Séance, Dream Interpretation

Meeting the unconscious as if it were spirits; con­cern about death or the dead; intuition.

If you are participating in a séance during a dream it is a warning that you have become involved with the Occult.

If you see other people conducting a séance during a dream it symbolizes people with ties to the Occult attempting to influence your life

A warning to disassociate; see “witchcraft”

See medium as well as spiritual imagery in the introduction

To dream of a seance symbolizes your instincts and consciousness. It implies that you must investigate something more thoroughly. It is necessary for you to observe the world rather than focusing on minute details. You may yearn to discover spiritual awareness.

To dream of a seance is a warning not to let foolish pride stand in the way of accepting needed help.

1. Desire to communicate with deceased persons.

2. Need to understand situations more clearly.

Dreams of a séance signify your connection with deceased loved ones, revealing you that you are capable of communicating with spirits in other realms. Consider the message you receive from this dream. See Prophetic Dreams.

1- Dreaming of being at a seance can suggest a need to explore the psychic side of our nature. Remembering that psychic means ‘being in touch with self, this can suggest being aware of our intuition.

2- A seance is better known nowadays as a sitting. In dreams it may register that the best way we can contact our own spiritual self is by sitting still.

3- Spiritually, one needs the qualities of patience and determination symbolised by sitting in order to progress.

(see Death, Divination. Ghost)

Missing someone who has passed over, and wishing that person was nearby to provide advice or companionship.

Getting in touch with vour own feelings regarding death and the afterlife.

Potential missives from beyond.

The subconscious may choose this type of dream to convey ghostly messages because it is a familiar, less frightening apparition.

Matters of communication between yourself and the realms of spirit, including the Divine. How well does the seance progress? Does there seem to be an obstacle to effective mediumship? If so, consider what that obstacle is within your own life that likewise hinders vour ability- to accept or commune with the sacred.

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The Language of Dreams

(see Death, Seance)

Residual feelings or uncertainties that you haven’t totally dealt with honestly or recognized.

Esoterically, the disembodied spirit of a person who has returned with a message for you, or to ask for your aid.

Something perceived as remote or unlikely (e.g., “ghost of a chance”). Memories of deceased friends, parents, and loved ones.

Undiscovered talents or portions of the self, especially those of a psychic nature. Jungian: Uncontrolled psychic forces or complexes.

Being possessed by a spirit: A neurosis or psychosis that overrides your normal actions and reactions. Alternatively, this dream may occur to someone who has a drinking problem as a warning not to let this spirit possess them.

A ghost town: This symbolizes a penchant for living in the past instead of fully handling the present.

The counsel here is to keep the good memories, let go of the rest, and start living fully again.

An omen of unexpected confrontation or trouble.... The Language of Dreams

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