The other woman dancing

Teacher telling u failed in exam


Too many watches

Tamarind seed

To see cassava in a dream meaning

Taking pap in the dream


The president

Tree shavings

Tortilla dream


Toilet full of stool


Two face dreaming

Tiger nuts eating

Tongue being cut


Torn sari

Torn sati

The incredible hulk

Temple giving donation

To see a women making rangoli in dream wat happens

Throwing breadfruit


Taking to my dead aunt

Toenails dirty

Trying to get through a small opening to the next room

Taking multivitamins

Tamarind eating pregnancy

To dream of potatoes

The color pink

Texting and kaetan

To see a spoiled penis holding a son

To see spoiled penis

To catch fish in a dream

To help a neighbour with twin babies


The smell of perfume in a dream is a symbol of the fragrant presence of christ, song.

Trees cut


Then choked by a needle

Talikng on cellphone

Tidal wave ocean



Taken away in car

Two headed baby

Toilet paper stuck to clothes

To dream of the color white


Thunderstorm at relatives home



Toy rocket

Tie die

Tell the truth or not

Tv series

Ten fingers on one hand

Teeth falling

Tyrannical government


Temple steps

Tie a goat

The holly eucharist is burning

The eucharist is burning


To see kola nut in your dream

Transfer dream

To eat alligator pepper in my dream


Treble f clef meaning

To dream your walking in darkness


Twin lover

To saw a white car

Trouble teeing golf ball


Thumbtack in finger

The sky clouds opened in the sky

Teeth crumble i spit them out



To see vice president in dream

Tracks dissappearing

Tar arind

Toe nail falling out

Taking splinters out of my bare feet


To kill your lover

To see people selling red oil in dream


Two cat mating


To beat up a husband and see blood coming out from his month

To be bit of a small snake

To saw stepfather in a white car

Trying to communicate no words come out

Tarnished ring

To see your cousins and their mother in dream

Tarnished ring in a drawer


Twenty pesos attached to communication letter

Thick nasal mucus

To beat a husband with s wooden chair


Tv drama


Turning left

To saw my husband with my brother

To saw blood from month


To dreamof finger tips tapping on a mound of dirt

Tree fire

To saw your husband with friend on bed romance

There were two guinea hens in a woods not scared of me just turning round and round...and a terrible storm with dark rolling clouds was brewing

Taking an exam or test

To beat a husband with wooden kitchen chair





To see my brother and my husband in a dream

To brother and husband

To see half naked man

To see my mother in a familiar room

The color purple skirt

Tossing rocks


Text message

To hide from a warthog

To be chanced by a warthog

To be chanced by a wrhog

Tiger walking away in the mist

To argue with to people in a dream


T-shirt inside out

To do somethig

To accidentally kill a child

To eat feet of cow

Tranquilizer dart

Thrown overboard

Things going wrong at a ceremony

Tax audit

Tide comong in

Three eyed

To argue with two people

To argue with two relative,mother and her daughter in dream

To fight in the dream

To dream about being able to talk to a badger

Terpretation search engine

Thatching a house

The building of a grave

The making of a beautiful grave

Third gender road help

Tougue tied by wicked sappor gazing at you with hot imploring eyes


Talking head

Talking head on ceiling

The pedophile gives two children the secret code to grr et ready. he saysyodel

The meaning of someone give someone kolanut in the dream

To save a peacock

To dream of vampires

To dream of crutches

To dream of crutches with a cross

Tranche coat

To dream of going to doctor

Two partners on the edge of old bridge


To dream your bf dirtying you in the soil

To dream of children chasing each other

To be told of corruption against me


Two kitchens

To crake an egg in the dream

Tooth obstruct by the dentist

Two king cobra

To eat chin chin in the dream

The belt of time.

Teaching a child to scuba dive

To see banyan treen in dream

Target cards

Tic tock

Turning back time

Time loop

Tearing certificate

Tearing a school certificate

Tug o war with ex

Told i must have the winning ticket

Toothpick embedded in forehead pulled it out

Talking with a rockstar

To dream spiritually dream that im outside my in laws house and his brothers are sitting outside in front of the house at a picnic table and one brother try and hit on me, but my boyfriend and another brother are not there

To spiritually that im in the kitchen with my boyfriend and his momma and he sat this is a spirtual warfare and i feel faint

To dream spiritually dream i see a very very big fish outside the water

To spiritually dream of a very very big fish

To dream spiritually that my momma is very big and prgnant and it two kids at the house and she aske me to go pick up another child


Tidal wave

To dream two woem dropped my boyfriend new born baby in a car seat with toy monkeys in it and the baby is very dark

To dream two women dropped off my boyfreind very dark baby in a car seat with little toy monkeys in the car seat

Tooth brush

To dream spiritually that i touch my stomack and something big moved like a baby and im about to talk to my mom

To dream that me and a man when in my apartment and a red cover went up into the air


To successfully break and eat a palm kernels means what in dream interpretation

To see my father beating me in the dream

To be runing with yam pestle holdin it in hand

The extremely beautiful version of me, holding a jasmine sitting on a sycamore tree

Tarnished silver rings


To see puple hue

Transgender seen in my dream

Twenty twi

Talking to governor in dream

Take off a black coat

Tapeworms in human feces

Tape worm in human feces


Taking sugar cane to someone



The dead died in the dream

To dream of a gypsy

To be given olives

Turtles flying

Turkey as a gift

To receive money from my governor


To buy perewinkle in a dream

Tree of like

The meaning of king funeral in a dream

Traveling north

Throwing makeup in garbage means

Turquoise bird flying to me gave me kisses

Told to crush skelton and put on your head

Told to crush skelton to put on your head

To vomit cooked plain rice

To vomit in the dream means what ?

To dream of a three-legged man walking


Turn right on street

Tiger and wolves


To dream of a crane

To dream about bees

Tooth fall out

The meaning of eating clay in my dreams

Transgender dancers big in your dream

Teeth breaking and falling out

Texting jesus



Tiny motorcycles

The boathouse

Toilet paper on fire

To see a strange beautiful woman

Target practice


To walk along a bush part in a dream

The ability to fly

To see pregnant woman

Testify in the dream

Toes turning black

Trying to rescue an electrocuted person

Three highway paths

To see someone holding one cassava.

Transgender coming my dream and tell my life has to change in positive

Transgender coming

Third floor missing

To give out tuber of yam in the dream dream meanings

Tormented captive

Trapped in a fire

Toy cars

Tamarind seeds in dream


Throwing candy at me?


Two tornadoes

Threat with a gun

Threten with agun

That i was pregnant

Turning left to right

To be springled with flour

Thunderstorm wind


Throwing kunkuma on a rose flower means

Throwing kunkuma on a flower means


To receive a kolanut in a dream

Trying on my old bathsuit

To crack palm kernel

Tree of life is dying



To eat a bat in the dream


Touching a witch baboon


To withness snake death

To beat snake to death

To see reap plaintain

Toenails fall off

Thick grey smoke

To see green peper in the dream

Tug boat

Telling your wife you love a young girl

Tire explode

Trying to smoke

Taking bath in the toilet

To dream of brother with shirt off

Taking sprite from me


To build a glass house dream meaning

Transgender dancing in dreams

To dream of my deceased friend

Throwing snacks meaning

Tiger eye gemstone


To see helpers in the dream

Trains, snow, mountains

Tall grass


The meaning of circumcision for men

Two headed bird

Trying to bargain with me

Tangled in wire

Tangled up


Talking with my dead aunt

They elephant

Tree tunnel

Toe falls off

Tree with flowers

Throw out old shoes

Throwing salt

To dream you are eating yogurt


Tv show

To see someone swallow food in the dream mean



Talking porcupine


To see a group of disable childrens

Two hands dragging

Tiger in the water

Traveling on a train

Turmeric tree in dream

Thin ledge


The astronaut came to my side

The great wall of china

Throwing baked food into a toilet

Trying pants

Taking cloths by hands to the car

To assist a woman in labour deliver her baby

Toenails all gone

Transcendental energy

Trashing a house

To see three snails in a dream

Tearing off toenails

Trash food

Two dead and two cross

Turtle swimming overhead

Tulsi beads in dream

To saw snails in a dream

Toenails shattered

Teal eyes

Turning to look at you

The meaning dreaming wearing as makoti

To see white cloths buying

The meaning of receiving kola nut as gift in the dream

Tent pegs in a wagon full

To receive a bank/atm card in dream

To sow a rice


To a child in your dream

To see a child in your dream

Turquoise hair red stripe

Traped grasscutter

To see a persom taken away my daughter

The meaning of eating palm fruit in a dream

To receive a suprising gift of palm oil in a dream

To dream of a mad person

To dream of pounding yam in a dream

To be caught cheating


Twin kid

Telling about mistreatment to strangers

Topless breast covered

To see pink egg shells in a dream

Trays of mexican food

Third person view

To dream a corbeau

Telephones lots of them broken

To eat chin chin dream means

To eat chin chin means

Tearing cloth

To see a friend in the dream selling pure water means

To catch the cricket ball in dream


Toxic relationship

Talking to read people

Traveling in house boat happily

Tweed coat


Three faces

Tarantula legs


Two boxes

Two white boxes

Termites in wood

Taunted by girl

Two white worms

Two white worms ears

Tiger bears

Three in clock

Truck carrying sugarcane

Tied on one leg

The colour lilla

Train conductor

Trying to pull strands of hair off tongue

Trains going up a mountain

To follow crowd that are crying in dream meaning

Transgender bsby

To see people mouring in dream meaning

Tooth paste in dream

Turning off burner

Turning off stove

Two navels in dream

Three sisters

To get married to a boy who loves you but you don\'t love him



To kills snake


The bird is in a dream

Trinity dream



Teenage girl crying

Train horn blowing

To be a town crier in the dream

To dream of the world decaying away

To dream representing someone

To dream selling for some one

To dream about my mother in law

Three giant birds carrying people away

Ten fingers

Ten fingers have a purple mama

Travel storage container

Travel case




Turquoise stone


Truck crashed into parked vehicle and building

To receive fufu in dream

Trying on sneakers

Teeth/loss of teeth


The name elizabeth


Trapped grasscutter

To see a red bow tie

To dream of printing on a printer

Trimming fat

To tear someone clothe in the dream

Torn curtain.

To see fresh neem poles in your dream signifies

Two of the same object

To hear a car horn twice

To dream that i have 4 teenage son

Tearing other person clothes

To eat alligator pepper in dream

Train underwater

Taking care of a sheep

Temper tantrum

Tearing white clothes


Traditional healer

The meaning of kola nut in a dream

To kill a rat

To see lots of nits

Teeth dissolving

Taro stem

Teaching maths in dream

Taking with a chief

Talking to him

Talkingto him

Traditional healers

Tran journey

Talking to sto. nino

Transfigured mother

Two women talking

Taking bag in dreams

Tractor dream

Time line

Toenail breaks off in full


Travel with a coach in dream mean

Takekimg a snake from out the vagina

Taking bath in the dream in public

Taking bath in the dra


Tobacco in eyes

Talking with headphones on

Teleporting while sleeping

To eat palm kernels in a dream

Throwing a spear

Two wife

To dream your sister has lives

The meaning of receiving cooked cassava in a dream in islamic

Tethered clothes

Tethere clothes

Talking s

Tree on fire at base

Tall man fair of face

Texting a guys

Tic tacs

Tiny house

To dream of lotioning yourselfe

The number 5

Too many moons


Teeth falling out dream meaning

The enemy is pregnant

Ten cent shiny silver coin

Two people playing a ball game

Two women fighting meaning what

The urgency to defecate

To dream of black beed

Terminated from work

To dream your deputy beating you with a stick in the scull

Tea cup breaking

Turmeric in dreams

To tie rope for hanging of clothes

To dream of a. man named steven

To dream of a delivery truck

Teeth with wirms

Twisted bonnie


To dream of having a baby after birth

Two headed tiger

Taking a picture of yourself

Tying snakes

Transparent animal

To dream of changing a big women pampers


Top of head

To uproot one cassava

Tumeric on face in dream meaning

Tin oil tanks

Tin decanter

To see money in the dream means

To uproot cassava in a dream

To dream of milo

To dream of charm bracket made of gold

To dream about naked man

Toucan bird

Third gender comes to dreams


To dream of failure to do a given task



Tumbleweed meaning

To dream of someone is reciting a bible scripture to me

To dream that someone is reciting a bible scripture

Tall man dream

To have sex with close friend

Touching a vagina

To dream of big plenty snakes on the ground

Tower collapsing


To be afraid


To be told my husband is having affair

To be told that my husband is having affair

Tilted floor of house in dream meaning

Teeth fallong out

Teeth in your vagina


Tractor in a dream

To dream of having oral sex witn a woman

To dream of sucking vagina

Turnip and collard greens

Traditional healer dressed in black cloth and beads

Two traditional healer came to fetch me but i had to choose one between them

Taking selfies

Two headed goat

Tin babies

Two nipples on one right breast

Tapioca tree with many tapioca in the stream

Tall beings

Turquoise water

Tree stumps

Time travelling to the past

Tennis court

Triplets, one dead

Trange women

Two green oscillating circles

Traveling in space rocket

Three legged pot

Throwing abject

Tamarind plant meaning in dream


Three different headphones

To be given a hundred dollar note in a dream

To dream of your mother gave you grapefruit

Tropical beach

Teleporting to another country

Truck turn over in front of me


Turquise stone necklace

The meaning of harvesting coco yam in a dream

Tamarind flower comes in dream


To be giving a title in the dream

To rub vagina

Triplets person

Tail of a pig

Termites eats the floor and door of the house

Turmeric and sindhoor in dreamr

Tiger bed

Tied foot

Tied foot in river

Trying to carry too many bags and getting frustrated

Thick black smoke


Trying to borrow clothes in a dream

Trying to borrow something in a dream




To dream someone is wearing a cloak and holding a sword


The letter x

Tomatoe sauce



Threadworms meaning in my dream

To see offal in a dream

Tying three hammocks together

Tan underwear, people watching, layered clothes


Transgender biting

Touched in my dream


Tree dream

To dream of food

To wear different leg of slippers

Tamarind tree in dream


Tadpole sperm

Tall neem tree in dream with green leaves

Two native men

Talking water

To see reap pawpaw.

