding a wild horse

Son in law needs money

Soda can thrown

Seeing cardamom in dreams

Seeing a loved one slow dance with someone else

Shavings of wood

Stepping in poop

Snake around wrist

Sharing sugercane

Slow dancing with an actor

Seeing cocoyam in dream

Seeing cocoyam in dreams

Seeing a chickens heart beat

Someone getting shot

Snake in tree

Someone giving u money

Seconds snake

Sister in law sex dreams

Seeing flaxseed on the floor

Sucking dirt from breast

Slow dancing with a man

See garden aggs in dreams

Sing aleliua

Seeing jamun fruit in a dream

Someone on a conveyer belt

Sitting room in dream

Seeing matchbox

Someone else breaks porcelain by mistake

Sex with a young girl infront of a man.

Strangling wife

Swimming in a pool with seaweed

Sitting up

Seeing kumkum, supari, betel leaves and banana

Seeing a fresh brinjal during pregnancy

Seeing someone moaning in your sleep

Selling cooked corn in dream meaning

Selling cooked corn

Sitting in the back seat of a car


Sex in a bathroom

Squid in belly

Scarf covering face

Swirls in eyes

Stood top of tall chimney

Saw an animal with 2 horns in the toilet

Sodomized on ship

Someone being cruel to animals

Snake that attacks

Stitches on my hand

Snake coming out of vagina

Someone throwing holy water at you

Sick sister husband returns because of illness


Someone give you a bouquet of flower buds

Someone giving me sugar cane

See a deceased a relative get killed

See someone who left

Shooting star wishing for a guy

Slapping brother

Saved drowing boy





Sto nino in a dream

Seeing diwali celebrition in dream meaning

Shingles dream meaning

Strong man breaking into my house

See green sugarcane in dream meaning

Sprouts masoor dal

Someone trying to kill you or hurt you

Seeing diwali celebrition in dream

Smelling yellow rose

Small tree comes in dream

Sister in law pregnant

Sister inlaw having sex with my brother

Sto nino image

Seeing a friend in my dreams

Same person in my dreams

Seeing dog playing with one in dream



Saving strange children from storm

Selling homemade food in a dream

Something tugging on me

Somebody stole my license

Stabbing snake

Someone spitting on my sister and her husbands food

Seen hand grinder in my dream

Seen more hand grinder in my dream.what is it mean?

