Shipwreck, Dream Interpretation

Symbolic of a disaster in life, 1 Tim. 1:19

See “boat” and “wreck”

To dream of seeing or being shipwrecked implies that you are struggling with inner discord or are finding it challenging to communicate your emotions. You may also not be prepared to deal with these aspects as of yet.

You will suffer a dangerous illness, but it will not prove fatal.

The image of a shipwreck is often connected to the feeling of failure, as is the Breach in a dike; while, on the other hand, it may point to a positive development.

The distance to the Water—meaning to feelings and needs—is removed.

A shipwreck can also mean an outburst of emotions, where the dreamer is acknowledging his passions.

A certain omen of disaster.

Emotional turmoil, view of one’s life.

Misfortunes, to see others shipwrecked in your dream denotes that you will rise above them (Gypsy).

Shipwreck | Dream Interpretation

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Symbol: The ship is a symbol of your journey in life and from birth to death.

Vision: In a mans dream, the ship represents his longing to love a woman (a battleship stands for a prostitute, a sailboat for a young girl).

A departing ship means a separation or change. Being a passenger on a ship: you are dissatisfied with your life and want a change. Boarding the wrong ship: take a close look at your professional and personal relationships and goals—you have made wrong decisions.

The ship sinking: a serious warning about an unhealthy relationship.

Depth Psychology: The “ship of your life” can bring you to happy as well as unhappy places. Did the ship travel in “calm Waters”? Was it tossed about by waves or a violent Storm? Did you know its destination? The rest of the images are very important, because they might indicate if you are on the “right course” or if you should turn around.

A shipwreck: a warning that dangers and difficulties that you have created yourself are threatening your life. See Boat, Ocean, Yacht.... Dreamers Dictionary

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