Taming animals

To be denied

Touching someone

To eat alligator pepper in the dream

The name magnus


To pound fufu in a dream

To dream of packing boxes

To dream of gift boxes

To dream of boxes

To dream of crystals decanters

To dream of crystals

Taking the marula from the tree

Toes got dead

Touching children

Taking a singlet from a dustbin meaning

To dream of lots of people eating food

The number 10

To dream of triangle shape

To dream of a comforter

To dream my former pastor was mad at me

Things falling on me

To kill a polar bear

Transforming car

Teenager scared


Taking care of people

Team arriving in helicopter


Two jumping snakes


Throwing chicken piece

Transgender having food in house in dream

To see naked image in dream means

Tinted windows car

Two strangers

Two lions

Two story house

Taking a long trip

Two puppies


Travel agency


Tired, can’t keep eyes open driving a car


Throw away

Two walking alligators

Tore clothes

Three days

Turtle swimming

Tobacco filled mouth

Two horses

Taking an empty cup from an ex in my dream?


To dream of ripe pawpaw

To dream acrylic nails falling off

To see my dog in the freezer but still alive



Touching elder women feet


To buy a smoked catfish in dream

Tamarind leafs

Trowing unwanted fish

Touching women vagina in dream

Taxi accident

The meaning of eating palm kernel in the dream

Toenail falling of

To serve pounded yam in the dream

Taking a exam

To dream sleeping on a double decker

To dream seeing a big butty means what

The three fates

Tearing of saree



Throwing popcorn

Talk to gods

Toaster fire

Taller son

The conversion of fractions

Throwing kumkum at me

The color yellow

Tower signal


Tortoise chips

Take refuge

Tearing certificate by mistake

To be lost

Talking and staying close to the governor in the dream

Telling someone my dad died but he is already dead

Talking about being pregnant will curse me

Tight fitting clothing

To dream of my dead parents

Taken to hell

Top less


Two. wooden pestle

Transgender asking for a money

Throwing a javelin

To pick ripe palm friuts in the dream

Three bread fruit in my dream


Things falling from a height

Tick sucking blood

Turmeric wayet

To spit out staples

Tyre puncture

To dream of lots of water

Tar coming out of mouth

Torn skirt dream meaning

The foot of a chicken

Tering cloth in the dream

Tarantula running to me

Talking to the prime minister

Tarantula crawling up a tree

Teeth being removed in a dream

To see curduled milk

Talking to a governor in my dream

To dream you are holding traditional medicine

Taking a fountain pen

Tsunami and sand

Toenail on big toe broken

Two arms holding a cup right left


Toe nail falling off

Tamarind tree dream

Taking in grown up orphans

Travelling to abroad

Tibetan monastery

Tropical palm fruits

Transform dog

Three sections

To dream of my boyfriend sister i have not met them bit heard about them


Torrential flood

Tiny snakes

Throwing old clothes

To see wheel of fortune


Trees around the house were on fire

The wind picked rip and took me away from where i wanted to be

The letter e dream meaning

Trans gender asking for money

Talking to the governor

To dream of heaters

To travel and get lost

To see a bee hive in your dreams]

Teleporting to different countries

Talk about litchee tree in a dream

Toe nail falling

Towing car



Tootpicks in grandaughter

Trying to cross a broken bridge

To dream teasing around with a floating spear

To wake up in a different room

To walk through dirty slush water

Talking to sto nino

Tumeric on leg

To slap your own brother in a dream means

Trying to save a parent

Teeth suck on own vagina

Thread mouth


Tarot reading yvonne taurus december 2019

Talking to dead grandma

To dream of a gold teapot

To give a wrist watch

Transparent double shoe

Transparent shoes

Tar in mou

Transparent dress

To dreamof your right breast leaking alittle breast milk

Turkey berry plants in your garden meaning in dream

To dream of painting your finger nails with nail polish

Thorn in shoes

To dream of killing a mackrel fish

To see craying

Two headed duck

Tar stuck in my throat

Two cats sitting on you and start to fight

To dream of a broken clay pot that all be repaired


Trash can

Teeth falling off

To receive money as a gift

Tabby cat

To dream of fire

Take off stirring wheel

Throwing a bloody snake

Toenail polish came off

Two kings

Tree next to parking lot

To dream of a person whom is missing presumed dead and have a conversation with them


Top of mouth

Tree falls

Tree fall

Tuyaux arrosage laver eau

Trying to find my way in large old buildings

Trying to find my way in large buildings

To see my eyelashes fall off

To see bitter cola

To dream of cardamom


Touching vagina

To dream of a broken clay pot that will be repaired

The chosen one

Two fingerprints same thumb

Tooth picks in mouth

Trading gifts

Transgender comes

The queen putting her hands on my hesd


Top clothe

Takeing care of

The queen putting her hands on my head

To dream of strugglng to lift your daughter cos she feels too heavy to lift in dream

That someone failed school

Trouble shooting

To dream reach for nail clippers


To dream of holding a skeleton key


Tie nail

Trying to throw

Train whistles

The dream meaning of maggie cubs

Talking to a dead person

Throw noodles


Transgender attacking me

Taking shoes off


Tying your shoelace


The giant squid is dancing

The giant swuid is dancing

Tamarind tree falling

Two black homeless guys

Throwing a castnet

Thief broke my door and ceiling in dream and my girl friend is the house


Two truck

Touching green grasshoppers


Temple bell ringing

To dream kraal

Turmeric on hands

Tea plantation dream meaning


Table and chairs


To clear grass on grave slab

Tapping palmwine in dream

Tiger nut

Toor dal watch in dream

Throwing up from worms

Transgender child

To pick a kola nut in the dream means what

Tinted bus window

Thanksgiving dinner

Trow bitter cola away in dream


Thorns in your palm of hands

Tony thebtige

To see a broken sugar cane

Two herdsmen fighting in the dream means

Talking with the pope

Turtle and cat

To sell satchet water in a dream

To dream of someone looking for a mouse

To hear someone reding psalms on the dream


To have a dream that somebody lied against you

Toy my nkrumah

To harvest okra

To pluck okra in a dream

Two snails

Two snails

To buy okro in the dream what did he mean

To eat a whole goat meat in the dream

Talking to a dead black man

To see so many snakes



The mob

The grave

Tarnished brass

The society


Tooth breaking


To see dead man celebrating birthday meaning

Tiger and trying to attack my daughter

Trampling over enemy

Temarind eating in dream pregnant women

To dream of been beating by soldiersome and robed in the mood

Toothbrush in your vagina

Three eyes

Thirsty dead man

Two red horses chasing me in the dream angry

Tangue pin


Ten thousand es eating me alive

To see transformer others

To see a hole inside our mouth

To touch the hole which is inside your mouth by your tounge

To see a small hole in your gums symbolizes in dream

Two cats mating in dream

Torn sheets

Tagili dream meaning

Tiny writing

Transgender giving blessings

To dream of standing on a river bank

To see the made deepak

Teeth cavin in and out

Talking about prophets

Truck falls from the sky

Trying to get to the beach



Tiny wine glasses

Torn dress pants

Taking jalebi in our dream

Tree made of snakes

Tarantula on my teenage daughters head

Toor dal receiving

To dream of bathing in a mortar

To see cassava in your dream

Traditional healer telling you where you will die

Thin lion

Touching your toes

To be given fresh coconut by a man means what

To dream of a flar tyre in the boot of your car

Thai tea

This tea

Turn into a woman

Tony robbins

To kill a gecko in a dream means

To see pink bangles in dreams


To dream about a mad woman eating with u

Talking to boss

To dream of chatting to the ceo around a table

The dead collecting firewood in the dream

To see pants

Tits suckling

Tiger cloth

Trapped in a closet

Turning to dust

Top drawer

Tiger chasing me

Too bux

Things scatterd in the yard

Two ladies dating

Talking to ceo


Taking off a black coat

Teared musalla

That i collect shells

Tampon string hanging out

Transgender asking for money

Two men that looked like animals goat

To see a bread fruits in the dream


Transgender in dream

Tree sap on hands

Thirupura sundari


Taking pap and honey in dream

To carry charcoal to your dead sisters selling charcoal to white ladies in a dream

To dream of your dead grandmother

Touching the cloth of kana kaba

Toothpick in throat


Travelling on a coach


Taking tasbih from friend

Team wok

The red cristal had been broken

To dream you are robbed in a foreign country

Telling me 2 years, 2 months and 2 days

Tree falling on a house

To place a necklace around the neck

Touching older women feet in dream

To dream of merlin

To find yourself on top of a roof in a dream means

Treasure chest

Talking cyclops cat

Table shrunk

Throwing food away

Tiny hair on belly

To kill with fork

To time travel to the far past

Two sea creatures fighting

To vomit cockroaches in the dream

To dream of white smoke in apartment

Temple ringing

Test taking

Telling your pastor to take a different road from yours

Talking and flying pot

Toenail clipping

Tropical storm

Tortilla chips

Train on fire

Twins and two

Turning gramophone

Tall witch eating green plants

Tiny black mouse and tiny turtle


Tongue down my throat

Two copper pennies as the moon

To donate money in a dream

Tower of lights

Typhoon strong winds

To untangle

Teeth separating

Two directions

Table full of guest and food

Taking back

Todd going out the cage jumping in the swimming pool


Tiger, green

Tooenails fallout

To find glasses

Talking to spirit


Toes nails fallung in dream

Trying to kill catapillar without success in your dream

Tearing clothes dream meaning

Teddy bear cuddly

Traffic light green





The lotto number for gatorade

Three snakes coming out of a hole and fighting each other

To dream being in a whirlwind

Toes sucked

To cut

Talking in spanish

Turning on

To see a mad person in a dream

Ten o’clock

Taking a trip

Talking while on ones listening

Talking while boone’s listening

To see amla

Tokolosh dream meaning

The meaning of ackee in your dream

To dream of braeking a record in long jump

Type of dreams introductions

To dream about to see the letter b

Tennis courts

Two year


Truck crashing

Tongue in ear

To loose a car dream

Throwing a baby from a car

Tasbeeh totna


Third gender in dream



To dream about toenail coming out

Torn dressing dream means

Torn clothes mean what in dream?

Trees under water

Tiger clouds

Tiger in garden

Third gender person

To catch a guinea fowl in dream

Teenager being snatched

Taking care of baby birds

Tangled snakes in puddle of water

Talking to a king


Toe suckling

To see ripe cashews in dream

To see your prophet in a dream

Tang top

Tongue kiss with kids

Take down


Train hit

To break of a black box

To dream of seeing so many foods

To detox

Taking sugarcane in the dream


Tongue missing

Thrown in the fire

Tasing a grey sweater

To give bitter cola

To dream of losed sarf

Two headed woman

To be attacked by a hummingbird

Tooth break

Trying to control a car

Tarp tent


Time travel multidimensions

Transgender giving money



To dream of marring a prince

Termaric colour

Throwing things around


Two locks


Taking roti

Talking to a mad man

To dream that you see the man you love with a blond white woman in church

Touching nipple

Travelling with dead person meaning

Talking to my son

Two people had running noses

Told to break bottle and leave


The number 8


Tennis ball in park

Tring to get money

Tall blonde kid

Traffic light



Turmeric powder seeing in dream meaning


Twenty years


Throwing away sanitary pads

The meaning of palm fruit in dream

The number eight

The number zero

The number five

The numebr forty four

The number seven

The number 7

The number nine

The number 44

Traditional healer dream

Twisted trees

Tearing of book

Throwing things at the dead

Teeth and vagina

The colour of light blue

Tracking device

Turkey feather


Tearing clothing

Torn sarcee

Transgender girl

Transgender kid

To see your own blood in your dream

To dream of unlit candle

To see someone drink muddy water


Trickster genie

This is the wife of my husband vomiting

Thousands of running mice

Traveling with people

Twenty dollars

Traditional healer praying


Teak dream


Two friends protesting against a play park

Taxi with deaf driver


Termites nests

Thorns growing in bed


Trying to sleep

Texting crush



Triangles circles

The sea was with high tides but when i was about to swim it became very still and quiet.

Transgender blessing me



Tongue being cut off

To be by a window

Talking on phone weith president

Talking to president on phone

Talking to president



Thinking of giving a dead person a gift

To eat cub maggi in dream, what does it mean

That i was a native american

To pee inside my room

Turn right


That your boy friend dead

The color purple

Thirty minutes

Tree without leaves


Thief broke glass window of the house



Target shooting

Twenty thousand

Thousandth floor

Trying to get to the airport on time

To watching a dead person in dream

To get on a passenger bus

Taking of someone\'s shoes

Turning over

Tooth pain



Tree that has fallen on the compound

There was a lot of charcoal in front of my house with some flowing from neighbors place to mine

There were two bags of charcoal in front of my house

Testicles cut off

Twin grandchildren

Torn apron

Tight space to fit through


Teeth out


Trapped by rushing water


Torn leggings the dream meaning


To dream of receiving old two old currency note



Trapped in a tomb

Tight clothes

Tideup leg with chain

Tickling someone

Toe having a hole

Tri bike

Throw shoes

Taking medication





Tidal waves

To see conch in your dreams

Tearing of my work uniform

Temple gopuram in dream

Traveling to oman

To see bitter cola in the dream

Transgender asking money in dream

Tugging with a dead friend in a dream

The meaning of guinea fowl in dream

Tom hanks

Toilet with poo

Toenail breaking off



Talking to me

Tape rule

Teapot handle broken


The sign read siel

Tall guy

To dream of a baby warthog

Train tracks

To dream of king

Thatch house

The house with a thatched roof on it

To wound somebody

Taking a shower naked

Taking a shower nakes



Talking horses

Three legged black zulu pot


To wear eye glass in a dream


The meaning of farting bad air in a dream

To see birds socializing like humans

Twin grizzlies


Tamirend tree

To see red bangles in dream in urdu

Tall people

Thirty one

Too many teeth


Two elderly people watching me narcissisticly and a cat attacking me with aggression and cat faeces on my bed

Two elderly people watching me in a narcissistic way with a car trying to attack me and cat faeces on my bed

Thai food

Turtle shell



To soil trousers

Tattooed legs and arms

Tangled hair

The person i love starved to death

To see home door taken out

To dream of pounding fufu

Throwing stones at people

Teaching you a new language


Teacher beating me

To dream of losing blood from the body and seeing other women in the same role.

