Sanatorium, Dream Interpretation

See “hospital”

Vision: Being a patient in a sanatorium: try to find out why things are at a standstill right now—difficulties and problems can be overcome! Looking at a sanatorium: you need a break and some space between yourself, people, and events. Working in a sanatorium: your knowledge and willingness to help will be rewarded.

Depth Psychology: The sight of a sanatorium is assuring you that setbacks and failure are going to be overcome faster than you had hoped. See Hospital, Illness.

Sanatorium | Dream Interpretation

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Vision: Seeing a hospital means good news, or visiting a sick friend. Lying in the hospital: a good friend is getting you out of a difficult situation. You are very sick: take a moment and rethink plans you made—they won’t work! Leaving a hospital: you are going to start a business; you are emotionally independent.

Depth Psychology: The Illness in a dream is a sign of your anxiety.

If you are not actually sick, the dream may refer to a conflict between your feelings, thoughts, and actions.

The hospital represents the help you receive in solving problems and overcoming obstacles. See Sanatorium.... Dreamers Dictionary

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