Rival, Dream Interpretation

Revealing one who is competitive, formally or informally

See Meeting.

Usually the enemy within.

To dream that you have a rival suggests you are too hesitant in asserting your rights. You must stand up for yourself more, or risk a fall in your social status.

To dream of being outwitted by a rival means you have neglected your responsibilities for the pursuit of leisure and ease.

If you dreamed of outwitting your rival, this is a lucky omen meaning you will soon experience a rise in social status, or meet a love match.

This should be treated as an obstacle dream ; if you defeat your Rival, or if he retires, you will prove successful in your business affairs.

1. Competition, victory or defeat, pride or shame.

2. To lose so­cial prominence.

3. Obstacles, delays to success—usually in business, often in love affairs.

Dreams of a rival are venting dreams that are assisting you in grappling with issues of competition and of being better than or less than. Consider that your rival is also your angel in that he/she is inspiring you to become your best and bringing your attention to your higher purpose. See Sports, Competition and Enemy.

To dream you have a rival, is a sign that you will be slow in asserting your rights, and will lose favor with people of prominence.

For a young woman, this dream is a warning to cherish the love she already holds, as she might unfortunately make a mistake in seeking other bonds.

If you find that a rival has outwitted you, it signifies that you will be negligent in your business, and that you love personal ease to your detriment.

If you imagine that you are the successful rival, it is good for your advancement, and you will find congeniality in your choice of a companion.

A dream of having a rival is one which should be taken seriously by those who are in tove. It is a warning not to be too critical of the one you intend to make your mate.

If you dream of a rival in business or love, you will hear disquieting news by post or telegraph.

Rival | Dream Interpretation

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