Trapped mouse in cloths

Teacher beating

Tamarind eating



Toilet waste smeared on body

To not die

To not dying

To dream half dog and half boy

Teacher shirtless

Twins one crying

Twins one cring

Travelling holiday

Tooth pulled out

Trip by the sea



Transgender with baby

Tapping of palm wine

Tithing dream

Tall buildings

Take off gold wedding ring

The moon light on me

Taking death in to grave

Trying to be killed

Two weeks baby with eyes looking wide

The laughing dead

Two black women

To dream of my son with blood stained


Talking to a pastor


Teeter totter


Tear cloth

Three-headed demon

To dream of receiving a baby carrier meaning

Two silver keys

Town flooding


Thunder and lightening

Ten most common dreams

To does a backhoe dream mean

Tractor trailer

The same person but don’t know them

Traveling with a deceased relative

Tryinh to choose between two new eyeglasses that helped me see clear in a dream

Two sister fighting with me and become a cat

Two sister fighting with me and become

Three red ribbons tied to a bridge

Traveling to your grandmother house

To dresm of a white fluffy cloud

Two headed turtle

Two green snakes

Tree flood

To dream of olive oil poured on a pregnancy

Table falling on you



Twine sister

Tumbleweed in deserted town

Throwing someone else shoes out

Taking a bath in clear rosemary water

Teeth removal

Talking flying white sheet

Threatening to comit suicide

Trying to get disability

Throwing up pots

Tamarind see in a dream

The person was holding a puppy while the mastiff was chasing someone

The maize

Tapping cane


Traveling with dead person means

Transgender blessings dream

Throw away dirty poy and pan

Ting and yang

To dream of cooking on charcoal

Trekking on muddy road

To dream of a cloud bowen arrow

Talking teapot

Throwing bottles at a friend

The dream is about when bathing in the bath tub and someone comes and pees in the water you are bathing with

Two jobs

To dream of pennies

Turmeric covered face

Trying to find shoes

Talking about dying

To see your bf and cousin in law which is your enemy working inside a excavator

The rapture

To pich by someone in a dream

Talking to a pregnant woman

Turning a dull palm oil to a bright one

To get angry

Travelling with kinnar

To cut ginger

Toe nails falling out


Talking to father in law on phone


Two headed lion

To see a group of cultists in dream | dream interpretation

Twin sister

Teaming with enemy

To buy locust beans in dream

Toy elephant

Talking donkey

To see the death of a sick person together with the death of a person alreday deceased for sometime

Trying to masturbate in a dream

Tamarind fruit as a gift in dream

To say that i love u in a dream

Time travellimg

Toads hopping around you in a circle

Tamarind fruit as a gift to n a dream

Tamarind fruit gift


Tan building

Twin infants wrapped in swaddle

Twin infants

Trapped in haunted house

Toe missing

Talking groundhog

Tan paint

Turtle in the ocean swimming by me

To receive a gift of clothing

To receive a gift

Tide coming in your house

Travel forgot suitcase

Trapped in airplane

Tennis skirt

Turning down drugs

Taking care of a baby

Turkey bearies

Train whistle

Tiger running away

Thousands of yellow slugs

Traveling and not prepared don’t make it on time

Too much moles on face

Two men harassing me

Three candleholders

Tearing ripping clothes

Two greek male brothers

Teacher praise

Trapped in a maze

To see v.i.p in a dream means

Tooth removal


To dream of pooping with worms


To see two killed grass cutter

Transparent snake

Threesome sex

Tiger running

Trying to buy bread but shop is closed

Touching and playing with 3 osprey

Two bodies melting into one

Trying to kill a bullfrog

Talking doll

To dream someone is being held hostage

Throwing dirty clothes in dream

Tree flowing sap

Tribal ceremony with dog sacrifice

Two wild animals fighting

To buy a bag of periwinkle in the dream


The meaning of holding a black and a read card in a dream

Trying to delete text messages

Trying to delete some messages

Taking wax from the ear

Teaches me to dance

Things falling from the sky onto you

Things falling out of the sky

Things falling from the sky

Tribal elder holds my hand then watches as my girlfriend wrecks her motorcycle

Tribal elder holds my hand

To hear your dads voice in a dreawm

The pantoo leave you

Tiger squeezing head

Taxi going the wrong way

Tiger cubs

To see your daughter crying

To see snail at your door post



Tree logs

Trying to get people out of my house in a dream

The prophet is dead

Tongue falls out

Tasting fod

Tear sheets

Taste of shit

Teeth growing inside the mouth

Trying to keep door closed

Talking about opal an old white woman

Two head

Threatening someone who once hurt you

To be with my wife my destiny

Terrorist attack

Table of food

To speak with a missing friend showing up as dead

Taking ithar gift me

Taking ithar from others

Three loaves of bread



Talking to sto. nino and holding his face

Two dollars

They have loola negotiations for my friend

Turn off light

To wear wet shoes in the dream means


Taking blessings from elders


To cheat your partner


The other woman

Taking a photograph of a mountain

Taking old clothes to the tailor

The long road

The quran verse to read when one dream about pounding yam

Torn pant

Two suitors

Thorn bush

Temple bell hearing

To dream of saint mother theresa talking to me

To dream of mother theresa talking to me


Talking to an enemy

Tarot card

Testicles in a cup

To dream of a $50 bill and 4 quarters



Throwing granade

Tell someone congrats in a dream

Two ladies fighting in a dream

Tall old house

To eat ice cream in dreams

To set a trap in the dream


Telling someone i love you in a dream

Thar desert and cow

Two cats mating

To dream of two black snake, one is huge and one is small but the big snake is holding the small snake by its head and when the snake saw me it turn around and went away. what does this mean?

Teacher beating the kid in the dream

The meaning of tongue cut off in your dreams

Toes being pinched

To see oneself distributing food among peoples

Talking to unborn child

Trying to hide

Telling a family member to go i will stay by the graveyard what does it mean

To see someone walking toward you

Trying to talk

Telling baby father you pregant

Tomboy means

Two family home

Three young girls

Thrown in water

Talking to sr. sto niño

The meaning of ex boyfriend offering me drug


Track suit woman

Termarind is given to me by someone

Travelling with dead relative

To see having sex with husband

To dream you

Testimonial means

Testimonial in the dream means

To be given a testimonial in the dream means

The devil and rosary beads together

Typing on old fashioned typewriter

To dream that i scored a goal in football

Tent homeless person

Theme park

Testing positive for hiv

Tennis ball symbolize

Twenty five cents

Three legged pot breaking

Tea drink

Turning a corner



Telling you bad things


To dream of having a baby

To see unborn babys hair


Trees and bushes

Three young girls without makeup

To see blood from scratching someone


To see white beans

To be kiss by a old dead man

Tall flowers gift

To see smoke fishes in your dream

Trying to kill yourself by knife

Time to go not packed

To sweep floor in a dream what does it mean biblically

Trying to kill one\\\'s mother by drowning

That your in the game dead risinn

Torn slippers

To get really high and fall

Two men fighting over a woman in the dream

Tree tall

Tornado in water

The dead sleeping


Toenail fungus

Transplanting plants

Toenails pulled out

Toenails ripped out


Toy boat

Tortoise on my shoulder


To dream of demons

Taking notes

Thrift store

Two headed 5 year old child dream

To see someone in arafat

Two babies

Teft ring

To fall in a gutter

Tip of airplane i was in just missed hitting another airplane

To see raw goat meat

To see janaza in dream

Three floors prison


Trade school

Tree trunk falling

Tree trunks


The queen


To see a friend falling from a roof and lying dead

Tosee a friend falliong from a roof

To see a friend beaten up

Tame animals


Touch down


Twisted spine

Taking atrain



Tabby i

To dream in the 1700s

To dream in the past

To my dead father urinating in the house toilet

To see a love one cry

Tamarind tea

Turning a blind eye

Tongue piercing dream



To see red litchis in dream

To dream of harvesting cocoyam

Tina turner hair

To collect okro in the dream means

Twin babies


Three tornadoes


Teleporting in the past

To see a new born baby with a beard

Theft of pennies

Types of cosmetics


To see gulab jamun in dream

Two calabash in a dream

To change seat in a dream


Thief trying to harm you

Taken away


Truck fell from the sky crashed flat like a pancake

Tranqulized and escaping



Traveling to singapore dream meaning

Town crier saying things about your celebration

Tearing off

Table saw

Throwing pineapples in water

Taking out of




Tongue in anus

Thatched roof being removed

Taking pictures with friends

Taking pictures

Tiger in locality

The mea of blood money dream

To carry locusbeans in the dream

Teared passport



To travel on a train

To dream of being inside a train


To dream of a person and then see them the next day in the clothes you dreamt of them wearing

Thick dandruff


Thick glasses

Thick glasss



Tyana bird sitting in the house wall


Teacher caning someone in a dream for no reason means

To see people praiseing god in my dream

To see old girl friend

To see letter

To see painting

Travelling in a bus in your dream

Tiger but meaning in a dream

To stab

To receive a sprite bottle in the dream


Top floor of uncompleted building

Trashcans dream interpretation

To pounding fufu in the dream

To off a moving train out of fear of accident

To dream and see a boiled dog head meat

To be offered kolanut by your boss in ur place of work



Transgender aksing for money

Tasbeen broken

Tasbeen broken in my dreams

The meaning of carrying a crayfishes in drea..

To see a dead person aski for food

Tongue black

Teal honeycomb

Tooth insect

To dream building a clock

Telephone my dead father

To see a dead baby


To dream about rose quartz

To see a typewriter in my dream

Touching old women feet


Tasbeeh dream

Tokoloshe with fire

Transgender washing clothes


Torn pocket

Traditional marriage

Tortila bags

Trying to squeeze into a small space

Two young girls dressed in white clothing

Transgender women

Transgender women dancing and running behind me

Turquoise and crystal rocks

Tomb of christ

Thirty eight

Tombstone unveiling with family




Twoheaded cw

Two headed cow

To be knighted

Tiger nuts dream meanings

Turneric on leg

Two faced persom

Temporary blindness



Teaching myself punctuation

Transgender friend

To bite my tongue in a dream

Taking medicine from an uncle i the presence of the fathet

Two trees

Toenails off

Transparent clothes white woman

To call a friend in a dream with phone

Teeth and green lady bugs coming from mouth



Teapot breaking in half

Turbulent ocean



Trying to expose someone

The dead beckoning me

Trimming sideburns

Toiletries meaning


Three eyed baby

Treasures chest

To dream someone giving red and black sarve

Taking off your own braces

To see jamun in dream during pregnancy

Truth dare

Tranquilizer gun

Trying to steal my bag

Tigers eyes

Tongue become like aple shape

Travelling with bus

Transparent belly with a child in side

Two cocks fighting

Trying to restrain red horse

Tamarind fruit appeared

Turmeric footprints

Transcribing document


Torn certificate dream meaning

To dream of a rasta


Trap door in ceiling

Turtles on clear water

Two moons with islamic writing



Three in numbers

To about green jack fruit



To born a baby

Tooth fallen


The number 100


Tumeric powder


Tying shoe laces

Things in house moving by themselves


To see ones worker sad


Traditional healer running

Trying to save son and getting shot in the side and the hip

Teleportation and drowning

Teleportation and water

Traffic fine

Testimony in church

Tears of relief

Time to take exams but never went to class

Two forty one

Three hundred

Tennis balls

Two white tigers

Teath falling out

Taking stuff underground

Tiger nut dream meaning

Thick black eyebrows

Thick grown together eyebrows on a deceased husband

Taking a test, exam, unprepared

Trading an ugly car with a beautiful car

Torn dresses


Train trip

Taking a train ride

Transgender proposed me

Toothbrush in feces

To see a dangerous hydra sticking on your back in your dream

The word perserverence

To light red hot coals

Tied and gagged mother

Tied and gagged

Two face person

Teeth kiss

To dream about the father of your kid


To eat yam in dream means what

Train station

Toe nail pain


Tying building rope at perimeter wall

The dream of getting the blessings of the elders

Transgender comes in dreams what is that mean

The meaning of giving money to a dead man in the dre

To dream you are closes friend is fixing car mean

The basis of a house

Tracked tractor

Time passing




Taking poison out of a snake

Time 9.30 am

Triplets in the dream


To receive cloths as gift

To catch 3 limes

To catch 3 lines

Toast and avacado

To receive present

Trying not to fall off cliff and jumping and grabbing a rope

Tiger eating a cat

Trojan horse

To dream to see a rastafarian shaking hands with you

Three breasts

To dream standing on a stone

The meaning of eating crayfish in the dream

Throwing food over someone

Three vertical lines

Tarmarind tree

Taking medication in dream

To take medication in dream

Tiger attack on leopard and hurt the leopard and eat his flesh

The heel of your foot split

Toenails crack and remove

To see me nd my family in an uncomplicated building in a drem means what

Toilet paper wrapper

To see red soil in adream

To see red soil in a dream

The ferryman

To touch a vagina

To see guinea fowl eggs in your dream means what

Train tunnel

To dream of finding a dirty foot and dirty polish toe nails

Touching feeling white silk in hands

The canyon

Traveling with dead people

To see 3 girl then hay


Tall green grass

Traffic signal


Travelling with dead person dream meanings


To be urinated upon


Tent peg in ground

To dream 1 slimy tin long worm coming out my virgina

Tiger nut picking

To dream and sew pottery working in the dream

Taking money from me

Tickling dragons

Toilet paper under shoes

Tall black man

To dream of a kpop idol

To see someone wearing torn shoes

Two rings and three pennies

To see some one sweating in a dream

To dream of being in a unknown house

Team of horses harnessed

Tunnel vision of multible people

Touching dirt


There was a man that killed my sister and my brother and then he went into my moms room and sat on the window sill and was a demon


Tightness in your vagina

The gold chain in a dream

Throwing stoned

To be blamed for killing a swan

Taramind fruit seeing in dream

Throwing thunder bolts

To see bags full of cement in dream

Tied up by step sister

Towers of a castle

Tri sulam on fire

To repair a broken table


Tooth pickicks in my throat

The number 40

Tortilla chip

Torn certificate i

Top of the head

Truck accident

Too much old cloth stock in dream

Traditional grinding stone

Thumb finger suck

Trying on clothes

That person trapped you every direction

Trimming the fat off of meat

Tanning bee



The meaning of catching bush meat in the bush in the dream?

