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The elimination of the undesirable

Scrub | Dream Interpretation

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Dreamers Dictionary

Vision: Using a brush to remove something from your Clothes: you are unconsciously longing for affection from a certain person. Seeing a brush is often a sign of frustration or ugly gossip in the near future. Buying a brush: other people envy you. Brushing/ polishing Shoes: Do other people treat you badly? Did somebody ustep on your toes”? Seeing many brushes: arguments in the near future. Scrubbing the floor with a brush: you need to deal with problems; do you need to “get down on your knees” for some reason? See Hair.... Dreamers Dictionary

The Bedside Dream Dictionary

Some pattern within you (depending on where the dirt is) is in need of a good scrubbing.... The Bedside Dream Dictionary

Ten Thousand Dream Dictionary

1- Soap in dreams suggests the idea of being cleanscd. We perhaps need to create an environment of cleanliness both of physical cleanliness and appropriate behaviour. Often in emerging sexual dreams soap can appear as an image of ejaculated semen.

2- Psychologically soap can indicate a need to clean up our act. We may feel a sense of having been made dirty by an experience and situation and our dream mind is alerting us to the fact that we need to deal with it.

3- Again, on a spiritual level, soap represents cleansing. There is a creative visualisation which can be carried out if we feel our space has been invaded.

The dreamers should envisage themselves scrubbing down the walls of a room three times in order to cleanse il (remembering to ‘throw away’ the water or let it drain away). Once is for the physical, once emotional, once spiritual. Following this, there will be a feeling of lightness.... Ten Thousand Dream Dictionary

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