Scoop, Dream Interpretation

A tell-all of immediate interest; see “gossip”

(See Shovel)

Scoop | Dream Interpretation

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Islamic Dream Interpretation

Ifone sees himself as a store owner, sitting in his shop, surrounded with his merchandise, giving orders, buying and selling in a dream, it means a commanding post in his own field.

If the person is not a businessman, but still sees himself in a dream carrying some trade tools such as a scale, a scoop, etcetera, it means financial balance in his life. Merchants in a dream also represent travel, news, profits or a high position.

A merchant in a dream also may represent a spendthrift, or negligence of several religious obligations set by God Almighty.

A woman merchant in a dream represents an enemy. (Also see Grain merchant}... Islamic Dream Interpretation

Islamic Dream Interpretation

(Harrow; Mattock; Plow; Scoop; Trowel) In a dream, a shovel represents a wife for an unmarried person. She will keep no secret, though she will spare no expense to save her husband from poverty.

A shovel in a dream also means dispelling distress, overcoming trouble, or satisfying one’s debts.

A shovel in a dream also may represent a trustworthy person one can depend on during hard times, or in times of adversities. Holding a shovel in a dream means receiving benefits and blessings, for a shovel collects dirt as well as valuables.

A shovel in a dream also may represent a woman, profits, or business activities. (Also see Rake; Spade)... Islamic Dream Interpretation

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