To dream you are washing dresses

Two headed demon goat

To see someone i know as a catholic bishop

To dream are washing dresses

To be seen cracking palm kernel in the dream


Torch light shown by deased father

Transgender giving blessing in day dream

The ground collapsing and being sucked into a vortex that’s crushing the ground creating a giant sink hole

Talking with my dead boss

Tithes in dream

To see a previous president

Two sides battling, child holds the power, wolf and ghost



Toothache dreaming

Twenty six


Travelling with dead grandfather

To dream a cupboard door comes off it’s hinges

Toy ball

Time ripped apart

Travelling with dead person in dream

Top of the roof

To get annointed

Tv room


To dream about sister in law diagnosed with cancer and

Three females

Three older woman

To take flight symbolism


To tour a house i used to live in with my girlfriend




Talking jackals

Tamarind tree means dream

Toilet paper on shoes

Two ladies fighting

Two headed dreams

To many white cats

Turning on and off lights

Throwing pillows at tigers

Teeth came off

Teeth cake off

Tearing clothes

Transgender death

Transfer sender dream

Throwing bones

To squeeze lime in the dream

To dream of seeing a star in your meal

Transgender dancing dream

To be given a book by a preacher to start studying to be a preacher what does that mean

To dream of removing your wedding ring

To see your sister naked

To dream of someone pulling your hair in a dream

Typhoon dream

Taking green bangles

To see a piled cassava

Tai ci

To underline dream

Teeth crwcking

Teeth cracking



Two moon

Tree fountain

Thigh incisions

Taking a dead spouse for a ride in a car

To dream that i was angry

To dream that your angry

Trees and cut trees

Tiger licking me

To dream my boys were little agine

To be kissed on head

To dream of husband beating his wife

Taking out red frozen meat from the freezer

Trying to slap your best friend in a dream

Thumbtack in shoe

Totem poles

To look in sky and see objects what it means

To see your self looking in sky in your dream

Torn clothes by dog

To see mad woman in the dream means

Two ish that are dying by the front door

Tear way




Torn money

Top natcher on the honor roll

Throwing own urine

Throwing urine


The black stone

Travellong with dead person

The trinity in the sky

The trinity

Tak out money from buried


Third gendar

The color black and red

Traveling by air

Treadmill fall

Tower of babel

To see water flooding

Table tennis racket

Thank you

Tree of life kabbalah


Throwing away old clothes

Taking shower


Taking hair

To dream that you see your eyebrows thick on one side

Threatened to stab someone

Taking medicine in a dream

Taking vitamin

Tick symbol

Toenail in dreams

Toenail being cut completely off


Teeth falling on the clitoris

Teeth falling onto the clitoris

To shot someone with gun in a dream means


To see a white ram in dream

To a white ram in dream

Travelling with dead

To dream of buying lots of candy


Trying to cross a dam



Transparent woman

Tall ladder

Traveling on a ferry in a dream

That my teeth fell out

Try to remove her necklace with my mouth

Three moons

Taking a bath with earthworm in the pail

Thrown out house without my permission by friends


Throwing glass

Two face



Toxic storm

Two prophets in my dream

Tongue infected

Temple site



To pick up charcoal


Tool rest


Two people

Talking to governor

Touching private and breasts of sister in law

Transformation dream interpretation

To remove cataract in dream

To loose a fight

To offer lassi to someone in a dream

Teleportation through water

To dream of picking malachite stone

Tamatind tree


To dream of butternut

To dream of throwing dirty pantyliner

Tennis ball covered in salt for healing


Tall person killing me


To dream someone gave you berry tree



Tourquios ring

To see pork in a dream

Tissue and papertowels

Two lizards

Teenage son

Two white baby carriers

To see a wounded bird, is fatefull of deep sorrow caused by erring off spring what does that me

To dream of padre pio

Two black unlit candles

Two green unlit candles


Thread and niddle

Trousers belt

Thatched roof house


Throwing rotten apples

Tie dye

Toilet room


Talking to a deceased grandfather

Tamarind tree

Talking to someone and they can’t hear me

Talking to my aunt who past away

Turning blue

Torn clothes in dreams

Tennis racket and target



Tequila shot


Tortillas giant

Toddler girl with candy

To see getting married again

To see naked

Thank you all very much everything clear mine.

Tying shoes

Throwing out wedding ring

Ted wagon in a dream

Tall man

To dream of cowries

The spiritual meaning of carrying empty jerry can

The spiritual meaning of jerry can

Tamrid tree


Tumeric and kumkum in face dream meaning

To dream of killi a tailor

Talk prime minister


Two boys fighting over me

Two boys fighting over .eme

Two olive trees

To see someone smoking cigar


To see your sister going off in a cornfield


Toenails falling out

Two different pair of shoes

Taking milk from milkman


To dream of discharge from the eye

Task in your sleep

To your pastor drive a bus

Tigernut dream

Teeth and soft palate falling out

Travelling with former principal


Transgenders are seen in dream meaning

To dream of your dad that passes away

Teaching swimming to daughter

To dream of removing stitches from someome else

To dream of removing stitches from between your legs

To dream that you put your lap on your mother

The dead

Teacup overflowing

To dream of a healthy potted plant

Tuna fish sandwich

Tuna fish

True self

Two love couple

Tyres being slashed

Taken kolanut

To see plenty okro in a dream means what

Tick mark

Touching the cloth of kana lava

Take me to nashville

Torch light at the grave

Transgender during navratri

Taking away

Touching dead brother penis meaning

Touch the sun

To be very week in a dream when something is gonna kill ug

To keep ripped palm fruit air tight in a dream meaning

To cill or keep air tight ripped palm fruit dream meaning

Turmeric paste

Three mermen


Throwing slippers on me dreams


Talking to a president

Talcum powder



Trojan horse in casket

Talking with the prime minister of canada

Trojan horse in casket with lady

Trespasser asleep in our house

Threatening in the dream inside the mosque

Theater music

Toast burning

Trying to hold a red chicken

Treatment pot

To eat red chilli powder with roti

To see shawama in dream

To see uncompleted buildings in the dream

To see cut earphone

To dream of an unknown person blowing breeze in my ear means what?

To dream carrying a ladder means?

Trying to call someon3 but phone nit working

Theft of a ring your guarding



Third gender seduce and beating

Talking to my gay friend

Transgender in ur dream

To dream of writing on the wall

Two chinese statues

Two statutes

Turn on

Tower symbolism in dreams

Thorns dream meaning

Throwing a baseball or darts

Top step

Trapped by rising water

Throwing stones anyhow

Travel with mom on scooter

Two man discuss about to increasing rent

Teapot lid smash

Tearing ghost face

Tearing face mask

Tearing own clothes

To dream about dimes

Toy blocks

Talk to dead grandma

Teeth loose and falling out

Tree of blue feathers

Teeth hurting

Tomatoes leaves

Taking palm wine,what does it mean


Taking a shower



Traditional healer and a big black snake

To dream you are wearing white in kraal


To dream you move in the village and live in a mud house


Tasbeeh with a pleasant smell

Ten thousand

To see ur father switched with ur brother

Talk with your oga in a dream with kola is indicate what

Talking to a happy dead person in a pink dress

Taking sickly bby to hospital

Tamarind selling


Tongue cut out

To dream of organs coming out of your body

Tied in rope

Toe nails fall off

Throwing stone at him found cheating

Talkin to a rasta man

Threaded needle

Tan discharge

Transgenders sitting next to me in dream

To eat alligator pepper

Trolley full of groceries

Train dream number

Through wall


To sell crayfish

Talking to someone in a dream asking about the dream

Throwing my mobile sim card means

Throwing my mobile sim card

Trans gender meaning

Tamarind tree full of tamarind

To see white ram chase you

Three baby safery pins

To see god

To see onself at an ancient temple

To be present at a holy gathering of great sages and gurus

To have a small vision of the hindu spirituality in the ancient times

To see a sage or guru in a dream

To dream of men clothing hanging up

Trouble walking

To see a boy uprooted cassava

To see someone elses shoes

Time speeding up

Trying to kill parasite

Traditional medicine

Taking a bucket from my mother in law an walking to my home with it with my child father an when i reach home taking the same bucket an bathing with it

Tumor in stomach

Table full with plenty chocolate

To see person from whom you take debt

Taking batt in dreams

Taking batt in dreams wearing clothes

To dream about white cowries

To see a baby goat in dream

Three of my teeth fall out

Twins and twos

Teeth blood

Turkey roast

To buy crayfish in the dream

Traveling with dead person in dream


Table top

Throwing slippers

Talking to a red strong horse in my dream

The family in the car someone else driving

Tony crisp

Three crosses

Two men as suitors

Teleporting through time

Teeth in vagina

Turquoise colored golf bag

Threesome and getting pricked by needle


Turtle in a fish tank

Tie shoes


Trying to push a match stick in your mouth what does that mean in your dream

Talking about him

To board a plane with sister in the dream


Toe, nail

Telekom is

Talking to people with vitiligo

To see a donkeys penis

To see a donkeys oenid

Toe nail hanging off

Tree with papaya fruit in dream



Try to be carry by a bird


Transgender chasing me

Throwing stones on you

To see my child hungry and me making roty

To see making roty islamic interpetation

To see your dead uncle being romance with a woman means

To see your late uncle married in your dreams means

Two suns rising

To see yourself wearing rough belt that did not belong to you

Thick neck

Tranished wedding ring

Tubers of yam in islam

Tubers of yam

To catch grasscutter in a dream meaning

To catch grass cutter in a dream meaning

To dream of carrying a bay of crayfish means what

To see group of cultist in the dream

Taking pictures and seeing pictures of myself

Trying to fornicate


Talking with an angry king

Transaction is asking my food

Two red cittern looking at me

Travel with dead people

To be stolen

Touching elderly feet


Traving in a car with my dead grandfather to canada

The number

To see someone with dreadlocks hair in dreams implies

To dream of palm trees with it fruits on it

Towels in a bathroom

To be offered a drink in the dream

Trying to grind pepper

Trying to be handcuffed by police

Throwing mustard containers


Tears of joy

To see a baby albino in a dream

Thick dust on a filter

Two woman

Trying to move or get up but cant

To dream of someone pulling your hair

Three eyed dog

Thread mowth to stomack

They are high

Tooth moving

Table skirting

Toenails fell off


The meaning of a crowd dream

Timber table

Two heafs

Toenail falling off and new one appearing

Three ticket on a table


Traffic at turn in the road

Tme table dream

To are a shake turn into rat


Taking a women to dinner

Transgender trying to have sex

Transgender is attack me try to do something

Trespassing on my property


To see an unknown handsome guy with grey hair gel back

Turquoise colour jacket

The queen visited me at my home in my dream

The bible verse for spiritual attacks person e.g. in drunkerness and smoking


To give out tubers of yams in a dream as a gift

The meaning of eating bitter kola in dream

Torn slipper

The color apricot

Three flower vases one with a flower , one that is broken

Three flower vases one with a flower, one with a plant leaf ,and one that is broken and empty

Three flower vases one with a flower with with a plant leaf and one that broken is empty

Three flower vases one with a flower with with a plant leaf and one that broken ans empty

Tamarind wear good in dream

Tobacco pipe

Toy guns

Transgender came in to dream

To see red palm fruit in dream

Tearing of pink dress

To find god

To be given the co-ordinates of god

Teeth removing

Tarantula dreams

Thin tall man

To dream of drinking medicinal herb

The letter b

Taking milk and rice from dead person

Troll under a bridge

Tail on a newborn baby in the dream it’s meaning

To drink a cup of harbal medecin in dream

Theatre rehersals

Two men help me up

Teeth covered in slime


Tap dancing

Thrown into a pool

To see someone close to you handcuffs


To see someone you fancy

Travelling down a dark tunnel

To see atailkursi

To see atal kursi in drem

To dream of a friend with a black lip


Travelling boat

Train whistle blowing

Truck on fire

Two sisters carriing a cuffin


Taking bath in ghee in dream

Two head baby

Tied tongue means what

To be flogged by group of cultists in dream what does it mean

To be flogged by group of cultists in dream what dead it mean

Tiger has eaten me alive

To dream parents

Torn birth certificate

Tattoo on feet

Teeth coming loose and falling out

Talking in salah

To dream of buying piggy bank as a gift what does it mean in a dream

Throwing latines

Thrown in the air


Tropical area in a hiuse

Talking of padre pio while crying

Talking to padre pio

To drem of being on a toliet

Toenail polish

To dream of boyfriend and his sister


Trying to convert someone to islam

Throwing chillies

Trying on light green or pink tutus

Trying on pink and green tutus for a performance even though i have never learned ballet

Taking a lover who is drunk home inside a taxi

To have a son

To see prayer mat

To be given a roosters foot as a hift

Taken to an upper room

To carry someone on your back

Throwing wood

Taken hostage

Tiger attack

Two fingers glued together in the dream


Train hijacking

To dream of prawn

Two heart beats

Tiger & wolf fighting

To dream of safe box that has mone attached to receipt

To see scared bangles in dream

To be buried


Toll gate

Two by four

To be covered in fish guts

Throw and catch

Tearing old clothes

To see radhe krishna in muslim temple

Threshold dream

Traditional healer advise


Tin roof

To see female hand bags

To see any house in my compound

To see termite on my head

Thick toenails

Talking with a governor

Touching husbands penis in dream

Tigers snakes

Three plastic pots of celery

Taj mahal dream interpretation

Taking turmeric powder

To dream of saying the pledge of allegiance?

To dream that your ex kiss you passinate

Tears made of milk

Toe nails falling

To see husband being arrested


To dream that your fence wall has collapsed

Throw radhakrishna statue

Truck crash

Through out house

Tank top clothing

Tank top shirt


To receive fufu in dreams

Talking about naughty children


Tamarind eating dream in pregnancy dream meanings

Tearing down ones shirts

To harvest cassava in the dream

Talking to my boyfriend sister about his son

Talking on the telephone with my sister in law

Tarot - cards

Temple gopuram

Temple hôpital


Truck sliding over boat with mon and kid under a boat leaving the dock

Torn clothes

To dream of white family

Trouble finding my house

Tamarind eating dream

Tire with nails

Two people praying

Toenail come off

Transgender giving to eat

Treble hook stuck in my forehead- third eye area

Toss salad

To be called mean

Two headed raven



Tilted house

Trees and leaves

Trying to find your way back home

To see a tabs in dream

Toen nail

Two faced person

To close a portal to the underworld means

Temrind in guava

Time peace with roman numerals

Trying to kill a witch

Toileting in the dream means what

Tuching my sister pussy


Taking my pastors clothes to laundry mean

Taki my pastors clothes toundr

Taki my pastors clothes toundry


Translucent fish

Tumeric dream means

Turmeric dream meaning

Turmeric dream

To dream of unripe pawpaw

Taking my last breath

Towel been stolen

To dream of photographs of yourself and your boyfriend

The meaning of seeing kolanut in dream

Truck driver job

Truck driver hob

Tenants moving in my home to rent a free house

Two stars and two angels in malayalam

Two stars and two angels

Tree house dreams

To see wearing pink bangles


Talking to someone you never met

Tarantula picadura

To give a message

To dream of your gum hurting

Tiny animals

To see money up to 70



Throwing ketchup

Taking and shit

Three men as suitors

To hear train horn

Train horn

Train horn while sleep

Torn cloths

To dream of gobela

To sell priewinkles in dream

Two jugs with water pouring together

Toothbrush not my own i’m brushing my teeth


Tilapia in dreams

Teeth breaking

Torn picture

Three babies buried

Thread in hair


To be drugged

To dream my boyfriend eating with mr

Thousands of tiny scarab beatles

Tennis court slanted

Took granddaughter from me

Two men harming me

To see stockfish head in the dream

Turquoise dog

Tossing blueberries

Trees falling towards me

Turmeric powder in dreams

Tell me what it means in a dream when a wolf bites my right hand and a hyena on my left hand

To go to visit your pastor

To dream of banana pudding

Theft a fone

Two male interests

Typed letters

Talking to a women over the phone

To dream about an active shooter


Turmeric applied on my feet

To see a funeral on dream

Taking geniea fowl eggs


Two brothers fighting in the dream?

