Shawl, Dream Interpretation

Symbolic of being covered by God or someone in authority, Song. 5:7

See coat in clothes

Gypsies say it symbolizes solace and comfort.

Warmth, protection, and deep devotion. Sheep: Patience, stupidity, romanticism about the country, but also devotion and innocence.

The Wool of the sheep refers to warmth, protection, and the need for loving care. See Lamb, Aries.

Folklore: Luck.

If you dream of wearing a shawl on your head, your love affairs will be pleasant.

To dream of wearing a shawl on your shoulders, or of carrying one, is an omen of a temporary financial difficulty followed by an unexpected gain.

A shawl on its own symbolizes money and/or security.

To lose a shawl means carelessness with money.

Deep affection from one you love.

A shawl is a symbol of flattery and a warning not to accept favors.

If you lose a shawl it forebodes sadness. See Cap, Coat.

Dreams of a shawl signify emotional warmth and the need for protection from the chill of rejection or withheld feelings. This dream also signifies your ability to comfort yourself and create your own cocoon of nurturing.

see Coat in Clothes

To dream of a shawl, denotes that some one will offer you flattery and favor.

To lose your shawl, foretells sorrow and discomfort.

A young woman is in danger of being jilted by a good-looking man, after this dream.

If a young woman dreams of losing a shawl, it is a «go that she may be jilted by her sweetheart.

Seeing someone wear a shawl in a dream foretells a new and interesting acquaintance.

Wearing a shawl yourself means that you will be able to do a servicc that will give you great pleasure.

Shawl | Dream Interpretation

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Dream Meanings of Versatile

Any type of coat can suggest warmth and love, but also protection. This protection can be either physical or emotional, and particularly in the case of a cloak, can be the spiritual protection of faith.

A sheepskin coat may emphasize this significance fear of losing the coat can suggest the fear of losing faith and belief.

If the coat is too short or not thick enough it shows we may be fearful that our love, or the protection we have, is not adequate for our needs. Also consult the entry for sheep in animals.... Dream Meanings of Versatile

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