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Held in the hand of the king or queen, the scepter represents the assignment of position or rule passed from generation to generation. It may represent authority that is unquestioned.

A symbol of authority, sovereignty, and rule, Ps. 45:6


(Authority; Mace) A scepter in a dream means good conduct, emulating the leading example of the Prophet Muhammad, upon whom be peace, rising to a high ranking position, or becoming an authority.

A scepter in a dream also could represent a wild son, a crooked man, or a hypocrite. Playing with a scepter in dream means using the help of such a person and assisting him to lay hands on his rivals.

The crosier represents the human heart and the staff represents man’s tongue. Thus, playing with a scepter in a dream means playing at will. Whatever may affect a scepter in a dream can be interpreted as affecting one’s son or his tongue. Ifone sees himselfhitting a small ball with a septer, or playing with a ball in his dream, it represents a dispute with his wife, or a fight with a hypocritical person.

A scepter in a dream also indicates the presence of jinn spirits, wars, devastations, or it could represent past benefits. Hitting someone with a scepter in dream means getting what one desires from him, but through crooked ways.

If one sees his governor or his boss carrying a scepter in dream, it means that he will be appointed to head an important project.

Scepter | Dream Interpretation

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