Someone obsessed

Someone being obsessed

Someone being obsessed over me

Ship on a keychain

Security - gaurd


Someone tries to kill you

Symbol of frontrow with explanation


Seeing red eyes my dreams

Stuck splinters in my finger

Saw amala fruit in tree dreamt

Stealing babies


Searching for salt in dream according to islam

Silver pots underground

Smash brothers

Seen a dead body to rise on the day of burial

Someone wearing old clothes

Snowy house

Seeing lime

Sun protection

Shaking a towel

Smell peach

Someone turning into an object

Sexual intercoarse


Someone gives shoes

Stamped book

Someone sucking my toes in my dream

Stuffed duck

Sexually assault by ex

Savings account

Siamese kitten

Stolen money from me



Seeing a woman repeatdly

Seeing a cow without skin

Seeing a skinned cow

Seeing periwinkle in the dream

Screaming croud

Secret lover


Some bought you fake nails

Slaughted goat

Sticker burrs

Seafoam green

Sucking breast for pleasure


Scary women in burlap sacks

Seeing religious saint in dream

Same dream repeated more than once

Stealing in a dream means

Spitting tabacco

Sorghum grains

Solar plexus

Space cadet

Someone masturbating in your dreams


Seeing marriage of husband

Someone having broken nails

Seeing yourself bleeding

Seeing dead person alive

Seeing green parrot in a cage

Slaughtering a dog

Seeing party very big cake

Someone watching me

Skin discoloration

Someone is inside a coffin

Seeing fallen from ladder

Shush number should you play when you dream about conch


Someone kidnapped my daughter

Spiritual dream meaning of seen so many bitter kola

Sex pluger

Slautered horses

Seeing a person eaten by a crocodile

Seeing a wallet fall

Sea barge

Seeing a handsome man

Seeing so many hill of same size far from me

Seeing the prophet muhamned pbh

Sex moonlight

Seeing one\\\'s mother

Stroke in deceased parent

Strome in deceased parent

Shootings of a whole family

Seeing a rabbit back legs cut of

Salt and indigo blue

Seeing a deceased waiting

Seeing that aunty voming saying that nani is going to die

Someone say they are getting rid of they washing machine what it mean

Simmering coals

Seeing one get d

Seeing two of yourself

Something grabbing me feet when i sleep

Sorting junk

Soldier gun

Seeing your soul

Sparrow that could/\'nt fly

Seeing 2 blue horses and 1 green in a field

Seeing a person murdering another and eating his body

Snow on top of glass house

Someone following

Seeing someone cutting woods

Set a fire

Someone cooking for you

Seeing dead father going for a nikkah

Someone elses amputated hands

Sea swimming

Seeing dead mother in my dream

Seeing my past boyfrienf

Seeing fresh prawns in dream

Splinter heel

Someone licking my vagina

Someone sitting in your lap

Split pea

Sura qur\\\'an

Snake linking ur virginia

Seeing funeral of a dead person already dead

Seeing you and a twin you with red eyes

Seeing da moon sun and stars in suspension in da air

Sai baba idol falls and broken

Spiritual imagadry


Someone tells me they love me in a dream


Samp meal

Sharing a cooked fat and eating the remaining in dream meaning

Sitting in morta with a pistol

Saw 9planets in a row abovemy head in the sky

Spitting out pieces of wood

Sucking snake

Snake and breast

Sorghum dream meaning biblical

Seeing a elephant

Seeing a dog in the dark

Smashing mirror in dream

Sex dream with ur boyfriend

Seeing mother teresa in dream

Seeing crab in water

Seeing yourself on a billboard

Stood up

Smoldering fire dream


Someone writing in arabic

Someone spitting on me in a dream

Seeing kafan in dream

Snow sheet


Seeing god in your dream

Someone being greedy


Stip dresses

Soap, washing

Snatched a ring from my hand

Shemale in dream

Snake bite leg

Seeing snakes in your dream

Storm winds blow door open while trying to shut it

Statues fell down on me

Sitting with your boss

Shot in the shoulder


Stuffed cat

Seeing dirty oil that has to be cleaned in a fryer

Seeing own house destroy

Sun in the dream


Seeing shemale

Seeing keys and 3 beautiful house

Seeing somebody suffering body pain

Someone giving me insulin

Seeing my pet fish

Shaking sweaty hands

Seeing a living person dead in a dream

Spouse leaves stranded in your underwear

Someone announce you will die

Seeing wife cheating on husband

Seeing husband with another woman

Seeing someone else crying

Seeing frend have new haircut

Seeing iron rods

Squirting water in washroom

Sun moon and a very big star,appearing the same time in the same sky,what does it mean.

Sun, moon and a very big star,appearing same time in the same sky,what does it mean?

Sun moon and a very big star,appearing same time in the same sky.

