Shade, Dream Interpretation

Symbolic of protection, Ps. 121:5

Protection from the heat of one’s problems

(Changes; Cover; Shelter) Witnessing a shade in the summertime in a dream means comfort, profits, honor, or becoming the protege of a great person.

If one sees a shade in the winter in a dream then it means trouble, distress, adversities, or soliciting the company of people who foster innovation. Shade in a dream also represents the governor of one’s town, a man of knowledge, a pious person, an ascetic, or a religious student on the path. Seeking refuge in the shade away from the heat of the sun in a dream means comfort, profits, or escaping from harm. As for a woman, shade in her dream represents her husband.

If an unmarried woman sees herself seeking the shade in a dream, it means her marriage and that she will marry a rich and a powerful person.

If one finds it cold to sit in the shade in his dream, then ifhe seeks to sit under the sun to worm himself up, it means that his poverty will be dispelled, for cold in a dream also 382 means poverty. (Also see Shadow)

Dreams of shade signify that you are connecting with your shadow, your inner mystery, and aspects of yourself that are edgy, shady and socially unacceptable. This dream is attempting to assist you to become more assimilated with the light of your being so that you may emerge into more of your power. See Shadow and Integration Dreams.

Shade | Dream Interpretation

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Mystic Dream Book

To dream you eat the fruits of thii deadly plant is a favourable dream, meaning new interests and surroundings.... Mystic Dream Book

A Guide to Dreams and Sleep Experiences

Feeling ‘put in the shade’; feelings still overshadowing one from past experiences or relationships; feeling inferior, protection; occasionally a sense of the dead or fear of the unknown. Idioms: afraid of one’s shadow; shades of; shadow of one’s former self; worn to a shadow. See shad­owy figure. ... A Guide to Dreams and Sleep Experiences

Dreamers Dictionary

Vision: Seeing your own shadow: detach from negative friends—troubles and grief are at your door. Sitting in the shade: be careful—someone is about to cheat you. Seeing the shadows of objects: you are worrying for no reason—the danger you see exists onlyr in your imagination!

Depth Psychology: The shadcjw represents your present uncertain situation. You are ambivalent. But the shadow is also a svmbol of your unconscious. Seeing a shadow ahead or in front of you: you are “projecting” into the future. Seeing a shadow behind you: you are holding on to old fears and feelings of guilt. Or do you believe that you are standing in someone’s shadow? Other dream images might tell the tale.... Dreamers Dictionary

Ten Thousand Dream Interpretation

To dream of seeing young girls carrying sunshades, foretells prosperity and exquisite delights.

A broken one, foretells sickness and death to the young.... Ten Thousand Dream Interpretation

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