Slap, Dream Interpretation

Contempt, Job 16:10

A warning to avoid all conflict

To dream that you are slapped by someone, indicates carelessness. You either feel unappreciated or betrayed.

To dream that you slapped someone, suggests that you are harboring some deep anger and repressed rage.

1. Something one fears getting for an indiscretion of some sort.

2. If slapped, one feels disrespected.

3. If the dreamer slaps someone, it indicates a disrespect toward that person or his/her ideas.

Slap | Dream Interpretation

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Little Giant Encyclopedia

Carelessness, punishment, and lack of appreciation.... Little Giant Encyclopedia

Islamic Dream Interpretation

(Striking) Slapping someone on his cheek in a dream means cautioning him or warning him about his heedlessness.

If a woman gently slaps her own cheeks in a dream, it means glad tiding of a son she will conceive at an advanced age, or after havinglost hope in conceivingchildren. However, slappingsomeone’s face in a dream also could mean injustice, an illness, or cold. (Also see Slapping on the cheek)... Islamic Dream Interpretation

Islamic Dream Interpretation

(Blow; Criticize; Smack) To lightly slap someone in a dream means to reprimand him, or to oblige him to recognize a favor, boasting about one’s generosity, or constantly reminding the other person of some shabby assistance. Ifone playfully slaps someone lightly on his cheek in a dream, it also means that the latter owes him something or a favor and the opposite is interpreted accordingly. Slapping someone’s face with anger in a dream means that the victim will triumph over the assailant.

To slap someone in a dream also means recognition of his seniority or superiority. Threatening someone in a dream also maybe a recognition of his superiority. (Also see Digging up the past; Slapping; Threat)... Islamic Dream Interpretation

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