Sewing dares

Skiing over rough waters

Spirogyra in dreams

Slippers torn

Seeing daughter cry

Squid black eyes

Someone throwing boulders

Shooting your house

Seeing gulabjamun in dreams

Spirogyra dream

Seeing a dead brother with his wife behind him

Sucking boobs

Smelling smoke

Snakes attacking me

Seeing a crocodile


Something stuck in teeth

Simething stuck in teeth



Serving others milk

Snake with human teeth green and purple ate a dead snake

Saying god is the greatest

Seeing a person ing a conch shell

Stove up

Seeing black snakes


Someone to see dead

Seeing daughter sleep

Seeing a pair of gold chain

Someone calling me cute

Serving sweets and snacks

Seeing bubble gum

Seeing someone wearing red slippers

Seeing a hand reader

Sitting together with two friends with a little boy riding a bicycle

Stranded at a customers house in your underwear

Seeing sheded snake skins

Seeing a dead oerson naked

Seeing dead cocorch

Seen in dream

Seeing oneself sick

Sweat beed

Seeing crow in dream

Someone you know turns into red fish

Seeing a friend dead inside coffin


Sick uncle stuck under bed

Someone elses face in a mirror

Slaughtering a cow and dressing it in a dream

Snake not allowing to enter house

Shot but not dead

Someone hiding clothes

Seeing a bride wearing black marrying an unknown person

Seeing long slim

Seeing 3 cobra in my dream

Seeing taking out a tooth

Seeing a masjid in a deserted place

Small dirty toilet with bad smell and stepping dirts

Seeing ex-boyfriend and her girlfriend

Seeing yourself flying

Seeing new building

Shoe thrown at you by friend

Smelling of african medecine

Seeing many dead mouses in the ba t

Seeing some dear buried in marshy land

Seeing a lion in a bedroom

Seeing a big red snake

Seeing dead to take to hair cut

Seeing trans gender trying to hold

Seeing marriage poster

Stranger shot

Saved person who was shot from dying

Smelling muti

Selling food with meat

Saving house by killing

Seeing yourself week

Seeing a torn currency

Seeing someone possessed

Someone asking for water drink dream meaning

Somebody remove a lice from my hair

Slapping someone on the face

Seeing a motorcycle accident

Seeing men praising you

Seeing a boy friend

Saving someone for drowning

Seeing your grave

Someone walking behind you

Someone you know is famous

Seeing dead mother with anger


Stars charshig in the sky

Someone in hell been punish by the angels

Seeing machete on the wall in front of me

Someone has bad breath

Sleeping people


Seeing adoption a infant boy who is sick

Slapping on cheek meaning


Sleeping dead person



Spitting tobacco in dreams


Staying overnight

Stop over

Staying the night

Seeing an old relative

Safety deposit box


See woman birth a child

See woman deliver child in dream

See woman deliver child

Someone come to house with gun

Seeing traditional healers in a dream

Seeing a lot of traditional healers in a dream

Seen ones soul

Sacrament meaning




Seeing a mad person

Seeing a bra on the floor

Seeing jackfruit tree with lots of jackfruit

Stuffed wild animals

Seeing eating garden eggs that are not fresh in the dream

Seeing uncooked meat in a dream

Sim card

Snuffed out white candle

Seeing bitter kola in dreams

Signing yearbooks

Sex between goat and horse

Soiled and torn clothes


Sad elephant


Some one you like

Someone throwing a dodgeball at me

Someone throwing a dodge ball at me

Seeing someone you know pregnant

Seeing my self as a boy

Study in dream

Seeing my self young

Sinking in peo water

Sex with relative

Sitting with nysc uniform

Sewing needle with a gold thread

Sewing with a hold thread

Shape shift

Sixty four

Sprinkling water

Seeing prohert grave

Seeing bitter kola in the dreams means what ?


Seeing male organ


Selroti cooking in dream

Sleeping in a bathtub

Seeing janazah

Sliced bread

Sim card dream meaning

Sari armut

Smelling old weak women

Smelling old wealth woman

Swimming in a river


Setting on top of pillar



Social security number dream

Soak away


Seeing calabash in a dream

Seeing my daughter naked infront of man

Someone trying to cut my tongue

Sparkling green water

Sex with moms boyfriend

Sleeping with moms boyfriend

Self fighting

Swim suit

Sister son

Seeing mad woman

Spelling a word

Someone pinching me


Spi t

Seeing oneself naked

Seeing oneseld naked

Someone drinking alcohol

Seeing some crying

School shoot

Street fighter

Son drowning

Shingles appeared on left leg

Shingles on legs

Sim cards falling from a tree

Stranded and people trying to get you

Stealing infront of a dead person

Seeing used condoms by someone else

Seeing used condoms by someoneelse

Shower in slippers


Seeing cocoyam in dearm

Seeing enemy in janaza

Skateboard ex-boyfriend

Sewing hijira in dream

Sewed vagina with a curved needle and thick thread

Satellite crashing to earth





Selling kola nuts


Surrounded by water

Someone telling you they love you

Sis baba

Shit in dream

Spiritual awakening



See water



Seeing enemy and tiger at the same time

Stock market

Sack bag

Seeing betel leaf and africa nut

Snake calling me gobela

Something bad circling above coffin


Seeing your mother die

Sex with mother or sister

Strect marks

Stabbed with a knife

Shaving ones beard

Seeing oryx

See gerald in my dream


Stopping euthanasia

Seed sprout

Speaking tagalog

Seeing people digging dry well

Skimpy clothing

Snake drink milk


Selling my soul to the devil


St. john

Shovel dirt

Sex with a shemale of a family member



Spaceship captain

Seeing hijra in dreams

Skate board

Splitting fish women


Saving a child

Sister smiling

Son murdered by father

Seeing someone wear a red trench coat

Seems mg breaking tomatoes from a tree in a dteam


Someone digging up a grave

Seeing taking care of bird baby mayna in dream

Strecth marks

Silver rings

See water in storm


Sick person getting recovery

Sparks of a white light

See its self in pain


Sick nails

Seen naked girls in a dream

Someone plaiting my hair in a dream it grew longer

Someone painting my hair in a dream or for longer

Seeing people congratulations me in a dream

Seing a presidential convoy | dream meanings

Seeing people giving me rose garland

Single self contain at kasoa

Secure tabs

Slidding doors

Spanner in your dream meaning

Speaking to a deceased person

Speaking to a grandparent who was passed away

Stolen watches

Selling your soul

Surrounded by small flys and spiders

Surrounded by small dogs an

Slap in the faces

Seeing 2 identical albinos

Skin rash

Sleeping with brother

Spoiled liver

Spider coming from ceiling

Seeing wife is married again

Sorghum meal meallie

Sleeping with unknown girl

Someone lends me a coal pot, takes it back ,abandones it and buys anew one to use

