Sausage, Dream Interpretation

Penis or male sexuality, down-to-earth experience. Idioms: not a sausage.

A diversified combination of words or actions minced with temperament; see “pork” and “food”

To dream of sausage embodies the male genitalia and possible conflicts you may be experiencing in sexual matters. It also represents the importance of objects in your life.

Vision: Seeing or eating sausage: while you will start a new relationship, in the long run it won’t be satisfying. See Butcher, Ham, Meat.

Depth Psychology: The sausage as a phallic symbol indicates sexual needs or a verv materialistic attitude.

See Meat. Phallic symbol, specifically the sausage in the hand of the Fool.

Domestic troubles, often through ill-health.

Phallic symbol.

Dreams of a sausage represent a phallic symbol and perhaps that you are hungry for intimacy or that you have a strong sexual appetite. See Meat and Penis.

To dream of making sausage, denotes that you will be successful in many undertakings.

To eat them, you will have a humble, but pleasant home.

If you dream of eating sausage of any description, you will be mystified by an occurrence that wiU eventually work out to your advantage.

Sausage | Dream Interpretation

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Islamic Dream Interpretation

(See Meat)... Islamic Dream Interpretation

Gypsy Dream Dictionary

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My Dream Interpretation

If you dreamed of eating sausages, you could be the cause of a breakup between two people you know. Be careful not to make trouble for others, or it could backfire on you!... My Dream Interpretation
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