The dead giving me a gold ring

There was a demon mokey sitting on my dresser looking very somber.

Tamil priest

Talking about cds

Tongue going down my ear

Tongue going down into my ear

Tongue going dow my right hurt

Two eegs

Two white eegs

Trying to buy undevelop land

Tissue paper

Threatening to bury someone

To dream of buying camphor to get rid of a fly means

Transgenders are dancing

Transgender dance in competition with male happily

Two navals

Trapped domestic animals in mud

The dream meaning of roasting cashew nuts in dream

Tangled in web

To chew chewing stick in the dream

To give away husbands cloth to someone



To see cashew in a dream


Toenail split in half

The wind from the storm blown you away and brought back

Teeth rotten and falling out

Touch my dick


Travelling with a dead person

Two silloettes of men in black one with a trilby



To dream to see a watch man

Taking jewels

Taking a mad man to the church and hospital

Thrift shopping

Training of a gold wine cup

Types of insects

To see full moon lunar esclipe

Traffic jam

Tamarind drink

To dream you are stealing

Two ladies put mehandi in my hands in my dream


Taiwanese actress

Toy gun pointed to my face

To catch a penguin

Turmeric powder

Tooth falling without pain

To see lots of sawdust near clean glasses

The sky is falling and desasters

Total white hairs

Taking off clothes

Tyre road


Track and field

Two heads dream meaning

To see someone falling in a pit

Taj mahal

The tongue of a strange man

Ten thousand dream interpretation


Tape recorder

To see a girl in red

Throwing my kid out

Traveling meaning

Train yard


Trying to scream in adream

To sell your button

To dream a person has become mad

To see lot of money

Tamarind seed in ear

Tamarind seed in your ears

Travelling in boat

To see a hard plastic ruler in your dream



Torn blouse



Teeth guard


Their standing stride

To kill an orange baby snake

Thump print

To see a hacker in dream

Turning around in circle dream

Tax raid

Tight shirt dream means

Tie a jackal on the mouth with a rope

Tied a jackal on the mouth with a rope

Tied a jackal on the month with a rope

Thorn in hand



Throw out smelly shoes

To dream my husband try to erase a tatooof my name


Termite meaning


To buy house

Tie dye bed sheets

Tiger roaring

Things stolen

Toe nail almost falling off

Teeth shattering

Talking and moving sarcofagus point to the door

To see someone in sanatorium

Travelling with a deceased person

Tasbeh beads

Taking massage

The dead dying again

Taking clean water from a strangers tank

The opposite sex touched one of my breasts



To chew stick

Tag pin

Transgender dancing in dream

Travel to makkah

Teleporting with someone

Tiring a headscarf for an old lady

Tyinf a headscarff for old lady

Too weak to interact

Transgenders giving blessings

Trying to ride the bicycle




Thunder lightning hitting the ground


Throwing frisbee at someone to put them away

Throwing frisbees at someone to pour them away

Throwing frisbee


To see an old man in a dream

To see a man with a can of condense milk


To be arrested by police

Travel by camel

Turkey meat

Two dragonlike creatures inside windows on two different sides

Train tracks crossing

Touching his hand

Thick dust

Teacher hitting me in dream





To remove fingernail and remain with permanant nail

Traffic officer

To see drumsticks in dreams

Thigh highs

Two women caned me in my dream

Toy gun meaning

Tornado flying saucers

To be killed

Talking to my deceased father

To see dead ones in white and sky blue dress in dream according to islamic concept

To see dead ones in white and sky blue dress in dream

To eat chin chin means

Throwing money

Theater play

Triplet babies

Two suitors means

Taro root

Termites in someones building

To see your baby daddy who left you give you the empty jug in dream

Trying to run, legs are heavy

Throwing powder

To dream being a twine with someone

To throw stone

Tiny dragon


Tears of milk

Taking back old clothes

To dream of carrying a bag of crayfish

Two green parrots

Too busy in dream in pregnancy


Toll green trees

Tiger drinking water



To dream with tighers

To buy a purple soft drink fanta grape and snacks

To buy a purple soft drink fanta grape

Turmeric powder in dream

Tie dye shirt

Toy machine gun

Too much gum

To carry a black hot pot of rich in dream

The number ten

That you can’t stand up

Toilet tissue paper

Toilet tussue

Tomatoes paste

Tae kwon do


Thong hair


Trapped magpie

Third gender bites in dream

The miraculas medal laying on the rug right near me and i picked it up

There was a person who i never talk to but was my enemy in my dream i was trying to talk to that per

Two-headed woman

Tide going out

Tortillas factory

Taking off pearl necklaces

To dream of my mother moping the floor

To dream of my mother cleaning in my dr

Trone cloth in dream meaning

To dram if another girl near your boy friend?.


Trees felled

Transparent wall

To dream someone else dead and seeing her newly made grave

To see a rich woman walking by his feet means what ?

Ted cloak

Teams to survive a game


Think i have hind money

Think i have hind miney

Taking off many layers of clothing

Trio of puppets on string cut

Traveling with a dead person on a trip

Tearing my husbands shorts

Touching elder women feet and getting blessings

Throwing old clothing away in dream

Train wreck

Tiger nuts

Toy dinosaur

Tour busses

Termite queen

The meaning of picking nutmeg in the dream

Turmeric powder dream

Turmeric water

Television box

Toe pain

Two white cars

Taking drugs

To see fesses in dream

Toilet roll


Tooled leather

Tennis raquet

Three babies and a flood


To dream of places of worshiping idol

Tongue with a pearl

Thumble weed

Thumb weed

Thumble weed rol

Thumble weed rolling towards me

Tea pot

Told to be like a deacon

To dream of grass growing

The color of pink

Tummy ache

Turmeric stick

To fream dirty cloth

The virgan mairy

Tabo dream meaning


Twins baby girl

Tank of water on the tower

The ark of covenant’s

To dream of a picture of the virgin mary

Tamarind meaning

Two boys touching a girl but cannot fight back

Tuning fork

Tall bride

Toilet blood diarrhea

To bit a mad woman

Transgender fighting eachother

Transgender fighting in dream

Tulip red

Two fighting

Toenail off

Taking holy communion in church

To dream of cocoyam

Teen with nose ring

Torn clothes meanings

Torn socks

To eat polony in a dream

Traditional game

To see my husband naked in dteam

Thinking about girlfriend


Touch vagina


To see little baby girl

Tattoo on my face

Two pomegranates

Tunning pap

To see bulb light


Termite dream


Transgender blessing in dream



Talking to a sangoma

Toenail peeling off

Talking with father

Two heads

Thin body

Toothpicks in throat

To see someone through a glass wal

To see someone from a glass wall

To attack someone with a closed umbrella

Telephone number

Top most soldier uniform

Talking animal

Thieves in my home

Taking care

To dream being a treasurer

Tire flying off the back of truck toward my car

Transformer robot

To dream of st padre pio

Taking a ride on a horse drawn carriage

Tander in dreams

Traffic police

Tissue as tithe

To pick maggi cube


Tiger biting hand

Tearing something up


Tractor acident

Touched by an eagle

Touched by an eagles wing in a dream

Transgender dream meaning

To beat mad woman

Taking out eyes

Tall stones erected

Testifying in dream


Talking with king

Traveling on a road

Two rings

Triple headed lion

Telling to stop in dream means

Two headed lamb

The clothes of a death person

Tree stun

Throwing hard stool

Throwing of stool


To slap my son on face

This person is a locust

To eat okro and eba

The word tiara in a dream


Tearing sanitary pad into pieces in dream

Talking about islam over phone

Travel with a deseas persone


Trying on shoes

The name shadreck

Turning lights off


Taking money off you

Transfer in dream

Telling hadiths over phone

Tv reporter

Time machine


Taking revenge

To dream of helping blind women

Tasbeeh broken and scattering

To dream you have a baby

Take an exam

Totem pole

Tevrat book

Tevrat in dream

To loose a phone

Trouble maker


Tiger nut in dream

Throwing coolers at me

Third gender dream meaning

To see mustard oil putting in hairs in dream

Tiger deficating in jungle

Taro roots

Toad and shovel

Throwing lentils

Tiny spiders

To lost a bitter kola in a dream

Touching someones hair on their neck

Taking nutmeg

Tickle a crush


Three gates

To have something fall out of your vagina

Torned dress

The golden gate bridge

Tree stump

Tree stump alter

The saint padre pio

To see fesses in your dream


Took butter in temple

The plague

Tall biulding

Three snakes



Transgender dreams

Throwing things at me

Three green limes

Talking about marriage


Tall trees forest

Tailor shop

Tap dance


Tree moving

Tree flying

Three leg brown horse

Taking care of a rooster

Taking care of a colorful rooster

Taro leaves

Tan car

To dream of seeing louse in someone hair

Trying to get somewhere

Talking to a person with vitiligo in my dreams meaning

To see grasshopper in dream

To visit a lace fabric store in a dream

Three some

To dream of wearing two left side slippers

The letter y

T junction of a road

Totem pole alive

Total family

Tigers eye

Tear clothes

Thanking jesus

Toxic gas

To dream of killing crass cutter

Trapped with someone

Tooth falling out in pieces

Turmeric applied in face

Traditional wedding

Trogan horse

Tie dye clothes

Transfer from a big work station to a small one.

Transfer from a big work station to a smaller one

Travelling in a bus

To dream of someone dead alive wearing green?

To see locust beans for in the gutter in the dream means what

Two men whipping oneself

Trap door

To dream of a card symbol club

Take your money and jewelry

To dream of an islamic scholar

To dream of your wife acting crazy

Turn into a power ranger

To have sex with ape

Touch kaaba

Take off your ring

Tiger chasing the people

Thieves trying to steal

Thieves trying to steel

To dream of a falling brick wall.

Torn pillow


Talking to birds

Throwing rocks in ocean


Take off shirt

Teenage boys

Twin boys


To dream of being at a water park

Temple pond with whirlpool

Tiger in dream


Tamarind harvest dreaming

That you pollute the air

Torn cloth

Taking food to neighbour

The dream someone spitting on me


The sky

Tree try to grab me

Throttle the neck

Traveling on bus

Two hearts


Turmeric paste being applied on you , your mom and sister

Tiny children

Transgender if see in our dream


Told to leave home

Treble clef

Tower fell


To kill guinea fowl in the dream

Travelling in a car

Throwing out old clothes

Thunder voice

Third gender person clapping at death

Teeth nfall

Twins birth

To be caned in a dream by a prophet

Teat clothes

Two women breaking waters one full term one early pregnancy

Tupperware party

To open new blankets

Twin pregenancy

To dream a man with a virginia meaning

Twin siamese cats

Throwing tuna fish

Throwing cans at someone

Trapped burning building

Top les


Taro plants dream meaning

Throwing a strawhat back in a persons house



To break furniture in a dream

Tar in mouth

To see someone wearing a ponytail

The house of dead people

Train moving

Toilet was flooded with stools

Three pregnancies

Talking to a pundit

Transgender in my dreams

Two men sex

Traveling with a friend in a dream

Trapped with my enemy

Trapped with someone i hate

Trapped with someone your scared of

The rangers


Trailer park that is,dark whining roads

Time travel

To dream your wisdom teeth out

Trying to kill a blow fly


To see sel roti in dreams

Tissie paper



To make pooris at gurudwara in dream

Taking wudu

Throw a softball

Talking to spirits

Teddy bears


To dream sameone is being praised

To dream sameone is being praised and awarded

Throwing away food to bed by dog

The person i love marrying someone else

Turning right in a car

Team of being in a dungeon with satan




To dream fish

Trees in house garden

Turmaric applied children faces

To dream holding a shoe heel


Tea and snacks


Tabby cats

Talking to wise old man


To see the sky in mirror veiw

Torturing a cat

Two headed snake

Travelling on a wide and empty road


Taking responsibility of janaza in dream

Tandem bike


Tall man in dream what is the meaning

To see prawns in dream


Transformation into something unnatural

Threatened with a knife

Thrown from a car accident

Tipping a beautician

Tamarind dream what does it mean

To see beautiful green place

To see water fall

Top of a building

Two headed baby | dream meanings

Teeth hanging

Two sons born

Twin sons


Told about finding wealth





Toilet pots

Tooth falling



Toilet paper rolls

Torn screen door

Terror attack

Turkey berry


To dream of photocopying

Tied up by my husband

Torn shoes meaning




To kiss someone in excitement

Teeth stained with ash

Traditional healer with small stones

Taking gold from dead person

To see animals talking with me



Trawing up

Travel to jerusalem

To see portrait of yourself in dream mean


The angel of death

The dead alive


Toenail dropping off

Toy merchant

To see a grinded pepper in your hand.?

To see grinded pepper in your hans.?

To see pepper in your hand.?

Turquoise dress

Two white egret bird


Tennessee valley authority

The recovery of a sick brother

Teeth falling out

To see mad woman

Talk with prime minister means

Toe nail exposes a hole

Toe nail exposing a hole in toe

Taking a poop

Trying to find a place to stay

To dream of working in restaurant but cant keep up with all the customers

Two wifes

Tumbleweed floating in the air

The word prophetess

To be given bottled water and every other person in the dream was given water in a plastic bag

Tissues paper

The interpretation of termites inside the house

Thunder fear

To dream whip a man with belt

To see a grasscutter in a dream

Trampling on eggs

To buy a cinema ticket in my dream

Tawiz in dream

Talking with a dead brother

To be followed

The grudge

The meaning of seeing buying sweets a dream

To see someone fall into well water

To see someone fall into well

Thieves in the house

Tail of unknown animal

The meaning of seeing the sun in the dream in islam

The meaning of seeing the sun in the dream


Theatre toilet


To buy a movie ticket in my dream

To buy a movie ticket in my drram


Tooth fell

Tied up legs in chain

Torn bank statement in a dream

Taking down a shed

To dream of a lady wearing a silver dress

To close a bedroom door

The meaning of dreaming corn tortilla

Toe nails in dream

Trying to pull out your teeth

Travelling with a prophet

To big shoes

Touching boobs

Throw phone

The day of judgement

Torture chase

Tiara on women

Tongue cut from glass

To see someone in angry mood


Trapeze biblical dream

Tree giving water

Toefinger is fungus

Tree roots

Trying to steal something someone very close

To dream of aunt dying


Trying to find a place to sit down in the church

Tied up

Tea in a dream

Too tired to speak


To dream of a silver car

To dream seeing someone having an orgasm

The dead with wrist watcg

Tranquilizers falling from the sky

Trankulizers falling from sky


Two huge horses try to break my house

Ten fingers on right hand

To ate roasted meat

Three pigeons

Tree alking

To see your husband naked

Tree stripped bare

Train toppling over

Two die wearing white around their bodies


Tresure box bunch of keeys

Teared clothes

Two old men

To see mongoose in a dream

Transparent fish

Traveling with male peers

Traveling with men


Talking to a jinn


The meaning of your friend selling food

Temple tower



Taxi ride to nowhere

Times square

To buy a wrist watch

To see someone riding by


Trangendor sex

Tearing uniform of my son

Theft of cash


To see ants in towel?