Snakes everywhere

Saving cats

Slow dancing in a dream

Sagging ceiling

Stone carving



Sstanding in line to go hajj

Some is dead

Six sides

Stair fall


Stars raining down

Stars raining fown

Standing someone up at alter

Someone who passed away visited but did not speak

Swinging green door with widow

Shopping for a purse

Somebody stealing from me

Somebody stealing from you

Spanking a child

Seeing spmeone else masterbate

Sex with someone you haven’t yet met in real life

Scatterd beads in dream


Stepdad secretly watching my mobile

Skipping class

Someone offered to buy my tickets

Saving your mother from danger

Sitting on a chair and it broke

Sand pouring inside a pot of soup on fire

Seeing masturbation

Someone licking vagina meaning in dream

Sandalwood sticks in dreams

Sandal wood sticks in dream

Sexual harrasement by actor

Seeing bitter kola in dream, what does it mean

Snake in my vagina

Super market

Small old lady


Santo ninio

Shoulder cover

Space dream symbol

Seeing someone wearing my night nightgown in the dream meaning


Son pray


Seeing yourself losing hair


Slashed tire

Slashed tired

Seeing a guinea fowl

Sun and moon side by side by the water

Strangers redecorated my house, without my priir knowledge in a style i hate

Seeing virgins in a dream

Silver police uniform

Selling pure satchet water

Sowing machine


Shortening dresses

Stealing baby clothes from a dead person

Saw bloody stagnant water after rains

Shiv linga

Seeing your sister cooking for her wedding ceremony

Seeing your sister cooking for wedding her wedding ceremony

Saw yourself searching for a big iron rod but end up getting tiny one

Seeing a pastor in dream

Standing on fish

Stone in mouth

Sexy dream

Spongy soft wall

Someone cutting boiled white meat

Sandal pastes

Seeing dead people alive

Seeing lamb meat outside my house

See yourself but not you

Saint helena

Seeing a beheaded woman

Spinning yourself in a bathroom then people came into the room

Selling breadfruit in dreams

Stiches in mouth


Split in half

Steton cope dream

Seeing dead mother driving the living father

Seeing dead mother with living father

Spiders falling

Stuck at the top of ladder

Sewage waste

Spiders falling from ceiling


Selling gasoline

Stitches on someone’s face

Sex with mom

Someone whispering naughty words

Someone stole your perfume

Some one washing my feet in the dream

Snake stuck on tree

Sword on wall

Samira sword

Sameri sword

Semen in mouth

Syzygium ini

Sister giving me a green cloth travelling bag with malunggay leaves neatly tucked



Steamroller dream

Sitting in a church

Sseing a dream of tamarind

Swollen mouth gum


Soap buying

Sacrifice a cow

Seeing chicken meat

Spit on me in dream

Saw cow with horns in dream

Scalp injury

Seeing craps in dream

Seeing someone being kidnapped

Seeing someone being kidnapped in your dreams



Silver cooking pot


Seeing ones partner with an ex


Snake under the skin of arm

St.martha hugged me

Sleeping in grave

Seeing a river

Seeing a lake

Sneak attack

Space schuttle crash fire

Space shuttle crash

Space shuttle

Strawberry quartz

Sinister decipt

Sense fo evil

Sense of forboding

Seing sto. niño in your dream

Seamen harvesting



See newborn baby

Stealing a bath soap

Someone stealing a green soap

Speaking in rhyme

Spit in my eye

See white pearl neckless

Shower head

Snake eating a caterpillar

Scars in face

Stitched together

Shia flag in dream

Seeing alam in dream

Short blonde curly hair

Salty water

Someone giving me porriage

Someone giving me poriage

Statue trying to kill you

Side by side

Supermarket shopping

Seven jinn sistres

Someone standing on a symbol

Sunken ship

Someone ungrateful



Spill drink

Seeing a pastor


Shooting firearm

Steering wheel

Sixty five

Sighting a buiilding from afar

Spool of thread

Someone loving someone else

Stuck on ferris wheel

Smaller penis

Selling red palm oil

Snakes coming out of a hole at you

Sirting at a table with strangers

See governor

Sick cat

See mother nature

Stationery in dream

Shark attacks

Son injured

Shadow man

Shadow mane

Stung by bees

Shaping machine

Shooting stars and making a wish to be rich

Scared of heights on a bed

Self punishment

Seeing bitter cola in the dream means what

Seeing red and green bangles dream meaning

Sun dried meat

Sun dried

Someone asking me for money

Sister in law hug me

Smelling toilet

Someone give a pair a new shoes and wearing it

Seeing one self menstruated

Someone give shoes

Spam overfloe

Someone pay me 100.00 dollar bill


Shooting star

Shooting stranger

Someone asking you for money in the dream

Seing a skinny lion

Sleeping in a bathroom baft

Son wearing all white

Suggesting to drive someone around but they end up doing the driving in your vehicle

