Salve, Dream Interpretation

The balm of healing and restoration, physically and spiritually

If you dream you are rubbing salve on someones wound this will show that you can be depended on to help a friend in a crisis.

If the salve is being rubbed on you, you will win in the face of adversity, overcoming all obstacles.

(See Electuary)

See Medication. In a dream, also emotional injuries.

1. Applying salve to someone indicates that one is helping the person in some way.

2. Applying salve to oneself is also an act of healing.

To dream of salve, denotes you will prosper under adverse circumstances and convert enemies into friends.

(see Healing, Medicine, Physician)

A wound that is slowly being healed, within yourself or with others.

If an insect appears in cream, this reveals a temporary holdup in obtaining the restoration you desire (e.g., “a fly in the ointment”).

A means of smoothing out a rough situation, sometimes unusual, that perhaps you haven’t considered before. During the iYliddle Ages, one type of sympathetic cure was putting salve on the implement of harm (like a knife) instead of on the wound itself. Symbolically, this forgave the weapon for the pain inflicted, thereby aiding the cure. So, salve applied on the dream plane may also help bring peace to this matter.

Salve | Dream Interpretation

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Vision: Dreaming about a salve: physical or emotional ailments will heal soon. Buying a salve: be patient—things are going to get better. Using ointment on yourself: other people need your help; or don’t give other people trouble. Using ointment on someone else: recovery is in sight. See Oil.

Depth Psychology: If you went through painful experiences recently, the dream means that your wounds will heal soon!... Dreamers Dictionary

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