Reprieve, Dream Interpretation

1. The ability to overcome difficulties.

2. Reverse: difficul­ties to come.

3. A period of good fortune is in the offing.

To be under sentence in a dream and receive a reprieve, foretells that you will overcome some difficulty which is causing you anxiety.

For a young woman to dream that her lover has been reprieved, denotes that she will soon hear of some good luck befalling him, which will be of vital interest to her.

A maiden who dreams that her lover is reprieved on the eve of his execution may reasonably expect to hear shortly of some good luck which has befallen him_.

Reprieve | Dream Interpretation

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Strangest Dream Explanations

Dreams of freedom symbolize a desire for a reprieve, to fly, move away from all responsibilities or ties that bind; you are seeking an escape. Keep in mind that you are the only one that holds the keys to set you free. This dream is a reminder and an affirmation that your soul is always free.... Strangest Dream Explanations

The Language of Dreams

(see Acquittal, Authority Figures, Police, Warrants)

Feelings of guilt playing themselves out before the judge and jury of your Higher Self.

Examining the facts of a particularly perplexing problem in an alternative format in which you remain impartial.

Judges represent the law, in all senses of the term. This includes those guidelines imposed by family, culture, religion, and personal experience.

Juries symbolize impartiality and the chance for a more balanced opinion.

Obtaining bail is indicative of a temporary reprieve; not having to face the consequences of your words or actions immediately, or being given more time to assemble the facts that prove your innocence in a matter.

Judging yourself using the conscience as a guide for personal development and eventual wholeness.... The Language of Dreams

Strangest Dream Explanations

If you dream of Sunday, then this represents a desire for reprieve from business and doingness, to connect with your spiritual practice, and have a spiritual reverie and bask in your inner sunshine. See Sun.... Strangest Dream Explanations

Strangest Dream Explanations

Dreams of a tent signify adventure, that you are living on the edge, and perhaps desiring a temporary shelter and reprieve from life as you know it.... Strangest Dream Explanations

Strangest Dream Explanations

If you dream of waves, you are becoming aware and perhaps in acceptance of the ups and downs, highs and lows, ebbs and flows of the life/death/life cycle of life.

If you are riding and/or surfing the waves competently, with your head above water, you have a level of mastery with the emotions and cycles of life.

If you are drowning or having a hard time keeping your head above water, then perhaps it would be good for you to take a reprieve on dry land before going back into the deep end of intimacy.

If you are waving hello, then you are making an attempt at pleasantries, keeping the peace, and perhaps saluting the divine is someone or offering a sign of recognition.... Strangest Dream Explanations

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