Seashell, Dream Interpretation

(see Oyster, Pearl, Water)

An alternative symbol for, and more ancient type of, a cup.

The voice of the water, the emotional, intuitive nature, reaching out to us from the swell of busy thoughts.

For some sea creatures, a type of annor that also becomes a home when necessary. Are you becoming too reclusive, or too picky about your personal space?

Seashell | Dream Interpretation

Keywords of this dream: Seashell

New American Dream Dictionary

1. Desire for health and prosperity.

2. Symbol of security and protection.

3. Need for immediate change in direction or approach at solving problems. ... New American Dream Dictionary

My Dream Interpretation

To see seashells in your dream represents security and protection. You are not showing your true self or real feelings. In protecting yourself from getting hurt and as a result, you are emotionally closed off.... My Dream Interpretation
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