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Roller-skating may represent skating through life without a care, worry, or concern. On concrete surfaces, it may show the exhilaration that comes with conquenng a concrete project. Ice-skating may point to gliding through your fears and transforming them into a dance. It may mention the necessity to keep balance and poise in a fearful situation.

Symbolic of enjoying life

See “roller skate”’

To dream that are skating symbolizes your ability to maintain a good balance in your life.

If you dream that the ice cracks under your feet while you are skating, or if you fall through the ice, it is a warning against trying to advance at the expense of others. Also see “Rink”

Generally considered a warning of some coming danger.

1. Indicates an ability to keep one’s life balanced.

2. If skat­ing on thin ice, one is getting into a hazardous waking situation that could mean disaster.

Skating | Dream Interpretation

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Little Giant Encyclopedia

See Flying. You are stepping on Ice. Are you prepared to take that risk? Trust in your own body and elegance of movement, smoothly gliding over the surface.... Little Giant Encyclopedia

Dreamers Dictionary

Vision: Seeing an ice skater: you can expect quick success—as long as you act ethically. Watching others ice skate: Copy what others do.

If you are shaky on skates or fall all the time: you are doing things you know nothing about and the outcome will be disaster. Skating in an ice skating rink: be careful—you are involved in a very risky enterprise.

Depth Psychology: If you are ice skating: with the right “tools” you will go far. Your expectations are reasonable—you will have good relationships and exercise good judgment. Getting injured or injuring others while ice skating: your emotional coldncss will harm you or others. See Ice, Snow.... Dreamers Dictionary

The Bedside Dream Dictionary

Please read the interpretation of ice and take it one step further. This dream suggests that you may have a part of your emotional or psychological life in a stagnant or inaccessible form. You may be functioning in your daily life without regard to large issues that you are denying. This is a good dream symbol that encourages you to look at those parts of your life that you are most reluctant to address but are very important to your happiness.... The Bedside Dream Dictionary

My Dream Interpretation

To dream of roller blading, especially outdoors, signifies that you are moving through life with ease and purpose.... My Dream Interpretation

Dreamers Dictionary

Vision: Watching someone rollerblading: you are too slow lately—others have passed you by.

If you are rollerblading: you are working on an important project and would like to get it over with—don’t be in a hurry, that won’t work. Looking at rollerblades: you must act fast.

Depth Psychology: Depending upon the rest of the images, the dream could have either meaning—slow down or get moving because others might overtake you.... Dreamers Dictionary

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