Talking infront of people

Talking with a microphone

Taking our a tooth

Tide coming in

To wash my dirty pants in my dreams

The colour yellow

Talking with deputy president

Talking with prime minster of my country

Talking with the prime minster


Two heads dream

Transgend in dream

Trying to catch up to one of the three women in my dream

Two cotton tails nesting in the southwest corner of room and a brown hen nesting in the northest corner of the room

Tangled fishing line

Tangled line

Teeth crooked


Teeth fall



To dream of youth people in army uniform

Trying to close a door

Trim lips

Two wasp on my finger but did not sting me in my dream


Toilet paper

Toilet paper in bathroom

Transgender person

To be handcuffed


Talking to mother who died

Touch other women

The world ending


Three pillars

To be a waitress

To dream about water in islam




The sun setting in the east


Trumpeting in my dream

Talking to transgender

The name bob

Teeth inside out

Tennis ball thrown at me in dream

Tooth fall out at grow back in

Trying to find seat

To stutter

To stutterer

Touching another woman breast

Tail on woman

The husband is connected with another women

To see a merman hold a mermaid

Two fish one male and female

To see both mermaid and merman holding each other


Torn cloak

Torn prayer shawl

Third eye

The marsh of jerusalem

To meat a rv father in dream

Taking sweet from dead relative

Trying to build a fire

Tugboat rescue


Toenails falling off

Toe fix on the floor


Teeth fallimg and them collecting them


Train accident

To dream of smelting gold




Throwing a shoes


Tongue color


Trolley filled with carrot cakes and someone takes my cakes

Trolley filled with carrot cakes buying

Toddler back pack

Turkey berry in dream meaning

Turkey berry in dreams

Tore garment and shared in dream

Toy monkey

Two people attacked me with a machete we wound each other but i over come them

Taking ablution in a classroom

Turkey attack in.dream

Two headed man

Touching a penis

Transform into monster

To dream the envelope with money $5 bills $1 bills someone put it in my hand and i put it in my pocket

Two oons


Teenage girl hugging

Twin infant babies die

The dream of a bride

Transfer of gown

To dream of my church and them putting on a bible play

Tumor remove

Travel tickets

Trapped in closet

Two newborn boys in period pain and a wedding taking place with too much cars meaning numbers

Two newborn boys in period pain and a wedding taking place with too much cars

Two newborn boys in period pain and a p


Tinsel rose

Too big pants

Transfer in from one place to other in dream

Tasked to ring a bell


Two roosters facing each other on a dishtowel what is the meaning

Taking a test over

That i received my tax check

Turned angel

This passage about

To dream of your dead son

Tin mackerel mean in dream

To hear mumbling

Two eyes morph into one on the face of a woman


Turmeric on face


Transporting in a wagon

Time clock

Tv show character

Tree in palm

Taking out spirits

Toe nail fall off and replaced with new



Teaching math

To a passage in a car

Tight fitting clothes in a dream

Taking out mucus from nose


To see the wearing of black cap in dream

The poop of a deceased prins


Thick mucas

To lose a favourite cooking pot

Two people same person


Teacher beating me in dream

Tapping palm wine in dream

Turning into a weed

Too big clothes

Tortoise turns into a kitten

Tissue wrapping paper

Throwing up earrings

To see a missing button and trying to sew it back

Thumb hair

Tiger killing cat

Tide coming in at sunrise

Talking with protestant pastor

Talking with protestant pasto

Talking to pastor


Thatch roof meaninh

Te vjedhesh

Talking with fairy about my wishes

Thunder storm

To see somebody bringing a life snake into the house

To dream about stadium what does it mean?

To dream being strangled by your mother

To dream your enemy dancing


Tanker truck

The words four door south on a green sign

Toothbrush in ear

Toothbrush coming out of ear

Three eye humans

Talking white bird

Team change

Transgender dream

Talking to an police officer in my dream

Tearing of clothes

Two vagina dream

Transgender in dreams

Transgender blessing

To dream digging suarage hole

Teeth ka girna

Tarantula big spider

Taxi dream meaning

Tongue peeling out

Tarnished silver


Torn cloth in mosque


Transgenders in dream


Two perfume bottles

To see snow in the dream

To see brick kline in dream

Train tunnels

Thick white hair

Twin pots on a stove it.mean

Table in the air

Teaching chess

Twin girl babies

To receive ginger

Tita aso aloku loju orun

Toaster burning food



Taraweeh prayer


Traveling through vegetated and rocky terrain


Two vaginas

To dream of cattle

To be in a ranch

Teeth dentures


Talking with students

Trans gender

To fall down

Turning around something that is stocked

Table with lazysusan

To dream about a shamrock

Tiny furniture

Tailor measurement

Throwing honeydew

To dream of being advised to get five green limes

To see someone else feet in dream

Tribal chasing me to kill me

To dream seeing a man of god removing snake from your pocket

To dream a snake taking off from your poket by a man of god

Telephonic communication in dream

To see red bangles

Telekinetic powers

Telekinetic powers & wings



To rescue people from a cave

Two cats


Trapped on spiral stairs

Transgender coming in dream


Traveling with dead person

To walk up stairs

To dream of a box or boxes full of items indicates that you will be taking a journey to dream of empty boxes means you will lose something which

Trying to get through maze on stilts

Traveling with a deceased

The dead giving out new clothes to people alive

Transgender in dream meaning

Transgender asking for money in dream

Troll dream

Turtle soup

To see a dry up river in a dream what does it mean

To a dry river in a dream

The crusifiction

Third eye opening

Trying to sex with women

Throwing an annoying person


Taking a walk through unpleasant area

To see smoke fish in dream

To dream of a prohetess

Talking to tenant

Talking on radio

Truck of books


The dreamer saw her marriage is fixed with a dead man she was having a conversation

Traveling over dam


Talking to police

Tick in your dream

Twoo and half


Terrorist in dream

Thicket in forest

Trapping a wild boar

Tea powered

Talking to a rabbit

Tree with hole

To dream of a deceased priest


Taking pill

Tree of brinjal

The sea

To see ripe jamun in dream

Traditional healer pouring medicine

To leave drawers

Thanksgiving to allah

Travelling in train

Taking plaque off teeth


To score myself a goal

To dream about a puzzle

Three clean water wells on dry land

Taking exam

Time frame

Toilet overflowing with feces


Tissue over eyes

Travelling with enemies

Three blimps and a plane crashes into last blimp and it hitting next blimp and it hitting third blimp and crashes into flames with a love one on board and they didn’t want to be there


Train robbing

Tiger snatch while feeding food

To dream of exchanging my car with someone elses

To dream about exchanging cars

Treating your hair with grease in the dream

Teams of sticking up for yourself

Throwing dead cats

Two pennis in dream means


Tennis ball on the ground

Two flying white horse

Taking lettuce out of a basin

Talking lettuce

To wee in the mouth

Teeth cleaning


Talking with prime minister

Twin flame

The dog bite me

Tampons coming out unaturually

Talking to royalty


Twin toddlers

To see a new laundry brush

Tsunami coming

Talking to husbands mistress

Two heads mean

Trying to het away from a boyfriend killing me

Two front crown fell and put than back

Taj mahal in dream

Teaching salah

Teaching how to pray

Taking off the feathers of a pegeon wing

To see hijra

Toxins in home

Testifying in a dream at church

Temple bell ringing in a dream

Tap water

Trying to get ready to go to the prom with many delays happening that keeps me from going

Tiger jafar

Tiger imam

Teeth broken


To see prayer mat

To see a period stain on your clothes

Transgender enters in my house


To see marble

To see beautiful place

To see white marble building

Tablet of ten commandments

Tooth broken

Two frogs under my bed

Ticket collector in a bus

Travel in a bus

Traditional dress

Turkey walks across the street

Thick hair

To dream of a cat and dog

Tapioca leaves


Transgender people

To dream of losing a choir robe

To loose your choir robe

Transformation from woman to man




Trying to kill a grasscutter

Teapot & cups

The wheer playing at preschool sitting on their chairs smiling at me while im passing in


Tying a knot

Two parakeets

To see blood

Together someone

To dream of seeing ovacado when pregnant meaning

Trash bags

Torn jeans

Tooth worm


Table cloth in a drian meaning

Tissue papers

Tree falling

Travel in train

That i was with the prophet shoping

Test tubes

Telling me to be prepared for saturday

Travel with dead person

To see the sky coming apart with a big bang like its the end of time

Torch light shown by deceased father

Taking green clothes from man

Tree cutting

Talking to dead relatives

Teeth fallin

Torn shoes

Thumbtack in skin

Time going backwards

Tonenail pull out

Tunga penetrans

Trying to make tea in a tea pot

The book of my dreams

The book of my dreams torrent

Two women doing magic

Teeth that stick out


Tunnel vision

Throughing rocks at me

Tunnel with water


Tested on

Tattered mattress

Three white candles

Thumb sucking

Throw person into air

To discover an area of petrolum

Tasbih break

Thiefs in dreams

Traveling abroad

Two building collapsing with people inside

Turning wheel

The father says the son can live with the mom


Two children

Teeth fall out




Tar clearing from ear

Tar in ear

Tarred ear

Tar ear

To dream of a prime minister


Trying to kill me

Taking bath in public dream

Talking to a piece of toast

Tear paper

Traveling in a bus

Trees of fruits

Transgender i dream.

Tall man in dream

Top of mountain

Tomb stone

Traveling in horrible places

To dream of sorrel

To dream of washing sorrel

Timber trees




To dream of millet and corn

Two cars about to hit you the you say gods name and they don’t

Two cars

Two headed animals

Theft of gold

Terrier dog

Tacking cover


The cat was given birth while one dog was biting the head of the kitten coming out and the other dog was was biting the mother cat the both mother cat a baby kitten were ginger and white mother cat half covered in blood.

Toe nails falling off with new ones already grown in


Torn acl

Torn acknowledge

Torn axle

Touching a male genital part

Taking shower in dirty bathroom

To dream deceased pastor

Throwing away money

Tooth chipping

To dream you sleeping on a matress on the floor

Tar sticking to a person

Thor god of thunder

To be frauded


Teacher and mother


To smash

Trapped bull


To see a death person

Termites eating my flesh dream

Travel with my mother

Tall trees


To see almira

Tall and fair with glasses

Tall and fair

Tv commercial


To dream killing guinea fowl in a dream meaning why?

To dream killing guinea fowl meaning in a dream

Trying to escape being forced to commit suicide


Thick door

To kiss al-hajar al-aswad

Two people throwing human flesh in a river


Timber furniture


Tree with stems


Transformed into a wonan

Two tongues

The meaning of dreaming of a clay pot filled with water and green fruits

Thorns in hands

Tucan bird

To give clothes to dead person in dream mezning


To dream of killing and eating a duck or being murdered


Tea cups


To see a red car with white stripes

Tapioca dream

Train ticket

Tressure gold

To see ones wife naked in dream

Transparent shoulder

Trsnspaerant body part

Tablet box

Totem statue with alphabet on it

Toenail drops out

Three nipples

Taking food from dead person

The colour orange

Two husbands

Transgender in a dream

Tweed suit

Transgender giving blessing

To dream of seeing someone walking through your hometown

To dream being posion

Tubes of chapstick stuffed up your nose

Trees on fire

Told to have a sleepover

Togo plates

Theft of a car in dream

Torn trousers

Towel dream


Troubled water

Toilet plunger

Throwing dead bodies

To see some one washing offal in a dream


Tongue swollen

Turkey flying landing

To dream of twins

Three red doors all in one doorway, one solid tall and middle one tall but rubber third one tall solid with rised panel

Three red doors all in one door way one solid tall and middle one tall but rubber third one tall solid with rised panel




To pick limes


Theft of a car

Tattoo on foot sole

The meaning of eating kernel fruit in dream


Taking holy communion in the church

To dream about a rastafarian


To see someone with ringworm

Tears in grandmother

Telling family about infidelity

Tamarind picking in pregnant women dream


To see coffin in a dream

Two feet in one blue shoe



Two-storey house

Traveling with a friend

Travrling with a friend

Trying hard to hold two quran and kissing the fallen quran

Theft of an engagement ring

Trumpet blowing

To dream of grits

Two women

The number 23

Teardrop shape

Tiger a

Talk to me

Taking a bath in públic with salt water

Tamarind eating dream in pregnancy

Transparent net dress

Travelling towards masjid nababi

To be seated at a large roud table

To fly

Teeth fell off

Transgender ppeared


Tip over

Tree falling on window

To go with a friend to a place

Tennis racket

Talon scratches

Tail on a woman

To see someone who caught a life grass cutter in a dream


Touch the blood water hair of new born

Two heads on person

Travel to another country

Turning white to black hair

Toy dog

Things coming alive


Talking newborn

Two sheeps stole my hand bag

Tom peeping

Thumb burn

The sea dance

Travelling in airplane

To dream color green

To dream green soap

Tail going up a tree

Two white hair on hand

Toga at work

To hug someone u love

Torn old shoe

To dream of two shifts

Talking to dead mom

To dream of lumber

Taller than husband

Two white water jugs

Throne for queen

The word yeti was spoken loud

Tub oculi s

Trying to catch a parrot

To break coconut


Turtles and donuts


Thirteen thousand

Test scores

Teaching french

Trees of lemons and apples

Tall palm tree which wine is coming out from it meanin

T junction

Translucent person

Trying to get in the right elevator

To see a group of cultists in dream

To see a group of cultists in dream pp

Tomato red


Toll line

Tomato dream

Throwing black stones to someone

Taking flowers from a grave

Talking to king

Truck engine

Throwing rose petals

Turning things

Torch a woman sex

Things rotating continuously

Twitch a six of women


Taking a picture with shahrukh khan

Things spinning continuously

Trapped birds

Tissue paper in red packet

Tall blue vase

To wave banana leaves

To dream of swimming with seaweed

Two women kissing


To dream of reddened skin with white butterfly on right should of grandmother

To dream of yellow and orange sunset and brown mountain sweat does it mean on a screen of a tv

Toucan bird evil

Trumpet flowers

Trapped between two buses

Turkey feathers

Two lunar eclipse

Touching of a swine

Tidal wave crashing overhead

Talk on bed



To see someone wearing many wigs

To dream eating the limestone at the palm of you hand

Trying to catch up with someone

Termite eating hair

Take off

Taken up in whirl wind

Torn scarf

Tortoise babies

Taxidermy of butterfly


Three pine cones

Tongue piercing

Touching banana

Teeth loss


The word trust

Tomato in raised garden

Tomato plant

Theft if ring

Travelling fast

To see yourself running in the dream

Talking to a pastor in a dream



Thai soup

Taking jeepney

Take ladles in dream meaning

Trying to sell curl iron


Turquoise earring

To care somebody

Tamarind collecting

The person whom i love most pierced sharp knife into one side of my stomach


Two headed deer

Tight ring

To see father who has passed away

Total wave

Tennis court named grail

Taking gift to a dead baby and find her grave beautifully derorated

Two layers of trousers


Two crying elephants

To harvest cocoa yam in a dreams means what?

