Scum, Dream Interpretation

The undesirable consequences that arise from impure actions; see “dross”

(See Foam; Sludge) 378

To dream of scum, signifies disappointment will be experienced by you over social defeats.

A contagious disease is the prophecy of this dream.

Scum | Dream Interpretation

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Dream Dictionary Unlimited

Evidence of the removal of spiritual impurities; see “dross” and “scum”... Dream Dictionary Unlimited

Islamic Dream Interpretation

(Anger; Froth; Suds; Water scum) In a dream, foam or water scum represents something worthless. However, water scum may create initial wonderment in the mind or perhaps be of value.

If one accumulates or collects some foamy substance in his dream, it means that he has gathered something worthless, the efforts needed to collect and preserve it could be lost time.... Islamic Dream Interpretation

Islamic Dream Interpretation

(Black mud; Scum; Slum; Profits; Capital for business; Glad tidings; Dominance) In a dream, a sludge means good news and particularly if one cannot find clean water near it.

If a poor person trips into sludge in a dream, it means that his will satisfy his needs.

If an unmarried person sees sludge in his dream, it means that he will get married, and he will have a family, a fatherin- law and a mother-in-law. Though this gain of his will be accompanied with trials and difficulties. Nevertheless, it will also remain under control.... Islamic Dream Interpretation

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