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A spiritual retreat is a place that allows us an environment and ambience in which to meditate and contemplate.

To dream of such a place suggests we have need of peace and quiet.

Psychological / emotional perspective: When we dream of retreating from something we may need to decide whether it is a forced withdrawal or a strategic move.

If the former then we may be under pressure, if the latter then we must formulate new plans.

Material aspects: When in dreams we are conscious of retreating from a previously held position this may be because we need to reassess our resources.

(Sanctuary; Spiritual retreat. arb. I’tikaf) The place where one may see himself observing a spiritual retreat in a dream represents what the person is inclined to do.

If it is a mosque in the dream, it means blessings or a marriage to a righteous woman.

If one’s retreat takes place inside his own shop in the dream, it means that his business has become his primal concern. In a dream, a spiritual retreat represents devotion, prayers, hunger, votive fast, depression, humbling oneself, controlling one’s passions and desires. Ifone secludes himself in a known location in a dream, it means that such a place is a source ofcomfort. Ifone takes refuge in his shop in a dream, it means clinging to one’s livelihood. (Also see Hermitage; Temple)

Dreams of a retreat represent the need for alone time, introspection, clarity, and focus on your inner life and spirit. See Dugout and Hermit.

Retreat | Dream Interpretation

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