Skirt, Dream Interpretation

More particularly sexual than dress. Colours and length say a lot about what is being done with sexuality in a social sense.

To see someone’s skirt lifted up in a dream is symbolic of public humiliation and having weaknesses exposed, Nah. 3:5

Submission; research details of skirt, i.E. Color, material, etc.

Vision: In men’s dreams: seeing a beautiful skirt means winning the favor of a charming woman. Seeing a very short, tight skirt: you will meet a frivolous woman. Seeing a wide skirt: you are having an affair with a woman and the wheels of gossip are turning. In women’s dreams: seeing a wide skirt: you are going to be faced with an embarrassing situation. Seeing a short, tight skirt: a man will make improper advances—but through no fault of your own. Seeing a worn-out skirt: right now you are not having much luck with the opposite sex—get ready for a disappointment. Seeing a beautiful skin: good luck with the opposite sex. See Clothes, Pants.

Depth Psychology: A skirt, like pants, is a sign of your erotic desires and needs—a slip would be even more so: you clearly are ready for romance.

See Clothing.

To dream that you are wearing a skirt, represents the signals that you are conveying or sending out. Consider the condition of the skirt and you’ll get a clue to the impression you are making on others.

1. One is skirting an issue.

2. Desire to wear a skirt, be sexually provocative.

Skirt | Dream Interpretation

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You are warned against committing an immodest act if you dream of a woman wearing a hoop- skirt.... The Complete Dream Book
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