Stealing thin gold chains

Someone asking for money

Someone is shooting

Sex with your crush

Someone spitting on my hand

Smacking head off porch

Someone wanting me to invest

Someone wanting you to cut your ponytail

Seeing a grave in your dream

Shaving beard and gets cut

Safe where money is kept

Sets of 3

Sick dad being healthy in my dream means what

Seeing a baby face before birth

Seeing sugarcane bunches


Someone brought chinchin for me in the dream

Seeing father inlaw alive

Somebody tried to scam me but i caught them


Signing my name

Sound while breathing

Slaughtering a sheep for food

Snake coming from vagina

Snake coming from vaginal

Superpower water

Skunk in pillowcase

Seeing pier with ferris wheel

Saving starfish

Saving starfisg

Skin falling off

Security officer

Shot tattoos

Swimming with a large snake

Someone spit on you dream christian

Someown squeezing my ribs

Steal suitcase

Singing fakir dream

Singing fakir deea

Strange people

Sky full of stars

Straddle lap

Save the child

Save kids

Singing in front of people

Seeing calabashe in dream what is meaning

Sto niño wearing blue

Splinter romovel from hands

Sea shells and beaches

Some causing me emotional harm

Shoe boxes

Spiteful person

Spitful person

Sex hungry ex

Selling tamarind

Someone throwing chappals behind me in dream

Seeing my female friend have a male organ

Snake and plants merged under water

Someone leading the way

Someone charmed me in a dream

Sel roti dreaming while pregnant

Struggling with someone

Selling food dream meaning

Scallions dream


Sick sweeping house

Seeing a black rat lying in white tshirt meaning

Seeing a black baby rat in white tshirt meaning

Street name sign

Seeing anaconda

Seeing ones husband going for haj

Seeing angel of death

Somebody thefted my shoes

Someone spitting in my eye

Seeing madman in my dream


Stealing candy bars

Stolen luggage

Someone offering goat meat

Sick person become healthy


Swim under water rock person

Stone housre

Seeing my husband giving me his new shoes

Someone challenges you to start drinking after being sober

Someone offered jalebi in dream



Swimming boats

Sea surge

Spell symbols in the dream

See lot of cowdang and putting on the floor

Snatching hijab from women

Someone else wearing glasses

Somebody reading ramayanam in dream

Seeing your own feet dirty


Sweeping in the church


Someone dying the second time

Skull head injury


Sweeping inside temple compound dream meaning



Sun glare

Seeing two moons


Scorches cloth whilst ironing

Snake in bedroom

Someone volunteering for you

Spider in palm of hand

Spider on palm of hand

Seeing someone who is dead alive again

Saw vitiligo spot on left hand

Sweet bread

Seeet bread

Salong child

Someone else mowing a lawn


Stitching truoser

Sweet root

Stitching trousers

Setti up a treasure hunt

Setting up a treasure huntd paper angels

Setting up a treasure hunt with toy cars and paper rabbits and paper angels



Sheep giving birth

Shemale in dream meaning

Smiling dog dream

Seeding a plant

Someone spit on me in the dream

Smiling photograph

State of dying

Self masturbation

Single beam music note

Spouse is eating dogfood

Seeing the face of god, seems to stretch forth his arms and blows a kiss


Sicked and transported to hospital with a car

Seven sister

Seliing infante kenkye

Shaving half of beard


Sweet white methai

Spiting fruit seed out

Spiting seed out

Step brother


Shaking hands with dead

Speeding esculator

Selling canned sardines

Sold sardines

Someone with three heads

Someone with 3 heads

Someone with two heads

Shaving a pregnant lady leg by father

Stood up in wedding

Sick head

Sitting in a chair

See naked attractive woman


Ship direction

Sitting in the car

Silhouette of a janitor

Seeing people sex

See st. nino in my dream smilies

Sweeping a church

Swimming in sea water

St.nino smiling

Seeing baby son

Selling cryfish in dream

Somebody placing snake on my back

Seeing ur friend have sex

Seeing ur friend have sec

Sore toes

Store front


Somebody laying down on top of you

Selling donuts

Shaving legs & bleeding

Seeing hijra dancing in dream

Skunk attack


Saving death

Seeing late mother


See buddha in your dreams

Seeing cow in dreams

Something breaking thru a wall into a room i am in

Something breaking thru a wall in my dream

Seeing a boy with mustache and beard


Shrinking clothes

Someone driving with eyes closed

Sister in jail

Shoes red and black

Saving children

Saw gods name in dream


Sweep the floor

Sweeping the gurudwara in dream

Small breasts

Shit in public

Stabbing to death

Seeing own intestines in the dream

Seeing a black bear with cubs

Sex and nudity

Slowly drowning mannequin while smiling

Someone gives me stapler pins

Some one digging excavation on my property

Some was digging excavation on my property

Sex wife friend

Steal bus

Stolen bycycle

Shaving stomach hair

Saying kalma

Sex with friends wife

Searching offspring

Searching for children

Searching for childers with wife

School bus drowning

Seeing headlice in my hair

Shake a deceased hand in a dream

Smiling kinners dream interpretation

Snake turning in to fish

Sex with deceased child molester