Table crumbs

Toking on the phone

Turmeric color


Taking clothes off washing line

Taking wudhu

To dream of tiara

To drea

Talking with dead

Teachers for dinner at home

Teachers at home

Trimming palm trees

To see died father



Tape worm

To see stairs from top

Tiger stone ring on right ring finger

To kill a wall gecko in dream

Two moons and the sun

To dream someone else is racing

Taking a photo with a dead woman

Taking a picture with a dead woman

There was a female sucking blood

To be choose. over another person

To see making and sharing butter

Thrid eye

Threw boiling water on someone


Try to shoot someone but gun won’t fire

Teonails falling off

Two colored pen

Tiger nut and interpretation

Two red horses in my dream

Two red horses in my dream in front of my door

Tooth picks all over floor

Tall lady coming out of washroom



Transgender person giving food in my dream

Talking to panda

To dream of marrying a dead man

To dream of marriyng a death man

Tree flowers

Tree petals

Two young happy chinese girls cutting flower petals with scissors

Two young girls cutting something with scissors

Two girls with scissors

To be runing with yam pestle holdin it in hand



Two swords crossing one another

To dream to call the police

To see tail of a snake

Take water of well

To have a plague in a dream

The number three


Torn pants

Take of your glasses

Terra cotta

Travel for haj


Trying to kill an animal or person

Taking holy communion



There is a stranger in the basement

Toilet paper rolls in toilet

Taller than everyone


To get shot

Tree in flower blooming

Toching giant lizard tail and get attacked

Track suit

To be granted permission


To se other lady with long hair

To dream an albino

Tripping up

Tattoo saying charmed

Toe nails falling off

To keep dreaming of my boss and longing for him


Two baby girls

Tall person in dream means

Tic tac toe lines on my face

Too see kiswa

To die in four months

Time traveling

Traveling to do umrah with my deceased father

To dream a girl showering in a ruver

Trees cut down

Trans ual

Tooth falling out of your mouth

To wake up and see a cloud of smoke then it dissappears

To see animals

Torn garments

Telling people to pray or its like person with no head quote of hadith

Transgender give some problem

Thighs being stitched


Tongue piercing fell out

To wear a wig in your dream not fit right on your head what do that mean

Travelling by road

Tasbin in a dream

To defeat a murderer

Throwing up white

Table rectangle

Tow trucks

Thousands of pink fish on land in distress

To see blue water in dream

To dream of buying periwinkle in the dream

To dream of someone stealing and being caught and beaten up

Trying to choke me

Turtle bite

Taurus the bull

To witness a car accident on the road

To see a vehicle being involved in an accident

To see a vehicle hitting a house fence

To see an accident

Turquoise wedding ring

To see my husband wearing female underpants in the dream

Toilet paper with blood


Teapot broken

To see man plucking plant in pot in dream

To price locust bean in a dream

To price locust bean in the dream

Talking to dead people

Tooth following out in dream

Triming finger nail

Two people hanging from a tree

To dream i lost my business

The dead relative hugging me

To dream painting a house

Trying to suicide both husband and wife in muddy river

Transgender with your husband

To kill a child

Theft of wedding ring on person

Theft of wedding ring o. person

Third gender

To see crab

Temple gopuram in dreams


Teeth worm


Tiger walking outside the room

Talking to a death person

Turn around

Travelking by bus

Talkung on phone with famous person

Talking on phone

The dead hugging you and crying in a dead

Two wives kissing

Testicles of a ram

Trying on coata in a dream

Travel visa

Tooth falliing

Thin person

Three rocks

Trapped with limited freedoms



Turn back


Two black wild cats

Two black panthers

Travelling to hajj

Thumb fungernail

Tilapia in pond


Taking care of loved one

The sun exploding

Talking on roof


Thawing ice

To dream of someone having a gray hair on his head


Transformation into a bug in my dream


Takbir in a dream

Two noses

The presidents

Telling the truth


Torat book


Tiger fish

Tables and chairs


Taking a bath in the public


Thief steal everything from home

To buy a bible

Travelling by sea

Talc powder

Toenail pulling dream

Traveling to new city


The dead person in a dream not talking to you

Talking to long time no seen dad

To see someone picture hanging on wall

To see someone ear cut

The dead reaurrects

Thinking of going abroad

To see playing in marigold flower bed

To see earthquake


Trapped in car with dead grandpa

Tared road

Two ways

Trunk of tree

Tree branch

Throwing up blood

Throwing rocks

Train travel

To see prime minister

Two heads one body

To curry your mother dead body

To curry your

Talk men

Teeth gums

Touching pearls


Thrown out

Tall building


Train leaving the rails

Two snakes

To dream chewing very fresh almond leaves

The word mushrik


Transforming into a bird

To see a thief

Twins baby boy born to sister


To own a lawn care business

Thief in a house


To see one’s daughter dead

To see your daughter dead

To see a daughter wrapped in coffin



Tie cut

Treaming hairs


Tyranosaurus rex

Talking snake

Tithing in church

Teeth knife

To win money

To see your hair go thin

To see you’re hair coming thin

Teeth extracted

Teeth extracted from child by father

Taking the shower in dream



The tomb or shrine of a muslim saint.

Twin girls

Twin girls with a deceased person

To see eagles

Toe nail

Toenail falls off

To see sunset

Tied feet

To swallow

Thumb of foot

Toe falling off


Talking goat

To see un ripe cherries

Talking with the dead


Trying out a used clothes of one of my friend since she wants to sell it


Telephone numbers


Talking with president

To dream about princess diana

Tick insect in my hair

Tropical swimmingpool

Trying to get home

Tissue box

To eat roasted yam in dream

Toilet floor sunken with hole with water

Travel by cable car


Turkey berry dream meaning

Traveling with a loved one

To see friend with white hair

Toe sucking

Torrential flooding water on roads

Thicket brush

To see lauki in dream

Torn dirty mattress

The name of allah

Teeth falling from mouth into hands

To be given melon seeds in the dream

Torn and worn clothing


Toys of cars

Traveling in ataxi

Tiolst paper

Teeth removed without pain

Toilets paper dream


Turning into baby

To dream of no brakes on tailer causing accident

To dream of dark green jello in a dream

To wear different leg of slippers in the dream


To dream of being caned

Turn left when leaving a school

Tremor many people

Tremor with a lot of people

Teeth brushing

Transforming female snake

Tranceforming woman snake

Tie dye shirt dream

Two classes of wine

Two wives

Tiger eyes



Twenty five

Torn curtains

Throw stones

Thow in anger

Throwing stones at dead mom

Table cloths

Three testicles

To dream someone breaking in your house

Termite eaten wood in dream

The back of me is dead the front of me is alive

The front part of my body in alive the back of me is dead

Two man

Try to kill me

Time sheets

Truck not moving large tires then creeper forward a little

To dream nail coming off

Tiger nut in a dream tv

Tiger nut in a dream

Touching lion head

Two belly buttons

Talking to cat

To see a woman making rangoli

Two big snake out

Two giant squid

Tapping on door

Toenail fell off

Third eye on another person

To be in dust storm caused by falling rocks

Two poles

Two telephone poles

Tobacco pouch being closed


Theft of ring

Thick black hair

To see a queen

Trees with their fruits

Talking to someone who is ignoring you in a dream

Two different sofdrinks combine together

Talking with pastor

Tear drop freckles

Tatoo on body

Tatoo forced to have

Tatoo in orange red on breasts

Tatoo unwanted

To see boyfriend dieing


Tiger climbing a tree

Toddler blonde son

Trmarind dream

Two girls kissing

To see razor blade dream

Ticks on your foot

Teleporting in a dream


The dead sweeping a house

Torn skirt

Taking bath in a bathroom with three persons

Toad stools

Taking handful of mopani worms

Taken by low tide

Tradtional wedding

To give a lamp to someone

Temple in forest

Touching hair

Talking to a girl while really close together

Train with a dog



The river flow to my door

Tomb vault

To see aircraft fighting

Two dragonflies together

Throne verse

Table upside down

Tinted windows

Two gecko fighting

Trying to keep stone in a grind rock but not done in a dream

Tendon heel

To fry beef liver

Talking with allah



Torn clothes meaning

Tortoise with no shell

Thieves and radio

Tattoo saying i am charmed

Tears of happiness

Tears of happiness and car

Turkey attack

Transgender are molesting me in the dream

To see vomiting others

To be given money poch in a dream


Trodden on

Twins boy

Toilet dream

Telling someone

Turquoise ring

To see different currencies in dream

Tractor ploughing


Table with monster in a dream

Tall people in my dream

Tall people

Toenails clippings

Toenail clippings

Taking off a belt

To have a chair be taken away

Taking pictures in a dream

Transfer in job

To dream of being a checkout clerk

The diamond from my ring cracked

Things smoldering inside

Trumpet sound


Taking someone\'s engement ring

Thief in the night

Talking to the queen

Thorn in road

Tree branches


Tamarind fruit

Talcom powder

Turmeric on f

Tiger turning back to statue

Too see falling of teeth

Talking to a monkey

Turning around

To. dream of a condom

Tall person in a dream


Talking to minister

Taking care of rejected twins

Thrift store dream meaning

Tide rushing in

The dream is with you

To blowing a whistle

Touch cheeks

Thin baby

Three white unlit candles

The teeth folling out and growing again

Teachers in exam

Tent house

To get bald in dream

The person i love masturbsted on me to insult me front of my family


Tall person dream meaning

To see solomon

To see lots of automobile accident

To grow trees

To kill a praying mantis

Touch the sky


Trying to get somewhere but getting stopped before i can get there

Temple reconstruction

Trying to reach goal but getting distracted

Two man fighting

To see silo in dream


Thick black smoke coming from a burned rice

Thick black smoke from burned rice inside a house

To see a penis in a dream

Three boys


To receive white handkerchief in a dream

To dream of bedbugs

Toe nail polish

To dream of giving medication

To see america flag

The lords prayer


Two head person

To dream of a dead rat

Two sun

To see red eyes


Tongs cooking tool

Throwing stones against car

Trapeze artist

Torn fabric

To dream of wearing a torn dress what does it means in a dream

Trying new sarees

Two skinned goats

To vomit cockroach in the dream means

Theatre friend

Toenail comes off

To dream you are harvesting

Tigger giving birth

Tigger giving birtg

Taking a journey


Tooth ache in dream

Tiger in dream

Taking care of sick

Twins delivery

Teeth growing long

Taking communion

Taking pictures in the dream

Toast of honour

To claim something old


Tennis game dream meaning

The moon is fake

Triplets boys and identical

To be underneath the mattress

Thoughtful fishing net

Taking pictures in the water

Trying to kill by someone

There was a women that was wearing black

Tonails splitting

To see rosemary in your dream


Tapioca dream meaning

Tiger drinking from river

Thefting nose pin by dead person in dream

Teared uniform


To see burning stove in dream

To identify yourself in a dream

Travel abroad

To excrete in the dream

Taking a lid off

To love and be loved

To dream someone showing affection

To wear overall in the dream

Toilet seat

Trying to find something to eat

Taking send off from friends

Taking send off from every one

Taking send off

Toaster oven unplug

Toe nail falls off

Tying shoelaces

Theif entered home and caught

Two crosses

Two crossed

The great depression

There was a orgy taking place but men was scares to do it with me another girl

Tiger nuts dream meanings

To see an abstract painting

Two headed bird in dream

Train explosion

Touching in soil

Touching good soil

Tihera and lions chasingletryi to get me

Tree s

To dream of a exact face someone you know

Triplets girls

Three knocks

Trees 3. clearing them back

Trees vines

To see long hair in dreams


The number 7 in a dream

Taking multiple salt shaker off the table at work


Taking a shortcut

To dream of lime juice


Tangled christmas lights

Tree emberala

Thin garment

To meet pastor in dream



Toaster nose tattoo

Tokyo much head lice in my hair islamic interpretation

Tamarind and green mangoes eating dream

To see oneself as a man who is tensed

To screw a door


The name heather


Trapped in a burning buildings

Tube ligjht

That a goat kick and drag me down a hole

Talking brown horse

Toilet paper roll

That i was saying the lords prayer and kept forgetting the words

To give money to a dead person

To see underwear you dropped in public

To lose a slippers


To see old woman

Thorns on hand

Thorns on hanf

Terrible wounds


Tree fungus

To play with fungus


Touching mothers body parts

Tahini dream meanings

Ten fingers in left hand


Talkng through door

To see one side of someone face ripped off hanginh

Torn dress of my daughter

To see someone smoking

Twin pregnancy

Tongue cut off

Torn top

Trying to make someone seduce me

Triming of mushtache

Temple of light

Twin flame dream

Tree on fire

Turquoise circle

Tamarind distribution dream results

The two witnesses

The two biblical witnesses

Tourquoise woman

Tall house

Tearing down strong spiderweb strands

Tearing down sr.

Tea kettle

That i made a beautiful hair for myself


Talking bird

Tomato sauce

Toe nails coming black in color

To dream im a shark

Three rings on my partner\'s hand

To given champagne

The ground

Tthe demon was choking me and tell me to find another

Teeth lost

Toothpicks in throat in dream

Tigers eye crystal

Tigers eye stone

To see big light brown bird

Testimony in the dream

To dream of a car going backwards and samersaulting

To return a card

Taking presavative medicine

The one that got away

Tears only on right eye

Traveling train


To see herself as islamic queen in dream

To toture a women

To dream that you are shopping for or buying clothes represents your anxieties about trying to fit in or being "well-suited" for your changing role.

