Shore, Dream Interpretation

To dream of the shore symbolizes that you have been able to reconcile an internal conflict and you are now at peace with your feelings. It also represents where your emotions and reason intersect.

Vision: Spending time on shore: a mood change, sometimes even a life change, is imminent Sitting on the bank of a Brook: pleasant hours will pass all too quickly.

Depth Psychology: The shore shows your hesitation, because you don’t know what direction your life is supposed to take.

The shore is the boundary betw een your ego and the unconscious. Have you found something on the shore? Are you feeling rudderless right now?

“Land in sight,” and everything will be better soon.

The shoreline is the seam between land and water and, in that sense, the connection between body and soul.

Decide to see for yourself the person in your thoughts; you will not be disappointed.

1. If approaching a shore, one has almost reached a destina­tion that has been striven for.

2. One needs to “shore up” some area of one’s life.

Dreams of being on the shore signify that you are remaining grounded as you contemplate your intuition, and the mystery of your deeper feelings and emotions. See Beach.

Shore | Dream Interpretation

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Islamic Dream Interpretation

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Little Giant Encyclopedia

The intellect that guides and thereby limits emotions, in contrast to Water, the emotions.

The shore is sometimes the image of the outside reality, while water represents the emotional reality. What condition is the shoreline in? Reaching a new shore often represents new insights.... Little Giant Encyclopedia

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