Sex with dead molester in dream

Sex with a dog in a dream

Snake turning in to fish dream interpretation


Smiling kinners

St anthony

Sim cardin for head

Sim.card in head

Someone telling on you

Someone squeezing your heart


Swollen gums

Son is taller than me

Seeing rotten meat in a dream

Seeing cheese in a dream

Salroti in dream

Spider on my neck

Seeing someone rubbing your belly with oil

Seeing dumb child talking in dream

Second floor

Scared and running away


Seeing sim card

Something on the other side of the door not allowing me to open it

Spraying pesticides


Spitting worms from mouth

Someone placking there eyebrows

Some one need baby cribs

Someone touching my boob in bed dream

Someone spits on you

Setting a table with fine dishes

Someone spitting on you in a dream

Silver buttons on a sport jacket

Stairs unstable


Shaving eyebrow off

Someone giving me a ring

Searching for teapot in kitchen

Speech impedimentsp


Strangers in our garden

Sword broken

Speech impediment

Shrine in dream

Shirt dream meaning

Seeing a governor in dream means

Someone gives me bottle gourd and pumpkin

Someone wash my feet

Socket plugged with charger and phone

Scared of elrephant

Smokey pot

Scorched boiled eggs

See red saree in the bed


Sanitary pads in dream

See ugly baby in dream

Seeing myself in a kraal

Seeing guinea fowl

Seeing enjera

Seen buying sanitary napkin from shop

Seeing guinea fowls

Someone is putting lots of oil in your hair

Slab of concrete

Seeing transgender giving money

St christoper

Sack of apples

Say lahawla walakuta illa billa

Someone carrying you

Someone lifting you up

Standing in front of kaaba

Seeing auto rikshaw reparing by a sadhu

Someone tricked me

Seeing all old friends

Seeing deceased relatives

Someone is in jail

Snake nightmares

Symbolism of flour

Slaughtering a cow a dream


Sick swan

Saving the day


Seen lizard

Snake swallowing

Snake suffocating

Sick aunt

Seeing ripe palm fruits in my dream

Search light

Swimming to the surface from a sinking ship

Sex with dog

Shaking your head in a dream

Someone giving me cowries and putting some of it on me


Sitting pastor

Snow melting

Someone wishes you death

San anthony

Seeing younger self

Saw arabic letter sa in dream

Standing on a big stone

Seeing your dad

Seen hijra in dreams

Sleeping birds

Sand desert

Someone carrying cassava tubers

Stuttering of goat in the dream

Sweet neem tree

Someone asking me for 6 dollars


Sports blocks

Snake vs dog

Someone being anoited with oil

Someone giving in a dream


Someone being anoited with oil on his head

Sugarcane harvesting

Setting fire to feet

Sister in law waiting outside work

Sister in law waiting for me outside my work

Sweet patetoes

Secretly love

Seeing prawn cooking in dream

Someone take away my furniture

Stool in mouth

Swollen cheeks

Someone buys me something

Someone gave me a gift

Son buying you plane ticket

Son telling you be happy

See someone famous

Saved women

Split heels

Seen grass cutter in a dream

Stacked steel

Seed on bread

Seeds of moringa

Someone pushing me off a bridge

Surviving flood

Snake in mouth


Swallowing a big bitter pill with water

Stolen rib on a pale face

Someone’s mom blind

Stealing slippers

Somebody said the writing is on the wall

Stock fish dream

Stock fish dreaming

Seeing amla fruit in the hand

Stopped slouching

Social security

Song tune

Seeing hazrat fatima

Snakes with horn

Someone spitting in your face

Standing on a falling bridge

Someone sucking your breast

See i my am man


Simmering soup in a pot

Seeing a friendly mad man in your dream

Snake blood

Skin covered bumps

Slurred shouting

Saw protitute in my dream wats the meaning of the dream

Sto.niño wearing yello w clothes

See my wife shave her public hair

Saw worship in dream

Sitting with king

Sulfur smell



Stealing out of cars

Speaking cat

Scissors swallowed

Seeing coffee grounds

Sky blue catipillar

Smell of sulfur


Selling broom in a dream what is meaning

Selling food in a dream what is meaning

Seeing your partners kids

Smothering in grain silo

Sleeping bag

Seen mad people in dream

Seeing a bunch of worms appear infront of you

Spinning bed

See baird dream meaning


Saw a child relative as a cave man

Sseing jackfruits in tree

Some runnìng from police

Swimming naked in a hotel pool

Seeing betel leaf in dream meaning | dream meanings

Sprinkled power

Skin allergy

Scene for dream is my living room

Sudani man

Stolen flowers and pots

Stolen flower pots

Swimming by a person under the water by the rock

Seeing white houses in dream


Stag leap

Seeing watermelon and cantaloupe

Stake in ground

Seeing the eyes of a snake

Seeing cutlass in dream means

Swallowed by water coming from the ground

St isidore

Sheep headbutt

Seen elaichi in dream

Seen girl with haldi face

Seeing tubers of cassava

Shaking hand with queen

Skin of cow

Seeing grandpa in a dream as a younger man

Seeing a sockets switch in the dream

Sores on my body

Seeing a baby girl private area

Scolding an old man


Sleeping at night and dreamt that wall gecko entered your kitchen and when you are about to kill it it ran inside your clothe you wore and you killed it spiritually what does it mean