Thinking of her

To be a stream

Tower with a green roof

To see a mother just a judge

Telling me i need a scarf

Tower with fire

Take money

Trouble making travel plans

Two ex-boyfriends

Truck bed

To see infant sucking milk

To see white beautiful bird releasing

Tye dye


Torn leggings

Tyres with clay on

Tyres are spotted with mud

The blue tick cartoon chasing me with his large phalluc member

Trying to get babies to sleep

Tearing your old clothes with your hand means what

Tearing of old clothes


Taking ants out from body


Thin light gray clouds

Tea light candles

Taxidermy of cats

Tamoko on an ancestor dream




Tunnel nature

Tree tunnel nature

Tunnel of flowers and bees?

Throwing out clothes

Taking out trash

The queen and prince harry


Toenails coming off

Transparent ram

To see eunch in dream

To give out tuber of yam in the dream

To go for umrah in dream

To dream of stream

Turmeric in face

Twin children

Tiara seen in dream


To torture a women

Thicket meaning

Taming a deer in the forest

Trap no where

To dream of a crazy person

Time traveller


Tailor dream

Tamarind dream meaning

Take my fish

Tennis balls thrown at me

Too many little fish

Teeth broke without pain

Tree with gold leaves



To rub something on your hair in a dream meaning

The dead asks to stay with her for one night

Ten dollars

Tea leaves


Trapped dolphins

Tanning from the sun

Talking to animals

To see your in a unform

Tooth fell out

Talking to a judge

Tortilla making

To dream of making tortillas

To dream of sleeping hand in hand with your man

Twin babys on the carriage

Two faces

Toucing horse

Taking drugs with sister in law


Trapped in a room

Teaching someone to swim

Taking broom from someone

Tea spoon


Two spoons

Thumbs coming out of knees


Two faced

Thick phleghm

Town ahll

Too much leg hair

Tiger saves

To see woman in linen clothes in a dream

Taking engine oil in a container inside a bus means what

Toxin in veins

Two headed baby born

Tee pee

To cut ox liver

Tracking device meaning

Tackling someone

Tackling in water

Toilet overflow

Toilet filled water

Toenail falling off

Thin bones

Through a wall

To buy mortal and pestel in the dream

To be sitting in a sidewalk curb

Trying to clean ablutions

Toilet changed to a living room in dream means





Taking someone’s soul

Touch lips


Trees in snow

Taking over a property with 3 horses on it dream



Table land

Tamarind in dream meaning

To dream you catch an owl

Trails in my dream

Talking with silence

The oracle

Toenails cleaning by water of friend

Touch dock

Taro plants

Toenail coming off

Talking to a pastor in a dream means

To see ghee dripping from a por and into step board

Transforming into jinn

Temple in dream

Talking to dead


To dream to see sea food

Taking photos of headstones

Travel pillow

Time stops

To see grapes means


Tree garden

Telephone call

Traditional healer putting on white clothes

Torn dress

Thorny vines

Two eyes roll into one

Toe nail coming off

Tooth cracking

To hold jesus picture

To hold sacred people pictures

Tapped by someone in a dream


Take a flight

Thon tree

Two moons

Thread makimg ball in dream

Toilets full of blood

Trimming of beard moshtache

The dream symbol you are searched for: seen bookshelf

To find myself with my husband who doesn’t live with me

Tall man

Touching chest

Typing in black paper

Triplet birth

To walk in a beautiful garden in a dream

Tall and beautiful

Trapped animal

Talking to men


To see spanner

Tied owl in house

Told not to squint

Tick and maggots

The death rose again


Termite and door frame

Termite eaten door frame in dream


Thin hair

Trowing someone palm nut in a dream

Three eyed human

To see fireflies

Thrown out of home

Tartar on teeth

Taking out caravan in the garage

Traveling railroad car of john henry african-american servants and i was one of them sledgehammering and axepicking the railroad asphalt

To fix clothes line

Toenails being surgically removed

The meaning of someone holding my thumb

Talking to a confessor dressed in black and confessing

The dude who i was talking to was telling me my face was becoming real hair and a certain spirit was in me then his face turned to a tv box

Taste tester

The meaning chariot in dream

The man i love outside my house with long hair

To be prayed for in the dream

Tropical fruits

Toilet hole

Tennis shoes

Telephone breaking

Two new hand mill


Toys in dream

Talk person

Tooth up rooted

Told im pregnant

Traveling with unknown

Tall, dark and skinny man

Tithing a specific amount

To receive white clothing

Tweed jacket

Tour of a house

Termites in my nose

The growth of hair on a left hand palm

Toffee apple

To give something to a dead in dream

Tube dress

Tight casual skirt

Three tornadoes with flying chinese cranes

Three hurricanes with flying chinese cranes

Tamarind dream

Thorougjfare in dreams

Tropical resort

Tropical resot

To dream of a blind woman

To be trapped

To dreamt that are whistleing and cannot stop

Touching face in dream

To see sand in the toilet.

Time stopping

Temple body


Topless dream

Topless fream

To be sodomized

Trying new food

Trying to wear clothes in dark

To dream saphire slit in four pices in a ring

Three kittens and three puppies in a box

The meaning of broken bucket


Trying to off the gas stove

Thevtgree wise men



Teeth loss of teeth

Teenager boy

Torn garment

Top floor of building with glass windows a helicopter bashing in the window. the next thing i know i am in the helicopter spinning out of control downward.

Top floor of building an glass windows a helicopter bashing in the window. the next thing i know i am in the helicopter spinning out of control downward.

The purge

Talking and being able to breath under water

To dream of a note falling from the sky

The dream symbol you are searched for: very verbal fight with dead mother

Tabasco sauce dream meaning

Thief looking from far

Tapestry of red and gold

Truck needs air

Transfer in a dream means

Trapped on a coach

Translucent powder

Tamarind comes in dream meaning

Traveling with sibling

To dream see a person in your harm

Tomato and pepper

Twin bots

Top ramen

Teal color

Talking with my pastor

Toilet bowl

Tour bus


Time changes very fast

Time period

To dream injecting someone with a syringe


Trading milk



Three red eyes

Tapeworm crawled out of colon

Tiger in a trap

Trying to catch the dead man

To see dead person hurting himself in dream

To saw son sperm in dream means



Telekinetic power



Tithe dream meaning

Taking chillies

Throwing wedding ring

Taking a ring

Trying to run


Took a bath in a large aluminum tub

Theia talking to me

Throw fireworks

Ticket bus

Toe nails

Toesnails pulled off

Toilet pour

The olympic stadium

Taking photographs



Team of people helping me

Tall man standing in corner

Treasure dig

Twins sons

Two men


Tortilla factory

Taking a test and failing

Texting a guy

Taking a picture


Two tubas

Tree seed

Tee shirt

Tearing shoes

Tow truck taking my car

Two of yourself

Taken by surprise

Tire swing

Tony the tiger

To know you are dreaming



Twins girls

To cut lambs liver

Types of chairs

Terminal illness

To dream with a gold shovel the stick is black and the scoop is gold

Taking photos

Terminal diagnosis

Tied up blue balloon

To get pinched

Tire flat

Travelling with dead person

Torned cloth

Teared cloth

Two dogs one hitting you

Two dogs an

Tiger but seed

Transvestite dream meaning

Throwing a dirt in dream

Traveling to another world



Trapped during a earthquake

To see husband

Tape measures

Termination of employment

To buy locust bean in dream

Treble clef musical note dream

Twelve midnight

The meaning of staff in a dream

Touching raw meat

Touching meat



The girl scouts

To see an eagle caught in my house

The dogs that talk


Telling him that i love him.

Tattoo on the neck


To see someone else demonstrates madness in the dream means

To dream you are eating a sweet grapefruit and enjoying it

Towel slap


Tall buildings

To dream carrying a baby crow


Tree hammock

Table floating

Transforming in cat



Treasure diving

Tangled window blinds

To read ayatollah up kursi in dream

Tb disease

Two navels

Trapped in an unknown house

To dream of pastors in dreams

Tie and dye

Triplets dream meaning

Tow truck in my dream

Throwing objects

Tomatoes soup


To see itself by making ablution in the night dream



Throwing things

Tablecloths - different kinds

Throwing stones at someone

The color silver

Tithe five dollars

Tabby cat go through portal

Tigernut in a dream

Tornado, spider

Twoheaded person

To dream of enema

To dream about fish

The opposite of what happened in real life

Thunderbolt in dream

Telling someone i love you

Teleporting others

Treasure hunting

Ticket booth

Ticket window

Taking off gold rings signifies

Taking of a gold ring

Trapped in suitcase

To see and eat pinenut in dream

To see and eat pinenut

Travelling to space in spaceship

Tight staircase

To dream of seeing yourself floating elevated

Threading a sewing needle


Two nicely cut teeth

To hear a song an be wake

Take off label

Trees falling

To see a ring

Travel to usa

Thali given by dad

To dream of a loved one in jail

Tripping you

To see somebody unhappy in dream

To dream of your hair being gray

To rescue a dead person from prison

Throwing away dirty clothes from a closet

Testimony in a church in the dream

To dream of using a dowsing rod to look for money

Teleporting and drinking

Teleporting from friends house to other friends house, drinking alcohol

Talking with a prince

To dream of agate stones

To be told to give somebody a rainbow

To give somebody a rainbow

To receive toilet paper in your dream bought by someone means what?

Teeth fallen into hand

To dream of picking up needles and pins


To see someone in waist deep water


Tell a guy i like them but i do not and i was prankin him

Train going through house

To see old office in a drean

Tiger trying to kill me and my family

The dead writing in sand


Tin legs

Tasbih breaking

Two dolls

To dream of buying a new pant

To buy new pant

Transfer to a bigger place to work

Time capsule

To dream see eat a breadfruit

To see ice fish

To dream yr dead father giving a kiss

The words i love you

Two headed women

Taking photos of me

To dream of seeing someones fingernails

Towel floating and moving

Two headed person

To hear azan

To dream cleaning the kitchin

To dream porridge

Todream holding lentils

To give a hat to a seller



The last days movie featuring dwayne johnson

Triple numbers



Turning left in a dream

To dream about sorrel

Trying to repair the beehive and set it in the right place

Tasbeeh reading in dream

Thousands of pink feathers fall around me

Tree with friuts

To dream of seeing circumcision


Teeth pulling

To see a snake

Third eye enemy

Traditional greeting

To dream of planting tiger nuts

Throwing up bats

To be pinched

To see the number 17

Trombone dream meaning

Two headed baby in a dream

To dream of a dog barking at you

Twisting a dog’sneck in a dream


Tool shed


To drop something

The end of a measuring tape


Tall wall

Torn shoe

Tricked into doing something

To know a ring is on the pinky finger of someone you know

Torn tennis ball


Train travelling

Truck accident dream

Toilet papers

The color green

Trying to get pregnant and failing

Trying to get pregnant

Taking money from death people

Tequila s

The name jerome written on shower wall

The number 20


Torn certificate

Tick moving up and down my arms

Taking a tab bath

Towing a truck

Teaching in school corporate setting

Torture prisoner

Tiger eating a man

Tiger bite


To go for noodles

To score two goal in the dream

Two men clauming responsibility of a pregnant woman

Transformation of inanimate objects

Tree trunk

Tangled thread

To dream of a gorilla floating in the sky


Trying to escape a close area

To see someone with lot of money

Touching feces

To hear that someone is dead

Tall person

Transformation of an older woman into a younger beautiful woman

Thorn in your hands


Turning into shrimp

Trouble with people

To dream of hundred dollarbi

Taking a shower in the dream

Trash cans

Tie woman

Taking of ring an letting it drop

To dream of garden of beetroot

Turquoise sea

To present teacup to someone

Traveller praying salat

Throwing man over balcony

Trees ing harshely

To fight over a box

Tiny vines

Turning right


Trapped in childhood home

To climb

T. rex

Tyrannosaurus rex

Toilet filled with poop


Treveling on train

Talking s

Turning off lights

Transgenders at home

Two virginas

To dream i bought a mansion



To dream that you are wipe with a cane

To dream of a queen who suffers a birth miscarriage baby died

To clear a garbages in the dream

Throwing stone on a bird in atree

The person you dont get to see

Tar oozing off a building

To see rupees in dreams

To taste sweet in dream himself

To dream with many big potatoes and putting them in a polythene paper bags

Turqoise color


To have two passport

Teeth fall gum

Two very big teak trees

To dream of being at the embassy

To be given a bouquet of heather and babies breath

Tom cat


Touching kabah

To dream your burning sage

To dream of wads of money

To dream of dropping a salt shaker



To df

To see your self in side barracks in a dream


Twelve-step program


To hear a women call your name

Taking a body part off

Two boys killed by train

Tea bags


To see fennel in clear water


Tea bag strings

Train missing

Tiger meat

To seatch for someone

Tractor mud

Two different shoes

Two women holding hands

Tied down for surgery


Trying to amend displaced pulpit in the dream meaning


Tad 0162

The arch of god

Tearing self internal organs

Traveling with family

Tiffany blue


Top floor

To dream of taking out teeth

Tin openner

Tom openner

To dream of my first boyfriend

To dream of my first boydriend


Talking to dead mother


Tea party

Tiger baby in a house

Twin lepords

Temporary lay off

Tongue tie


To see colour purple

To dream women looking old and pregnant


Taxedermy bear

Taking another path

Tall woman

Time spider

Trying to escape


Teddy bear

Trying to get out of the dark


Trip to moon


Tape worms

Tie sliver chain braslte on right wrist


Took to bed

Text messages

Things thrown

Taking out grey strands

Tree stumps cut down

To dream of your own nakedness

To dream your sister has lices


Tarnished silver ring


Two snakes five golf balls

Training a robot


To drem of crayon what dos it mean?

Tornado cloud


Trying to fix in old carpet


Tumor on the right side of my abdomen

Tamarind eating during pregnancy



To dream someone is growing olives


Tow truck

Talking horse

Tiny horse

The home i once lived in

To dream of bowels

To be seen bruised and wounded after receiving electric shock in a dream means?

Trouser inside out

Taco truck

Tall man with small head

Trapped in school

Tooth decay

To dream of clean garbage cans

Trapped inside a box unable to breathe

To take purge

To dream that you took detox

Torn cloth that belongs to you

Talking corpse

Tall men


Tobacco barn

Three heads

Tree leaved islam

To recieve a beautiful watch as a dream

Teeth falling out while talking to her mother

Teeth falling out while talking to my mother


Thryonomys swinderianus

Taking flight


Tray that holds ink for printing

The sun and the moon

Tooth came out your mouth

Top of left hand

To die