Rustic, Dream Interpretation

This is a fortunate dream, meaning that a busier life will soon be yours, one in which you can be truly successful.

Rustic | Dream Interpretation

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Little Giant Encyclopedia

Productive stage in life, particularly when the furrows are clearly visible. It may be the symbol of a fertile woman or mother (Gaia, the earth mother, and also Demeter). Pointing toward work (one has to work the field). Hard, crusty clods indicate problems or paralysis.

For people living in a city, it is often also the symbol of rustic romanticism, similar to Farmer, and Furrow, wanting to escape from the city, becoming interested in the country for environmental reasons.... Little Giant Encyclopedia

New American Dream Dictionary

1. Rusticity, simplicity, not cosmopolitan, usually an aspect of life or environment.

2. A need or desire to simplify life. ... New American Dream Dictionary

New American Dream Dictionary

1. Depression and physical discomfort (to have a thatched roof ).

2. Rural charm, rustic tastes.

3. Hair, especially in the pubic region. ... New American Dream Dictionary

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