Spiritual meaning of holding a grinding stone

Someone being burned alive

Seeing a mad women in dream

Smelling of burned out candles

Sex with uncle

Seeing someone reading quran in mosque

Spining bed

Someone spit in my mouth

Stranger tearing ones skirt

Seem grandnut in dream means

Seem grand nut in dream means

Snakes coming out of vagina

Swollen wrist

Stone fireplace


Seeing cowries in the dream

Sapphire or blue stone


Spiders coming out of mouth

Seeing holy kaaba in dream

Sangoma/natural healer


Same dream again and again house lived in before body buried in garden

See five cocoyam plant in my dream

Styling the hair of deceased ones

Someone pulling ur hair

Someone injecting for the purpose of healthy

Sprinkled with salt

Save hamster from dying

Save hamsters life

Shingles on neck of someone else

Shingles on neck


Shopping for evening gown

Sex with stepfather




Someone killing a kitty


Someone drugging me

Slow rolling darkstorm

Someone else looking at me through my window

Seeing someone look through my window

Showering together

Saw baby penis

Spit on oneself

Seeing church in dream

Sexual with doctor

Sexual with man

Spirit in appliance

Spitting up toothpicks

Someone giving you raw offals

Sanitary pads in a dream


Sew together


Storm in the ocean




Seing betel leaf

Sleeping on a bed with baby

Send with myself

Some body giving flowers to me


Separated from school trip

Saw myself having recovered from circumcision

Saint rita

Seeing water in dream

Stepping on a thorn then struggling to get it out

Saint anthony of padua

Some one came out of water and said im going to get married in one year

Seeing dumb child talking

Seeing dumb talk

Strange tunnel dream


Self at former job

Stood up at wedding

Stock fish in the dream

Someone sucking my finger

Strange shoes

Squeezing ribs

Seeing a bart animal in dream

Seeing a bart in my dream

Snake all over body

Seeing birth


Sitting on me

Saw tomatoes in dream

See husband naked

Sleep paralyses

Saw psycho kid


Small breasts in my dream

Sharing quran

Screwing bolt in leg

Saw performing hajj

See someone with a gun shot in the foot

Someone got shot in the foot

Seat belt hookingbit up


See a ruler in dream

Self righteous wak

Shoelaces cut off

Someone else dreamt of my husband

Stealing friends boyfriends


Stepping on snakes

Sleeping with snakes

Snakes under feet

Stealing car battery

Side table

Someone make coffee

Snails in mouth

Some one complain about family

Silver key meaning


Someone cleaning menstrual blood with tissues

Sucking another female vagina

Sucking a others


Seeing wild animals in dream

Saw untied shoe laces

Seeing name fatima written on the ceiling

Seeing cassava leaves

Squirting milk from breasts

Snake turning into a fish

Seeing a president in your dream islam

Stubbing big toe in dream

Seeing one frying meat in a dream meaning

Say to me wash my blanket

Someone washing your feet

Spider door

Seeing being married to unrecognizable man

Sister cheating with your boyfriend

Stacked wafers

Seven thousand

Someone reading me a letter they wrote

Silver and gold rings

Seeing periwinkle

Seeing and picking perinwinkles in a dream

Sun bathing

Sand dollars inserted in your gut

Seeing unknown man masturbating

Seeing some one masturbating

Seeing some unknown masturbating

Swimming in emerald water

Someone tryingbto kill me

Seeing a horse decapitated

Sharing bread and avacado

Slapped by a dead relative in dream

Sanitary napkin soaked in blood

Seeing second wife

Seeing a blind man


Seeing your self dead

Seeing your self in afterworl

Someone going hospics

Someone going on hospics

Strange man pour sprem

Seeing a hole in brothers forehead

Seeing a hole in someone’s head

Saucers and white teacups and plates

Sea foam green

Sewing machine

Split personality

Searching for property

Seeing a fat woman

Sucking woman’s teet

See chapatis in adream




Someone coming home

Smoke emitting from burning coal in the pot

Silver timepiece

Someone dressed as a goddess

Shoes with toilet paper

Serpent attack

Shaking hand with a dead person

Stepping in dog poop

Seeing mad lady in your dreams

Showing off her boobs

Someone is stubborn

Shovel train car

Swallowing objects

Seeing eunuch in deeams

Someone giving me gift in dream


Seeing a deceased person i’ll

Selfish peopl

Snake bite on your left hand


Someone spits at you

Sweet taste in throat

Smoking heroin

Slicing green lime in pieces with knife

Seeing leroy in dream

Seeing a hawk where ever i go



Seeing background of church

Slippers strap broken

Seeing my shadow with wings on wall

Seeing the plague doctor

Someone dreamed that her mother gave breast milk to him

Some one chasing you from some one onther

Sister prostitute

Saphire ring

Shoe in casket

Someone bleeding in a dream

Silver quran given as a gift in a dream

Seeing dargah in dream

Someone blowing on you

Someone knocking on my parents door

Smelling parsley

Snelling parsley

Seeing faces hiding

Short circuit

Swingers orgy

Suicide inside camper with shotgun bad smell after


Sister breast in my dream meaning

Someone sitting next to me

Stars that form a fish


Signet rings

Smoked fishes

Ship steer wheel

Seeing monkey in dream and bitt

Swallow the incense smoke choke and smoke come out my mouth

Seeing new purple sweater in dream

