Seth, Dream Interpretation

Chosen by god

(The prophet Seth, upon whom be peace.) Seeing God’s prophet Seth, upon whom be peace, in a dream means prosperity, contentment, blessings, joy, children, honor and a happy life by God’s leave. Seeing him (uwbp) in a dream also means becoming a guardian over a blessed and an important child, or it could denote an important appointment one will manage with decency, integrity and honor, for the prophet Seth, upon whom be peace, was the first appointed guardian on earth.

Seth | Dream Interpretation

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To dream that an eagle is seen in some high place, is a good sign to those that undertake some weighty business, and especially to soldiers.

If one dream that an eagle Lights upon his head, it signifies death to the dreamer; and the same if he dreams that he is carried into the air by an eagle.

If a woman dreams that she brings forth an eagle, it portends that the child she goes withal will be a great person, and have many persons under his command.

If one dreams that he sees a dead eagle, it signifies death to great peers and profit to the poor.

To see an eagle flying over a stone or a tree, or in a high place, is good for those which would undertake business; but to those who are in fear, it is evil; also it signifies the return of him that is in a far country. And if his flight be far, and at ease and pleasure, it is good and signifieth that the business shall have an end, but not so sootl An eagle flying strongly, and failing upon the head of him that dreameth, certainly signifies to kings, princes, and mighty and rich personages, death; but to the poor it is good, for they shall be welcome and received of all rich men, from whom they shall receive great profit Oftentimes it causeth changing one’s country, and going to another nation.

The eagle threatening, signifieth the threatening of some great personage. But to dream of his being gentJe, or giving anything, or to dream that he spake, hath been found a good dream by experience.

To see an eagle that is dead is good for a servant and him that is in feart for it denotes the death of the master and threatener; and unto others it shows that a stop shall be put to their affairs, for a dead eagle can do nothing.... The Complete Dream Book

The Complete Dream Book

To dream of this pretty warbler is the forerunner of joyful news, great success in business, of plentiful crops, and of a sweet-tempered lover.

For a married woman to dream of a nightingale, shows that she will have children who will be great singers. It signifieth also good work, and principally weddings and music, and promiseth a housewifely wife.... The Complete Dream Book

The Complete Dream Book

Playing at tables in dreams is the representation of a field prepared for the battle.

The two gamesters are the generals, the tables are the held, and the men are the soldiers that make up the two armies; therefore, if anyone dreams that he pi ays tables with an acquaintance, it is a sign thai he will fall out with somebody he loves; and if he dreams he wins, so he shali be victorious over his enemies; and, on the contrary, if he dreams he loseth, he will be worsted and overcome in the encounter, if the dreamer imagine he hath taken many of his men in play, it foretells that he will take many of his enemies prisoners.... The Complete Dream Book

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Tranquillity is sought by all those – such as the ascetic or monk – who search for the spiritual within themselves. Known by many names, it is one concept which spans all religions, and is the ‘peace which passeth all understanding’.... Dream Meanings of Versatile
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