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(Bridle; Harness) In a dream, reins represent mastery of one’s craft, control of his trade, or it could signify power and a strong financial standing. Reins in a dream also represent a coachman, or the driver who never disobeys his master, and who goes wherever he is told to go. Riding on a workhorse who is fitted with a harness, or on a bridled nag in a dream means occupying an important office and letting everyone who works for the leader make an oath of allegiance before hiring them for work.

If the bridle and the martingale are unadorned in the dream, then such a dream represents a humble person, and connotes that his heart is better than what his outer look may suggest. Reins in a dream also connote safety or a safety belt. Wearing a harness in a dream means safety, and that one does not interfere with others’ business or talk about them. However, should one who has to appear in court see himselfwearing a harness in a dream, it means that his proof will not be accepted by the judge, and subsequently he will lose his case. Ifthe reins of one’s horse are broken in a dream, it could mean the death of his driver. Reins in a dream also denote chastity, guardianship and protection. They also represent the obligatory payment of alms tax which cleanses and protects one’s capital.

If the reins or the harness fall from one’s hand in the dream, it means corruption in one’s religious life, a decline in his devotion, or that one’s wife will become unlawful to him (i.e., living together after a divorce), or that she will remain in his house without a legal marriage.

To see oneself bridled in a dream also means refraining from sin, or observing a voluntary religious fast.

A broken bridle in a dream is good for one who service it and bad for its owner. (Also see Bridle)

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To dream that you are holding reins means you are feeling the need for more control in your life.

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also see Bridle, Halter and Harness

1- In dreams, reins, as a form of restraint, indicate the need to control the power and energy that we have.

2- Psychologically, to be reined suggests some form of inhibition either our own or other people’s.

To see reins breaking signifies freeing ourselves from constraint that which was placed on us while we grew up.

3- Reins indicate intelligent control and will.

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Islamic Dream Interpretation

Any defect in any of the above means person’s honour and power will diminish according to the defect.... Islamic Dream Interpretation

Islamic Dream Interpretation

(See Bridle; Reins)... Islamic Dream Interpretation

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