Seeing new purple towel in dream

Seeing purple towel in dream


Saw woman wearing the rangoli

Slurred talking

Smokey quartz

Sea food fish

Shoulder to shoulder

Skunk attacking

Sister in law sexual dream

Surviving bus accident

Swapping bodies

Sandal wood

Sex with gods

Seeing a mad man

Soiling cloths

Sucking female vagina dream interpretation

Some one asking to put kunkuma on forhead

Sister breast


Saving unknown child

Someone using spit to clean me

Someone give you torn money in dream

Saltltless food

Surgical incision on thigh

Surgical incision with pus


Saw the word affrimation


Strapping of a baby

Saw many pineapple

Someone blowing in my ears

Silver ring in my dream

Swallowing button in a dream

Swarms of insects

Someone grabbing my arm

Sprained wrist

Sweeping water off a roof

Sister in law receives lots of money

Sister in law money

Speeding trains

Submarine rose next to me

Surah araaf

Small age

Smsll sge

Socks with shoes

Splitting firewood in dream

Swimming snakes


Son falling

Seeing escallion in your dream

Seeing a car crash in dream


Swimming in a fog

Stolen bases cycle

Steal child

Seeing someone dying

Someone spit on me dream meaning

Some one accepted islam in front of me



Seeing a leader

Shed dream

Someone tearing my notebook




Seeing someone killed in dream


Saudi arabia

Split personality dream

Someone digging ur garden up

Standing behind a saint

Sardines dancing in boots


Someone puts hand on your shoulders

Stork beak

Seeing jack fruit dream meaning

Snake eat

Stand still rock in sky

Sweeping the floo

Sleeping fox

Shaking hands with dead brother


Spiritual meaning of giving out kola nut


Surah hajj

Storage unit


Stationery shop

Sore on face

St. francis of assisi


Seeing relative death by hanging

Seeing my manager in my house


Shaking hands with vise president

Spouse cheating on you

Spouse cheating and breaking

Sunctuary meaning in my dream

Stitches in nose

Seeing myself choosing maternity dress for myself in a dream

Sexual intimacy

Signet ring pass from old man to young man

Scallion mean in a dream

Seeing riding on a horse

Selroti in dream while pregnant

Seeing my son who is in another country

Seeing my son who have travelled

Saw bean cake in my dream

Someone falling down the stairs

Seeing a bat in ones dream

Seeing someone disappear

Sawdust halfly swept and a woman picking stuffs fron the dust means what

Seeing dead wife in dream

Swiming in clear water

Salt spreckling at my bedside

Shouted at by scholar

Sun rays extended to the sky

Shoes under a table

Spitting at doorway

Scared off

Salam on kaff

Someone walking pass winks

Somebody showed me prophets isac grave in dream

Seeing friend being killed by jinn

Switching bodies with someone

Spirogyra means what in a dream

Smack kiss in dreammeaning

Shot with tranqilizer

Stitches on top of head

Serving food to men of god



Skin of face

Sunflower tree

Someone called me a bitch

Sex witch

Sto. niño portrait

Sister bringing gift to me

Seeing deceased ill

Seeing samp in dreams

Surah baqarah


Steven orengo

Sick person getting recovered

Someone stealing your clothes

Stitches in abdomrn

Shredding lettuce in dream


Stairs to heaven

Saw blades

Slapping dead person in dream

Stuck in a well

Seeing a naked person

Someone washing my feet meaning

Stealing of money with gun from the formal person you serve means what

Seeing oarfish in a clear flood

Stabbing yourself

Seeself buying second hand clothes in an open market

Slugs in the dream

Some one gave me cooked cassava


Sucking mean

Seeing cooking oil in dream

Seated area

Seated are

Snakes eating each other

Seeing a sangoma

Skin mole


Sexual pleasure

Silver forks



Seeds in breast

Seen shooting stars and making wishes

Shining a shoe


Shower curtain

Safety drill


Sex for money

Sex proposition

Secret sex

Sports car

Sharing a sachet water with your boyfriend in the dream

Seeing a helicopter crash yellow


Snapping a neck


Some one spitting in you in dream

Selling plastic bottle water in the dream means what

Seeing the pictures of me when i was little means

Snake bite neck

Seeing a squarial

Seeing a man wearing nazarene clothes

Swallowing a fly

Stealing books

Seeing holy person with with beard and hair wearing black donor dress

Significance of breadfruit seed



Stomach growill

Someone throwing things at you



Satin cloth


Shoe sole

See penis

Seeing my name written somewhere

Snake in dream

Sprinkle water on someone

Seeing bitter cola in dreams

Slaughtering sheep


Spiders on your body

Spitting food

Slapping on the face

Seeing other shoes on sleep

Seeing my husband having a baby from another woman

Swallowing scissors

Salt mackrel

Someone injures bird dream

Seeing family member disabled

Saint peter

St. peter



Stacking tortillas


Seeing ex boyfriend crying

Seing the dead giving you a gold stick

Sreaming about my crush

Strings of wool

Some one gave me palm nut

Stabbed in stomach

Someone is making an incision on the right side of your body

Sleeping with a python or boa constrictor




Sledding down a hill

Speed of light

Sledding with friends

Sex and vagina.



Someone drinking from my water bottle

Small woman


Smells like peppermint and strawberries

Smells like peppermints and strawberries


Shark boy and lava girl